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4. The Amazing World of Gumball: The Retribution: The world of Nicole Watterson is turned upside down when she tries to find out who harmed her son, and she gets more than what she bargained for when she uncovers a secret involving a past she never knew she had. (This will be a collaboration with :iconnamygaga:)

5. Adventure Time: Age of Iron: When a enemy from the past comes to finish what it started, it's up to Finn and the Gang to prevent a second Mushroom war while discovering the origins of the original war and the creation of Ooo.

6. [Error 220: text not found.]:[Error 220: text not found.]:[Error 220: text not found.]

7. The Lego Movie: Legend of the Holy Brick: After repelling the invasion of the Duploians, Emmet Brickowski decides that it is time to ask Lucy to be his special. But when a new enemy force comes to end the world (again), It's up to Emmet, Lucy, Business, Good/Bad Cop, Unikitty, Metalbeard, Batman, and Benny to once again save the world.

8. Lucky 17: John is a man who lives a simple life like anyone else. But unlike some people, he has a certain taste for life. A taste that will lead him to Camp Weedonwantcha, where he will understand the relationship between a predator and their prey.-[STATUS: Postponed]

9. Pink and White: Two whole months since they lost the battle of the bands and the chance to rule the world, once a trio of sirens known as The Dazzlings, now reduced to tone-deaf students of Canterlot High. However, despite the situation, at least two of the three were off to a good start. Adagio on the other hand...that is a completely different story.-[STATUS: Postponed]

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Original Idea by: Scraps

Collaboration work with: HikumiRin

Characters Created by: Rebecca Sugar

Chapter 3: The Gemian Centipede


Crystal Temple, Catacombs, Present day


Howlite opened her eyes and looked around at her surroundings. It was a simple room with no windows or lights save for a pair of light in the corners of the room. On the side near the door, there was a table with a small jar on it. As Howlite tried to move, she found herself bound to a chair. Looking downward, she saw her hands and feet were bound by glowing metal cufflinks. As she looked around again at her surroundings, she noticed something. All around the room Howlite could see faint stains of blood, especially a noticeably large stain on the floor next to her. As she examined the walls she could see some of the stains seemed to be words. Although she could not recognize all of them. She could read one of the words.


For some reason, Howlite felt a sense of loss at the realization. However, she did not know why. Suddenly, the door before her opened and Jasper entered. Howlite glared at the Orange Gem, who looked back at her with a wide grin.

"Good, you're awake." Jasper said to the cracked Gem. "Did you enjoy your stay? Was the bed comfy enough?"

"Fuck you!" Howlite shouted at Jasper. "Why am I here!? What do you want from me?"

"I would tell you." Jasper relied as she stepped aside from the door. "But I believe he will give you a better answer."

Howlite could hear the sound of boots from beyond the doorway. As the sound began to get louder, Howlite recognized where that sound came from. In that instant, her mind flashed to Insidiae, she saw herself in a small cage. Hearing the sound of boots march down the halls of the colony. In that instant, Howlite began to scream. The Gem shreaked as she tried to break free, only to be held down by the chains that bound her. Suddenly, she stopped as she saw a figure enter the doorway. She stopped as she saw the monster that she hated before her.

"Hello Howlite." Diamond said to the Gem. "Welcome to our home."

Howlite growled as she tried to stand up, the chains still binding her. She watched helplessly as Diamond approached her, placing his hand on her face and turning it. As he examined the cracks on Howlite's face, he raised an eyebrow.

"I can see that my work has still left its mark on you." Diamond said to Howlite. "I am surprised to see that you are still alive. Emerald would be quite happy to hear tha-"

Diamond was interrupted by the sensation of Howlite spitting in his face. As he released her face to wipe his own. Jasper approached Howlite and punched the Gem in the face. Diamond then pointed his hand to the ground before Howlite and summoned a small stool, which he sat upon.

"I understand your anger with me." Diamond said as he locked eyes with Howlite. "But what you don't understand is that what I did, I did for our people.

"You…turned our people into…things." Howlite interjected with gritted teeth.

"They were experiments with Ichor, Howlite." Diamond explained. "I was studying the effects of Obsidian's powers on them. It is also the reason why I can up with the idea of "The Obsidian Virus". So much time had passed that by then, much of our people's history had become corrupted and forgotten. Did you know that because of Topaz, our people are now considered "genderless"? I am not surprised though, given that the diversity of Gems has been altered. It was the perfect cover, to use ignorance as a mask."

He then looked to Jasper with a glare before looking back to Howlite.

"But I digress, the experiments I made were failures. However, I did find them useful in hunting down Gems. Especially, the Secundo Quartz. However, despite my actions and those of my servant Vestibulum, a Furem managed to steal what belongs to me. While my Agates are hunting down Rose's power, I will now hunt for Topaz's."

Diamond then leaned toward Howlite. She could see the red in his eyes pulse like blood.

"Which brings us to this question: What did Lapis tell you?"

Howlite looked down for a moment as she thought carefully, knowing there was no way to escape. She knew what would happen if she refused to cooperate. She also knew what would happen if she did. With this in mind, she looked up to the Old King.

"She told me how much of a fucking old fruit you are." Howlite replied with a grin.

Jasper approach Howlite with the intent of punching her again, only for Diamond to point his palm to her, commanding her to stop. As Jasper backed away, Diamond stood up and walked over to the table, looking to the jar before him.

"I was expecting this resistance." Diamond said with a small sigh. "You have always been quite resistant, even on Insidiae. It is admirable..."

Diamond then opened the jar before him. As he did, an audible collection of hisses, clicks, and skittering could be heard from within the jar. Howlite's eyes widened as her face turned pale. In that instant she recognized what Diamond was about to do.

"…however, if you will not tell me what I need to know then I will resort to other methods of acquisition." Diamond continued as he reached into the jar. "And I believe if memory serves me right, you are familiar with a particular method, don't you?"

Howlite watched in horror as Diamond lifted his hand from the jar. In his hand was a long metallic worm like creature. The body of the creature had a round abdomen and a long bone like tail covered in blue fluid. The face of the insect was pointed and had a pair of sharp pinchers with a pointed tip in between them. As Diamond lifted the creature to his view. He turned to Howlite, who immediately began to struggle.

"NO!" Howlite shouted, tears forming in her eyes. "NO! NOT THAT! NO!"

"So you remember?" Diamond asked as he held the creature in his hands. "I have has had a lot of time to make improvements since Insidiae. Now not only does it extract information, but it also extracts Vitae as well. If I recall though the others the process is...far more painful than before. I am not sure you will survive this time."

Diamond then turned to Jasper and nodded. Jasper then approached the Gem and grabbed her head with her hands, tilting it sideways as Diamond approached her. Howlite struggle and screamed, but it was no avail as Diamond held the creature next to her ear.

"Now, tell me what Lapis told you?" Diamond hissed at the cracked Gem. "Did it involve the location of Topaz?"

Howlite looked up to Diamond with tear soaked eyes and bore her teeth in rage towards him.

"Combustio apud in infernum, Monstrum!"

"So be it." Diamond replied as he lowered the creature to her ear. Just as he was about to make contact. An Agate charged into the room.


Diamond stopped as he looked up to the Agate.

"Where is she?" Diamond asked the Gemdroid.


"And Onychinos?" Diamond asked again.


Prepare several units for transport. If Onychinos fails to acquire her, initiate Operation: King's Bane. We cannot lose her."


"Good." Diamond replied. "Assemble squad 98 and wait for my arrival."

The Agate saluted and exited the room. Diamond then turned his attention back to Howlite, pulling the creature away from her ear.

"It seems that I will not be needing your knowledge after all." Diamond said as he tilted his head slightly. "However, as a tactician, I think it would be wise to make precautions, don't you agree?"

With that, Diamond placed the creature on Howlite's head. The cracked Gem screamed as she felt the creature plunge into her ear. Jasper released Howlite and back away. Watching in shock and horror as Howlite shook violently within the confines of her chair. Grayish blood trickled from the cuffs as Howlite tried to break free from them. Her shrieks could be heard all through the temple. Jasper looked to Diamond, who was watching Howlite with a cold stare. He then turned and walked out the door. Jasper then looked to Howlite and then exited as well. Leaving the Cracked Gem alone, with only her screams as company.


Diamond and Jasper walked through the catacombs towards the other Agates. Jasper was still in shock over what just happened. She was a powerful Gem and a fearful warrior. She did not show mercy or compassion to those who defied the Diamond Authority. But this was different. What she saw was just cruel, even for a Gem traitor.

"Master, if I may ask…" Jasper asked carefully. "What that really necessary? I mean, what was the point in making her suffer like that?"

"Do you remember the Codex Jaspidis?" Diamond replied. "What is the fifth law of the Elite?"

"Mercy is only applied to those who apply it to you." Jasper replied. "But only to the expectation of the apex."

"Correct." Diamond replied. "We only show mercy to those who truly deserve it, and even then it is until they outlive their usefulness. Now what is the third law?"

"Those that stand below us are tools to build a bright future, and those that stand before us are the walls we must knock down." Jasper replied.

"Correct." Diamond replied. "We must do what we must for the greater good. The pathway to order is made by those who gave their lives for a brighter future, both ally and foe."

"I understand that Master." Jasper replied. "It's just-"

"…And what is the first law Jaspidis?" Diamond asked, looking to Jasper with a cold glare.

Jasper hesitated before answering.

"We are the harbingers of fear, but we are not bound by it. To carry the weight of hesitation and doubt will only cripple us. We serve without fear, without doubt, without empathy. "

"Good." Diamond replied as they arrived in a chamber with several Agates. "Now then, ensure the Humans do not escape. Is that clear?"

"Yes Master." Jasper replied as she lowered her head to him.

Diamond then stood between the Agates and closed his eyes. After a few seconds, the chamber vibrated and Diamond and the Agates vanished. Jasper looked around and ensured she was alone. She then slumped onto the floor and held her hands over her face. Trying to forget the horror she had witnessed while fighting back the emotions that she began to surface.


5 hours later


Jasper was still sitting in the same spot as she had been for the past few hours. Only to notice the presence of another. She looked up to see Pearl, who looked down to her with a look of disappointment.

"What are you looking at?" Jasper asked bluntly as she stood up.

"An empty shell." Pearl replied with a smirk. "You were more of a threat when we were actually enemies. Or should I say "assumed" enemies. It's actually funny to see one of the elite acting like this."

Jasper snarled at the long nosed Gem before her. "If you think I am weaker than you, we can prove that right now."

"No, if I fought you then two things would happen." Pearl explained as she turned away from Jasper. "You would be dead, and Master would punish me."

Jasper gave a puzzled look. "I would think that the daughter of Master Diamond would have more praise. But I guess you're no different than me."

"You're right about that." Pearl replied as she approached a nearby table, on it was a map of the various warp points in the Universe, as well as the locations of significance on earth. "I was created like the others, but instead of implanted Vitae, I was infused with his Vitae. I am his daughter only by blood. To him, I am just a tool, an instrument to be used as he sees fit."

Jasper approached Pearl only to stop when she heard faint screaming. She looked to the entrance of the chamber and cringed lightly.

"Do you know what the room Howlite is in was used for originally?" Pearl said as she turned to Jasper, who shook her head as she watched Pearl step closer to her, slowing approaching her like a beast to their prey.

"When I lost Steven's Gem, I realized that I lost Rose again. Too long had I grown to her ranks and gained her trust. Too long did I realized the horrors that I did and the people I hurt. I had finally realized that if Master found out that not only did I lose Rose's Gem again, but it was taken by a human, he would kill me." Pearl stopped as she looked down, a tear of obsidian ran down her cheek. "The next thing I remember was sitting in that room, holding the head of Steven to my breast, and Garnet standing above me with her hand on my Gem. After that, I remember waking up on Insidiae. With Onyx and Zirconia around me. It was after this did I realize that Master would not kill me, and he would ensure that I would live until he found no further use for me."

She then looked back up to Jasper, who backed up a little as Pearl gave her a smile.

"But I know that is what you are afraid of. You are afraid that Master will turn you into a Filia Obsianas, like me?"

Jasper hesitated, but she quickly recomposed herself.

"Yeah, I am afraid of that. But unlike you, I will embrace my fears and accept my fate. Not kill myself like some cowardly inbred freak with daddy issues."

Pearl twitched as the smile on her face was replaced with a sneer. Now it was Jasper who grinned at Pearl.

"Pinched a nerve there, "Vestibulum"?" Jasper asked Pearl. "What're you going to do about it?"

As Pearl was about to reach for her spear, there was a flash of light from the center of the chamber. As Jasper and Pearl looked to the light, there was Diamond, Onyx, and a large group of Agates. Upon the sight, Pearl and Jasper knelt before Diamond, who approached them.

"What has transpired here since I was gone?" Diamond asked Jasper.

"The Humans are still as they were, Pearl interjected. "But there is a problem…"

"What would that be?" Diamond asked.

Pearl looked to Jasper before looking to Diamond.

"The Humans outside the city."


Beach City, City Limits, present day


It was raining on the road to Beach City, but of course, it was no significance to what laid ahead. The road to the city was cut off by a barrier and makeshift wall composed of sandbags, barbed wire, and metal. A small array of tanks surrounded the barrier as well as a small platoon of solders. As solders scurried around the encampment. One of them approached a tent, as he went inside the tent, there was a man in a uniform looking over a map of Beach city. By the markings on his uniform, this man was apparently a Colonel of some sort

"Colonel Westing, Sir!" The solder saluted to the Colonel, who looked up and saluted to him.

"At ease son." Westing replied. "What is the status of the city?"

"Sir, we have been able to cut off all exits to Beach City, both by land and by Sea. The navy has sent a small fleet to assist in the blockade. We also have reports via satellite that there are civilians still inside the city."

"Is there any way we can enter undetected?" Westing asked the solder, placing his hand on his chin in thought.

"No sir. The city is locked tight. Not to mention the large amount of hostiles that are guarding the walls."

As Westing stood up and followed the solder outside, he looked to the city in the distance. Gesturing for a solder to hand him a pair of binoculars, the Colonel looked thought them to the city. He could see the destroyed city and the Agates surrounding the large temple. He then panned over to the water tower, seeing to his horror the hanging bodies that were being pecked at by gulls.

"Jesus Christ…" Westing said to himself as he panned back to the city. As he did, he saw a tall man with a long white beard and a blue suit walking out of the temple, who was known as Master Diamond. He then saw the Gemian turn towards him looking right in his direction, as if he was right in front of him. As Westing lowered his binoculars, he was startled by the same Gemian, who was now standing right before him. All the solders in the area quickly armed their weapons at Diamond, who looked around at the solders before him.

"Typical human nature." Diamond said with a tsk. "To use violence against things unknown to you."

"Hostile!" one of the solders shouted to Diamond, reading off a document before him. "We are the United States Armed Forces. You have been charged with the crime of terrorism and are violating the Gem-Earth alliance treaty…"

"You do not know the concept of terror." Diamond interjected. "Perhaps I should show you."

"…if you do not comply with our order of surrender, then we…we wi-will.."

The solder trailed off as he looked up to the Gemian that towered over him. Before the solder could finish, Diamond lifted the man off the ground and held him by his uniform. In that instant, the rest of the soldiers opened fire on the Gemian. When the solders stopped firing, the sound of crushed bullets fell to the ground like the raindrops beside them. Westing watched in shock as Diamond plucked a bullet that was lodged in his beard and looked at it. As he looked to the solder in his grasp, he dropped the bullet and pulled the solder closer to him. The solder watched in horror as Diamond's jaw split open, screaming at the top of his lungs as the Gemian latched into his neck. The other solders watched in horror as Diamond finished with an audible crack. As Diamond dropped the dead solder to the floor, he looked to the Colonel, his jaw retracting to its original state.

"Let your leader's know this: I have a bomb capable of destroying this city, and the cities surrounding it. If you try to invade my city, you will be killed. If you manage to help the residence of my city escape, I will detonate the bomb. If you warn the surrounding cities about this, I will detonate the bomb. My demands are simple: have the Furem known as Connie Maheswaran and the Gemian known as Topaz brought to me. I do not expect your cooperation with this, but keep in mind that I will have my Agates collect citizens from the nearby cities until they arrive. But I will be honest with you. Regardless of your choices two things will happen: I will collect what is mine, and your planet will be used to create my army."

The Colonel and his solders watched in shock as Diamond jumped over the barrier and began to walk back to the temple. The Colonel then turned to another solder, both of them white as a sheet.

"Get me General Manson." Westing said to one of his solders. "NOW!"


Crystal Temple, Catacombs, present day


As soon as Diamond set foot into the Temple. He was greeted by the sight of Pearl being thrown to the wall. As soon as she stood up, Jasper lunged at her, smashing her helmet into the pointy nosed Gem's lungs. As Pearl gasped for air, Jasper lifted her into the air and dropped her on her knee, creating an audible snap and dropping the Gem to the floor. As Jasper stood over Pearl. She looked down with a manic grin.

"Still think your better than me Pearl?" Jasper bellowed to the Gem before her. "I am a Diamond Elite, while you are a petty spy. What makes you think you're better than me?

As Pearl turned to look up to Jasper, she then looked to the right of the orange Gem. As Jasper turned the same direction, she turned pale at the sight of Master Diamond, staring at the sight before him with expression of surprise and anger, as one would upon finding out there dog had destroyed a valuable item.

"Master!" Jasper said as she knelt before the Gemian. "I can explain this."

As she looked up to Diamond. She could feel the anger emit from the glare that he was firing down at Jasper.

"Pearl attacked me first Master!" Jasper explained as she stood up. "I was defe-"

Diamond summoned his mace and smashed Jasper in the side of the leg. The Orange Gem shouted as she fell onto her back.

"I never granted you permission to stand without my consent." Diamond hissed as he pointed his mace at Jasper's face. "Nor did I grant you the authority to attack a superior."

"But Master!" Jasper pleaded to Diamond. "She attacked me, I had to defend myself."

"There is a difference between defense and crippling my servants." Diamond said as he knelt beside Jasper. "But I know why you attacked her: You are afraid of becoming like her, aren't you?"

Jasper gasped at the question. "But…how…"

"From the moment I started Howlite's torture, I saw the hesitation. That was the same look that Rose had before she betrayed me. No matter the reason, I never forgot that face, and I never forgot what it means. Rest assured though, you will not become a Filia."

Jasper looked in confusion before Diamond grabbed Jasper by the face. As he did, he looked to Pearl and began to speak.

"Apud in nomine Gema, DITOROQU, Gemmas, atque omnibus inferius. In hoc sum detrahetur ex te noscere, quamcumque fortunam subiré erit vobiset orate pro persequentibus edure. Jaspidis, Peto Cleri gemma vestris!"

As soon as he finished, he clenched his hand over Jasper's Gem. The Orange Gem squirmed as Diamond's hand shined a bright orange. After a few moments, the light faded. Jasper opened her eyes to find that nothing seemed different.

"Master, what did-"

Before Jasper could finish, Diamond clenched his hand around Jasper's Gem and yanked hard, ripping off Jasper's Gem along with her whole upper lip. Jasper screamed as she rose up from the floor, spattering orange blood on Diamond's robe. Diamond then grabbed Jasper by the neck and split his jaw open, latching onto the bleeding ex-gem and draining her of her vitae. As soon as he finished. He pulled his hand back and plunged it into Jasper's chest. As Jasper felt Diamond rip her heart out, showing the Orange ex-gem her orange heart. Jasper made a small whimper before falling onto her side.

"Loyalist Gems, so easy to control." Diamond whispered to Jasper as he looked down to her body. "The Homeworld, Topaz's colonies, The Earth Gems, they're all just toys."

Diamond then stood up and turned to the crippled Pearl. His robe covered in orange blood, a Gem in his one hand and an orange heart in the other. He nodded his head and Onyx arrived, holding a vial of blue pate-like liquid.

"Tend to her." Diamond commanded as he handed her Jasper's hand. "Then give her an update about Lapis."

"Yes Master." Onyx replied as she moved over to Pearl.

Diamond then walked into the hallways, handing Jasper's Gem to an Agate before returning to Howlite's cell. As he entered, there was Howlite. Weakened from the torture, with the creature resting on her lap, covered in grey bile.

Diamond watched as the creature crawled off Howlite and up Diamond's leg. It then moved up his robe onto his chest, in which it entered his right pectoral. Diamond then walked over to the table, summoned a plate and placed Jasper's heart on the plate. He then summoned a stool and sat on it. Summoning a knife and fork, the Old King began to cut chunks of the heart up and eat them.

"I wanted to inform you that Jasper is dead". Diamond turned to Howlite "If you wish to know how, I just preformed "Tua Gemma Remotionem on her. Do you know what that is?"

Howlite tried to move, but she was too weak from the torture. All she could do was look to Diamond and watch as he took another bite from the heart.

"It is an ancient Gemian ability. I found it to be quite after the Metalian war. With it, I can strip the Gem from a "Gem" and change the physical forms of a Gem into an organic body. Essentially it could turn an earthbound Gem into a human. I used this technique on the Metalians to acquire their powers and to convert Gems into Agates."

Howlite made a small whimper. Watching as Diamond finished the heart. He then summoned a cloth and wiped his mouth.

"The irony of what I did was that I once had to save Vestibulum from the very technique that I just used." Diamond scoffed as he stood up. "But I digress, I now have the information I seek for when I interrogate Lapis, and I will be sure to inform her about your cooperation."

As Howlite tried to move, she couldn't find the strength to do so, and watched with tear soaked eyes as Diamond extinguished the lights and slammed the door to the room. Leaving Howlite alone in the dark with nothing but her breath, and her light crying, to comfort her.


Crystal Temple, Crystal Heart Chamber, present day


Peridot observed the large Crystal Heart before her. Using her computers to analyze the heart and the energy within.

"Hmmm…Vitae reading are…over…that can't be…unless…"

"Unless this is the very heart of Gemia herself." Diamond interjected startling the green Gem who spun towards him.

"Diamond! How could you?" Peridot shouted at the Gemian giving him a light shove. "You could have given me a heart attack."

"We do not suffer from organic ailments." Diamond reassured with a warm smile. "Especially you."

"Ah…yes…forgive me." Peridot said with a blush. "I had been around humans for so long that…er..."

Diamond chuckled lightly as the two of them looked up to the heart. Peridot then looked to Diamond, noticing his eyes had changed from red to silver, as they did from time to time. Peridot then looked away.

"Peridot…" Diamond said, catching the attention of the green Gem. "I…I need you to do something for me."

"What is it?" Peridot replied as she looked to Diamond.

Diamond sighed as he held her hands tightly among his own. He then looked to Peridot with an expression of pain. As he released her grip. Peridot looked at her hands, seeing a small stone with a symbol on it. Peridot recognized this as a Gemian warp stone, a device that allowed the user to warp to specific locations that were off limits to others, like a key of sorts. This stone has the symbol of Insidiae a star between a divided square.


Peridot eyes widened as she looked to Diamond. "Diamond…I…what is this for…?"

"I need you to go to Insidiae. It will keep you safe during this war." Diamond said to Peridot. "Once there, I have a signal set to activate if...I do not make it. If the signal activates, you need to send the rest of the Agate army to attack Tiberium's fleet. After that, I need you to leave and hide. Don't return for me, just run, and run far away from this Universe, as far as you can from him."

"Diamond…" Peridot said with a look of concern. "Why can't I stay? I can fight, and I can help improve your strategies. I can help you with the Furem, Topaz, and especially Tiberium."

"I know you can, I never doubted that." Diamond said as he turned away from Peridot. "But I…I…"

As Peridot approached the Old King, she could see his body shudder and could hear him gasping lightly.

"I…I cannot lose you." Diamond said as he turned to Peridot, his eyes flowing with tears. "I have done unspeakable things in the name of protecting this Universe, I have sacrificed the people I swore to protect, my family, and now…even Jasper."

Peridot gasped lightly as she approached Diamond, noticing the orange stains on his robes. However she more concerned with the well-being of her Gemian lover than the fate of a buff orange jerk. Especially since their last encounter was not so pleasant.

"Every day I fight the Leviathan's control and every day I fall further into its grasp. I am losing my memories, and even now I can feel that horror beginning to control me, telling me to do things to you…terrible things."

Diamond then grabbed Peridot by she shoulders and looked into her eyes, which now began to flow with tears as well.

"Please Peridot, Do not ask me to endure the sight of you suffering by its hand. Do not!"

"I won't….I promise." Peridot replied to Diamond as she smiled and placed a hand on the side of his face. "But there is a favor I need from you as well."

"Of course." Diamond replied. "What is it you…"

Diamond's voice faded as he looked into Peridot's eyes, knowing exactly what she wanted. It was only a few moments before the two Gems embraced each other. Falling onto the floor, Peridot gasped as Diamond lightly kissed her neck. Brushing his hand across her back as he pressed a small section, causing her shirt to dissipate. As he removed his robe, the two embraced once more. Diamond's rhythm matching that of the Crystal Heart's beating. Eventually, the sound of a young Gem's moans joined the rhythm. Followed by loud screams as the climax reached its peak.


Steven's house, Interior, 3 hours later


Diamond and Peridot approached the warp pad. Diamond walked Peridot onto the pad. Clasping her hands within his.

"Remember, if anything happens to me, activate the army and evacuate Insidiae." Diamond informed the Green Gem before him. "Don't return to earth, or homeworld, or even stay on Insidiae. You leave far away from his planet, this Universe. Alright?"

"I…yes…" Peridot said as she looked down, tears flowing down her cheeks. As she felt a hand lift her gaze to his, she saw his eyes well up as well.

"Peridot cor meum ad PER sunt semper estqui est vobis." Diamond said softly with a smile.

Peridot smiled "Te amo."

As the two embraced in a final kiss. As Diamond's lips parted from Peridot's, the Old King backed away from the warp pad. Peridot gave Diamond a look of concern before she lifted the warp stone in her hand. In that instant, the warp pad activated and Peridot vanished. Diamond gave a sigh of relief as he walked outside to overlook Beach City. The rain had stopped and Diamond could see the sun start to rise over the horizon. As he could see the city and the small military camp in the distance. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small dead rose. Looking to it, his eyes changed from silver to red as he looked up to the sky with a cold, tearful glare.

"Farewell my Gem, and know that my heart is with you."

As he gazed upward to the stars. He did not notice the spirit of a certain pink Gem behind him. Who only frowned with sympathy before vanishing into the house.
Lars Miserables Chapter 3: The Centipede
I had a funeral for my grandmother and I have been depressed for a bit. But now I am better and I will get working on EMM ASAP.

Sorry for the scare there.

Apologyquilt by ScrapstheFool
Original Idea by: Scraps

Collaboration work with: HikumiRin

Characters Created by: Rebecca Sugar

Chapter 1: The Day the City Stood Still

Author Note: The events in this story take place around the time of "A Girl and Her Lion."

Big Donut, present day


Quiet, that is what it is like to work a night shift, especially if you work at a place called "The Big Donut. There is barely a soul that walks in, especially after the whole tragedy that happened four months ago. Inside the shop, there is a young girl at the counter, sitting at a bench. Playing with her cell phone. This is Sadie; she is an employee at the Big Donut alongside her friend Lars, who now, is in the break room taking a nap. The two of them have an interesting relationship, with Sadie being the hard worker while Lars is the slacker. However, despite their differences and conflicts. The two manage to get along and during many times, they have had each other's backs. Some of the times, they managed to express feelings for each other. However, that can be discussed at a different time.

Sadie continued to play Irritated Avions on her phone as she leaned on the cash register. As she used her finger to shoot the feathered assailants at the blocks. She heard the sound of the door opening and the bell ring. As Sadie looked up, there was a hooded girl before the counter. Said put her phone away as she straightened herself up.

"Hello, welcome to the Big Donut, how can I help you?" Sadie said to the girl before her

The girl then removed her hood, revealing pail white skin, grey hair, and blue eyes which were black shot. The sight unnerved Sadie, who felt a chill in the air.

"Yes, I was wondering where your leader is?" the girl said as she looked at the menu of donuts above Sadie.

"Well, my boss is out of town." Sadie replied with a nervous chuckle. "But even then, he isn't around much."

"Is that so?" the girl replied as she looked to Sadie. "Then what about the human named Dewey, does he reside in this…city?"

Sadie hesitated as she glanced at the grey haired woman. "Yeah…he is our mayor. Just what do you want from him?"

The woman smiled as she turned back to the door. "Thank you for your services human. I look forward to seeing them in a much more…productive area."

As the woman left, Sadie sat back at the register chair, wondering what she meant by that. Suddenly, her thoughts were cut short by the sound of yawning and a tall teenager emerging from the back room. It was Lars, the slacker.

"Sadie…" Lars yawned as he stretched his arms. "Is it closing time yet?"

"Lars…" Sadie said, ignoring Lars's question. "I saw the strangest thing just now. It was a woman, but with grey hair, and black eyes. I think…it might have something to do with…"

"Oh please." Lars said as he walked over to the counter and poured a cup of coffee. "You'r starting to sound like Ronaldo. Come on Sadie, it has been four months now. Sure, I miss him but at least I'm not going to obsess over it and thing that the "Space Illuminati" is behind it." Lars then pointed to his chest with his thumb as he gave a smug expression "Unlike some people, I am the Unbreakable."

"Okay Mr. Unbreakable." Sadie said teasingly. "Then you can do the daunting task of taking out the trash."

Lars gave Sadie a big puppy dog look before Sadie raised him one look of disappointment.

"Now Lars." Sadie commanded.

"Fine…" Lars muttered as he stormed into the back room.


The Big Donut, Exterior, present day


Lars took the large cart of trash and began throwing it into the compactor that was behind the store. The bags were big a heavy to move. Not to mention that it was very cold and dark. Lars continued to throw trash into the compactor, having to compact it with every bag, he also at time had to manually compress the bags with a metal rod if they were stuck. It was disgusting, tedious and long work, and Lars hated every minute of it.

"Lousy trash compactor, why couldn't they build it on the inside?" Lars muttered to himself as he shivered. "The one day when it's not sunny and warm is when I am give the grossest job here, what a life."

Suddenly, Lars heard a noise from the other side of the building. The sound made the teen jump as he looked to the direction of the sound.

"Sadie?" Lars gulped. "Is that you?"

Lars grabbed the compression rod and held it like a weapon as he approached the side of the building. As he quickly pounced out to it, there was no one there. Lars sighed with relief as he lowered his weapon and proceeded back to the compactor.

"Sadie, if this is some joke for calling you crazy, then yo-"

Lars was silenced by the presence of a large Grey figure examining the trash and compactor. It was rather tall and has four lenses on each side of its rectangular head. Lars could see that the figure was hovering and it had two large metal horn like rods on its head that sparked with energy.

"What the..." Lars whispered as he watched the being examine the trash, accidentally dropping the rod in his hand to the ground, which made a audible thump.

As he did, the machine then turned to his direction. In an instant, it dashed over to the teen and towered over him. Lars screamed as he quickly picked up the compression rod and swung it at the being, only for it to break upon contact. Lars then fell to his knees and began to pray to the being.

"Please oh great Space Illuminati." Lars pleaded to the grey being before him sobbing like a small child. "Please don't eat me! Take Sadie instead, she has more meat on her bones."

The being then emitted a pale blue fan shaped light as it passed through Lars. The light then retracted and the being then responded.


Lars looked to his captor and smiled. "Does this mean I am going to live?"

The being looked down to Lars as it shifted lenses, wiping the smile from Lars's face .


Lars gulped as he remembered seeing Connie walking past the store earlier in the day, and even before then, he remembered her coming into the store time after time. Talking with Sadie and hanging out with her and Lars. It was actually thanks to her that he and Sadie were able to be so…passionate. As he thought this carefully, he was brought back to reality when the being spoke again.


"Wait…wait!" Lars shouted as he waved his hands at the Agate. "I know where she is, I can lead her to you. Just, no termination, okay Aggy…can I call you Aggy?"

The silent response from the


Lars gulped as he began walking away from the Agate. "Okay then...R-r-right this w-w-way."

As Lars escorted the Agate through the city, he turned back to the Big Donut and could see Sadie through the window. She was standing behind the counter, looking rather anxious as two Agate drones stood before her. He then saw her look to him and gave an expression of shock before she looked to the Agates.


Beach City Streets, present day,

Lars continued to march the Agate through the cold streets of the city. Not a soul present except for Lars and the Agate behind him. As Lars led the machine through the streets, he looked back to the Agate behind him.

"So...what did Connie steal from you guys?" Lars asked nervously. "I figured it has something to do with that Gem of hers. Or was it Steven? I knew that kid was trouble."


"G-g-good to know." Lars shuddered as he approached Connie house. "Well this is the place, and don't worry, I have been here a couple times with Sadie, So I know it's legit."

The Agate approached the doorway and looked around at the house. After a few seconds, the lens of the Agate switched from blue to yellow.


"Hey what about me?" Lars said to the Agate. "Does this mean I am off the hook?"

The Agate then turned back to Lars and approached him. Lars flinched as he felt the Agate ruffle his hair. Lars looked in confusion at this action.


Lars nodded as he backed away slowly. He then turned around and began to dash away from the Agate, when he looked back, he saw two more Agates fly in behind the first one. Lars then proceeded to sprint all the way back to the big Donut.


The Big Donut, present day


Sadie paced nervously, worried about what happened to Lars and where they were taking him. However, her answer came through the door in the form of a heaving teenager.

"Lars!" Sadie shouted in relief as she grabbed Lars into a hug. "Your okay, what happened back there? What did you do?"

Lars broke the hug as he began to close the blinds to the windows. "I didn't do anything…this time. That "Agate"…thing wanted to know where Connie lived. So I took him over there."

Sadie eyes widened at what she just heard "Lars! What the hell?" Sadie shouted as she smacked Lars in the arm.

"Ow! Lars replied as he rubbed his arm. "Hey, I'm not the bad guy, did those Agate guys tell you that Connie was a criminal? She had stolen stole something that belonged to them."

Sadie approached Lars and sat on one of the guest chairs. "No they didn't. However, they did ask me for the location of any gems in the area."

"Well what did you tell them?" Lars said as he sat down on the chair across from Sadie. "You told them about those Gems with the Temple, right?"

Sadie nodded as she peeked through the blinds. "Yeah, but I don't think-"

"Good, those Gems are nothing but trouble." Lars interrupted as he leaned back in the chair. "It was bad enough that one of them killed Smiley. Well...with the fact that my dad runs Funland, it's more of a blessing in disguise."

Just then, the duo saw Ronaldo burst though the door with a camera in hand. Lars and Sadie jumped back as he quickly ran into the back room. As the two looked at each other, they head screaming and shouting. The duo peeked through the blinds as they saw the residents of Beach City running through the streets. Lars then noticed Agates flying through the sky.

"Lars, there...there attacking the city." Sadie said as she watched an Agate snatch a man off the streets like a hawk.

Without a word, Lars grabbed Sadie and rushed them into the back room. The two then looked around and began to grab all the boxes, they could pick up and prop them against the door. As they did, they all were startled by the sudden loss of power, leaving the two of them in darkness. The only exception to this was Ronaldo, who sat in the corner of the room. He was staring into his camera as the light shined on his face and as tears and snot poured down his face, making him look like a dribble nosed women from an indie horror film.

"To anyone who sees this, this is Ronaldo Fryman, creator and founder of Keep Beach City Weird. I had discussed time after time about the Diamond conspiracy, about how the Gem people from space are planning to take over the earth. Well just a few moments ago, a swarm of robots attacked the city, I heard them talking about a Master Diamond before they attacked. I was lucky to get out alive but I am now barricaded in this building along with my friends Lars and Sadie, people who work at the Big Donut."

Lars shushed Ronaldo as he heard a crash from the other side of the room. As he and Sadie looked through the trays of donuts, they saw three Agates enter the shop, one from the door and two through the now broken windows.


As two of the three exited the building and flew away, the remaining Agate turned around and approached the counter. Lars watched as it looked at the counter and then the small bell on the table. The Agate then raised its hand and gently tapped the bell, making a ringing noise.


"Was that…it's trying to pretend to be a customer in order to lure us out." Sadie whispered to Lars as she stared at the Agate. "…and it's doing a bad job at it, a really bad job."

"Man, I've made excuses not to go to work that were better than that." Lars whispered to Sadie.

As Sadie and Lars kept watch, Ronaldo continued to panic. The camera shook in his hands as he continued speaking to it.

"I just want to apologize to Jami's mom, Jenny's mom, and my mom. And I'm sorry to everyone. I was very naive. I am so so sorry for everything that has happened. Because in spite of what Jamie says now, it is my fault. Because it was, my project and I insisted. I insisted on everything. I insisted that there was a Diamond conspiracy. I insisted that we keep investigating. I insisted that we interact with those Gems and fought to find the truth. Everything had to be my way. And this is where we've ended up and it's all because of me that we're here now, in the dark, cold, and hunted. I love you dad, Peedee. I am so sorry."

"Ronaldo, shut up!" Sadie shouted to Ronaldo in a hushed tone, rushing over to the panicking teen and grabbing his shirt. "You're going to give away our cover, and then we really will be in trouble."

"It's gone." Lars said as he saw the Agate rush out the entrance and into the sky. Suddenly, the trio heard a large explosion as they saw a large black van dash past the enterance. A whole swarm of Agates dashing past the store followed this. Lars and Sadie could hear the sound of them passing by like jets.

"What is that? I'm scared to close my eyes, I'm scared to open them! We're gonna die in here!" Ronaldo panicked as he rushed up next to Sadie. "Save me!"

Sadie then grabbed Ronaldo and slapped him across the face. Causing the nerdy teen to grab his face and cry sofly.

"Get a grip on yourself Ronaldo!" Sadie exclaimed to Ronaldo, suddenly remembering a story that Steven told her about him a while back. "Hey, remember when you fought the snake people and nearly beat them?"

Ronaldo sniffled as he looked to Sadie. "Y-yeah?"

"Steven told me how you were so brave, using your physic powers to force the…sneople into submission."

"Sadie, that's no-" Lars interjected, only to be interrupted with an elbow to the stomach from Sadie.

"Your right…You are right!" Ronaldo said as he regained his confidence. "I should not be scared of a few tin solders, I faced things worst them those."

"Yeah!" Sadie said supportively.

"Fuck me." Lars muttered as he rubbed his eyes with his hand in irritation. "This isn't going to work, there are only three of us and a…god know how many of them!"

Suddenly, there was an even bigger sound of rumbling as they felt the ground shake below them. As the three looked through the donut racks, they saw the outside was brighter, as chunks of metal and parts of Agates fell to the ground. It seemed that there was a large explosion, larger than the last one. Almost like a bomb of sorts.

"What is going on out there?" Lars said as he tried to get a better view.

"It's a sign!" Ronaldo shouted as he pumped his fists in excitement. "The people are fighting back! There is hope for us after all!"

Ronaldo then reached into his pants and pulled out a revolver. This sight shocked Lars and Sadie.

Ronaldo! Where the hell did you get a gun?" Sadie asked the armed teenager. "More importantly, do you know how to use that thing?"

Ignoring Sadie, Ronaldo pushed her and Lars aside as he pushed through the racks of doughnuts. Noticing a lone long john on his shoulder, he took it off his shoulder and bit into it before dropping it to the floor. He then proceeded to walk out the building.

Sadie and Lars watched with disbelief at what just happened, Sadie then ran over to the back of the room and opened a long box, inside was a case that read "In case of Gem related incidents only! Sadie then pulled out her wooden spear, the very one she used when she was trapped on that Gem island many years ago, only the tip was plated with metal and it had a wrapped grip with a yellow gem attached to it. She then pulled out several vials of Fire salt, a warp whistle, a small canister with a cross on it what was filled with of an light blue paste, and a small rose-colored amulet. As she attached the items to herself. She looked to Lars and handed him a short sword before walking towards the exit of the shop.

"Sadie! This is crazy!" Lars shouted as he chased after Sadie. "This isn't going to work; did you see the swarm going after that van? Who knows how many are out there?"

Sadie the turned to Lars and glared at him. "I'm not asking you to come along, but Ronaldo is going to hurt himself, and if anyone is going out there, they need to be with someone who has had experiences with fighting monsters."

Lars sighed as he watched her leave the big Doughnut. "Since when did you become so good at fighting monsters?"

"Since I killed several of them myself, player two!" Sadie shouted as she left the sight of Lars.

Lars looked around at the shop, and then to his sword, and then to the entrance. Groaning in frustration. The young man then rushed over and finally caught up with Sadie, who was alongside Ronaldo as he was examining a large scorched crater.

"Hmmm…" Ronaldo said as he brought up his camera. "We can see there that a large explosive was used to deal with the robots."

As Ronaldo continued to examine the area. Sadie and Lars looked around as well. The whole area was desolate. Not a single person was around. It was so quiet; Sadie could hear her heart race. Suddenly, the three heard a noise and saw a lone Agate hover into view.

Eventually, the three began to walk through the streets. Armed for any sign of an attack. After some time, they approached the outskirts of the temple, Sadie noticed that many of the Agates were gathered around the exterior of the temple. She then noticed a woman standing before them. Her air was grey, her skin was white as chalk, and her eyes were as back as the night sky. Sadie recognized her as the woman that entered the shop several hours ago. She was alongside another Gem, who Sadie knew as one that was with Steven.

"Lars!" Sadie whispered to Lars. "It's her; it's the woman I told you about!"

"Wow!" Lars said as a grin rolled on his face. "I know that she wants to kill us but, HOT a What Baabhabhiat!"

Sadie punched Lars's arm, causing him to wince and rub it.

"Hey, don't blame me for being honest." Lars said defensively as he glared at Sadie.

"Look something is happening!" Ronaldo whispered as he pointed to the commotion before them.

The three watched as a portal suddenly opened before the two Gems and their Agate army. From this portal, a tall figure emerged. His appearance looked much like Pearl, but he had silver hair and a silver beard. He also wore a light blue suit and had a clear Gem on his right shoulder. As he appeared, the two Gems before him bowed while the Agates saluted.

"I think that's the leader." Sadie whispered to Lars and Ronaldo. "He must be Master Diamond."

"I was right!" Ronaldo gasped as he looked to his hands. "Master Diamond is the one behind this, hence why it's called the Diamond Conspiracy. It's his conspiracy!"

Sadie and Lars looked to each other in shock. Not just about the idea that the Gems are planning to take over the earth, but more on the fact that Ronaldo, the crackpot of Beach City, was right all along.


Crystal Temple exterior, present day


Pearl and Zirconia stood there alongside the Agates. A few moments ago, the two of them lead a invasion to capture Connie, who had the crystal of Rose Quartz. However, as they caught her, Garnet and Amethyst were able to ambush them and rescue her. Using light cannon to destroy a large portion of their army. Zirconia and Pearl were now waiting for their master to return anxious about his reaction to such a failure.

"You should have dealt with your comrades." Zirconia hissed to the Gem beside her. "You knew them inside and out. It would have been no challenge."

"You forget, daughter, that even if I know everything about them, they can still have an advantage." Pearl replied. "Besides, I am not the one who will be punished, I didn't lead the mission, you did."

Zirconia growled at Pearl, but before she could respond, a portal opened before the two. As the Gems directed their attention to the portal, they kneeled as a tall being emerged. It was Master Diamond, leader of the Crystal Gems and the Gemain God of Order. As soon as he looked down to the Gems before him, they began to chant.

"Vos ego appello Dominum Anancites ipsum Obsidiani, Crystallus primogenitus matrem suam formam prætulit fortitudo et, et divinum Cristallum Imperij omnipotentis loquentis. Evigilabit ex dormitione tuaita ut, Vestibulum, atque hereditate tuam discipulus, ut tibiquod petis. Vitae."

Diamond then watched as they rose from the ground. Waiting to hear the report of their mission.

"Well…" Diamond said coldly as he glared at Pearl and Zirconia. "What have you brought me? Is the Furem captured?"

Zirconia and Pearl looked to each other before Zirconia replied. "Not exactly Master, we had her, and then she…got away."

Diamond walked up to Zirconia and gently placed his hand on the back of her neck. After looking into her eyes for a few moments, he clenched his grip and brought her down onto the ground before him. Zirconia struggled as Diamond held her down.

"How did she escape?" Diamond hissed as he brought her closer to his face. "You planned this and had a army. I gave you resources to combat this. HOW DID SHE ESCAPE!"

Zirconia whimpered as she grabbed Diamond's robe. Black tears began to trickle down her face.

Diamond then turned to Pearl. "Can you answer this?"

"Yes Master." Pearl replied as she approached them. "Zirconia was focusing more on controlling the temple rather than apprehending the Furem. She even ordered me not to hunt down the other Gems. Despite the fact that they could help in her escape, which they did."

"But…you…we…" Zirconia sputtered before a large fist slammed into her face.

"You will speak when I command you to speak." Diamond hissed as he released his grip and stood up. "You will also provide your loyalty to your creator, even if you are leading a mission. Do you hear me?"

Zirconia nodded as she tried to get up, only for Diamond to stomp on her chest, causing her to cough up a lot of blue blood.

"You also seemed to forget that you are to follow my orders TO! THE! LETTER!" Diamond roared. "Now not only did you jeopardize my plan, but now there is a chance that they will inform others and complicate thing. Oh, If I had not had Onychinos to spy on them, then your punishment would be much more severe."

Diamond then extended his hand to Pearl, who summoned a spear and handed it to him. He then waved his hand and two Agates lifted Zirconia up and tore off her clothing. Diamond then planted the Spear into the ground with its blade facing up. Zirconia started to panic as she was brought above the spear.

"NO MASTER! STOP PLEASE!" Zirconia screamed, her pleas were of no avail as she was now over the spear. "I'M SORRY MASTER! I'M SORRY FOR MY ACTIONS! FORGIVE ME! FORGIVE ME! NO! NO! NO!"

Pearl looked away from the incident. Diamond noticed this and grabbed Pearl by the head, forcing her to turn the direction of Zirconia.

"You will watch this!" Diamond hissed as he then nodded to the Agates. "Agates… Pedicabo!"

Zirconia screamed as the Agates lowered her on the spear. Her voice shrilled with agony as the blade pierced her, sinking deep into the flesh within her. The more Zirconia struggled, the deeper the blade sunk. Pearl and Diamond could see Greyish-blue blood trickle down the body of the spear and drip onto the ground below. Eventually, the Agates released her, and Diamond approached his servant, bleeding and crying, and tilted his head slightly.

"Who am I?" Diamond asked Zirconia.

"You are the M-m-master, the one I..I serve." She replied weakly, wincing at the pain within her.

"What is the reason you exist?" Diamond asked Zirconia.

"To…to serve you, without objection or quest-t-tion, until death." Zirconia mumbled weakly.

"Are you afraid to die?" Diamond asked as he clutched her throat.

"N-no…" Zirconia wimpered as she felt the burning inside her, "For I live to serve, and serve to live."

"Now you understand." Diamond said as he then lifted her off the spear and tossed her to the ground. He then picked up the spear and began walking to the temple.

"May this be a reminder for the next time you decide to object to my orders." Diamond proclaimed as he turned to Pearl and Zirconia, he then looked to the outskirts for a moment and nodded lightly.

"Et duces eos ad mecum."


Crystal Temple outskirts, present day


Lars, Sadie and Ronaldo could not believe their eyes at what they had seen. Sadie was just lowered her head in disbelief at seeing what the Master did to one of his servants and imagined herself in the situation. Lars had turned away from the others to vomit. While Ronaldo remained transfixed at the sight. Having recorded the whole event with his camera.

"Now you see it people of the world. The Diamond conspiracy is real, and what you have seen has shown you how brutal and merciless they are to their own. We cannot let these monster rule this planet! People of the world, hear my message!"

Before Sadie could tell Ronaldo to shut up, her attention was redirected to the five Agates that stood behind them. As Lars stood up from vomiting, he came face to face with an Agate before jumping back in fear. Ronaldo then pulled his revolver out and aimed it at the Agates.

"Alright you tin cans, back off before me and my buddies here kick your...uh cans!"

Sadie and Lars looked to Ronaldo with a look of disgust before arming themselves.


"Yeah, well terminate this!" Ronaldo shouted as he fired his revolver at the Agates, letting out a battle cry as he did so.

As Ronaldo ran out of bullets, he stopped firing. He along with Sadie and Lars, saw the Agates were unscathed by the attacks. The drones looked at each other as they processed the situation.


The other Agates looked to each other in agreement, as they directed their attention back to the trio, who they were able to capture with ease. Sadie tried to use her spear, but an Agate then grabbed it away from her while another wrapped its arms around her. Lars tried to charge towards Sadie, but an Agate rushed in and knocked him to the ground. It then grabbed him by his feet. Ronaldo then jumped up as the three Agates surrounded him. "Stop!" Ronaldo shouted to the Agate. "Release my friends right now, of face my full fisted fury!"

He started to flail his arms wildly, as if he was a ninja of sorts, this was followed by the cliché "come hither" motion.

"Who's first?" Ronaldo asked as he glared at his would be opponents.

The Agates responded to this by shooting him with their claws and electrocuting him until he was unconscious.


The Agates then departed, carrying the trio of teens along with them.


Beach City Containment Camp,City Hall, present day


It did not take long for the Agates to arrive at the camp. Within a few hours, the entirety of Beach City was already divided up into a makeshift work camp. Lars, Sadie and Ronaldo watched as the residents of the city were grouped up and moved around by the Agates as if they were cattle. A young refused to budge and started to cry as he was being pulled away from his mother. An Agate quickly responded to this by grabbing his neck and snapping it, tossing the boy aside as the mother ran out screaming, only for her to be grabbed and pulled away by several Agates. Sadie shut her eyes to avoid the sight, only to feel the Agate release her, causing the young girl to fall to the ground, as she lifted herself up, she heard the sound of Lars and Ronaldo grunted as they landed beside her. As she looked before her, she saw two pairs of boots walk up to her. As she looked up slowly, she turned pale at the sight before her. There, before the three humans, was the tall Gemian that was known by many as Master Diamond, the leader of the Crystal Gems. The Old King looked down and stared at Sadie. As she looked onto his piercing red eyes, a feeling of insignificance rushed through her body. As if, she was in the presence of God himself.

"So, you are the Humans that were spying on me?" Diamond asked as he stroked his beard. "I am impressed; I was not expecting your kind to be able to escape subjugation so efficiently."

An Agate handed the Gemian Sadie's weapons, her vials of fire salts, and the healing gel. Diamond raised an eyebrow as he looked to the three.

"Nor would I expect your kind to know how to use our tools." Diamond continued as he bent down to Lars. "Where did you get these?"

"None of your business, Gramps!" Lars shouted to Diamond. Just then, Lars was smacked in the side of the head by Zirconia, who appeared behind the young man. Two Agates lifted Lars off the ground and ripped his shirt open. Diamond then removed one of his gloves and his hand started to glow a bright blue.

"Such hostility." Diamond commented as he aimed his hand on Lars's chest. "Your kind once revered us as Gods. You built monuments to our glory, fought wars for our honor, and fought in our names. It was flattering and insulting, to shed blood over such pointless ideal. It is one of the reasons why I must intervene, to save you…from yourselves."

Diamond then planted his hand on Lars's chest. The teen screamed as steam began to emit from where Diamond planted his hand.

"STOP!" Sadie screamed at the Gemian, who looked to Sadie. "We got those supplies from Steven! He was a Crystal Gem, just like you!"

Diamond gritted his teeth as he removed his hand from Lars, leaving behind a large hand shaped burn on Lars's chest as the Agates dropped him to the ground. He then approached Sadie as he put his glove back on and grabbed her by the neck.

"That…thing was nothing like me!" Diamond hissed as he pulled Sadie closer to his face. "He was abomination, which was why he had to die."

Sadie eyes widened as she processed what Diamond had said. Tears began to run down her face as she looked into Diamond's eyes.

"You…you killed him?" Sadie whispered as Diamond released her, the girl dropped to her knees as she realized the truth. "You killed him and now you…are going to kill us."

"I knew it!" Ronaldo shouted as he pointed to Diamond, who gave him a puzzling look. "This is all part of your plan; those Gems were part of your sneople conspiracy!"

This sudden outburst drew the attention of Diamond and Zirconia, as well as the other Agates.

"…What?" Diamond asked in confusion as he looked do Zirconia, who shrugged. "What conspiracy? What is a "sneople"?"

Ronaldo leaped before the Gemian and pulled out his Camera towards Diamond.

"I know for a fact that you are the head behind the Diamond Conspiracy, and that you are planning to enslave the entire planet so you can hollow out the earth. I also know that you are in an alliance with the Sneople, who are people who look like snakes, and that is terrible!"

"…snake…people…?" Diamond looked to Lars and Sadie in true confusion as he looked back to Ronaldo.

"I…" Diamond said, only to be interrupted as Ronaldo placed his finger on Diamond's lips.

"Shhhh…there is no need to say more." Ronaldo said with a grin. He then backed away from Diamond while pointing it him. "Your presence and actions have said enough."

"Is he functional?" Diamond asked with a concerned look as Ronaldo began to dance around and sing a dramatic and off-key tune.

"I have been asking myself that same question for years." Sadie said, giving the same look to Ronaldo as he slid on the knees and ripped his shirt off, revealing a set of armor. Diamond and Sadie looked to each other before looking back to Ronaldo.

"Hold this for me would you?" Ronaldo asked an Agate as he tossed it his Camera. The Agate looked to the camera and then back at Ronaldo in confusion.

Ronaldo lifted his fists as he began to pump dramatically, preparing for a dramatic and epic fight between him and the Master Diamond.

"Should…should I do something Master?" Zirconia asked, stunned by the bizarre spectacle before her.

"Go back to the temple." He said as he stared at the dancing human before him with a transfixed look. "I will be with you shortly."

Zirconia nodded and then she lept away. As Diamond turned to the two Agates holding Lars and Sadie, he pointed to them.

"You two, take the humans to the camp. I will deal with them after I deal with this one." Diamond ordered.

The Agates nodded as they lifted Lars and Sadie into the air to take them back to the camp, but as they did. Ronaldo looked up and shouted at them

"Sadie…Lars…!" Ronaldo shouted as tears formed in his eyes. "…tell Peedee I love him…and…and tell him to watch my blog when I am gone."

"Ronaldo, stop it!" Sadie shouted as she tried to run to him, only for an Agate to hold her back. "He is a Crystal Gem you're no match for him."

"This is my destiny!" Renaldo shouted, thunder and rain started to fall from the sky. "I am willing to die to protect my planet and to expose the corruption of these monsters. Now Go, and keep Beach City Weird!"

Sadie looked to the unconscious Lars as she looked back to Ronaldo. She felt tears run down her face as she and Lars were carried away, leaving Ronaldo alone with the Gemian Master.

"She is right." Diamond said to Ronaldo. "If you do fight me, you will die. But then again, I cannot risk having you know my plans. So you must die here human."

"If I am going to die, then let it be on my terms!" Ronaldo shouted as he removed his armor, revealing his shirtless body. "No weapons, no powers, man to man! Or are you a chicken?"

"I am not an animal, I am a Gemian God." Diamond said as he dissipated his mace, irritated by the fact that he was constantly doing that. "But I understand your challenge and therefore, accept it."

Ronaldo watched as Diamond removed his upper robe, revealing a body covered with scars and burns. Several scars were patched up with metal and there was a marking of DI on his right pectoral. As he dropped the robe onto the wet ground, he politely bowed to Ronaldo before positioned his fists before himself.

"Now, as per Gemian combat ruling, I must allow the challenger to make the first move. You are allowed the first blow."

Ronaldo smiled as he started to dance oddly, making weird gestures and sounds while dancing around his opponent, as if he was in a game that involved fighting in a street.

"Stop that!" Diamond growled as Ronaldo's strange movements and sounds were starting to annoy him. "I do not know of you are distracting me or you are challenging me! Either way, you are done for human!" Diamond then charged at Ronaldo and swung at him.

"Ah ha! Just as I planed!" Ronaldo said as he ducked the attack and clocked Diamond in the face. "I know you're fighting style which will give me time to-"

As he threw another punch at Diamond, the Gemian simply caught it in his hand. A loud crunch could be heard as Ronaldo shouted in pain and pulled his hand away. Diamond looked down to the human before him he noticed a nearby barrel. Lifting the barrel up, he walked over to the kneeling human and smashed it over his head, causing Ronaldo to scream again as he grabbed his head in pain. As the human rolled on the ground crying, Diamond looked up with disappointment and confusion, looking around as if he was expecting a ambush or a form of distraction.

"Are you…are you actually fighting?" Diamond asked around. "Because I do not feel like this is a-"

"SHORYUKEN!" Ronaldo shouted as spun upward and decked him in the face. Diamond stumbled back and then charged at Ronaldo, tackling him into a wall. The Gemian then grabbed the human, bringing him up to his face. Ronaldo gasped as he looked at the Gemian's face, and saw that his jaw had split open and had strange feeding tongue. He hissed at Ronaldo before retracting and resetting his jaw.

"It has not even been a full hour and you have become quite the nuisance." Diamond said as he glared at Ronaldo. "It is a miracle that you have managed to even exist this long without being euthanized. However, despite you achievement, I will fix that mistake."

"Uh-huh…" Ronaldo said half-exhausted as he placed a hand on Diamond's shoulder. "I'm still standing am I?"

Diamond gave a look of irritation before Ronaldo smashed his head against Diamond's face. As Diamond backed away, covering his face with his hands, Ronaldo suddenly jumped up onto his feet.

"Ha! I have deceived you again!" Ronaldo shouted triumphantly. "Now for my ultimate attack!"

Ronaldo lifted his hands up to his head. Diamond then lowered his hands to gaze at the "warrior" before him.

"Psychic Ghost Powers Activate!" Ronaldo shouted to Diamond, followed by a chant of gibberish. Diamond quickly realized what was happening and quickly lunged forward and kicked the crazy human in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him as he fell to the floor with a thud.

"It is a shame." Diamond said as approached the human. "With your knowledge, you could have warned your planet instead of fighting me head on. Now, you will die and your planet will follow the same path."

"Ugh…jokes on you…" Ronaldo said with a smile. "I already uploaded my video."

Diamond turned to the remaining Agate that was holding the camera. As it opened the viewing screen, the words "Upload Complete" blinked in red letters. Diamond then looked back and lifted the crackpot off the ground by his neck.

"N-now the world will see the truth and will be able to stop you…" Ronaldo gasped as he grabbed Diamond's arm. "Your conspiracy is done for. I…I finally revealed your scheme once and for all."

Diamond then smashed the human into the ground, punching him several times before throwing him to another wall. Diamond then approached the wounded human and grabbed him once more, now determined end this.

"I must say, I am impressed by your determination and your intellect." Diamond said as he tightened his grip slightly causing Ronaldo to gasp and choke. "I would never suspect that a mere primate would be able to figure out our agenda so quickly, and then sacrifice his life to delay his planet's destruction. In fact, I find it touching. But there is one question I would like to ask before I deal with you…"

Diamond then pulled Ronaldo forward and glared at him. Ronaldo could see the red build in his eyes. He knew that at this moment, he was done for, but he smiled, knowing that humanity would know about Diamond and his conspiracy, and that they would have the time to stop it.

"…of all the knowledge you have about my "conspiracy" and the Gems, what did you preserve me as originally? A demon? A parasite?"

"…The… The Leviathan…" Ronaldo replied faintly. He saw Diamond's eyes widen in surprise. "Isaiah 27:1…"

"…Thank you." Diamond said as he glared at the Human before him. "Goodbye."

Diamond then split his jaw open and attached his tongue to Ronaldo's neck. The Human gasped as he felt the Vitae leave his body. As Diamond finished, he wrapped his tongue around Ronaldo's neck and…


Diamond released the body into his hands. As he stared into the eyes of the human before him. He felt a pang of guilt through his chest.

"I am sorry it resulted in this human." Diamond said as he closed Ronaldo's glazed eyes. "But you must understand that this is necessary for your Universe. I must sacrifice billions to save trillions. That is the price for order and peace."

He then placed him onto the ground as he pointed to the Agate with a camera.

"Bury him." Diamond commanded softly. "Then we begin phase two."

Lars Miserables Chapter 1: The Day
Original Idea by: Scraps

Collaboration work with: HikumiRin

Characters Created by: Rebecca Sugar

Chapter 2: Peedee Sacrifice

Somewhere in Vietnam, Grasslands, one day later


The grasslands where quite peaceful. Warm wind blew through the tall grass, causing the plants to flow like a large green river. The trees in the distance stretched and bent their branches in the breeze. Not a single building could be seen for miles, except for the small makeshift cabin in the middle of the grasslands. It was rather shabby and composed of salvaged wood and junk. As the door opened, a small girl emerged from the shack with a large bag hung over her shoulder. She had mix of grey and black hair and silver eyes. On the back of her left palm was a crack Gemstone. The girl also had grey skin with a scar on the right side of her face that looked like the cracks on her Gem. This girl was no ordinary girl, but a Gem by the name of Howlite. As the Gem looked around at the grasslands surrounding her, she took a deep breath and let out a sigh. She then crouched down and leapt up into the air, hopping in large leaps until she approached a small village.


As she landed within the village, starling a few of the locals, she began to walk around the small community; looking at the sights of the townspeople and listening to them speak to each other. She continued to walk until she noticed a small man sitting before a table under a canopy. As soon as he noticed her, he smiled and gestured for her to approach him.

"Good morning Mr. Sol." Howlite saluted with a smile as she placed the bag on the ground next to him. " I have something for you."

"Ah, Howlite. Are these the animal's you where referring to?" Mr. Sol said with a grin as he grabbed the bag and looked inside. " I can't wait to use these. Are you sure they have medical uses?"

Howlite nodded. "You bet. The Gems can be ground up and mixed with its blood to be used as a healing agent. We used them all the time during…"

Howlite sentence trailed off as Mr. Sol opened the bag; he smiled as he pulled out the corpse of a small lizard like creature that seemed to be light in color and had crystals on its back. Mr. Sol then placed the creature on his table and then he took out a knife. As Howlite watched him carefully, pull the gems out of the creatures back. A thought coursed through her head.

Her mind flashed back to a large dark chamber in space. Her screams echoed through the room as a tall figure appeared before her. He then turned to a nearby table and placed his hand on it. As he pulled away, a row of tools appeared on the table, consisting of what appeared to be scalpels, knives and a large saw. The figure picked the saw up from the table and turned back to Howlite, who realized what was going on. As the figure was hovering above her, she could see his face, and recognize him as Master Diamond. As he glared down to her, he began to speak to her. However, as he talked, all Howlite could hear was a static scream. As he began to saw into her body, she was quickly snapped back into reality. Howlite looked around at the crowd of shocked and horrified people surrounding her. As she looked before her, there was Mr. Sol, only he was laying on the ground in a pool of blood with a knife in his neck. Howlite walked back in shock before looking to the crowd.

"Why did you hurt me?" Howlite said to the crowd with tears in her eyes as she leapt away from the crowd and then from the village.


It was dark as Howlite returned to her shack in the grasslands. She barged into her home and locked the door behind her. Slumping to the floor as she curled up and began to cry.

Suddenly, she stopped and stood up. Howlite walked into another room and then opened a door to a staircase. As she walked down to the staircase, she reached a small dark room. As she lit a lamp inside, she looked around at the room before her. Inside the walls coated with drawings of Howlite killing Monster Diamond. Crude pictures of the Gemian decapitated, chopped up burned, sodomized, and dissected by the Cracked Gem covered the walls.

Howlite then walked over to the end of the room and approached a small shrine. The shrine depicted a small-desecrated mural of Diamond, who had large x marks over his eyes as well as markings and insults carved around him. At the base of the shrine was a brown bowl with a small voodoo doll inside, a doll of Diamond that was cut open. As Howlite approached the shrine, she removed her pants and knelt before the shrine.

"Mortem ad terram monstrum, et bene servientibus eam." Howlite muttered as she looked up to the mural, glaring into the crossed out eyes of the mural, which glared down at her. She imagined the sight of Diamond falling by her hands, the sound of his screams as she tore him apart limb from limb, she felt one of her hand begin to travel south down her body. Her mind occupied with the thought of killing the monster.

"Testor per Gema atque TO, reducam vobis!" Howlite gasped then shuttered with a grin as she continued to glare at the mural. She imagined the blue warm blood of the Old King splash across her face as could feel her hand becoming wet as she rubbed faster.

"Habeo patiatur quasi Faciamque vobis…" As she imagined the sound made from then ripping of Diamond's head from his body, and the sight of his eyes glazing over, his last sight being the Gem that he tormented all those years ago. Howlite stopped as she felt a pulse of ecstasy flow through her, her hand becoming soaked from her climax. "…et magnificabo nomen meum in sicut dirumpant vos te clamatis!"

As she finished and stood back up, she heard a knock at her door. Quickly redressing herself and running up to the shack door, she summoned her ax as she carefully opened the door.

"What the hell do you want?" Howlite shouted, before realizing who it was. There standing before her was the blue Gem known as Lapis Lazuli, a Gem known to be a daughter of Topaz and was last seen dragging the Gem known as Jasper to the bottom of the ocean. However, as of now, she was standing before the cracked Gem, her cloths were torn and she had a few cuts on her body.

"Lapis?" Howlite exclaimed as she lowered her weapon. "You're alive…?"

"Yes, but listen to me, I don't have much time."

Howlite scoffed as she looked to the ground, clenching her ax in her hand tightly.

"I thought you were dead." Howlite said as she summoned her ax. "I heard that you sacrificed yourself to stop another Gem. But the question I want to know is how did you escape?"

Lapis hesitated as Howlite looked back up to the blue Gem. By looking into Lapis's eyes did the Gem know the answer.

"HE released you, didn't he?"

"Yes, and I escaped, but you need to listen to me." Lapis said as she looked behind her back. "You are right, it is Master Diamond, he is building an army from the kindergartens, and he has the Delmarva Peninsula Temple as his base. Howlite we need to find Master Topaz and stop Diamond. He's going to destroy the planet."

Howlite just froze, her eyes widened as she glared at the blue Gem before her. Howlite then turned around and looked at the floor. As Lapis approached the Gem, Howlite punched the wall.

"You lied to me!" Howlite snapped as she removed her fist from the wall and examined it. "You are just like him, you build up the trust of people and have them care and adore you, and then you rip out their hearts and destroy them. You proved that when you fled on Insidiae, when you left us behind to be…"prisoners.""

"Howlite, I…I'm sorry." Lapis said as she gently approached the Gem, trying not to upset the unstable Gem before her. "I know that Master Diamond hurt you-"

Suddenly, Lapis fell back as Howlite tackled her in the face. As she knelt over Lapis, Howlite aimed her ax at the Gem's neck.

"NO, NO YOU DON'T LAPIS! YOU WERE NOT ON INSIDIAE! YOU FLED LIKE A COWARD!" Howlite screamed at Lapis, tears pouring down her face as a grin spread across her face. "All the things he did to me…to those Gems. I…I watched my friends melt before my eyes, transformed into…beasts. Where were you during all of that Lapis? WHERE WERE YOU?"

As she aimed he ax closer, she heard a boom as she looked up. In the sky, she saw several figures flying towards them. Howlite moved off Lapis as she stood back up. The two then watched as the beings landed before the Gems. Howlite instantly recognized them as Agates.

"You brought those things with you, I see?" Howlite growled as she brandished her ax.

"I was trying to warn you about that." Lapis replied as she brandished her wings.

One of the Agates hovered forward, stopping to notice Howlite and quickly scan her.


Howlite did not hesitate to attack the Agate, only for the machine to dodge the attack and restrain the Gem. Howlite then struggled to break free as she reached out to Lapis, who was surrounded by Agates. Lapis then looked to the pleading Howlite with an expression of regret.

Howlite mind quickly flashed to another moment, she saw Lapis surrounded by Agates and Gem Elite. She looked to Howlite with the same expression as she did now.

"Howlite" Lapis said to the cracked Gem.

"Forgive me."

With that, Lapis shot up into the air like a rocket. The Agates that surrounded her followed in pursuit.

Howlite watched as the Gem and the Agates behind her vanished into the sky, leaving Howlite and the Agate restraining her behind. Howlite then looked to the ground and began to sob lightly.


Howlite did not respond as the Agate took her away. She watched as her little shack in the middle of the grassland disappear from her vison, noticing the small crowd of people approaching it. As she moved farther away, she could see a small orange light in the distance, and a column of smoke as well. Howlite clenched her fists before screaming loudly in fits of laughter. She screamed so loud, that the birds in the trees below her shot out and flew away from her, just as Lapis did.


Steven's House, Interior, present day


Diamond looked around the home, by his orders all of the clutter had been removed from the house. Save for a table, several chairs, and the picture of Rose Quartz that hung upon the door. As Diamond stared at the painting, he suddenly noticed a figure standing next to him. It was Rose Quartz, the Gemian of Emotion and Diamond's sister.

"Remember when Topaz made that for me?" Rose asked Diamond. "You told them that it would be such a waste of time. But you allowed it anyway."

"Why are you here?" Diamond asked Rose. "You should be bothering the Furem, given that she has you powers."

"A portion of them." Rose corrected Diamond. "It was difficult, but in the end, it was the only way to prevent you from acquiring them."

Diamond turned to Rose, a expression of anger flashed across his face.

"How could you do that?" Diamond hissed to Rose. "Turn my servant to your side and even having her end your life. That is not possible, especially since she is a Gemian."

"Your methods of creating servants have their costs Brother." Rose explained. "Through your methods, you had caused the Gemian powers in your children to stagnate. When Pearl was created, she was as powerful as a basic Gem, and Zirconia is probably weaker than that."

Diamond cringed as he stepped out the door and onto the balcony. Rose followed after, resting on the balcony bar overlooking the beachside. The two Gemians watched the waves as they splashed in the ocean. Diamond then reached into his pocket and pulled out a dead rose. As Rose saw Diamond examine the flower, she looked to her brother with a sad gaze.

"It doesn't have to be this way." Rose said to Diamond. "You can still fix this. I know you can."

"You brought this on yourself." Diamond said with a sigh. "You rebelled against me, our people, and our purpose. We were supposed to protect the Universe from all threats, including threats from within. You saw what they did to you and your people after the War. They despised you, hunted you down like animals. Whatever they fear, they hate and whatever they hate, they destroy. These Humans are no different from the countless species we have encountered in this Universe. The only difference is that their planet is bountiful with the resources that can rebuild our empire to its former glory."

Rose nodded lightly. "But do they deserve such cruelty? Will enslaving and destroying them actually bring peace?"

Diamond turned to Rose and glared into her eyes.

"Their enslavement is a kindness." Diamond replied. "They have enslaved each other for centuries. Hollowed out their planet for their selfish desires, and killed each other off over meaningless ideal. Without our intervention, they would drive their own race, and those among them, to extinction."

"Where we so different?" Rose asked Diamond, who paused at the question. "The use of kindergartens, the civil war, the whole concept of our empire, looking back at our lives and then looking at the humans, can't you see the parallels in our culture and ideals. If you build a empire out of that, then you are no different than they are."

Diamond paused for a minute, processing the information as he looked to the flower in his hand. As he looked back to Rose, his expression softened for a moment, before he noticed the scar around the base of her arm, which cause him to harden up and turn away from her.

"The difference between me and them Rose is that unlike the Humans, I will not succumb to feral madness that consumes them. I do not carry the desires for material wants, nor do I want to end their lives over the concept of a higher being…"

"Like Gemia?" Rose interjected.

"…what I do, I do for the preservation of the Universe. I ensure that order is established. To do such, there has to be sacrifice and change, and I am willing to sacrifice a planet of billions to preserve a Universe of Sextillions. It is the cycle of existence, to sacrifice for the greater good. Something you could not understand."

Rose tilted her head sadly, as she stepped away from Diamond. "If this is what you believe to be true…"

"It is true!" Diamond shouted as he turned to her once more. "You are a fool to think you can save this planet."

"You are wrong Diamond." Rose said as she began to disappear. "I want to save you."

As she vanished, Diamond felt a pang in his chest as he walked back into the house. Ensured that he was alone, Diamond fell to his knees and began to gasp. Diamond grabbed his face as he began to weep. As he recomposed himself, he watched as Zirconia appeared from the warp pad. She then approached Diamond and knelt to him.

"Where is Lapis?" Diamond asked the Gem before him.

"She escaped." Zirconia responded. "But Onyx and a group of Agates are persuing her."

"Good." Diamond said as he approached Zirconia. "What of Jasper?"

Zirconia held her hand up to Diamond, revealing a small Jasper Gem resting on her palm.

"Good." Diamond responded as he plucked the Gem from Zirconia. "It seems you have redeemed yourself after all. Now leave me."

Zirconia nodded as she walked to the warp pad and absconded. As soon as she was gone, Diamond held up the Gem in his hand and spoke to it.

"Jaspidis, ad mecum!"

He then tossed the Gem to the floor. As soon as the Gem fell to the floor before Diamond, there was a large flash of light. When the light faded, these was a Gem kneeling on the ground before Diamond. She had orange skin and white flowing hair. She wore a red-orange suit with a yellow Diamond in the center. This Gem was known as Jasper, once known for leading a invasion on Beach City and getting dragged to the bottom of the ocean by Lapis. Now she kneels before the Old King. As she looked around at her surroundings, she then noticed the boots before her. As she looked up to Diamond, her face turned pale as she then sat up to kneel to him appropriately.

"Master Diamond." Jasper said to the Gemian. "I am Jasper, member of the Diamond Authority: Yellow Diamond's branch."

"I know about the authority." Diamond replied to Jasper. "I created them, as well as the Lesser Diamonds. Why do you think I am called "Master" Diamond?"

"Forgive me Master." Jasper said submissively. "It has been ages since we last heard from you. Yellow Diamond assumed you were…gone."

"I figured much, which is what she and the others were created for." Diamond explained as he turned to look out a window. "In the event of my absence from the homeworld, they would control things until I returned. Did they send you to complete the original priority?"

"No Master, I was sent her on request of Peridot." Jasper replied. "She wanted me to deal with Rose Quartz. She was still alive, but in the form of a young boy."

"You were somewhat correct." Diamond explained. "My sister died, but she gave her powers to her offspring, a hybrid named Steven. I had my servant kill him." Diamond turned to Jasper with a look of contempt. "You know her as, that "Defective Pearl"."

Jasper gasped lightly. "Forgive me Master, I-I didn't know…"

"It does not matter." Diamond replied. "Rose's powers were transferred to a Human, a Furem, and she fled the city, along with Rose's pet Amethyst and my former apprentice Garnetum."

Jasper looked up to Diamond in fear. "Wait…that fusion was you're…"

Diamond then turned and approached Jasper. "Yes, I see you followed Topaz ideals of fusion, or are least until you tried to fuse with one of their children. You saw the consequences of such a rash decision."

Jasper looked down once more. "Master, let me hunt the Furem down, allow me to regain my honor. If not them, then at least Lapis."

"No, Onychinos is hunting Lapis and I am going after the Furem. However, I have another task for you." Diamond knelt to Jasper and pulled her gaze to his. "Find Peridot and bring her to me. That is your mission."

Jasper nodded. "As you desire Master, it will be no challenge."

Diamond and Jasper stood up and walked up the warp pad. As Jasper stood on the warp pad.

"Peridot is crucial to my plans." Diamond hissed to Jasper. "Should anything happen to her, you will be held responsible, and the punishment will be nothing you could imagine."

Jasper gulped before nodding. As Diamond watched, Jasper vanish. He then looked back to the picture of Rose and sighed. Diamond then snapped his fingers and Zirconia appeared from the Warp pad.

"Exhume the body of the human I killed the other day. Then call forward the prisoners."

Zirconia nodded as she darted out the front door. Diamond then looked at the picture once more before following Zirconia.

"If you cannot understand the truth, then I will have to show you the truth. These human treat their free will as a spoiled children treat toys, and the only option I have is to take it away from them."


Beach City Containment Camp, Center Hub, present day


The Agates gathered all of the residents of beach city into the center of the town, among the group was Lars and Sadie. Lars groaned as he scratched the bandages on his chest, only for Sadie to slap his hand away.

"But it itches." Lars whined to Sadie.

"I don't care." Sadie replied through gritted teeth. "Stop making a scene before you kill us both."

Lars groaned as he tried to stop itching his wounds. As Sadie looked around from the crowd at the Agates that surrounded them, she saw Peedee and Fryman looking around and calling for Ronaldo. Sadie felt a knot in her stomach at the sight, knowing that their search was in vain.

Just then, Sadie and the rest of Beach City's attention was drawn to Master Diamond, who was standing on a stage in front of what was once City Hall with Zirconia and Pearl by his side. As he looked to the shouting people before him, he responded to their outbursts with a single word.

"CESSABIS!" Diamond roared, causing the whole crowd to fall silent with fear. "All of you."

There was a dead stillness in the air. Sadie and Lars could hear their own heartbeats. After a few seconds, Diamond spoke once more.

"Ages ago, your kind looked to us as Gods, as providers of guidance and leadership. We provided you knowledge and power to create your own leaders and to ensure growth. We gave you free will as a species and spared your planet from destruction, but what do you do with our gift? You have destroyed your world, killed thousands of your species for meaningless ideals, and you even attacked our kind out of greed and lust for power. That is unacceptable, for we have failed you with your upbringing and it fall upon me to ensure your "correction" and your "redemption. If you wish to survive as a species, you will do as you did in the past and you shall serve the very Gods you worshipped, without question or objection."

The crowd looked to each other in concern before they noticed two agates hovered next to Zirconia, they appeared to be holding an object between them that was covered in a sheet.

"Do not think that your servitude will not be unrewarded. For serving under my authority, you will be granted liberation from corruption and free will, and a purpose towards a true authority. However, if you refuse to cooperate, if you rebel against my law or try to escape this compound. Then of course…"

Diamond snapped his fingers, and the Zirconia removed the sheet from the object the Agates were holding, revealing the dead body of Ronaldo. His body was bruised and swollen, and his head was dangling sideways, allowing his glazed eyes to gaze upon the crowd. Several people in the crowd screamed and cursed at the sight, the loudest of them being Fryman and Peedee. Sadie cupped her hands over her mouth as tears formed in her eyes, while Lars turned away to vomit.

"…the consequences will be grim." Diamond finished as he waved his hand. The Agates holding Ronaldo's body then flew towards the water tower. The residents of Beach City watched in horror as they watched them hang his body on the base of the tower. The crowd's attention was then drawn to the yelling of NO from within as Fryman charged onto the stage that Diamond stood upon. Zirconia and Pearl approached him with weapons drawn, but Diamond raised his hand and they backed away.

"Human, I will warn you only once." Diamond informed Fryman before he was cut off by the human before him.

"You killed my son!" Fryman screamed at the Gemian, tears of rage flowing from his eyes. "How could you kill my boy? You're no God, you're a monster!"

"I killed you son because he refused to submit to my orders and he attacked me." Diamond explained to Fryman. "His death was brought on by his ignorance as a human and as a lesser being."

"LIAR!" Fryman shouted at Diamond. "If you wanted peace, you could've spared him! How does the death of my son "liberate me"?"

"To be honest, I did syphoned his memories and thoughts as I consumed his Vitae…" Diamond replied as he approached Fryman. "…and from what I learned about him, you should thank me for what I did."

The next thing anyone knew, Fryman reached behind his back and pulled out a revolver. The crowd off residents gasped at the sight.

"Oh no…" Sadie gasped as she clung to Lars's arm.

"Where the hell do the Frymans get their guns?" Lars asked Sadie as he continued to gaze at the standoff before them and the rest of Beach City.

"I will grant you a second warning and implore you to stand down human." Diamond stated to Fryman, who cocked the gun right at Diamond. "As I said, if you continue to rebel, you will not like the consequences."

"Shut up!" Fryman screamed. "You killed Ronaldo…You…YOU MURDERED MY BOY! I'LL KILL YOU!"

"So be it!" Diamond said as he glared intensely at Fryman.

In that instant, the man grabbed his head and bend forward slightly. When he looked up, his eyes where black shot and he was crying black tears.

"Wha…t…are…y..ou…" Fryman said to Diamond, his voice sounded strained and weak.

"Assuming direct control." Diamond replied coldly as he raised his hand before Fryman. "It is the preferred solution to deal with those who rebel against me. As of now, I control your every action, and as of now, your very life."

As he clenched his hand, Fryman then put the barrel of his gun to his head. As he did, there was an audible gasping and pleading in the audience. Suddenly Peedee climbed up onto the stage and ran up to Diamond, falling onto his knees before the Gemian.

"Please, don't kill my dad." Peedee begged Diamond. "We won't fight back, we will obey you. Just please, spare him."

Diamond looked to Peedee then back to Fryman. Placing his hand to his chin, he nodded as Fryman lowered his gun from his head.

"Human, your child has convinced me to spare you. It seems that he has a better understanding of sacrifice than you do." Diamond said to the man before him. In that instant, an Agate grabbed Peedee and held him up next to Diamond.

"Which is why you will shoot him instead." Diamond finished as he gestured to Peedee, who looked to Diamond with a look of fear before looking back to Fryman.

The crowd shouted in horror and shock. Pleas of mercy and offers of tribute were shot into the air. More people attempted to jump on the stage before Agates restrained them. As people began to scatter, Sadie began to charge towards the stage before Lars stopped her.

"Lars! We have to save Peedee!" Sadie shouted to Lars as she tried to break his grip. "They can't do this."

"Sadie, we have to leave him." Lars replied as he tightened his grip. "You said it yourself; they'll kill us if we do anything."

As Sadie continued to flail and try to break free. Lars gestured over to Sour Cream and Buck Dewey, and the three of them dragged Sadie away.

"No...NO...PEEDEE!" Sadie screamed as she watched the possessed Fryman approached the restrained Peedee. The three were able to enter an abandoned building before any of the Agates noticed them. As the Agates rounded everyone back into the hub, the watched in horror as Fryman stepped toward his son like a robot, with a gun in hand.

"Dad?" Peedee said to his father with tears in his eyes. Just then, he heard a crack and felt a sharp pain in his stomach and lower back. As the boy looked down, he saw a small hole in his shirt, which began to become wet with red blood. Peedee gasped and cried as he felt an Agate's claw hold his head up, which allowed him to see his father aim his gun to his son's head. Peedee could feel the warm barrel of the pistol tremble on his head, and could see the black tears flow from his eyes. Fryman looked into the crying eyes of his son, knowing that the life of his son was in the hands of the one that ended the life of his other son.

"Kill him." Diamond commanded as he moved next to Fryman. "Kill your son."

"P…lea…se…" Fryman pleaded weakly, looking to his master while trying to fight the indoctrination. "Don…t…mak…e…me….kill….m…e…"

"I warned you that there would be a price for rebellion." Diamond hissed into Fryman's ear. "As a Gemian and as a ruler, I have to keep to my word."

Fryman looked back to Peedee. He could feel his finger begin to squeeze the trigger of the gun.

"Paratum!" Diamond stated raising his hand up in the air.

"Dad" Peedee pleaded to his father, feeling the barrel of the gun dig deeper into his forehead.

"Cataracta!I" Diamond continued.


"USTRINA!" Diamond commanded, bringing his arm down


Fryman watched as the gun fired in his hands, a lone bullet shot through Peedee's skull and out through the back of his head. A large chunk of bloody skull and brain matter shot out along with the bullet. As Fryman lowered his gun, he looked at the face of his son. His blank expression glaring back at him as small traces of smoke rose from the bullet hole, the smell of gunpowder and an odd stench that resembled old cottage cheese was present. The Agates then released Peedee body, allowing it to fall to its knees and then to its side. Screams of horror and grief passed through the crowd as they processed the sight they witnessed. Diamond stepped around Fryman and grabbed Peedee's corpse by the neck and legs, lifting it up above his head for the residents of Beach City to see.

"Now you truly see what will come upon you should you decide to challenge me? Understand that should you wish to save those who you love, you must surrender to me, to order. Who will receive the redemption from corruption? Who will accept liberation from chaos? Who will accept peace?"

Within seconds, the crowd of residents began to bow, one after another. As Diamond watched the Agates move the crowd away to their respected camps with satisfaction, an Agate swooped down and grabbed Peedee's body, taking it to the water tower to hang next to his brother. Diamond then walked up to Fryman, who handed him his pistol.

"Who am I?" Diamond asked Fryman.

"You are the Master." Fryman replied without tone.

"What is your purpose?"

"To serve you without question or objection."

"Are you aware of my wrath and my generosity?"


"Are you aware of the consequences of free will?"

Fryman's eyes welled up as he looked to Diamond.

"Yes..." Fryman replied with gritted teeth.

"Good" Diamond said to Fryman. "Releasing control."

Fryman fell to his knees and began to vomit black bile. As Diamond walked away from the broken father, he looked back to Fryman with a stern expression.

"Do not forget Human, that all of this could have been avoided if you heeded my warning. You child's death is and always will be your fault."

As an Agate began to escort Fryman to his camp, he looked up to the direction of the water tower and wept loudly as he saw the figures hanging from the tower, hanging side-by-side, brother by brother.


Steven's House, Interior, present day


The moment Diamond stepped into the house, he noticed Jasper arguing with another Gem. Upon her sight, Diamond's eyes widened in surprise. This Gem was shorter than Jasper and has a triangle shaped hairdo. She wore a metallic armor and has ten hovering fingers. Around her feet where several of her robonoids, blue orb robots that scurried around the house like spiders. One of them moved up to Diamond, who picked it up to examine it.

"You still think you can boss me around like that?" Peridot shouted to Jasper, who crossed her arms and smiled. "First you tell me to hunt down Rose Quartz, then you tell me to hide and leave earth, and now you are telling me that Diamond is alive?"

"Yes, I talked with "MASTER" Diamond." Jasper responded, ensuring that Peridot knows her place. "He asked me to specifically find you. Don't know why he wants a little green nerd like you anyway. I was part of his elite back in the day. One of his loyal solders."

"True…" Diamond interjected as he approached the two Gems. "But unlike you, Peridot is far more valuable than any army."

The moment Peridot say Diamond, her expression changed to surprise as she backed away for a moment, after a second of processing, she lunged forward and hugged the Gemian. Jasper approached to pull the Green Gem off him but Diamond extended his hand to back away. He then awkwardly placed his hands around her.

"Diamond!" Peridot exclaimed loudly as she tightened her grip. "Jasper wasn't lying, you are alive!"

"I know Peridot, and I am sorry for putting you through that." Diamond said as he embraced the hug before pulling her away and then scanning her body. "But what about you? You have a body."

Peridot looked away sheepishly, fidgeting with her fingers as a green blush grew across her face. Diamond looked to Jasper, who was dumbfounded at what was happening.

"Leave us." Diamond commanded Jasper. "And should you speak of this to anyone, I will use you for an Agate."

Jasper hesitantly nodded before dashing over to the warp pad. As she was about to teleport, she though out loud an obvious question that pounded in her head.

"What the fuck just happened?"

As Jasper teleported away, Peridot and Diamond were alone. Well, aside from the various robonoids in the house.

"Forgive me Diamond, but a lot has changed since you…disappeared." Peridot explained as she fidgeted. "After the war, I continued to follow your orders and begin creating an army. It became harder to do such after your elite took control of the authority."

Diamond looked to the Robonoid in his hands and then back to Peridot.

"I see..." Diamond replied as he placed the Robonoid in hands on the ground. "What did you do?"

"Well, after the encounter with the Steven and of course the involvement of the homeworld. The whole authority fell to chaos. It made it easier to conquer and create Agates after we began to conquer their main colonies."

"I know." Diamond interjected. "I actually led an attack on a Gem colony before I attacked this city. It was led by Turquoise."

Peridot nodded as she watched a Robonoid attempt to crawl up the wall. "With the homeworld and the main colonies, we now have an army of 7.12 trillion Agates." She then looked to her hand, which transformed into a screen. "There are a few remints, but it's nothing the Agates can't handle. I will be sending the army to the outer rim. It should hinder Tiberium's fleet significantly until we reactivate the kindergarten, which will provide a solid 2.7 trillion."

"Optime!." Diamond said as he walked to the center of the room. "As the main Agate army fights off the Metalian fleet. Then I will reactivate the kindergartens on Earth. With an Army of Agates and the powers of Gemia and Obsidian, Tiberium will be no match for me. Then, we can rebuild the Universe in our image, as it should have been."

Diamond then felt a thud as he looked down to see one of the Robonoids pushing on his boot. Diamond lifted the orb off the ground and examined it.

"I have to say Peridot; I am surprised by your ability to still use Metalian technology." Diamond said to Peridot, who blushed as she looked away. "What is interesting is that they resemble your previous form, from when you were the A.I for the Metalians."

"Yes…I…Have a problem with originality." Peridot said hesitantly. As she looked back to Diamond, she looked away from him. Diamond then placed his hand on her cheek. As she gazed into his silver eyes. She looked down in hesitation.

"Diamond, how can you forgive me like this?" Peridot said to Diamond as she gently grabbed his hand, tears forming in her eyes. "I know the punishment your servant's receive for failure or disobedience, and I was responsible for destroying your authority from within. How can you forgive me for that?"

Diamond gave a small smile as he pulled Peridot closer. The green Gem could feel the energy emit from the Gemian before her.

"There are a few reasons for that Peridot." Diamond explained to Peridot. "For one thing, the Homeword authority became stagnate and warped from their directive, and had to be purged and second…"

The two Gems where pulled into a close grip, Peridot eyes fluttered shut as Diamond pulled her lips closer to his, close enough to hear him whisper to her.

"…you are not my servant, but something of greater significance."

As their lips were only inches away from contact, the warp pad activated, causing Diamond and Peridot to leap apart from each other. As Jasper and Pearl emerged from the warp pad, they saw Diamond meditating with his back to the warp pad while Peridot was tending to her Robonoids.

"Master, we have a Gem." Pearl stated as she knelt before the Gemian. "The Agates caught her during a search for Lapis."

"Is it the Furem?" Diamond asked.

"No." Jasper replied. "But she says she knows you. She calls herself, Howlite."

Diamond turned to Pearl and Jasper and then back to his forward direction. As he stood up, Pearl and Jasper watched him shift his robe a few times before turning to the warp pad.

"Let me see her." Diamond commanded to his servants. As the three stood on the warp pad, he then looked to Peridot, who looked quickly to Diamond before looking back to her Robonoids.

"Is everything alright Master?" Pearl asked Diamond.

"Yes." Diamond replied coldly before slapping Pearl in the face. "And do not speak unless spoken to, it that clear?"

"Yes, forgive me master." Pearl replied softly.

With that, the Gems teleported away, but when the warp pad finished, Peridot looked to the warp pad and noticed a small note on the warp pad. As she picked up the note, her eyes widened in surprise. On the note, there was what could be interpreted as a small poem. This poem was written hastily on a primitive form of parchment, but it was clear that the poem was made by Peridot several centuries ago.

Apparatus amare potest et somniatores vestra Cleri gemma eundem esse

Diamond Quo pulchrior es Tu es Cleri gemma umquam vidi.

Diamond te amo, quoniam tunc primum conveniremus et ego non quemquam amplius intuebitur.

Tamen Diamond sum tamen eiusdem ego sum sicut sexum.

Diamond te amo Volo autem dicere, autem non potest esse quia virtus tua gemma. Non ego sum te amo fortem dicere.

Non audeo perderem.

Verumtamen aliquando dicam te amo sede est mihi


Moreover, when she turned the paper on the opposing side, there was another poem. As she read the opposing poem, she gave a tearful smile as she held the note to her chest, knowing exactly what the message was.

Amare autem veteris Regem Asperum Quod amor sit eloquia.

Peridot, mihi tantum volo tibi dicere quomodo sentio circa vobis.

Tamen quid est, tam difficilem tantum a me audire?

Quantumcumque Ego exerceas sermonem meum atque praeparabit.

Verumtamen Quod amor sit semper est difficile est dicere ...

Imperium Romanum autem Non est facile ad regendam huius rei simile

Reliquum ex Non est facilia, expedita, et curare ut nusquam esset.

Non est facile ipsum atque operis tempus habent to schedule.

Iustitiam enim Deus autem Non est facile Ordinis et Deum DI.

Quod ad me attinetest non-facile ad tempus adest.

Potest tamen quandoque hoc aliquis habere seqq facilioris quaedam Cleri gemma stabit mecum.

Profunde in teneris, dummodo in lucem EGO necessarius est memoria tua.

Peridot, diligo vobis circuitum omnibus, omnemque formam.

Peridot amica mea semper esse tuum.

Peridot cor meum ad PER sunt semper estqui est vobis.

Te amo.


Lars Miserables Chapter 2: The Trouble
Bonjourno, and welcome to the second chapter of the Everyone Makes Mistake Mini-series: Lars Miserables

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Artwork by: Bonehatter

Previous Chapter:  Lars Miserables Chapter 1: The Day
Original Idea by: Scraps
Collaboration work with: HikumiRin
Characters Created by: Rebecca Sugar
Chapter 1: The Day the City Stood Still
Author Note: The events in this story take place around the time of "A Girl and Her Lion."
Big Donut, present day
Quiet, that is what it is like to work a night shift, especially if you work at a place called "The Big Donut. There is barely a soul that walks in, especially after the whole tragedy that happened four months ago. Inside the shop, there is a young girl at the counter, sitting at a bench. Playing with her cell phone. This is Sadie; she is an employee at the Big Donut alongside her friend Lars, who now, is in the break room taking a nap. The two of them have an interesting relationship, with Sadie being the hard worker while Lars is the slacker. However, despite their differences and conflicts. The two manage to get along and during many times, they have had each other's backs. Some of the times, they managed to express feelings for eac

Next Chapter:  Lars Miserables Chapter 3: The Centipede
Original Idea by: Scraps
Collaboration work with: HikumiRin
Characters Created by: Rebecca Sugar
Chapter 3: The Gemian Centipede
Crystal Temple, Catacombs, Present day
Howlite opened her eyes and looked around at her surroundings. It was a simple room with no windows or lights save for a pair of light in the corners of the room. On the side near the door, there was a table with a small jar on it. As Howlite tried to move, she found herself bound to a chair. Looking downward, she saw her hands and feet were bound by glowing metal cufflinks. As she looked around again at her surroundings, she noticed something. All around the room Howlite could see faint stains of blood, especially a noticeably large stain on the floor next to her. As she examined the walls she could see some of the stains seemed to be words. Although she could not recognize all of them. She could read one of the words.
For some reason, Howlite felt a sense of loss at the realization. However, she did n
ings of Three (Oath of the Gemian Tribunal)

A Poem by: Master Topaz

Kings of three, that are we, but who is the one who will be:

One who the power of gods, one who will bring wrath upon our foes.

Let the role be brought upon me, DI, The Old King, I will protect the innocent with my life and destroy the wicked.  Allow me to raise our blade.

Kings of three, that are we, but who is the one who will be:

One who speak for the mind of the ancients, an archive of wisdom, an keeper of thoughts and secrets passed throughout the eons.

I will take that role, TO, The Taskmaster, I will carry of our thoughts and dreams. Allow me to raise our scroll.

Kings of three, that are we, but who is the one who will be:

One to help our brothers and sister, to laugh and weep among them, to give them the support and nurturing that only a mother could provide.

I will take that task, ROQU, The Lion, I will lend my voice to laugh for them and my eyes to weep for them. Allow me to lift our heart.

Now we, Kings of three, protectors of the Universe, that we will always be. But once a time long ago we, were not always were, a kingdom of three.

[The last remaining segment of the poem is apparently too damaged to translate. We apologize for the inconvenience and we will find a undamaged edition as soon as possible.]
Kings of Three (A Gemian Poem)
Here at the Society of Gemian Culture and History (SGCH), we are uncovering various artifacts relating to the culture of the Crystal Gems, and more importantly, the so called "Crystal Tribunal" or "Gemians.

What we have here is a rare crest displaying the symbol of the Gemian Empire. The crest displayed various key markings and interesting details:

1. The Three Tribunal are represented as DI, TO, and ROQU. We believe that not only were the Tribunal seen as leaders, but also worshpped as gods. Thus a Gem based religion was created to worship them, which is called "DITOROQU" (Die-Toe-Row-Qua).

2. The colors of the crest symbolize the colors of the Tribunal. Grey and silver was for Diamond, orange was for Topaz, and pink for Rose Quartz. 

4. On the back of the crest, we had discovered a poem written by Topaz in the Gemian language (Which by the obvious resemblance to Latin provides a possibility that the Gemians taught the language to humans.). Sadly, time and conditions have damaged the final segments of the poem. Nevertheless, we are working to restore the poem to the best of our ability.

If you have any questions or additions on Gemian culture or the Tribunal themselves. Let us know. If you have any insite on this artifact or any other, please contact a SGCH professional as soon as possible. 

A highter def image of the crest can be viewed here:…
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Apologyquilt by ScrapstheFool
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Original Idea by: Scraps

Collaboration work with: Cleverun

Characters Created by: Rebecca Sugar

Chapter 12: Drag me to Insidiae

Maheswaran Residence, 5 hours later


Connie awoke to the sound of her alarm buzzing annoyingly. Connie sat up anxiously as she opened her eyes and looked around. She was back in her room, back in her house. Connie moved to her window and opened it. She saw Beach City, intact and full of life. Everyone was moving a talking. She then sat back onto her bed and looked down at her shirt. She lifted her shirt to see that she was neither pregnant, nor Gem. As she looked up in confusion, she saw her mother pop her head in from the hallway.

"Oh Connie you were awake." Sarah said happily, "Come on, I just made breakfast."

Connie hesitated before she entered the hallway, everything was normal, no Agates, no dead bodies. It was as if nothing had changed.

"Was it all a dream?" Connie asked herself before she pinched herself; there was no reaction, no change.

"No…:" Connie whispered as she entered the kitchen. There was her father, sitting at the table with a newspaper and coffee, and her mother was at the stove. Omar then put the newspaper down and smiled at Connie.

"Everything alright Connie?" Omar asked his daughter.

"Yeah Dad, I just had a crazy dream." Connie sighed as she rubbed her head. "It was terrible, Steven and his Dad were killed by Pearl, and then I was…attacked as well. Then there were s Gems who helped us fight a Gem God. The strangest part was it felt like months, almost a year."

Omar moved over to Connie and he patted her on the head. "Well, that sounds like quite the adventure."

"You know this is because she hangs out with that Steven boy." Sarah chimed in as she placed a glob of scrambled eggs on Connie and Omar's plates. "It's because of his weird family that she is having these nightmares."

"Now Sarah, Connie can't control her dreams." Omar replied as his attention to his newspaper. "You have had your fair share of nightmares when you started as a surgeon."

Sarah blushed as she returned to the stove.

"You know Connie; I bet you could make a great story out of this dream." Omar said to Connie as he picked up his newspaper.

"Yeah…" Connie sighed as she looked down to her eggs. Grabbing a fork and digging them in.

"Imagine it Sarah." Omar chuckled as he continued to read the newspaper. "A story about Connie, fighting for her life and her friends, fending off against the massive Leviathan. No hesitation, no mercy! Would be quite a read, wouldn't it?"

Connie stopped and looked up to her Dad, his face covered by the newspaper.

"Yes it would." Connie said tensely. "Except I never told you about the Leviathan."

Connie heard all the sound in the room stop. Everything was quiet, so quiet that Connie could hear her heartbeat. She watched as the sun that poured from the windows faded away, and the warmth of the room turn ice cold. Connie then slowly approached Omar and looked behind the newspaper.


There was Omar, still holding the newspaper, but he was dead, his head was split open and there were flies buzzing around his corpse. Connie gasped in shock and turned to Sarah, who was impaled through the chest by the stove, which turned into an Agate. Connie then stumbled as she placed her hand onto the table. She felt the wet flesh as she looked at her bloody hand. Connie then looked to the table and saw the rotting fetuses on the table before her. Connie backed away before the fetuses lifted their head and looked to Connie.

"Mama, where are you going?" One fetus asked her.

"Mama, it hurts." The other one interjected.

Connie covered her mouth with her hands before she darted to her room. As she raced down the hallway, the hall expanded and expanded. Connie ran as fast as she could until she finally reached the door. However, as she grabbed it, she could not open the door; suddenly she heard a voice singing from the other side. The voice sounded like Pearl's.

"When the moon is full…" Connie heard a sawing noise from the other side.

"…and I've pried…" She heard the sound of flesh whimpering and then a snapping noise.

"…I'll take up you guts…" Connie heard more cutting and more muffled whimpering, she tried to open the door, but it would not budge.

"…to the little shed outside…" There was an audible slice and a dripping noise, before a sound of a box opening and a dumping of items before the box was slammed shut.

"…I'll pretend that I'm blind in one eyeand I'll hide it in you…" She then heard a gurgling noise followed by more cutting and slicing. It became clear to her that what was happening behind the door had to do with Pearl's killing of Steven. At this realization, she rammed the door with her shoulder, but alas, it was no use. Connie screamed for Pearl to stop, but it was pointless as the Gem behind the door continued to sing.

"It's like your head is crumbledand hiding in you." Connie then heard a sawing noise as well as a constant chant of "I forgive you" repeatedly until…


Connie broke down in tears as she fell to her knees. Just then, she heard the door click and she stood back up. As she opened the door. There standing before her was a tall pitch black being. It was featureless, save for one eye. Instantly, the being grabbed Connie and moved its head before the girl, it's eye flashing a blinding light.



Unknown Location, date of time unknown


Connie struggled as she opened her eyes, seeing before her Master Diamond, the Gemian that was beside her when she kill Obsidian. Diamond backed away as Connie looked around in confusion. The two of them were within a metal room with no windows or any sources of light other than a strange looking lamp on the ceiling and the door, which had a blue field of energy going through it. There were two beds of strange design on each side, with Connie laying on one of them. There was also a strange bowl-like device, which one would assume to be a toilet.

Connie then turned her attention to Diamond as he sat on the other bed. She noticed that he was wearing a light-red jumpsuit with strange letters on it. As she looked down, she saw that she was wearing the same suit as well. There were also two strange shackles on their arms.

"It is about time you woke up." Diamond said with a sigh. "You have been out for some time."

Connie looked around as she tried to stand up, only to feel a sharp pang around her abdomen.

"Ah!" Connie yelped as she clutched her stomach, sitting back down onto the bed. "How long was I out?"

Diamond paused before answering her question. Connie noticed his expression and a look of concern grew across her face.

"One year."

Connie's eyes widened as her jaw dropped. She looked around once more and then back at Diamond.

"No….NO!" Connie exclaimed, making an x shape with her arms. "This is another dream, isn't it?"

She looked to Diamond with a concerned smile, but as she looked at him, her smile faded.

"Wait! I know!" Connie said to Diamond as she began to unzip her jumpsuit. "I didn't have my Gem in the last dream, so if I it's not there, then it's a dr-"

At that moment, as Connie looked at the stomach, she noticed two things. The first was that she had her Gem, but it was opaque and dull. However, the second observation was the one that rattled her the most. Below her Gem, a large scar went across the base of her stomach. It looked as if it was to remove something…or to remove two things.

Connie looked up to Diamond, her mouth agape, her face pale, and the lights in her eyes gone.

"Connie…" Diamond said as he reached for her. "Before you do anythi-"

"YOU BASTARD!" Connie shrieked as she tackled the Gemian. Connie then began punching Diamond until she ran out of breath, proceeding to collapse on the Gemian and began to sob.

"Connie, your children are alive." Diamond said to Connie, causing the young girl to look up to him.

"There alive?" Connie asked with a sniffle as she got off Diamond. "Then where are they?"

Diamond hesitated again before he noticed Connie's face turn red. Diamond then sighed and replied to the Gem.

"They are with Tiberium." Diamond answered softly. "They are his servants."

Connie sat back as she placed a hand on her head. Shocked with disbelief at what she was hearing. She could feel her throat choke up and her eyes well with tears. Three times now has she lost her children, now knowing that she will have to fight, if not, kill them.

"Who is Tiberium?" asked Connie as she wiped tears from her eyes.

"A Gemian." Replied Diamond. "He attacked the Crystal Gems ages ago with the Metalian army. Now he has returned and has a larger army. Along with Obsidian.

Connie sat up a little as she looked to Diamond with shock. "That's impossible, we killed him! I stabbed him in the heart! You where there! HOW IS HE ALIVE?"

Diamond sighed as he fidgeted with his hands. "Because we did not kill the seed."

"The seed?" Connie asked. "What seed? There was no seed!"

Diamond sat up and opened his jumpsuit, showing Connie a circular scar over his right pectoral. "When I conquered the Temple, I planted the seed of Obsidian into the base of the Crystal Heart. The seed is the vital incubus of a Leviathan. Once Tiberium plants it into a new source of Vitae, it will grow into Obsidian.

"Then we have to leave!" Connie said as she stood up. "We need to escape this bunker and find the others. Come on! There is not much time before…"

Connie stopped as she looked back to Diamond, suddenly, the suits, room, and appliances all started to click in her head. She then looked back to Diamond with a worried look in her eyes.

"Diamond, where the hell are we?"

"Connie, we are not in a bunker." Diamond replied softly. "In fact…we are not on earth."

"Then where are we?" Connie asked, although she did not want to know the answer.

Diamond then stood up and guided Connie to the doorway of the cell. As she looked outside, she felt her stomach drop and her mouth dry up.

She could see countless cells as far as the eye could see. She saw what looked like Agates patrolling the hallways of the cells. She also heard the sound of screams, shouts, grunts and other noises. Some of them were apparently threats and conversations, but they were mainly in languages she could not understand.

"Wha…whe…Where the hell a-are w-we?" Connie whispered.

Diamond could feel the Gem tremble as he felt his heart sink.

"This is the Gem colony Insidiae." Diamond replied sadly. "We are light years away from Earth."

Connie stepped back until she had her back to the wall. She then curled up into a ball and began to cry softly.

"Why couldn't you have killed me?" Connie whimpered softly. "I should have died…I …I just want to die…I…can't…"

Diamond approached the Gem and crouch down beside her, placing a hand on Connie's shoulder. The young girl then leaped out and clung to the Gemian, sobbing loudly as she buried her head into his chest. Diamond then wrapped his arms around the girl; tears began to trickle down from the Old King's face.

"Do not fear, Connie." Diamond whispered as he cradled her. "You saved me, so I will save you...."

"…somehow…I will, I promise."

As he held the weeping gem in his arms, he looked out the doorway, with the understanding that their troubles were far from over…

A Girl and Her Lion Chapter 12: The Insidiae
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Artwork by: Bonehatter

Previous Chapter:  A Girl and Her Lion Chapter 11: The Leviathan
Original Idea by: Scraps
Collaboration work with: Cleverun
Characters Created by: Rebecca Sugar
Chapter 11: Against Her-Story, Against Leviathan
Beach City Temple Exterior, present day
Horror, it is a feeling that many people experience during times of sheer terror. Every day there is one living creature on this planet that experiences it. Most of the time, it is related to the possibility of death, other times, it is during a time where one might lose everything they care about. However, at this moment, in this city, as group of Gems watched an eldritch being emerge before them, they had received a visit from both of these horrors.
As Connie and the Gems approached the exterior of the temple, Topaz and Thorn dropped down next to them. The group of Gems looked up at the statue, which was intact save for the two giant arms protruding from the sides.
"You know, just this once I wish the enemy was a bank robber, or a living slice of pizza. But no, it has to be an evil god." Amethy

Part 2.5: Lars Miserables:  Lars Miserables Chapter 1: The Day
Original Idea by: Scraps
Collaboration work with: HikumiRin
Characters Created by: Rebecca Sugar
Chapter 1: The Day the City Stood Still
Author Note: The events in this story take place around the time of "A Girl and Her Lion."
Big Donut, present day
Quiet, that is what it is like to work a night shift, especially if you work at a place called "The Big Donut. There is barely a soul that walks in, especially after the whole tragedy that happened four months ago. Inside the shop, there is a young girl at the counter, sitting at a bench. Playing with her cell phone. This is Sadie; she is an employee at the Big Donut alongside her friend Lars, who now, is in the break room taking a nap. The two of them have an interesting relationship, with Sadie being the hard worker while Lars is the slacker. However, despite their differences and conflicts. The two manage to get along and during many times, they have had each other's backs. Some of the times, they managed to express feelings for eac
I will try to finish Chapter 1 by next week. Thanks for the patience.
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EMM 2.5 Chapter 1 is 80% done. I know it's been a while but I am preparing for my trip to University. I am so excited!
Pink and White
A Adagio Dazzle Fanfic by: Scraps the Fool
Chapter 1: Screams of the Siren


Two months...

Two whole months since they lost the battle of the bands and the chance to rule the world, once a trio of sirens known as The Dazzlings, now reduced to tone-deaf students of Canterlot High. However, despite the situation, at least two of the three were off to a good start. Sonata Dusk was not only doing better in her classes, but she began a relationship with Sunset Shimmer, a student who also came from the same realm as the sirens. Aside from that, not much is known about her. Aria Blaze on the other hand, has found a niche with the school's kickboxing team, and with the help and support of the psychology major known as Adam Fitzgerald, seems to have finally cooled off that legendary temper of her.

Adagio on the other hand...that is a completely different story.

[Abraham's Household, Present Day]

Adagio Dazzle, the once leader of the tribunal of Sirens, now sitting at a table in front of a bowl of milk. She realizes that she absentmindedly poured the milk before the cereal, as her mind was on something else. As she looked down at the bowl of white, she saw her reflection in the liquid, her hair was a mess, her left eye was bruised, there was a large red handprint on her cheek, her nose was bleeding, and her lip was split. Adagio watched as a drop of blood fell into the bowl of milk, leaving behind a pink spot in its wake, as more droplets of red fell into that sea of white, it began to create a pink swirl within the white. As the siren watched the spectacle before her, she then heard the sound of talking and laughter and looked up at the window to see Aria and Sonata talking with each other, Sonata laughing like the airhead she was and Aria making a snarky comeback to whatever they said. All the while passing by the house their friend was in, not even stopping a second to look back, as if they had forgotten Adagio entirely.

Adagio whimpered slightly as she felt tears pour from her eyes. As she tried to wipe them, she flinched at the tenderness of the bruise over her right eye. Her whimpering then turned to quiet sobs as she covered her mouth, trying her best not to disturb the man that slept upstairs. Adagio then turned back down to the bowl of milk and saw that the pink swirl and turned into a spiral, drifting ever so slightly in the current of white. As Adagio could hear the sounds of footsteps from above, she continued to stare at the spectacle of white and pink, a small smile forming on her face.

She had never realized how beautiful those colors were before.

[Abraham's household, Five Hours Ago]

Adagio sat in the bathroom of the house, having locked the door, turned off the lights, and propped herself on the bathtub, All the while trying to be as silent as physically possible. As she made sure that her cellphone was dim enough to read yet, dim enough to prevent suspicion, she began sending a text to someone. The only person she, thanks to Sonata, was able to get a contact from someone she could talk to.

[Adagio: Sunset...Sunset, are U there?]

[Adagio: Please respond.]

[Adagio: Please!]

Adagio turned off her light as she heard a creek, suspecting it was him, after a good ten minutes, she felt a vibration from her phone.

[Sunset: WTF Adagio, it's 3 in the morning, What do you want?]

Adagio took a deep breath before beginning her response.

[Adagio: Look...I need your help with something.]

[Sunset: After the shit U pulled with the Battle of the Bands, I dont even know why U would ask me, but because of Sonata, I'll make an exception. Now what is your problem?]

Adagio sighed in relief, knowing that their was a ray of hope for her.

[Adagio: Okay...Do you know Abraham Royce?]

[Sunset: Who doesn't, he's that student teacher who is said to be crazy. Why, what did he do to you?]

[Adagio: I became his girlfriend.]


[Adagio: I don't happened after the Battle of the Bands. I...I can't even remember how it happened.]

There was silence for several minutes. Adagio whimpered, looking at the time on the phone that read 3:57 A.M. Shit, time does fly when you are trying to escape a domestically violent relationship. Just then, Adagio's phone vibrated again.

[Sunset: Alright...has Abraham attacked you yet?]

[Adagio: Yes.]

[Sunset: Did he...force you things?]

[Adagio: Yes, he forced me to...suck on his...thing]

[Sunset: Okay...I know a friend you can talk to at the school security. Will you be able to talk about this to Principal Celestia and the police?]



Adagio jolted in fear and she watched the door smash open, the handle breaking off and falling to the floor with a thud, Adagio looked in horror as a figure stood in the open doorway, his physique masked by the darkness. Just then, he reached over and turned on the light, revealing a tall man in boxers and a green beater shirt with platinum hair and blue piercing eyes. Adagio could see his bearded jaw clench with anger as he stormed over to Adagio, snatching the phone from her hands. Adagio tried to retrieve it, only to be smacked down into the tub by the back fist of Abraham. As he looked at the texts, he read the draft of the text Adagio was about to send.

[Adagio: Yes, I can't do this, I have to escape.]

This was followed by another text from Sunset.

[Sunset: Adagio are U there?]

Abraham then pressed the call button of Sunset's contact and put the phone to his ear.

"Hello, Adagio, What's wrong?" Sunset responded on the other end.

"Did you really think you could steal from me?" Abraham growled into the phone, his voice cold and brutal, "Adagio is *mine*" Abraham then lowered the phone from his ear and chucked it at the bathroom wall, causing the phone, like Adagio's hopes of escaping, to shatter into pieces. Abraham then turned his attention to the Siren in the bathtub, curled up like a trapped fox, whimpering in fear as she looked to Abraham with eyes pouring with tears.

"...and you!" Abraham hissed as he grabbed the struggling Adagio by her hair to lift her up to his face "Think you could run? Think you could trick me?"

He then proceeded throw her onto the cold bathroom floor and drag the siren out of the bathroom and down the hallway. Adagio shrieked as she grabbed her scalp, which burned from Abraham's Grasp. She then felt Abraham release her hair, dropping her head onto the floor of the bedroom. As Adagio opened her eyes, she saw Abraham over her, his expression gave away the fact that he was furious.

"P-p-please Abraham, I'm sorry! I just wanted to-" Her excuse was cut short by a fist to her eye. As she covered it with her hands and screamed, only to be silence by a slap across her face.

"You think you can escape? You can't leave me! You'll always be under my control! Do you hear me!?" Abraham then punched Adagio in the stomach several times before continuing, "DO! YOU! HEAR! ME?!"

Adagio gasped as her vision blurred, she could feel Abraham's fists hitting her body, but there was barely any pain, it was only when she came back into focus did the pain settle in, and just in time to see Abraham pull out a knife, placing it at Adagio's throat. The siren tried to scream, only to be silenced by the feeling of the knife dig deeper.

"Let me remind you of something: you belong to me, and you will do as I say!" Abraham hissed as he used his free hand to point at Adagio's face. "Play stupid, play clever, and make the mistake of saying "no, or contact the authorities..."

He moved the knife lower to Adagio's Sternum and lightly cut into it. Adagio cried as she felt the cut before the knife returned to her neck.

"...and then next time you fall won't wake up."

As Adagio looked down to the knife and then up to Abraham, she nodded in understanding. Abraham then took the knife off Adagio's neck, and instead sliced open the base of her pajamas. Before the siren could respond, she felt a yelp of pain and she felt a lone finger enter her. She watched as Abraham removed his boxers, revealing his large member.

"Oh god!" Adagio gasped as she watched him position himself. "Please Abraham...Please NO! I WILL BE GOOD! I WILL OBEY! BUT PLEASE NO!"

Abraham ignored Adagio's protests as he covered her mouth with his hand, hearing her muffled screams as he pushed himself into her trembling walls. She then let out a muffled shriek as she felt his spear penetrate her hymen. Abraham watched with surprise as he saw blood trickle down from Adagio' womanhood.

"I wouldn't have thought that you were a virgin when I met you." Abraham said as he stared into his siren's tear filled eyes, "I guess that is another thing you had kept from me. Well, that and that picture of that green guy that you carried, what was his name?"

Adagio screamed harder as she felt Abraham's rod push deeper, she watched as Abraham looked up as he snapped his fingers with his free hand, as if he was trying to remember something. As his member pushed against her cervix, Adagio yelped in pain, Abraham responded by snapping his fingers and pointing at Adagio.

"Anon! That's what his name was, Anon. I am so glad I destroyed that *thing* for you, it was rather disturbing how you were so clingy with it. To be honest, the only thing I can think that would be more disturbing would be the thought of you actually being a boy. Honestly, could you imagine that? No? Didn't think so!"

With that, Abraham began to pump in and out into Adagio, her screams muffled by Abraham's grasp, only to suddenly have his hand replaced with his face. Adagio felt Abraham's tongue bolt into her mouth, exploring and mashing itself within her mouth. As he released her from his kiss, she heard the sound of metal sliding against the floor, as she lifted her head to look up, she felt his hand grab her by the base of her forehead and push her back down, and she then felt his movements pumping faster and faster. Abraham then wrapped his hands around Adagio's neck, squeezing lightly as he began to reach his climax.

"Now you see why I am in control?" Abraham said as he bent down to look into Adagio's eyes. "I could kill you right now, and no one could stop me. Not Sunset, not your friends, not even the Principal! I am in control!"

Adagio at this moment was too weak to respond, she watched as the face of Abraham began to blur. As soon as she saw him grit his teeth and his face turn red, she felt him release inside of her. She was quickly jolted back by the feeling of his seed shooting within her and his hands clasping tightly around her neck. She tried to weakly pull his hands away to breathe, but she was no match for his strength. As her vision faded to darkness, she watched Abraham reach over and pick up his knife. Waving it in front of her before he moved it out of her vision.

"I am pretty sure that you will be unable to attend school tomorrow, correct?" he asked the fading Adagio before walking out of the room and shutting off the lights. Adagio could still see the hallway light was on before her vision faded to black.

[Abraham's Household, Present Day]

Adagio was still staring at the bowl of milk; the spiral of pink captivating her attention from the world, to her, that spiral was a escape from the hell she was enduring. She looked up at the window, seeing that her friends were long gone, gone off to their own lives, with their own friends, friends who looked past their crimes and faults and saw them as people they care about, they were given a chance to begin again and to let go of their lives as sirens. However, for Adagio, it was not so happy.

As she turned her attention back to the bowl before her, she heard footsteps behind her. A hand then grabbed the bowl before her. She then heard the sound of guzzling as she heard the footsteps enter the kitchen and the clatter of a bowl into a sink. Adagio turned to see Abraham in the kitchen, washing the bowl before placing it back into the cupboard. He then turned to Adagio, walked up to her and placed his hands on her shoulders. Adagio looked to the window, seeing her reflection as well as his.

"Do you belong to me?" Abraham asked sternly.

Adagio nodded slightly, not even looking up to face Abraham

"Will you do what I say, when I say it?" He asked her

She nodded again, just like before.

"Do you know what will happen if you try to object or escape?"

Adagio nodded again, her eyes glazed this time.

"Do you know what will happen if you kill yourself?"

Adagio hesitated, and then shook her head across, tears pouring from her eyes as she mouthed the word "no".

Abraham then took his hands and cupped her face. Turning her direction to him.

"I will have no problem taking your friends as a replacement." he said coldly.

Adagio broke from his grasp and looked back at the table where the bowl once was. Abraham noticed this and looked back to the kitchen cupboard, then to Adagio.

"More idols?" he asked Adagio. "God, You are so pathetic."

before turning away to the door, taking his knife and leaving it on the table beside the siren.

"You will be returning to school tomorrow, but only after I take care of a few things." He said as he opened the door and exited through it, slamming it behind him, The sound caused Adagio to flinch.

As soon as she heard Abraham's car drive off, Adagio stood up and walked into the kitchen, she grabbed a bowl from the cupboard and then placed it on the table. Adagio then filled it with milk before returning the carton to the fridge. As she sat back down to the bowl of milk. She then noticed Abraham's knife on the table. it was a small metal knife that could fit in one hand, and the blade was curved and was facing inward, as for peeling or wilting.

Adagio picked up the blade and examined it, remembering that this was the same blade that Abraham used when he...dominated her.

As she looked at her other hand, she took her hand over the bowl and placed the knife on her palm. Adagio then dragged the knife over her hand, wincing as she felt the cut. She put the bloody knife back on the table and examined her hand. Now there was a large gash on her palm. Red blood trickled down her hand. Adagio stared at the wound with a blank expression as several drops of blood fell into the bowl of milk, leaving behind a pink spot in their wake, as more droplets of red fell into the sea of white, it began to create a pink swirl within the white. she watched pink swirl and turned into a spiral, drifting ever so slightly in the current of white. As Adagio could feel her hand becoming damp with blood, she continued to stare at the spectacle of white and pink, a small smile forming on her face.

She had never realized how beautiful those colors were before.
Just a note that I am going to take a short break from EMM to work on another fanfic. Rest assured, it's a simple one.
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Lars Miserables

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Welp guys, the second part of the "Everyone Makes Mistakes Saga is Complete. I want to thank everyone who helped make this possible. Especially :iconcleverun: :iconcrazyspaced: :iconhikumirin: and :icondeitydeviantwarrior:, who's collaboration and assistance made all of this this possible.

Now we close this chapter of the story and move on to the next one:

Lars Miserables: Set during the events of part 2, find out what happened to the residents of Beach City and the mysterious group known as G.E.R.M.

Innocence  will be lost, war will be cast, a sacrifice no one would expect. All this and more coming soon.


Original Idea by: Scraps

Collaboration work with: Cleverun

Characters Created by: Rebecca Sugar

Chapter 11: Against Her-Story, Against Leviathan


Beach City Temple Exterior, present day


Horror, it is a feeling that many people experience during times of sheer terror. Every day there is one living creature on this planet that experiences it. Most of the time, it is related to the possibility of death, other times, it is during a time where one might lose everything they care about. However, at this moment, in this city, as group of Gems watched an eldritch being emerge before them, they had received a visit from both of these horrors.

As Connie and the Gems approached the exterior of the temple, Topaz and Thorn dropped down next to them. The group of Gems looked up at the statue, which was intact save for the two giant arms protruding from the sides.

"You know, just this once I wish the enemy was a bank robber, or a living slice of pizza. But no, it has to be an evil god." Amethyst scoffed as she summoned her weapon.

"Amethsyst!" Garnet said to the purple Gem before moving over to Topaz. "Alright Master, how do we stop this thing?"

Topaz looked up at the temple with an expression of worry, thinking of a way to stop Obsidian. As the Gems looked to Them, they saw Them look down.

"I…I don't know…" Topaz said blankly. "I never fought the Leviathan or learned much about it. The only one who knows how to kill it is GEMA, but she is…gone."

"No she is not!" Connie interjected. "I recall correctly that you are Topaz, the embodiment of The Crystal Mother's knowledge, surely you must know something.

Topaz pondered this before an idea hatched into their brain. "I got it! Diamond is being used as a host for Obsidian, so if that connection is severed…"

"…then Obsidian would die." Thorn concluded as she armed her claws. Dashing towards the temple. "You hear that Obsidian, we know how to kill you, and you can sto-"

"Thorn, NO!" Topaz shouted as they reached out for the arrogant Gem.

Just then, the face of the temple broke open, in its place, a large black head emerged from the remains of the temple; it soon broke away the rest of the temple, reveling its body to the Gems. Thorn froze solid as she saw the great beast look down to her. As she looked into the gaze of the Leviathan, she felt a huge wave of insignificance and hopelessness wash over her. Topaz tried to call her back, but his commands were ignored as they watched the Gem fall on her knees, tears flowing from her eyes.

"All is lost." Thorn wisped as she gazed to the Leviathan. "Azurite, I failed you."

Just then, the great beast lowered his head and clasped his jaws around thorn. Quickly devouring the Gem as well as a large chunk of the beach along with her.

"NO!" Topaz shouted as they tried to dash towards Obsidian, only to be restrained by Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst. They tried to break free, but as Connie stood before the Gemian and looked at them with a look of certainty. The Taskmaster broke down, falling to their knees and cupping their hand over his face. The Gems then looked back to Obsidian as he raised his head. Bellowing an earth-shaking roar into the heavens above. As he did, all the glass in Beach City shattered into fragments. This also attracted the attention of the Gems fighting from afar, who then noticed the large black creature shouting into the air.

"Ine munakwera anabwera pa dziko lapansi, ndipo ine mapazi awiri anatenga moyo!" Obsidian shouted, raising his arms into the air.

"I don't know what he said, but I think it involves killing us." Garnet said as she summoned her weapon. She then felt a hand on her shoulder as she turned to see Pearl looking to her with worry.

"Garnet…" Pearl said hesitantly. "If we…If don't make it…I…I want to know if…well…if we are…"

Pearl stopped as she felt a hand press on her cheek, as Pearl looked up to Garnet.


"Yes Garnet?"

"…Just shut up!"

The tall Gem bent in and kissed her, Pearl was shocked at first but then embraced the emotions. The two then quickly broke off the kiss.

"Better?" Garnet asked her Gem sister.

"Y-yeah" Pearl responded with a blush.

"Good" Garnet turned back to the Leviathan, who was already attacking a group of Gems led by Sadie. She then felt Pearl grab Garnet's arm and they looked to each other and smiled.

"So not to interrupt your little love fest here, how the hell are we gonna fight a huge monster?" Amethyst interjected watching as a Gem flew above them.

"With a huge Gem of course." Garnet replied, still looking towards Pearl.

Pearl looked at Garnet curiously, until she remembered whom she was referring to, a certain Gem that the three of them had not used in a long time.

"Alexandrite?" Pearl asked.

"Alexandrite." Garnet relied with a nod.

"Alexandrite!" Amethyst shouted as she rose her hands into the air.

The three Gems then created a circle around each other, each preparing to synchronize into the Great Gem known as Alexandrite.

"I hope you have improved on your synchronizing since last time." Pearl said to Amethyst with a smug look."

"I hope that you don't just make us Obsidian's butt buddy." Amethyst replied immaturely, causing Pearl to groan with annoyance.

The two Gems then looked to Garnet who positioned her arms before her and pulled them back, causing her Gems to glow.



Crystal Temple Outskirts, present day

Emerald grunted in frustration as he slid back, having evaded another attack by Hematite. As he stood up, he dashed forward, quickly disappearing and reappearing behind the grey Gem. Hematite however, simply pulled his arms back, which caused a black pulse to emerge from the Gem and send Emerald flying into a nearby building. Emerald stood up from the wreckage and flung an energy blast from his sword at Hematite, who simply smacked the attack aside.

"Emerald, there is no chance for you to win." Hematite said proudly as he pointed to the temple in the distance. "Do you not see that Obsidian has already risen? It is too late for you to top him."

Emerald growled as he dove up towards Hematite, throwing punch after punch, slash after slash, using everything he could think of to attack the corrupted Gem. Hematite quickly and efficiently avoided these attacks. His calculating mind and intellect giving him the ability to predict and counteract the Gemian's attacks. Eventually, Hematite smiled as Emerald charged at him again, only to be shot with a large bolt of energy. As Emerald floated in the air, Hematite scoffed and threw him across the city, all the way into the beachside. As Emerald stood up from the watery shore, he saw Hematite start to approach him from afar, a ball of black energy in his hands.

"This was your ultimate flaw Emerald!" Hematite shouted to Emerald. "You are like a cannon: Powerful as you may be, you are predictable and easy to avoid. I would say it fits well with your arrogance. In fact, I recall that your arrogance is the cause of the Insidiae massacre, isn't it?"

Emerald once again dashed towards Hematite, but as the grey Gem fired his energy ball, Emerald moved upward, allowing the ball to blow up below him and propel the Gemian upwards. Hematite watched with surprise as Emerald charge down with sword in hand. As Emerald quickly smashed into the ground before Hematite, the Gem could only be knocked aside. Staggered by the blast, he quickly channeled another ball of energy and fired it at Emerald, blowing up the Gemian within a cloud of smoke.

As the smoke cleared, Emerald stood in the wake, unscathed by the blast with his hand extended outward. He then retracted his arm and bolted towards Hematite, punching him several times in the face before roundhouse kicking him into a building.

"Yeah, I can be predictable." Emerald said as he bent down, his Vitae supply dwindling. "But that does not mean I can change the game now and then."

Just then, a large beam of black energy shot from the building. Emerald quickly used his sword to block the attack. As the beam stopped, Emerald lowered his blade, only to be shot with a larger blast of energy. This blew Emerald up as well as level several buildings. As Hematite pulled himself from the wreckage, he watched as several signs fell from the sky. One was for a pizzeria while another was for a café. The grey Gem then noticed something in the distance, between the fallen signs. It was Emerald, only his coat and shirt were torn and his torso was burned. The green Gem staggered as he tried to stand up, but he did, and then he armed himself once more.

"Is…is" Emerald asked Hematite weakly; his exhaustion was now starting to show. "My turn then!"

Emerald bent down and bolted to Hematite, clocking the Gem in the face and slamming his head into the wall of the building behind him. Emerald then decked him aside, sending his body across the wall like a wrecking ball. As Hematite fell to the ground, Emerald quickly dove in and snatched the grey Gem, beating him into a pulp as they flew across the city. Eventually, Emerald directed all his energy into his fist and decked Hematite in the chest, sending the Gem flying until he crashed into an abandoned carwash. Emerald then stood up as he looked down to Hematite. The Gemian glared at the Gem he once called a friend, knowing that there was only one way to end this. Emerald slowly raised his blade into the air to finish off Hematite. Only to feel his arm halted by another. Emerald looked beside him and saw Howlite there, holding his arm, her face was bruised from Hematite, but her eyes looked to him for mercy.

"Howlite, what are you doing?" Emerald said to the cracked Gem as he tried to shake her off. "I have to stop him."

"No! You don't!" Howlite objected as she pointed to the Leviathan. "You have to stop the Monster. Hematite is not the monster, he is our friend."

"Not anymore!" Emerald said as he broke Howlite's grip of his arm. "For Gemia's sake Howlite, he tried to kill us, he tried to kill you. He works for Diamond remember, Diamond brainwashed him. You should know that from…"

Howlite eyes began to fill with tears as she looked to the floor. "I know Emerald, but before I escaped Insidiae, I promised Hematite that I would save him, and as a warrior to EMPE, to you, I keep my oath."

Emerald sighed as he turned back to Hematite. He clenched his blade as he too began to shed tears.

"Howlite…this is the only way…he is too far gone…I'm sorry."

Howlite whimpered as she turned away from the Gemian. As he looked back down to the Gem before him, he lifted his blade again, preparing to strike once more.

"Gemia, see the innocence in this child of yours home. Grant him rest from his burdens and sins."

As he was about to bring his sword down onto Hematite the Gem quickly opened his eyes and grabbed the blade, looking to a shocked Emerald with a curious look.

"Master, why would you do this to me?"

Before Emerald could respond, he heard a quick slash of a blade. As he looked around for the source, he looked back down to Hematite, who was smiling at him. Emerald then noticed the duck blade in his hand, which had a blade lightly coated with dark green blood. As Emerald was about to speak, he felt his throat feel warm and his chest feel wet. Emerald looked down to see that his throat was slit and he was bleeding upon the realization he looked to Hematite again, who stood up and smiled before kicking the Gemian down to the ground. Howlite then heard the commotion and turned around to see what had happened. Her eyes widened with shock as she saw Hematite standing over the bleeding Emerald.

"EMEY NO!" Howlite screamed as she summoned her ax. "I'LL KILL YOU!"

The cracked Gem lunged at Hematite, only to be drop kicked by the grey Gem, who tisked as he walked around Howlite and knelt beside the gurgling Emerald.

"A Gemian cannot kill another Gemian." Hematite said as he looked to the Gemain before him. "But as you can see, I am not a Gemain."

"It is quite sad really, that you, who talked about how you were the best and that your powers were so amazing, and that one attack from you could cut a mountain in half, were defeated by me. But I guess part of that was because of my new powers granted by the Master."

Hematite stood up and looked in the distance as he watched the Leviathan swatting at small specks flying around him like flies.

"You could have surrendered, and then it would be over." Hematite said Emerald. "It didn't have to end like this, with me killing you and all. Did you think this was easy for me? I did not have a choice! I was built from a Metalian for the sole purpose of channeling Obsidian, but then Rhyolite had to escape and I…I had to kill him…my own brother. After that, I had my memory suppressed and I was sent to be with you. I was an outsider, different. However, you accepted me; you were my brothers in arms!"

As the grey Gem continued, he felt his cheeks start to burn; he placed his hand on one and looked at it. He could see a black fluid was leaking from his eyes.

"But then we went to Insidiae, and you recklessly lead us to the eventual death. I was taken and transformed into this. My memories were returned and my purpose was remade. I was forced to gather the children of Topaz and Rose. However, I could not bring myself to hunt you. Now, I know the truth. The reason that Rhyolite, Onyx and I were created, the reason that Diamond needs the Leviathan. This Universe is corrupt, and by using Obsidian, Diamond will stop them and save us. After all, what better way to stop a Le-"

When he turned back to Emerald, he saw, Howlite, injured but alive, with her hands on Emerald. Hematite's eyes widened and he pounced at the Gems, only to be shot back by a small column of energy. Hematite watched as the pillar dissipated to show a tall four-armed Gem with black hair and three green cracked Gems before him.

"Varicite" Hematite stammered as he rose off the ground, "You…you actually did it."

"Yes we did." Varicite smiled as he looked down to the Grey Gem. "Hematite, we know that in your heart, you do not want to serve the Obsidian, and we also know that you want to help us stop him.

Hematite looked to Varicite, then to Obsidian, and then to his black stained hand.

"I…I don't know anymore…" Hematite said hesitantly. "I had been serving Obsidian for so long; my whole existence was for this how I could… I…I think I would be…"

"…A burden?" Varicite said, finishing Hematite's sentence. "No Hematite, you were never a burden. You are our teammate, our brother; we need you now more than ever, just as we needed you back then."

Hematite then looked and saw Varicite with his hand extended a warm smile upon his face.

"Now then, how about we become a team once more?"

Hematite looked down to Varicite's hand and then back up to the Gem fusion. As he did, a small smile grew on his face.

"You do know that I never had any training with Gem fusing, especially with two Gems." Hematite said as he wiped Obsidian tears from his eyes. "This could kill us all, you thought of that, right?"

Varicite grinned in reply. "Yes we did, but it does not matter, for if we do, we will do it as a team. Besides, I am sure you are capable for such."

Hematite scoffed as he grabbed Varicite's hand. "You know, even as a fusion, I can tell that it was Emerald who thought of that cornball."

With that, another pillar of light emerged into the air. Consuming both Varicite and Hematite, replacing the two with a larger Gem in the wake. This massive Gem was known as Serendibite, and as soon as he saw the Obsidian, he quickly dashed towards them.

"Now then, let us end this great Beast once and for all."


Crystal Temple Ruins, present day


Alexandrite shot several large arrows at the Leviathan, pinning it to the Cliffside. Obsidian shrieked as he began to remove the arrows from his body. Before he could do it however, he was shot in the face by a large energy cannon shot by Greg before Alexandrite held the being down. The Leviathan, overwhelmed by the attacks finally let out another shriek. As he did, small black beings began to emerge from the back of Obsidian, swooping down at the Gems before them.

"Keep going!" Connie shouted as she, along with Topaz, began running up to Obsidian. "Keep it distracted until I can find an entrance.

"Okay!" Greg said as he narrowly dodged a large Obsidian being, which in turn, sliced a chunk of Greg's hair off. "But make it fast, cause we can't hold them off forever."

As Topaz and Connie reached the base of the ruins, which was also the base of Obsidian. Connie looked around for any sign of a door or entrance. However, all they could find it was just stone; there was no visible way of entering the building.

"Damn! The Obsidian must have absorbed the doorway." Connie shouted to Topaz. "We will need to go around the temple in order to find another way-"

Before she could finish, Topaz summoned their large golden lance and stabbed the wall before them, causing the wall to explode and create a huge hole into the temple.

"…in…" Connie finished with a mumble, feeling a bit sandbagged by the Gem God of Knowledge.

Topaz then looked to Connie and gestured to the hole.

"I believe the proper human term is "ladies first"?" Topaz added.

Connie then gave Topaz a blank stare, scanning the Gemian with concern.

"What?" Topaz asked Connie. "Isn't it a custom tradition of humans to-"

"Oh Yes it is." Connie responded with a sigh. "But what about…uh...well...aren'……?"

After a few moments of silence, Topaz realized what she was trying to ask.

"Never mind then." Topaz chimed in as they quickly entered the temple along with Connie.


Obsidian interior, present day


It did not take long for the two to enter the main chamber of the Obsidian. Connie and Topaz quickly noticed the large pulsating back orb that resided in the center, as the two approached it. A tall Gemian appeared before them. It was Diamond, only that he was wearing a black crystal armor, and was welding his mace in hand.

"I have had enough, enough of you trying to destroy the order I have worked so hard to create!" Diamond hissed. "It is time I take matters into my own hands."


Crystal Temple Ruins, present day


Alexandrite and the Gems continued to pin Obsidian to the wall, however, they could see that the Leviathan was still breaking free. As Alexandrite summoned her large hammer, Obsidian broke one of the arrows pinning him and used his now freed hand to smack Alexandrite. Alexandrite struggled as she pushed Obsidian to the wall. As she did, she felt the Obsidian being begin to slice into her back. Alexandrite yelped as she softened her grip, causing Obsidian to break free and punch Alexandrite in the face. As the fusion fell, Obsidian grabbed the ground below him and pushed. The whole ground began to shake as the great Leviathan lifted himself from the temple, standing before Alexandrite, the remaining Beach City Gems plus Greg, and the rest of Beach City. As he looked down to the beings before him. He let out a guttural roar, which was cut short by Serendibite tackling the Leviathan. The Gems along with Greg quickly absconded from the battlefield of the Gem giants.

"What the...?" Alexandrite said as she stood up. "Who are you?"

Before Serendibite could respond, Obsidian shot a pulse of energy that pushed the Gem fusions aside. As Obsidian rose from the ground, He summoned a sickle in his hand and lunged for Alexandrite. The Gem quickly dodged the attack and summoned her flail. Quickly swinging it and hitting Obsidian in the head. As Obsidian fell to the ground with a thud, Serendibite then summoned his sword and cut off Obsidian's, head and limbs. Obsidian then roared as several tentacles shot out of his back, knocking the Gem fusion to the ground. As Alexandrite helped Serendibite up, they turned to Obsidian, and watched as he began to rise off the ground, his wounds healing instantaneously.

"This isn't working." Serendibite said as he clutched his side. "We need more force. Perhaps if we fuse..."

"No!" Alexandrite shouted to the Gem beside her. "A fusion like that is impossible, Gems who did such became unstable or died because of it."

"We have no choice!" Serendibite replied. "We need to buy Connie time, and unless we do something, Obsidian will wipe the floor with us."

Alexandrite watched as Obsidian stood there, watching them. Waiting for them to respond, or, his mind was on other things.

"Alright…" Alexandrite replied as she readied herself. "Let's do this."


Obsidian interior, present day

Quickly, the Old King lunged at the two other Gems, Topaz quickly dodged the attack as they tried to stab Diamond with their lance. Diamond avoided the attack as he swung his mace downward and knocked Topaz to the floor. Connie then pounced at Diamond and grabbed him from behind. Diamond then slammed his back and Connie into the wall behind him. He continued to do this until Connie fell off the Old King and onto the floor. As Connie tried to stand up, she felt a hand grab her scalp and lift her up. Connie screamed as Diamond held her. Topaz then swung their lance at Diamond, causing the Gemian to drop Connie and block the attack with his armor.

"Obsidian, I know that you are controlling my brother." Topaz said to the corrupt Gemian before him. "You may be powerful, but we can see though your lies."

Diamond pushed Topaz back before he turned to block another attack by Connie, who in turn blocked an attack by Diamond. The Old King then summoned another mace and used it to block Topaz's attack. Diamond was now pinned by both Connie and Topaz.

"We also know that Diamond is your host body." Connie added as she shifted her shield into Diamond. "Should we sever your connection to him, your power will be no more."

Diamond looked to Connie and then to Topaz, he then looked down and his whole body began to glow.

"My connection cannot be severed!" Diamond hissed as he began to glow brighter. "I am a God! MY POWER IS INFINITE!"

With that, Diamond created a huge energy pulse, sending Connie and Topaz flying into the walls around the chamber. Diamond staggered for a bit before falling onto his hands and knees, gasping for breath. Connie then staggered up and limped over to Topaz. As she knelt to the Gemian, she turned them over. Seeing a large cut on their chest. Suddenly, a though dashed into her head.

"I have the powers of Rose and Steven, which means…"

Without hesitation, Connie inhaled and spat onto her hand; rubbing her hands together, she placed them onto Topaz's wound. Topaz flinched in pain, as they would healed up. The Taskmaster then awoke, rising up as they looked to Connie.

"Connie." Topaz said in relief. "Thank Gemia you're alright."

"Topaz, listen to me, you have to get out of here and get the Gems to safety." Connie said to Topaz. "I am the only one who can stop Obsidian. But should I fail, you need to help the others."

"But Connie…" Topaz objected, placing a hand on Connie's shoulder. "…you cannot face two Gods alone, he will kill you!"

"But I'm not alone." Connie said warmly as she placed a hand on her stomach. "Not this time."

The two Gems looked back and saw Diamond begin to stand up. Connie then summoned her blade and stabbed the wall, blowing a hole in the side of Obsidian.

"Now go!" Connie commanded Topaz.

Topaz looked to the hole as they moved through it. As the Taskmaster reached the edge, they looked back and saw Connie, shield and sword in hand. Topaz also saw what they though was Rose Quartz and the half-Gem Steven beside her. Topaz smiled as they jumped off the side of Obsidian, the hole closing up behind them.

Connie turned and saw the hole she made close up, satisfied that the Gems would be safe from harm. She then turned back to Diamond, who was now standing tall, his eyes pitch black and with a mace in hand.

"At last, the Furem has come to die." Diamond exclaimed with a snarl. "You have been a thorn in my side for too long!"

"Look, before we do this, could you stop with the charade of "free will is the enemy"?" Connie said mockingly as she positioned herself. "I know that you are Obsidian and that you are controlling Diamond. I also know that all you want to do is destroy the Universe, not control it. To be honest, if you wanted to remove free will, you would have to also apply that to yourself."

"Diamond growled as he raised his free hand and summoned a black sickle. "I am surprised it took you so long to figure that out." Diamond said to Connie. "Of all the species I have consumed in a vast amount of Universes, this one will be my personal favorite. But before that, I will have to deal with you, little Furem."

Connie nodded as she brought up her sword and shield. "Well from your record so far, you would have to understand if I don't believe you."

Diamond growled in anger as brandished his weapons and lunged at his opponent. "No more words defend yourself or perish!"

Connie quickly dodged the attack as she brought the sword down onto the Gemian, only for him to roll out of the way and fling his mace's head at Connie. As Connie blocked the attack, Diamond dashed over and kicked the shield, hitting Connie in the face and dropping her to the floor. Connie quickly rose up; her nose trickling blood a she brought up her blade one more.

"Is that all you got?" Connie scoffed to Diamond, spitting out blood as she lifted her weapons "I had more of a challenge with my Agate hologem, and that was way before you attacked me."

Diamond shouted as he lunged into the air, mace and sickle in hand, and lunged again at Connie. This time, Connie blocked the attack and pushed forward, knocking the Old King back. Diamond flipped to recover as he shot a wave of energy from his sickle at Connie. As she blocked this, she quickly swung her blade back. Slashing Diamond's in the face and causing him to drop his mace.

"Ah!" Diamond shouted Connie, placing his hands over his face. "You little Canem!"

As his limb regenerated, he felt a sharp slash in his back. When he turned to the source of the attack, she was attacked again, cutting Diamond in the abdomen. The pain of the attacks caused Diamond to lose grip of his weapons and drop to the floor, feeling the Vitae drain from his body. As he looked up, she saw Connie walking towards her, brandishing a bloody sword and a cold stare.

"Is this what you waited for?" Diamond asked as he tried to stand up, only to stumble onto his back. "To finish me off? To avenge your loved ones and save your people? Then finish it, kill me, end this cycle once and for all."

Connie glared as she stared down at the bleeding and weakened Gemian before her. However, she did not lift her weapons. Instead, she dissipated them.

"No, I won't." Connie replied to Diamond. "My battle is with Obsidian, not you, and I know how to save you. I promised your sister that I would."

"Save me?" Diamond scoffed to the Gem girl before him. "Look at me! I was the leader of the Crystal Guardians, the Old King. Now I am a puppet, a shell of a Gemian. If you want to kill Obsidian, then you must kill me!"

Connie pondered this for a moment, thinking of what she could do. Just then, the whole chamber shook and there was a loud roar.


Crystal Temple Ruins, present day


The two Gem fusions stood up and raised their arms into the air. In an instant, the two began to become pure energy and start to fuse. In this instant, Obsidian rose from the ground and sliced the energy mound with his sickle. The energy, cut by the Leviathan before it, warped and faded until all that was left was a group of six Gem lying on the ground. Injured from the fighting and exhausted from using their Vitae, the Gems looked up to see Obsidian towering above them. The jaded God looking down upon them with one single glowing eye.

"Numakula iwe kuona mmene vane wako kulimbana?" Obsidian bellowed as he raised his hands into the air, triumpent over his victory."Ine ndine Mulungu, Mulungu woona! Ine ndi amene creat'd Gemia lako kotero call'd "Crystal amayi". Kodi iwe kuyembekezera kuti asiye ndi injini chiwonongeko monga ine?"

The Leviathan then knelt down to the Gems before him, and although they could not see it, it almost looked like he was smiling at them, smiling over his victory over this world and soon the Universe.

"Ngakhale ndimasirira wako chifundo ndi zikhumbo kupulumutsa wako chonse, monga ambiri 'asanafe iwe, ine Mufuna anon adzaswa anga mbali ndi amati zanga."

As Obsidian reached down to the Gems, each of them braced themselves for the worst. Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst grabbed each other's hands while Howlite, Hematite and Emerald did the same. However, just as Obsidian was about to grab them, he stopped completely, like a machine that ran out of power. As the Gems began to get up weakly, they looked up to Obsidian with confusion.

"Wait, what just happened?" Amethyst said as she moved closer to Obsidian.

"It must be Connie and Topaz." Hematite interject, his presence startling Amethyst and Pearl before Emerald reassured them. "They are fighting Diamond inside of Obsidian, and I'm guessing that Diamond is losing.

"Come on, he have to help them." Garnet responded, trying to summon her weapons before stumbling. Pearl quickly ran over and supported the tall Gem.

"We used too much Vitae." Howlite said weakly. "We would only get in the way."

Just then, the Gems heard the sound of propellers as a duo of military helicopters began to land around them. The helicopters were large and had an insignia with the letters G.E.R.M written on them. As the Gems prepared for an attack. The choppers opened and from one of them, a tall operate with grey hair who was wearing a military suit with the word "Manson" over his left breast pocket, emerged from the vehicle and rushed over to the Gems.

"Are any of you Connie Maheswaran?" the General asked the group before him, several solders emerged from the choppers and approached the Gems. "I need to speak with her regarding…that!" the General pointed to the tall Obsidian.

"Connie is inside Obsidian and is trying to destroy it." Pearl replied to the General. "So far we have been trying to keep it contained in Beach City."

"Of course!" The General looked up at Obsidian and sighed. "First this town is attacked, then an alien ship crashes on earth, and now our entire planet is under attack by men."

He quickly looked over to Garnet. "No offence mam."

"Why?" Garnet asked, oblivious to what the General meant by that.

Just then, there was a loud bang as the Gem noticed a large hole open up in the side of Obsidian. The Group of Gems and solders watched as Topaz appeared in the hole look back for a moment, and then jump down to the beachside. They then looked back up at the hole and watch as it closed up.

"Gema suscipiet eam." Topaz said to themself as they placed a hand over their chest. Topaz then turned around and saw the group of Gems and solders. they approached them with curiosity.

"Master Topaz, you're okay!" Howlite exclaimed as she approached the Gemian.

"Yes, thank you for everything." Topaz responded before looking back to Obsidian, who was sill immobile.

"Where is Connie?" Pearl asked Topaz. "Is she all right."

Topaz hesitated before responding.

"Connie stayed behind to deal with Obsidian." Topaz relied. "She asked me to help evacuate the city if she can't."

"No need to do such." The General interjected. "We have already evacuated your Gem friends during the fight. However, I was wondering where those two giant Gems went off to?"

Topaz blinked in confusion. "I'm sorry but, who are you?"

"General Marmaduke Manson the Second" the General replied sternly. "I have been tasked with leading G.E.R.M with evacuation of this city.

"Yeah, they helped me rescue the citizens from Beach City before our attack." Howlite interjected.

Suddenly, there was a loud roar, as the group looked to Obsidian; they knew it was only a matter of time before he focused his attention on them.

"Okay, let move out!" the General shouted as he raised his hand into the air. "Get these Gems to the rendezvous point."

The solders escorted the Gems into the helicopters; Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl went into one, while Howlite, Emerald, Hematite, and Topaz went into another. As Topaz sat down in the chopper, they noticed Hematite sitting across from him.

"Good to see you Hematite." Topaz grinned warmly at the grey Gem.

Hematite nodded slightly in response as Emerald patted him on the shoulder. The Gem looked to Emerald and then to Howlite, who grinned warmly at their friend they lost so many years ago. The General then stepped in the helicopter and sat beside Topaz. Giving a thumb up to the pilot, the chopper began to whirl to life and rise into the air. The Gems looked down to see what remained of Beach City. What was once a lively city filled with people and life was now a desolate war zone. Garnet and Amethyst stared down at the ruins of the city, reminded of when they evacuated the city a long time ago, only this was worst. They then saw Obsidian, still as a statue. Garnet could still sense the energy of Connie from inside Obsidian, placing her hand on the glass as the city fell out of view.


Obsidian Interior, present day


"Kill me…KILL ME!" Diamond commanded the Gem before him.

"No!" Connie shouted back. "I won't."

Diamond scowled at Connie as she turned her attention to the large pulsating object in the center of the chamber. She realized that this was the crystal heart, which was providing the Vitae for Obsidian. As she was about to summon her blade, Diamond's voice caught her attention.

"Need I remind you that I was the one that caused the death of your precious mate and his family? I butchered his father while he was still alive. I forced him to devour your child. Not to mention that it was I who killed your children…along with your parents. Or have you forgotten them already?"

Connie flinched as the memories returned to her, the sight of Pearl holding Steven's head, the sound of her parents calling her name as the Agates cut them down, the pain of when Diamond killed her child. She then looked to Diamond and felt the compulsion to attack him. She felt the hate rise in her body, the desire to torture him for all the pain he has wrought upon her.

"I wouldn't be surprised if you were not so upset after all this time. After all…"

Diamond tilted his head at Connie, knowing that his comments were rattling her.

"…everyone makes mistakes, right?"


Connie grabbed the Gemian by the neck and slammed his head into the ground. As his head cracked the floor below them, Connie grabbed him by the hair and punched him in the face. Diamond gasped as he let out a fog of black smoke from his mouth, a strained gasp emerged from the Old King.

Connie watched the smoke clear before she lifted Diamond again and punched him again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again.

Eventually, Connie stopped; she dropped the Gemian and rose from the ground, her hands sore and her knuckles bloody, stained with blood mixed from Gemian and Human. As she caught her breath, she looked down to the Gemian below her. His face was bloody, and his nose was broken. Several of his teeth were knocked out and scattered around him. Connie then felt her left hand sting as she lifted it up to examine it. She noticed the tooth that was stuck in one of her knuckles and she pulled it out. As she looked at it, she looked back to Diamond, who then gasped loudly as he looked hazily at the Gem who attacked him.

"Fi...finish…it..." Diamond gasped, spitting out blue blood and a tooth.

Connie bent down to Diamond and lifted his head up; she then opened his mouth and spit into it before dropping him. She watched as Diamond convulsed and shuttered as he wounds healed. Diamond then felt his stomach burn as he began to vomit black bile. As soon as he stopped vomiting, he gasped as he looked to Connie, his eyes a deep silver and his face healed and repaired. Diamond then looked to Connie with an expression of shock.

"You did it, you actually did it." Diamond said as he looked to his hands. "But why? After everything I did, you still showed mercy."

Connie sighed as she helped the Gemian onto his feet. "First: Let me make this clear that I still don't trust you." Connie said as she pointed to Diamond. "Second: I got my satisfaction from beating you into a pulp."

Diamond nodded in agreement, as he rubbed his jaw with his hands. "Clearly…"

"…And third:" Connie said as she looked down to her Gem. "It was because of them. When I first obtained Rose's power I wanted to stop you, to kill you for all that you had done, but now. I see the truth. You are just like me, we both made a huge mistake that altered our lives and changed us. Both of us became so obsessed with the past that we could not let go of our mistakes. If I had killed you, then I would not have changed. I cannot change the past, but I can make a better future, and part of that is to be a better Gem." Connie then approached Diamond and placed a hand on his shoulder. "If I can forgive Pearl, then I can forgive you as well."

Diamond felt tears fall from his face as he grasped the Gem into his arms. Connie stood there awkwardly patting the Gemian on the back as he wept.

"I am sorry." Diamond said to Connie. "Sorry for all the pain I wrought onto you."

Connie broke the hug and smiled to the Gemian, who in turn, with a little hesitation, smiled back.

Connie and Diamond then looking back at the Obsidian heart. As they approached it, Connie slowly placed her hands over her stomach and summoned a knife into her hands. The knife was old and its blade was stained red. As she looked to it, she then looked back to the heart.

"This knife was used to change my life." She said to Diamond, holding the knife in her hands. "Your daughter used it to rip my child out of my womb, and then used it to butcher Steven."

Diamond watched as she placed her hand over the heart. A low growl was heard as a large eye suddenly opened on the heart. It instantly noticed Diamond, who was free from its centuries of control.

"YUDASI!" Obsidian shouted as he tried to attack them. However, nothing seemed to happen, there was rumbling of the chamber, but nothing else. "Chimene iwe wandichitira ine?"

"Without a host you have no power, like a toy without batteries." Diamond explained to Obsidian. "I am free of your control, and now you will fall Obsidian, you will fall for all the death and destruction you have caused."

Obsidian hissed loudly as the chamber shook. "Numakula iwe Musaiwale Mbuye Daimondi, kuti ine ndi yekhayo amene angaletse Tiberium ndi asilikali ake? Ngati iwe kundipha, ndiye iwe adzakhala wosangalala wako mitundu ndi ake!"

Diamond paused at this moment, looking to Connie before looking back to Obsidian. Diamond stood aside as Connie approached the heart. As she stared into the eye of the Leviathan, she looked at him with a smile.

"You know, there was a time when I would have feared you." She said to Obsidian. "Where I would have begged you for mercy or submitted to you. However, that was before I became a Gem. Now look where we are, and who has whom at their mercy?"

"Iwe angayerekeze kuponya pa ine? Muli kanthu moo chabe furem!" Obsidian hissed, looking to Diamond who was beside Connie, glaring at him. This sight made the Leviathan shriek with anger.

"So in a way, when you killed my family, tortured me, and destroyed my home…" Connie continued, ignoring the bleats of rage from Obsidian. "…you just fucked yourself over."

"Iwe sungakhoze kundipha! Ine ndine mulungu, ine ndi Mulungu wanu!" Obsidian hissed in desperation, knowing that without his host, there was no way for him to defend himself. "Weake Ine ndi akulamulira, ine ndi nthawizonse mu ulamuliro!"


Connie raised the blade before the heart. Reminded a certain moment that seemed very familiar.

"I'm sorry about this, but you shouldn't be so upset after all…"

"…Everyone makes mistakes."

Connie plunged the dagger into the heart of Obsidian. Black fluids poured from the wound as she dragged the knife downwards, causing black flesh and energy to pour out of the cut heart. Obsidian let out a defining scream as its eye darted around the room. Diamond then ran over and picked up the sickle from the ground before he tossed it at Obsidian's eye. The sickle shot through the eye, popping it like a grape and causing Obsidian to scream even louder. As he continued to bleed and scream, the chamber began to break apart. Diamond ran over to Connie as the two of them jumped back. Obsidian gave one final shriek before the whole ceiling crumbled above them. There was no way to make an exit without crushing them both.

"Connie, hold on to me." Diamond shouted as Connie grabbed the Old King. "I pray that this still works."

Diamond then lifted his hand into the air and shouted "Chalcos, protegendum nos!" As soon as he did, a silver light surrounded the two of them. Then a large snake emerge from the ground. It was silver in color and had two sets of eyes and three sets of fangs. It quickly wrapped itself around the two Gems.

Outside, the body of Obsidian crumbled like a stone statue. A faint wailing could be heard as it crumbled into the sands below.

A Girl and Her Lion Chapter 11: The Leviathan
Guten Tag and welcome to the eleventh chapter of the Sequel to Everyone Makes Mistakes: A Girl and her Lion.

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Previous Chapter:  A Girl and Her Lion Chapter 10: The Lion
Original Idea by: Scraps
Collaboration work with: Cleverun
Characters Created by: Rebecca Sugar
Chapter 10: Lion of the Beach
Beach City Containment Camp, Makeshift Gem Camp, present day
"We're running out of time!" Sadie shouted as she punched an Agate back, only to be caught by two more. "There's too many of them.
Suddenly, there was a large flash of light, and the Agates holding Sadie were shot back by a large bolt of energy. As Sadie looked to the source of the blast. She smiled in relief at what she saw. There standing before her, sword and shield in hand, was Rose Quartz, with behind her a force from on high. As several of the Gem charged forward to combat the incoming Agates, Connie rushed over and lifted Sadie up from the ground.
"Hey are you okay?" Connie asked the young girl. "What are you doing here?"
"Isn't obvious" Sadie scoffed as she brushed herself off, "Were fighting for the city. G.E.R.M was wiped out, so we took matters into our own hands."
Connie then notice

Final Chapter: A Girl and Her Lion Chapter 12: The Insidiae
Original Idea by: Scraps
Collaboration work with: Cleverun
Characters Created by: Rebecca Sugar
Chapter 12: Drag me to Insidiae
Maheswaran Residence, 5 hours later
Connie awoke to the sound of her alarm buzzing annoyingly. Connie sat up anxiously as she opened her eyes and looked around. She was back in her room, back in her house. Connie moved to her window and opened it. She saw Beach City, intact and full of life. Everyone was moving a talking. She then sat back onto her bed and looked down at her shirt. She lifted her shirt to see that she was neither pregnant, nor Gem. As she looked up in confusion, she saw her mother pop her head in from the hallway.
"Oh Connie you were awake." Sarah said happily, "Come on, I just made breakfast."
Connie hesitated before she entered the hallway, everything was normal, no Agates, no dead bodies. It was as if nothing had changed.
"Was it all a dream?" Connie asked herself before she pinched herself; there was no reaction, no change.

Lars Miserables

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Lars Miserables: Set during the events of part 2, find out what happened to the residents of Beach City and the mysterious group known as G.E.R.M.

Innocence  will be lost, war will be cast, a sacrifice no one would expect. All this and more coming soon.


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The More Things Change, Part 2 (154) by ScrapstheFool

Hot Stretch (441) by ScrapstheFool

is being held by her arms over the bridge by a dark figure in a grey tuxedo, he has a pitch black body, short black hair, and he has a large yellow smile and gold glasses (As shown below).
Scraps True Form by ScrapstheFool

ML-E is struggling while tears are flowing from her eyes (her left eye is bruised). Her legs are tied together by shackles, which are attached to a large metal block. She is begging the figure to stop, saying things like "Stop please!”, “I’m Sorry!”, “I don't wanna die!"

The figure, looking her face o face and dead in the eyes with his same smile, is saying only this line to her: "Let's see you dash out of this you freak."


The Lego Movie:

There is a large glass cylinder, this cylinder has scratches on it as if someone was trying to get out but soon realized that there is no hope in escaping this deathtrap.

On top on the cylinder is a smaller hexagon-shaped device with a large digital timer that reads in large red numbers 0:15, a countdown of some sort.

The device has a small nozzle pointing into the cylinder, like a showerhead in a bathroom. The top of the device is connected to a large hose that is connected to a large drum with the letters HF on it across a hazard symbol.

Inside the cylinder, there is a small Unikitty (not in Lego style but in a unikitty style similar to 

No Poo Poos, No Boo Boos, and No Hoo Hoos by thelivingmachine02 

tumblr n4e21tTU8t1qfrfyho1 1280 by ScrapstheFool
 lying on her stomach on the floor with her front paws on her head. Her fur is mangled and bloody; her horn has broken off and is lying next to her with blood leaking out of the broken end.

She has various scratches and bruises on her body from failed attempts of escaping.

Her expression is a mixture of fear and false optimism as she is looking down at the small pool that is formed from the tears flowing from her face, which has a half-smile as she is saying the following words in hope that her last moments are positive: “Bubblegum,” “Butterflies”, “Cotton Candy.”

Standing before her and watching from outside of the cylinder is a tall man in a grey tuxedo, he has a pitch black body, short black hair, and he has a large yellow smile and gold glasses (As shown below).

Scraps True Form by ScrapstheFool

As he is standing there, he is holding a sign up that reads “STAY POSITIVE” in big bright yellow letters. While his other hand not holding up the sign is behind his back.
The Amazing World of Gumball:

Nicole is standing over Gumball's body, which is tied up to a table with both arms streched out to the sides and his chest cavity is cut open. He also is wearing a oxygen mask and tears are rolling down his face and blood trickling out of the mask. 

Nicole is holding a bloody knife close to her chest and is crying as well her clothing and fur are bloody as well. Behind her is a tall man in a grey tuxedo, he has a pitch black body, short black hair, and he has a large yellow smile and gold glasses (As shown below).

Scraps True Form by ScrapstheFool

He is using his hands to strech Nicole's mouth into a smile. The Point of View of the image should be in front of Nicole and the man.

He is saying only one little word:


>Sonata Dusk:

1413781605219 by ScrapstheFool

being strangled like this:

3cbf1592813f5ce7eeb56fda64a554e5 by ScrapstheFool

Sonata has tears streaming down her face and  a large smile (open mouth) on her face. Her clothing also has to be ripped and her needs to appear beaten. Not to mention that there needs to be captions of weezing, chocking and gasping and her eyes need to be rolled back.

The Attacker looks like this : 

Scraps True Form by ScrapstheFool

as the attacker stares into Sonata's eyes as she gasps for air, he is saying to her: 

"Sing for me, my little Siren. Let me hear your bleats of perfection."

(The list above will expand when new ideas are created.)

I will also be doing art trades, I may not be able to draw, but I can sure as hell write. Thus, you draw the requests above and I will reward you with a fic request or beyond. Here are the trade rates:

Platinum: 4+ Pictures: 2+ request , 1+ collaboration request (this means we can work on a fic together), 1+ OC(s) added as a main or minor character to each of my main stories.

Gold: 3 Pictures: 2 request, 1 OC added as a main/minor character in three of my main stories.

Silver: 2 pictures: 1 request, 1 OC added as a minor character to one of my main stories.

Bronze: 1 picture: 1 request, a very nice thank you.

Requests shall be made upon completion of image(s).

If you wish to discuss the images you wish to commission for me, please reply via Comment, or Note. I will look forward to to paying you for your time and effort.


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So a few hours ago, we had lost a close friend to the fanfiction family, although he was not known by many, I knew him as :iconstarchaser-75: We will miss his eccentric criticism, his uses of Voice and his song that was both joyous and horrifying.

Here is a prime example of his work, which will always have a place in my heart:
E.M.M. MST, Chpt. 1: Date with an Badfic Star: We’re back!
Voice: And we’re in for it this time!
Star: You see, it was a while ago that we first came upon the Steven Universe fanfic ‘Everyone Makes Mistakes’.
Voice: We wrote reviews for it! Remember?
Star: It seemed innocent enough at first glance, before we opened it. And then…
Voice: Then all hell broke loose.
Star: After all those reviews, we kinda forgot about it for a while.
Voice: But it came to our attention the other day that there was a whole community dedicated to this on DeviantART.
Star: And then the thought had occurred to me: Why don’t we riff this?!
Voice: Even though we’re banned from visiting DeviantART for the safety of our health, :icontrollface-mastah: was kind enough to help us out!
Star: Expect more of us from him. But anyway, since it’s probably too late to ask for :iconscrapsthefool:’s permission to riff this-
Voice: Can he riff it? Please?
Star: Not now, I’m talking. Anyway, let’s ge

Now, you might be wondering why Star left us. Well, thanks to  :crystal-gem-goddess:, she discovered that this was caused by a deviant known as :iconvoltaliathemajestic:. This deviant, harassed Star and drove him to remove his account on DA, and

Here is a description of the incident, as described by :iconcrystal-gem-goddess::

t's very serious and it destroyed Star's life. He is scarred for life all because of Volt. 

Volt is 19; Star is 15. There is one is illegal. Mainly because of one thing, Volt would send him explicit messages which Star felt uncomfortable receiving...yet he didn't say anything. 

This is extremely serious because not only that, she would control his life. I stood up against her and I broke them up as Star begged me to do it for him...she told me to leave her and Star alone when he wants nothing to do with her. 

Volt would sexually abuse him at a young age....

Other than that, she would cyber bully others in the SU archive. For example, Serena Summers. Sure, her stories weren't great but that doesn't give Volt the right to be rude and to pick on her. Serena even suffered a horrible depression at the time and this was uncalled for her. I talked to Serena and offered to help her with her fics in which she happily took and she has gotten better. Serena was accepting of her mistakes and errors. Volt claimed that Serena was acting like a brat, but it was a lie. Volt came off wrong. 

Now many of you are wondering if it is just a misunderstanding or think it;s just a misread comment.

Well, how do you feel after seeing these:

<da:thumb id="463771916"/> "This is the place where I'll dream of many fabulous things. Attached is the body pillow, which I use for humping whenever I think about Star."

<da:thumb id="460226494"/> "Yes, I really am making a helluva lot of love with Kim and Kanye's wedding cake while pretending it's my beloved Starman."

Sorry, not sorry. XD
<da:thumb id="475701479"/> :iconvoltaliathemajestic:, you asked for this! 

Now that you know the truth (or at least, the visible part). What must be done? A Deviant ha been sexually harassed off this site, and Volta is to blame.

If you want to know more, contact 

Th-thats all...

Interview with a Shameful man

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2. Each person has to share 10 things about them

3. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer 

4. Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal

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ViperiumPrime's Q's:
1. What's your Favorite Movie?
Citizen Kane

2. How about Favorite Show (or some of your favorites)?
Falling Skies

3. Who are 4 artists you love to watch?

4 . If you could be an animal, what would it be?!
 A Homo Sapian. (Mission Accomplished!)

5. What's your preferred way to create art (ie sketching, Photoshop, SAI...)?

6. Who's your favorite character, from any movie, show, or comic/manga?

7. What's your favorite deviation right now? 

8. If I gave you a million dollars, what would you do with it?
Use it for University

9. Cats or dogs?
10. Do you like Roosterteeth? If you don't know who that is, search YouTube for Rage Quit: Happy Wheels and follow me down the rabbit hole that is the greatest company to ever exist. 

My Questions! >:D (Big Grin)

Same as above.

I tag:



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Tagged by: :iconilsnerd:

1. What is your favorite breed of dog/cat?: Irish Terrier/Blue Russian

2. Computer Programming what are your thoughts?: The Sooner we build robots and A.I's, the better.

3. When the weather is gloomy or the air is super deary, what do you do outside/at home?: VIDYA GAMS!!!      

4. Which decade is the best?: 40's-50's

5. Pizza, Burgers, Salad, or Casseroles?: Burgers

6. Do you think smoking weed is cool or a drag?: :icconnopeaviplz:

7.If you could have 5 things-anything! What would it be?
a. A lovely girlfriend
b. Remote from Click.
c. Money
d. The best computer on earth
e. The Writing skills of Stephen King 

8. What are your thoughts on youth of today?: No class, no glory, majority are total douchebags.

9. What was the most dumbest thing you have done in the past that makes you cringe every time you remember it?: :iconcringeplz:

10. If you and friends where trap in a horror house with everything trying to kill you, would you sacrifice your friends or yourself?: No sacrifice, no victory!

I shall tag:

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Q= What do you do in your spare time?

A= Go on walks, play video games, write fanfics

Q= Favorite Color?

A= Gold

Q= Favorite drink/food?

A= Cola/Chinese food

Q= Who do you live with?

A= My Parents and my brother. Along with two dogs.

Q= What do you look like?

A= Caucasian, blond/short-cut, blue eyes with purple bags under them.

Q= What would you like to do when you grow up?

A= I am already an adult, if meaning a occupation, it would be in human services.

Q= What is your personality?

A= I act very cold and calculated on the outside, but when you get past that, I can be a very cool guy.

Q=Are you in a sport?

A= No

Q= Are you in a relationship?

A= I wish.

Q= What is you most valuable fashion accessory?

A= My Sweaters.

Current Residence: Hoffman Estates, Illinois

Favourite genre of music: Electronic, dance, dubstep, remix

Favourite style of art: Classical

MP3 player of choice: Ipod Nano

Favorite cartoon character: Too many to describe

Personal Quote: Jeeze'n Crow!


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Gold: 4,000: 2 request, 1 OC added as a main/minor character in three of my main stories.

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Please note that all sales are final and there are no Take-Backs

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