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The Crystal Gems by Cleverun

This image displays a feeling of emotional distress between the three Gems. Each carrying a massive weight on their shoulders. -Garnet'...

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Fanfiction Ideas (Non-EMM related)

I have several ideas for a few stories after I am done with the EMM series. As of now, here is the list:

1. MLP: Tendencies of a Lyncanthope: The story of a semi-demented pony and the doctor who fights for her freedom. (This will be a collaboration with :icondream-senpaii:)-[STATUS: Postponed]

2. The Amazing World of Gumball: The Retribution: The world of Nicole Watterson is turned upside down when she tries to find out who harmed her son, and she gets more than what she bargained for when she uncovers a secret involving a past she never knew she had. (This will be a collaboration with :iconnamygaga:)

3. Adventure Time: Age of Iron: When a enemy from the past comes to finish what it started, it's up to Finn and the Gang to prevent a second Mushroom war while discovering the origins of the original war and the creation of Ooo.

4. Lucky 17: John is a man who lives a simple life like anyone else. But unlike some people, he has a certain taste for life. A taste that will lead him to Camp Weedonwantcha, where he will understand the relationship between a predator and their prey.-[STATUS: Postponed]

5. MLP: EG: Pink and White: Two whole months since they lost the battle of the bands and the chance to rule the world, once a trio of sirens known as The Dazzlings, now reduced to tone-deaf students of Canterlot High. However, despite the situation, at least two of the three were off to a good start. Adagio on the other hand...that is a completely different story.-[STATUS: Postponed]

6. SFOE: Nova: After a horrible series of dreams, Star Butterfly begins to discover the truth about a blast from her past. A truth that may put her life, and the lives of everyone she loves, in peril.-[STATUS: Postponed]

7. Splatoon: The Game of War: Agent 3 was known as the hero who saved the Zapfish and Inkopolis, but what about the Inklings who were fighting out of the spotlight? One year after the Octarian attack, see the aftermath through the scarred eyes of a jaded Inkling and the demons he faced in the shadows.-[STATUS: Coming Soon]

Feel free to ask questions or provide ideas for these stories. If you want to post a idea for a future chapter of my stories, please send me a note with your idea.
You can also contact me via



With the rease of MLP season 5, and the upcoming episodes of SU on the way, I am in a bind. Which of these fics should I work on? 

12 deviants said Focus on school and work you bum.
9 deviants said EMM: Finding Iron
6 deviants said Both
3 deviants said MLP: Pink and White
No deviants said Neither

What Fanfiction should I work on after the "Everyone Makes Mistakes saga? 

4 deviants said The Amazing World of Gumball: The Retribution
3 deviants said Adventure Time: Age of Iron
2 deviants said MLP: Tendancies of a Lyncanthope
2 deviants said How about instead of Fanfics, you focus on real life?
1 deviant said Star vs the Forces of Evil: Nova
1 deviant said Requests (Please post a request if you have one.)
No deviants said /CO/'s Fic Demands
No deviants said Commissions (Please Post a commission i you have one.)
No deviants said MLP: Pink and White
No deviants said CWDWC: Lucky 17


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Hooray! New Steven Universe!
Hooray! More changes in EMM!
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Star vs. the forces of Evil is back.
Steven Universe is coming back (Which means more EMM on the way)
Looks like things are getting better after all.
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Answer this honestly: Do you have a geiger counter?
So my Tumblr account was terminated for some reason.
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So the Loud House is in hiatus ans SU is *BACK* in a hiatus...
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...At least SVFOE is coming a month.
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Original Idea by: Scraps

Collaboration work with: Crazyspaced

Characters Created by: Rebecca Sugar

Chapter 1: Call Me Rhyolite

Author Note: This story takes place between chapter 4 and chapter 5 of Those Who Came Before.


I see him, the Old King, with eyes like molten metal and a gaze like the mightiest of storms. I see him look before me, dissipating the mace in his hand, and then he charges towards me. I try to evade him but he is too quick and before I know it, he has me in his grasp, his hand is clenched around my throat. As I try to break free, he speaks to me. I can see his lips move, but I don't hear a sound. As soon as he finishes, he uses his other hand to stab into my chest and rip something out. As I feel the pain course through me and the darkness beginning to overtake me, I watch as he drops me down onto the ground, looking at me as if I were an insect, and saying something else before he crouched down and smiled as I vanished into the darkness…

…and then, there was a light.


Insidiae, laboratory, Present Day


As the light flashed in his eyes, the lone Gem winced and looked away as his eyes adjusted to the light. As he looked forward, he saw the shadow of a man block out the light.

"Ah! You are awake…" The man said to the Gem. "…and I can see you are fully intact as well."

As the Gem squinted his eyes and looked away from the man, he heard a light snapping sound and the light vanished. As the Gem looked forward with his adjusting eyes, he saw the man that stood before him. The man had short grey hair and a grey beard. The Gem then noticed the silver Gem on his right shoulder.

"Do you know who I am?" The Gem asked his guest as he pointed to himself.

As the Gem looked in his mind for an answer, noting came up.

"I…I don't know…" the Gem replied as he tried to get up, only to realize that his arms and legs were bound to a table. As he began to struggle, the Gem before him approached him and gently restrained him.

"Careful now, careful…" the Gem explained as he began to remove the captive Gem's restraints. "You have been out for quite some time."

As the confused gem was helped up by the other. He looked around and saw his surroundings. It was a small room filled with a variety of technology that he did not recognize. As he tried to stand up, he nearly fell over, only for the other Gem to catch him mid-fall.

"Forgive my rudeness, my name is Diamond…" Diamond explained. "…and like you, I am what one would call a "Crystal Gem".

The Gem then looked over to his arm and saw the light orange Gem attached to his left arm. As he looked back to Diamond, he rubbed his head in confusion as he looked around once more.

"What happened to me?" the Gem asked as he slowly walked around, nearly stumbling a few times before he recomposed himself. "I…I can't remember anything…"

"You were in Gem status for a long time my friend." Diamond explained as he walked beside him. "To be in such a state as long as you have has resulted in full-scale amnesia."

"But how did this happen?" the Gem asked as he turned to Diamond. "How could this have happened to me?"

"Calm down mei sodalis…" Diamond said as he approached the confused Gem. "You were attacked during the Metalian war and I was able to save you before you were shattered or…enslaved."

"There was a war?" the Gem asked Diamond as he sat down on the table he was restrained to earlier.

"A few decades back, we were nearly wiped out as a species." Diamond explained as he sat beside the Gem. "Fortunately, we were able to get the upper hand and finally strike them down."

As he finished, the two Gem noticed a light green orb floating towards the both of them. The Gem noticed the features of the strange orb, the light green sticks that orbited the orb as well as the green triangle shaped Gem on the front. As he watched the orb approached Diamond, he felt something was off about that…thing.

"[Master Diamond.]" The orb addressed the Gemian before it. "[This uni-…I mean…I require your assistance with Project Guard-Smith.]"

"Of course Peridot! But first I would like to introduce you to…" Diamond paused before he gestured towards the Gem beside him. "…our new friend, Rhyolite."

Rhyolite paused as he processed his name. He then looked at his hands and then back to Diamond the orb.

"Rhyolite, I would like to introduce you to my assistant…Peridot!"

Peridot approached Rhyolite and scanned him with a green fan of light. Rhyolite flinched at the sight, but composed himself as soon as he figured the action was harmless.

"[Greetings Rhyolite…I'm pleased to meet you.]" Peridot greeted Rhyolite as it circled around him and created a screen with its orbiting cylinders. "[I look forward to helping you in the future.]"

"What do you mean?" Rhyolite asked as he pushed Peridot away and approached Diamond. "What did this…thing mean by that?"

"Because of your long status, we need to rehabilitate you before you are allowed outside." Diamond explained as he looked at Peridot's screen and pressed a few buttons. "We need to update your memory and also ensure you still have your weapons intact."

"I see…" Rhyolite replied weakly as he looked back at his hands. "I guess there's no harm in that right?"

"Of course." Diamond replied as he escorted the confused Gem out of the lab and down the hall. "First thing tomorrow, we will test you to see if you can still fight. But for now, you need to rest."


Insidiae, Rhyolite's cell, Present Day


"Here we are." Diamond said to Rhyolite as they arrived at a small room, consisting of a table and a bed. Upon seeing his new "room", Rhyolite felt a cold feeling as he walked into the room.

"It's…nice?" Rhyolite commented as he looked at the "bed", consisting of a blanket on the floor. "Thanks…I guess?"

"Gems do not need to sleep, but it is a great way to recover Vitae." Diamond explained as he stepped towards the door. "Thus, I recommend you do so to ensure you are ready for tomorrow. Understood?"

"I…guess so?" Rhyolite said as he looked towards one of the room walls. As he stared at his reflection, he heard the door close behind him and lock. As he looked at the door and sighed, he then looked back to his reflection and touch his face with his hands. He then looked to his Gem and lightly stroked it.

"Rhyolite…." The Orange Gem said as he looked into the eyes of his reflection. "…I'm Rhyolite."


Insidiae, private laboratory, Present Day


As Diamond entered the laboratory, he saw Peridot working on a machine of some kind, it was humanoid in shape and had a box shaped head with four side on each side. As Diamond approached the small green orb, it turned towards him in acknowledgment.

"[Greetings Master Diamond.]" Peridot saluted towards the Old King.

"Now Peridot, you do not need to call me Master." Diamond informed Peridot. "Keep in mind that you are no longer the intelligence of the Metalians."

"[But I was created by for such a purpose.]" Peridot explained. "[I do not know why do you continue to state such a false statement?]"

"Because in truth Peridot, you are a Crystal Gem." Diamond explained as he tapped Peridot's Gem. "In fact, you could even form a body if you wanted to."

"[Impossible…thi-…I mean…I cannot…You are aware of this.]" Peridot replied quickly before turned away from Diamond as it continued to work on the Machine.

Diamond let out an irritated sigh as he ponded this predicament. In the time they spent together, Diamond was able to remove the restraints on its personality and allowed the intelligence to develop its own personality and conscience, much like an actual crystal Gem. However, despite the growth in its personality, the intelligence was still a machine, and could not do what other Gem could do, such as construct a proper physical form. Diamond recalled the previous attempts at Peridot creating a body…and each time the forms lacked vial components.

"I know Peridot, but that does not mean that you can't still try." Diamond reassured the Gemdroid as he approached it. "If you have the ability to have your own thoughts and feelings, the I know that you will have a body, one way or another."

"[I'm sorry Mast-…Diamond…but it's hopeless…I will never form a proper body.]" Peridot replied as it pulled one of the arms off the machine and dropped it on the ground next to it. "[Besides…I do not see the issue with staying a Metalian?]"

As Diamond sighed again and rubbed his face, his gaze looked to the metal arm lying beside Peridot. At that instant, a light went off in Diamond's mind and he approached the machine Peridot was working on and looked at it, then to Peridot, and again to the machine.

"[Diamond…is everything alright?]" Peridot asked as it looked to the machine and then to Diamond. "[Did I do something wrong with the prototype?]"

"No you did not." Diamond replied as he stroked his beard and looked to Peridot. "In fact you have given me a great idea."


As Diamond sat before the table finishing the final modifications to a project, he turned around towards Peridot, who was floating behind him.

"[Master…are you sure this will work?]" Peridot asked hesitantly. "[What if it destroys me?]"

"As long as your Gem is intact, you shall be fine Peridot." Diamond assured his assistant as he scooped it up in his hands. "And you don't have to call me Master."

"[Understood…Diamond]" Peridot replied. "[I'm ready.]"

Diamond nodded as he gently pressed Peridot's Gem and a small screen projected from the crystal. As Diamond pressed sever buttons and moved a dial downward. Peridot shuttered before falling limp in his arms. The last thing Peridot saw before everything went black was Diamond's face smiling down at her, and with that though in mind, Peridot found the darkness safe.

She found him to be safe.


Several hours later


"Peridot…Peridot can you hear me?"

"Yes Master, I can hear you. But I can't see you."

"Capitale! Now, I need you to clear your mind and picture a mirror before. Once you see the mirror, I want to look into the mirror and tell me what you see."

"I don't see anything Master. I can't see anything!"

"Peridot, it is alright. Just keep calm and take your time."

As Peridot looked through the darkness, she suddenly saw a mirror before her, as she looked into the mirror, she saw a pure white figure with a green outline staring back at her. As she reached out to touch it, the reflection did the same, and as they touched, everything suddenly turned white.


Peridot gasped loudly as her vision returned to her. As she saw the celling of the laboratory, she jolted up and looked around. There was Diamond sitting beside her with a dumbstruck expression.

"Master, is everything alright?" Peridot asked before she noticed the familiar orb sitting on the floor beside the Old King, it looked like her orb body, only it was cut open, hollowed out, and the Gem was missing. As Peridot reached for it, she jolted at the sight of her hand. A long arm with five floating fingers which looked like her screen nods. "Wha…what is this?"

"It worked." Diamond replied as a smile grew on his face. "It finally worked Peridot."

"How?" Peridot asked as she sat up and looked at her legs, examining the metal boots as well as her new body. "I thought it was impossible."

"When I saw you working on the prototype, I realized that the reason for the past failure was because you are a hybrid of both Gemian and Metalian technology." Diamond explained as he reached over and grabbed a sheet of metal off the table next to him. "When you created a new body, I simply modified it with Metalian technology."

As Peridot looked to Diamond, she saw that he was holding the metal sheet towards Peridot, allowing her to see her reflection. Peridot stared at the reflection as she touched it with her hand. Her skin was a light mint green and her hair was a mild green in a diamond shape. Peridot gazed at the reflection as she placed her hand onto her Gem, which was placed over her chest.

"So what do you think?" Diamond asked as he awaited the new Gem's response.

Peridot stared at the reflection for some time before she looked to Diamond. As she stared at him with a wide gaze, tears began to run down her cheeks. As Diamond leaned forward to wipe Peridot's tears away, the green Gem wrapped her arms around the Old King, burying her head in his chest and weeping before looking up to him with a tearful smile.

"I can see you are now adjusting to your new emotions." Diamond said to the tearful Peridot as he petted her head. "I believe you are currently feeling joy."

"Thank you Master!" Peridot exclaimed to the Gemian before her. "Thank you so much!"

"It was my pleasure Peridot." Diamond replied with a chuckle. "But please, don't call me Master anymore, you are not my servant."

Peridot released Diamond and quickly stood up, after stumbling around for a few moments, Peridot began to walk around. Diamond watched in amusement as the cute little Gem walked around and created a screen with her fingers while laughing manically. As he watched Peridot break in her new body and emotions, a feeling of pride filled up within the Old King, as well as the familiar pang of a certain host that dwelled within him.

"I know what you want and I may have found a solution…" Diamond said to himself as he placed a hand over his chest. "Our newest guest may be the key…I hope."


Insidiae, Rhyolite's cell, one day later


…As I feel the pain course through me and the darkness beginning to overtake me, I watch as he drops me down onto the ground, looking at me as if I were an insect, and saying something…

…he said a single word to me…


Rhyolite gasped as he jolted up from his sleep. As he looked around his cell, he sighed as he rubbed his head. It was the same nightmare from before, the fight with Diamond and the death of Rhyolite. However, this version of the dream was different, but only in one detail: There was a single word to me…

"…Iron…" Rhyolite said as he looked to his hands. "…what does that even mean?"

Just then, Rhyolite heard the door to his cell unlock and open. Rhyolite saw a green Gem with diamond shaped hair enter the cell.

"Who the hell are you?" Rhyolite asked the Gem before he noticed the Gem on her forehead. "Aren't you that floating ball from earlier?"

"Not anymore." Peridot proudly replied. "Now get moving, your training starts today."

Rhyolite grunted as he marched past Peridot, passing her a suspicious look before continuing forward.


Insidiae, testing chamber 06, present day


Rhyolite found himself in a large open space consisting of a hexagon shaped platform with two dark grey squares before and behind Rhyolite. The orange Gem then noticed the platform that was overseeing his platform, which had Master Diamond and Peridot upon it.

"Alright Rhyolite, the first thing we need to do is to first activate your weapon." Diamond explained as Peridot summoned her screen and showed it to Diamond. "Which is why I have decided to apply a mild test to help with that."

As Diamond pressed a button on the screen, one of the squares on Rhyolite's platform opened up and a small drone with three barrels. In an instant, the drone fired a ball of fire at Rhyolite, who dodged the attack and rolled onto the ground.

"We were able to recover some Metalian weapons and I thought they would be perfect for testing." Diamond explained to Rhyolite, who kept dodging the drone's attacks. "I call this one a "Elemental Tri-gun."

Suddenly, the Tri-gun fired an ice shot at the ground below Rhyolite, causing him to slip and fall onto the ground. This made Peridot gasp in shock as she quickly grabbed Diamond's hand. Diamond then looked to his companion with a surprised expression and the two awkwardly detached from each other.

As Rhyolite struggled to get up, he saw the Tri-gun float above him, aiming a fire cannon right at his face. Before anyone could respond, the drone fired upon the Gem, creating a large explosion. Diamond and Peridot watched in anticipation to see if Rhyolite had survived the attack.

"Well that didn't last long." Peridot chimed in, only for Diamond to raise a hand to Peridot as he stood up to get a closer look.

As the smoke began to clear, Diamond saw a shadow in the smoke, when the smoke finally cleared, Diamond saw Rhyolite with his arms crossed over his face to defend himself. What Diamond noticed that Rhyolite's arms and legs were covered in a dark orange armor. Rhyolite quickly looked at his gauntlets and boots before he looked to the Tri-Gun above him. As it fired a shot of electricity, Rhyolite crossed his arms again and deflected the attack. He then jumped in the air and lunged towards the Tri-Gun and shot his fist into one of the barrels of the drone. Rhyolite then flung the Tri-Gun onto the platform before flying into the drone and destroying it in a large explosion. As the smoke cleared, Diamond and Peridot saw Rhyolite standing in the wreckage of the Tri-Gun. The orange Gem then looked up to Diamond, who applauded the Gem with a slow clap.

"Splendid, just splendid." Diamond said as he lowered the platform he and Peridot were on and approached Rhyolite. "I knew a little stress testing would do wonders for you. So how do you feel?"

"I…I feel strange…" Rhyolite said as he looked at his gauntlets. "…this feels…familiar…like I was meant to have these."

"Good to hear." Diamond replied as he gestured to the square behind Rhyolite. "Because I have one final task for you."

Rhyolite turned around and saw a lone Ruby whose arms were bound to metal rods as well as a metal color attached to both rods. This Ruby was tortured badly and had a cracked Gem on her lower back. As the Ruby looked up to the Gems before her, her eyes widened in fear as she began to scream at them and try to break herself free. Peridot responded to this by pressing a button on her screen, causing the metal rods that held the Ruby to activate and send a powerful shock through her body. The Ruby let out a high pitched shriek as the electricity coursed through her body. As Peridot stopped the torture, the Ruby slumped forward and gagged up bile, her eyes wide and pouring with tears and she laid still, like a corpse.

"This Rubinus is a rogue Gem who defected along with a handful of other Gems during the war. Peridot caught her outside of the perimeter and I believe it is no further use to us." Diamond explained to Rhyolite. "But perhaps you could say otherwise, could you? Then determine a proper fate for this clod."

Rhyolite approached the Ruby and knelt down to her face level. As he studied her face and her Gem, he then noticed the Ruby was mouthing something to him.

"What did you say?" Rhyolite asked the Ruby as he leaned in closer. "What are you trying to say?"

As he leaned in closer, he could hear the light shallow breaths of the Ruby in his ear as he saw her mouth a single word with her lips.


Rhyolite back away from the Ruby as he looked at her with a surprised and confused expression. Why did this Ruby say "Iron" to Rhyolite? Does it have anything to do with the dream he had?

"What is wrong?" Diamond asked as he approached Rhyolite. "What did it say to you?"

"She told me that she…she knew many rogues before the war." Rhyolite lied to Diamond. "She would tell me more about the other rogues if she were to be set free."

"Is that so?" Diamond said as he approached the Ruby and looked down to the small Gem, who looked away from the Gemian for a moment before she looked up to the Old King with a half-angry stare. "I am sure you knew a lot of Gems before the war, as well as a lot of cowards who would rather follow false gods or flee into the shadows like the vermin you are."

In that instant, the Ruby spit right in Diamond's face. As Diamond wiped the spit from his eye, he summoned his mace and struck the Ruby in the head. As the wounded Gem gasped and twitched from the injury, Peridot activated the metal rods and electrocuted the Ruby again, causing the small red Gem to shriek in pain until Peridot stopped the electrocution.

"Rubinus are a durable Gem, but not too durable." Diamond said as he held the Ruby's head up. "I have broken many of your kind before, and I can easily break another if I have to.

"Stop it!" Rhyolite shouted at Diamond. "She doesn't know anything!

"Then perhaps it is of no use to us…" Diamond said as he turned towards the Ruby, tilting her head back. "…and therefore it will be…erased."

Rhyolite watched as Diamond's jaw split open and a long proboscis emerged from his mouth. Just as he was about to bite into the Ruby's neck, a voice interjected.

"STOP!" Rhyolite shouted at Diamond. "Let me handle her! Now!"

Diamond retracted his jaw as he looked towards Rhyolite and gave a surprised smile.

"By Gemia, do you care that much for this Rubinus?" Diamond said as he held the Ruby's face up towards Rhyolite. "Do you think this little…clod is worth defying me and refusing to follow my orders?"

"Yes…" Rhyolite replied sternly. "Just let her go, please."

Diamond looked to Peridot and then back to Rhyolite with a scoff, he then raised his hand slightly and the chains on the Ruby detached from the metal rods. Diamond then threw the Ruby to Rhyolite's feet. Rhyolite crouched down and picked up the Ruby, who clung to her savior like a leech.

"Fine, enjoy your new pet…I hope it was worth it, because I have no need for bleeding Gems." Diamond said as he turned away from the two Gems. "But I am certain You will have plenty of time to reflect on your choices and bond with your pet in your cell."

Before Rhyolite could respond, he heard Diamond shout the words "Jaspidem, usque ad mecum!". He then heard a thud from behind as he turned to see a large Gem standing before him. She was a large orange striped Gem with long grey hair and a Gem for a nose.

"You heard Master Diamond, back to your cell, coward!" Jasper barked towards Rhyolite as he glared at the large Gem and walked toward his cell. Jasper then walked towards Diamond and knelt before him.

"Jam salve nobis rex in veteri." Jasper said to her master as she stood up. "I wish to inform you that the Elite has successfully captured and shattered several rogue Gems in the Callow sector as well as the Me'thala system."

"Good to hear." Diamond said as he walked next to Peridot. "Is that all?"

"Yes Master." Jasper replied with a polite bow. "Do you require anymore assistance with the-"

"That will be all Jaspidem, you are dismissed." Diamond said to Jasper. "Have the elite ensure we have no pests in the Dean system."

Jasper nodded as she absconded out of the chamber. Diamond then sighed as he turned to Peridot.

"I am sorry you had to see that Peridot." Diamond said to Peridot with an ashamed tone. "I just have to ensure there are no more surprises until Project Guard-Smith is finished."

"I understand Diamond." Peridot replied with a smile. "Besides, during all of…that, I was able to study the compositions of my body and I believe I could apply this to the prototype.

"Good!" Diamond said as he turned away towards the wreckage of the Tri-Cannon. "We should see if we could apply the Metalian's Tri-Cannon technology."

"I already looked into it and it has been applied with ease." Peridot explained as she looked at her screen, and the blueprints for updating and modifying. "But with the new designs thanks to your design of my body, we may have opened a gate to a new era of protection."

"Of course!" Diamond said as he turned to Peridot. "But do not cut yourself short Peridot, you were the ultimate inspiration."

"Oh…Ok, I'll go check up on the Prototype now." Peridot said with a blush as she walked off to work on the prototype. As Diamond stood over the wreckage of the Tri-Gun, a thought raced through his mind.

"A gate to a new era of protection, huh?" Diamond said as he walked off to join Peridot.

"A gate to a new era of protection."

"A gate to a new era."

"A gate."



Insidiae, Rhyolite's cell, present day


Rhyolite crawled into the cell as he carried the little Ruby in his arms. As he heard the door close and lock behind him, he sat down on his bed with the Ruby still clinging to his body. As he looked at her body and saw the large amounts of wounds and markings, it was clear that this Gem had been through a lot. Not to mention being electrocuted and struck on the head. Between all of that and her cracked Gem, it was a miracle that she wasn't already shattered by now. As he finally pulled her off his body, he summoned one of his gauntlets and ripped off the chains attacked to her shackles and collar, but not the former attire. As Rhyolite tried to remove her collar and shackles, the Ruby pushed him away and rant into a corner, where she curled up into a ball.

"Hey! You're welcome by the way." Rhyolite scoffed as he laid down and closed his eyes.

…As I feel the pain course through me and the darkness beginning to overtake me, I watch as he drops me down onto the ground, looking at me as if I were an insect, and saying something…

…he said a single word to me…



As Rhyolite woke up, he felt a large heavy lump on his side. He lifted his head to see the little Ruby curled up beside him, clinging to his suit once again. As he watched her shift and whimper in her sleep, Rhyolite placed his hand on her head, stroking her hair, until she calmed down and fell back to sleep. As Rhyolite looked at his hand, bloody from the gash on Ruby's head, his thoughts still haunted him, especially the newest one's.

What happened to him, and why?


Insidiae, Exterior, present day


As the Diamond Elite patrolled the exterior of the colony, one of them saw a small light in the distance, much like a shooting star. As the quartz smiled at the small spectacle and continued her rounds, she had no idea what that "star" really was.

A few yards away from Insidiae, a lone ship had flown in from a distant part of the galaxy. The ship was dark gold in color and small in size. As it halted in place, the ship turned around and faced the direction of the Colony.

Inside the ship, a long girl sat at the helm of her ship. The girl had golden brown skin and hair as yellow as her eyes, she was wearing a black and gold dress which had the right shoulder removed, revealing a small yellow Gemstone over her right breast. As she looked outwards to the colony in the distance, she grinned as she pressed her hands onto a panel and a console screen appeared before her.

"[Good morning Master Heliodor.]" The console greeted the Gem. "[How may I assist you today?]"

"Well guess what Bolt-Brain?" Heliodor asked with cheeky smile. "I spy with my little eye, a new spot of revenue. Could you be a dear and probe this area for me?"

"[At once Master.]" Bolt-Brain replied to the Gem. "[Beginning probing now.]"

Heliodor watched as a small probe fired towards Insidiae. After a few moments, the console before her came to life as a projection of the Colony appeared before the eager Gem.

"[Probing complete…the target has been identified as the Colony Insidiae…originally a Metalian facility…it has been converted into a Gem base of operations.]"

Heliodor stroked her chin as she pondered her options. She could leave the colony alone and find another clam that was already taken by another scumbag, or she could plunder this colony of the riches inside, but risk being caught by the Gems.

"You said it was Metalian…" Heliodor said to Bold-Brain as she leaned forwards. "…how much is Metalian technology worth on the Black market?"

"[Analyzing…]" Bolt-Brain replied as he processed the calculations for his master. "[According to the recent blockade on Metalian technology by Galactic standards as well as the rarity of such technology, a piece of functioning high-quality Metalian technology would be worth about…65,000,000,000,000,000,000 sil on the black market, with an addition bonus depending on the quality and purpose of the technology.]"

Heliodor shot forward as she looked at the zeros on that price range. As her eyes lit up, she grabbed the controls and pushed them forward towards Insidiae.

"[Warning: The colony you are heading to is inhabited by a large amount of Gems, as well as those in the Diamond Elite.]" Bolt-Brain warned his master. "[There is a 99.7 percent chance of you getting captured and a 100 percent chance of you getting shattered if you get captured.]"

"Oh Bolt-Brain" Heliodor laughed. "You're just as inaccurate as you were on Dacronius Prime. Besides, if it's so well protected, then it must be a huge fortune in there…and if there is a huge fortune out there…" Heliodor stopped as she looked to her console in a large anticipation.

"[…then it's up to Heliodor, the "fortune inspector" to ensure the fortune is "legit"]" Bolt-Brain sighed as looked to his greedy master.

"You got it sparks!" Heliodor replied with another laugh." Besides, I've dealt with high-end bounties and high-end vaults for more cycles than I can count. How's this one gonna be any different?"

As the ship flew towards Insidiae, the Gem inside watched the colony with anticipation. Unaware that what was ahead of her, and what she would find.

Finding Iron Chapter 1: The Call
Gather around my children, and let us read the first chapter in the next tale of Everyone Makes Mistakes: Finding Iron

Be prepared to learn more about the Metalians, witness the origins of these "new characters", and discover a truth that would rock the world of the Gems for ages to come.

As you may notice, this chapter is part of a Collab project with a godly artist and writer :iconcrazyspaced:
Also, as we would with you, It would be nice to have some constructive criticism.

Rhyolite and Preview image belong to :iconcrazyspaced:

Heliodor belongs to :iconpunkpanda15:

Younger Master Diamond concept belongs to me and :iconcleverun:
Diamond FI by ScrapstheFool 




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This just in: Lapis is a dick!

Do a clever thing for Cleverun

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 27, 2015, 9:02 PM
  • Listening to: Tommy Lee: Psycho
  • Reading: Those Who Came Before: Chapter 10
  • Watching: Jackass: The Movie
  • Playing: Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast
  • Eating: Ramen
  • Drinking: Coke
So my good friend and creator of the EMM webcomic :iconcleverun: has started college and needs money to get the necessities to do so. If you are a good samaritan and have some spare cash just lying around, how about you send it her way and in return, she'll be happy to provide a comission for you.

More details are in the link below:…

Please do your part and help :iconcleverun: and remember, every little bit helps.

Also, please inform anyone who would be nice enough to help out.

Happy Belated Birthday EMM

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 1, 2015, 8:32 AM
  • Listening to: Delta Heavy: Hold Me
  • Reading: Those Who Came Before: Chapter 5
  • Watching: Falling Skies Series Finale TT_TT
  • Playing: GTA V
  • Eating: Ham Sandwich
  • Drinking: V8
It has come to my attention that EMM is now a year old (as of last Febuary).


Because of this, I will be celebrating the belated birthday of EMM answering ANY question regarding EMM and it's details.

Also, because I am a egotistical prick who has a addiction to curiosity, if anyone would like, I would enjoy to hear the tale as to what drew you to this fanfic and what compelled you to follow it up until now.

But first, a story:

(I told this story before, but here is a version with picture.)

Once upon a time, there were two brothers, the older one was a fan of a new TV show on Cartoon Network known as Steven Universe. In addition, this brother was a frequent lurker of the notorious site known as 4CHAN, specifically the board known as /CO/- Comics and Cartoons. As such, there were specific threads on this board known as /SUG/- Steven Universe Generals, which discussed the show and drew fanart for it.

Now this brother enjoyed the various drawings the anons of /SUG/ made for others, and his younger brother wondered how far they would go. So, a bet was made between these brothers, with 50 bucks on the line, the bet was to make the most disturbing request and see how long before the user was banned. But if the request was made beforehand, then the older brother had won.

Now there was the simple question was what to make as a request?

Well after a few days of lurking, an Anon posted a simple picture:
The Catalyst by ScrapstheFool
(Fun fact: This image is forbidden to post on /SUG/ because of...obvious reasons)

But it was not this picture that created inspiration, but rather, the reply of another Anon that started everything:
Subject Zero by ScrapstheFool

At this moment, the older brother had a idea, he would make a request involving a crazed Pearl killing Steven, and after browsing Gelbooru for inspiration, he found the inspiration and created his request:
 tumblr myvrpb2RNr1t5eiggo1 1280 by ScrapstheFool
(Note: This is not the original post, but the ones that came after.)

So the post was made and it was dropped like a soda can in the trash. So in response, the brother had a new idea: He would make the same post in EVERY THREAD until the request was made.

So the request was halfway created, but not finished:

Mature Content

Cue the Lavender Town's Theme (WIP) by ScrapstheFool

However the brother did not give up, and continued to prevail, eventually he donned a name given to him by a deviant named :iconflajingman:, and that name was...


From then on, this continued for three solid months. Resulting in a variety of responses from outright hatred:
Wanted by ScrapstheFool

To downright mockery:

StevenQuest by ScrapstheFool

tumblr n2guefRmFN1s71maqo4 r1 1280 by ScrapstheFool

tumblr n2guefRmFN1s71maqo5 r1 1280 by ScrapstheFool

tumblr n2guefRmFN1s71maqo10 r1 400 by ScrapstheFool

tumblr n2guefRmFN1s71maqo3 r1 1280 by ScrapstheFool

1424408673464 by ScrapstheFool

tumblr n2guefRmFN1s71maqo2 r1 1280 by ScrapstheFool

But after a long period of annoyance, the pic was finally conceived:

Mature Content

Cue the Lavender Town's Theme by ScrapstheFool

(Fun fact: I was banned three days after this pic was made.)

Now it seemed like it was over and it was done. But then a anon told me that I should make a fanfic to accompany this work, and it was decided to create the fanfiction know as Everyone Makes Mistakes.

Mature Content

As I made the fan fic as originally a simple one-shot it however, I eventually began to break it down into chapters for ease. Then I began to tinker with the structure and scenes to improve on the shock value.

After a day of tinkering, I was working at my local Target with pushing carts. It was a cold winter evening and I was thinking about Everyone Makes Mistakes and another SU fanfic I would work on known as Those Who Came Before. I was considering adding in several shoutouts from EMM into TWCB, but then, after slipping on black ice and slamming my head of the asphalt, I had a epiphany:

 To combine both stories into a huge fanfic series.

So after I finished with the final chapter of EMM and began to work on the next part, A Girl and Her Lion, I was approached by the marvelous and talented :iconcleverun: who wanted to convert my story into a comic.

If you want to know if I said yes, this should clarify that:

Everyone Makes Mistakes: The Comic 00 by ScrapstheFool

As we planned on the comic, :iconcleverun: introduced me to :iconcrazyspaced: and then I met another deviant named :iconhikumirin: whose character Howlite was inspired by my fanfic. Then I met the talented :icondeitydeviantwarrior: :icontrollface-mastah:, :iconacenos: and :iconpunkpanda15: and soon after, the seven of us evolved into the EMM braintrust, and the :iconemm-headquarters:.

As of today, the fanfic and comic are still in progress, and none of this would be possible for those who helped make it into what it is today.

I would again like to personally thank the following for their service for EMM, and the Steven Universe Fandom and for allowing me to inspire them as much as they have for me.:

Rebecca Sugar (Yes, even she helped! ;-D)

...And all the fans and small collaborators. Stay strong and devoted my comrades!

Now, if you excuse me...
1441001334154 by ScrapstheFool
...I have a fanfic to write.

Interview with The Fool

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 8, 2015, 1:23 PM
  • Listening to: Ember McLain: Remember
  • Reading: EMM: The Comic Drafts (Oh God!)
  • Watching: Steven Universe
  • Playing: Fallout 3
  • Eating: Cheeseburger
  • Drinking: Coke
1.How long have you been on DeviantArt?

A: Including my banned accounts...about 10 years

2.What does your username mean?

A: A few years back, a Deviant named :iconflajingman: gave me the name. I added "the fool" because of a movie I watched as a child called "The Fool and the Flying Ship".

3.Describe yourself in three words.

A: Eccentric, determined, compassionate
4.Are you left or right handed?
A: Right.

5.What was your first deviation?

Mature Content

6.What is your favorite type of art to create?

A: Fan-fiction is fun.

7.If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

A: To draw...good...

8.What was your first favorite?
A: Kiss Trixie... by NeoSlashott

9.What type of art do you tend to favorite the most?

A:Steven Universe

10.Who is your all-time favorite deviant artist?

A: While I love everyone in my brain trust equally, the one I have to notify is :iconcleverun:

11.If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

A: :iconcleverun:, :iconcrazyspaced:, :iconhikumirin:, :iconpunkpanda15:,  :icontrollface-mastah: and :icondeitydeviantwarrior:.

12.How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

A: :iconcleverun: inspired the majority of EMM and help found :iconemm-headquarters::iconcrazyspaced:, :iconhikumirin:, :iconpunkpanda15:,  :icontrollface-mastah: and :icondeitydeviantwarrior: have helped shape it into the series it is now.

13.What are your preferred tools to create art?

A: Microsoft Word

14.What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

A:My room

15.What is your favorite DeviantArt memory?

A: I had just finished chapter 12 of EMM part 1, and after a while, a deviant named :iconcleverun: asked me a question that changed my life and the lives of several other Deviants forever: 

"Can I... can I turn this into a comic? This is an amazing story!"

The rest is history. ;-p

July's Steven Bomb (Whew boy!)

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 11, 2015, 6:49 AM
  • Listening to: Pillar Men: Awaken
  • Reading: EMM: The Comic Drafts (Oh God!)
  • Watching: Steven Universe
  • Playing: Dark Souls 2
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Milk
Finallly....freedom! True freedom!

Now let's look at the promo for the new Steven Bomb and....

Ead by ScrapstheFool

I know I promised a new chapter after my classes were over, but right now I have to wait until the Steven Bomb is over, for obvious reasons.
Apologyquilt by ScrapstheFool
But let me inform you of a few reasons for this delay and the reason why EMM takes so long to publish:

My goal, or rather, my mission, for EMM is to create a story that is 100% consistent with SU. To do this, I have to study and calculate all the information, details, and data from the show to create a balanced story. If there is one inconsistency in EMM with SU, I have to fix it, no matter how deep it goes. This is the reason why I take so long during episodes is because when a piece of data about a character, setting, or fact is present. I have to compare it with EMM's data. This can be stressful with information that is hardwired into the base of EMM. However, I have made precautions for situations like this and I can easily work around said situation.  Nevertheless, it still is a difficult process, given the other information I have to work with.

To help with clarity, please observe the following graphs:

tumblr mq89z6pNKE1rke8ufo1 1280 by ScrapstheFool
As this demonstraits, many ariters have a system that helps balance their story and provides the meat and potatos. With me, it's like this:

1. Process the base of the chapter and what will occur.

2. Study the old episodes of SU needed for chapter.

3. Study new episodes of SU to obtain information and check for inconsistencies.

4. Check for inconsistencies in SU/EMM.

5. Revise inconsistencies to allow flow.

6. Write chapter base and then expand it.

7. Have my glorious collaborators (To whom I'm dreadfully sorry for being a ghost.)

8. Proofread the chapter for grammar/spelling.

9. Publish chapter.

10. Revise if needed.

11. Prepare for next chapter and take pills.

12. ???

32mHpLSRqIeaVetL89RG1U by ScrapstheFool
Fun fact: To find inspiration for EMM. I occasionally deprive myself of sleep so I hallucinate. I also take amphetamines to add a little juice to the fire.
Tumblr Inline N1pjytyziq1qd5iw1 by ScrapstheFool
While there are no deadlines for EMM, I do feel guilty for the long periods of silence in regard of the fanfic.

So I hope this helps you understand that I'm not dead, just stressed out over the new Steven Bomb. Here's hoping for a decent backstory.

But don't worry about me. I'll be writing the next chapter of EMM very soon. Until then Deviants:

Friendly advice from Uncle Scraps by ScrapstheFool

Those Who Came Before

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 10, 2015, 6:30 AM
  • Listening to: Pillar Men: Awaken
  • Reading: EMM: The Comic Drafts (Oh God!)
  • Watching: Steven Universe
  • Playing: Black Mesa
  • Eating: Pills
  • Drinking: Milk
Welp guys, the second and a half part of the "Everyone Makes Mistakes Saga is Complete. I want to thank everyone who helped make this possible. Especially :iconcleverun: :iconcrazyspaced: :iconhikumirin: and :icondeitydeviantwarrior:, who's collaboration and assistance made all of this this possible.

Now we close this chapter of the story and move on to the next one:

Those Who Came Before Act 1/Act 2: The Crystal Gems have protected the universe for many years. However, what happened to the other gems? Who created them? In addition, what caused their near extinction? Truths will be revealed about past lives and the History of the Crystal Tribunal will be revealed.

Innocence  will be lost, war will be cast, a sacrifice no one would expect. All this and more coming soon.



ScrapstheFool's Profile Picture
Uncle Scraps
Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
Q= What do you do in your spare time?

A= Go on walks, play video games, write fanfiction.

Q= Favorite Color?

A= Yellow

Q= Favorite drink/food?

A= Cola/Bacon

Q= Who do you live with?

A= My Parents and my brother. Along with two dogs.

Q= What do you look like?

A= Caucasian, blond/short-cut, blue eyes with purple bags under them.

Q= What would you like to do when you grow up?

A= I am already an adult, if meaning a occupation, it would be in human services.

Q= What is your personality?

A= I am a easy going fellow, I see life as a flowing river, with me on a raft trying to move to the current.

Q=Are you in a sport?

A= No

Q= Are you in a relationship?

A= I am in a committed relationship with writing. Although he have our falling out days.

Q= What is you most valuable fashion accessory?

A= Shoes.

Current Residence: Hoffman Estates, Illinois

Favorite genre of music: Electronic, dance, dub-step, remix, classic songs from 1930+

Favorite style of art: Classical

MP3 player of choice: Ipod Nano

Favorite cartoon character: Peridot

Personal Quote: Jeeze'n Crow!


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