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The Crystal Gems by Cleverun

This image displays a feeling of emotional distress between the three Gems. Each carrying a massive weight on their shoulders. -Garnet'...

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I have several ideas for a few stories after I am done with the EMM series. As of now, here is the list:

1. MLP: Tendencies of a Lyncanthope: The story of a semi-demented pony and the doctor who fights for her freedom. (This will be a collaboration with :icondream-senpaii:)-[STATUS: Postponed]

4. The Amazing World of Gumball: The Retribution: The world of Nicole Watterson is turned upside down when she tries to find out who harmed her son, and she gets more than what she bargained for when she uncovers a secret involving a past she never knew she had. (This will be a collaboration with :iconnamygaga:)

5. Adventure Time: Age of Iron: When a enemy from the past comes to finish what it started, it's up to Finn and the Gang to prevent a second Mushroom war while discovering the origins of the original war and the creation of Ooo.

6. [Error 220: text not found.]:[Error 220: text not found.]:[Error 220: text not found.]

7. The Lego Movie: Legend of the Holy Brick: After repelling the invasion of the Duploians, Emmet Brickowski decides that it is time to ask Lucy to be his special. But when a new enemy force comes to end the world (again), It's up to Emmet, Lucy, Business, Good/Bad Cop, Unikitty, Metalbeard, Batman, and Benny to once again save the world.

8. Lucky 17: John is a man who lives a simple life like anyone else. But unlike some people, he has a certain taste for life. A taste that will lead him to Camp Weedonwantcha, where he will understand the relationship between a predator and their prey.-[STATUS: Postponed]

9. Pink and White: Two whole months since they lost the battle of the bands and the chance to rule the world, once a trio of sirens known as The Dazzlings, now reduced to tone-deaf students of Canterlot High. However, despite the situation, at least two of the three were off to a good start. Adagio on the other hand...that is a completely different story.-[STATUS: Postponed]

10. Abomination: “All is disgust when a man leaves his own nature and does what is unfit.” -Sophocles-[STATUS: Postponed]

Feel free to ask questions or provide ideas for these stories. If you want to post a idea for a future chapter of my stories, please send me a note with your idea. If it is good enough, then your idea will be used in the fanfiction, you will be credited appropriately, and you will be given one request as a reward.

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I am almost there everyone. One more week. If I do not pass this damned class, I am having lead for dinner.

Thanks for all those who thought I had died or lost interest. I am still alive, and I am still as passionate for EMM, more than ever.

Thanks for the patience and sorry for the silence.
Apologyquilt by ScrapstheFool
Sorry about being so sluggish. I've been swamped between Spanish, work, and getting ready for the big move to EIU. So forgive me for being a little absent.

Apologyquilt by ScrapstheFool
Saw "Inside Out" yesterday....

“Take her to the moon for me, okay?”

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Original Idea by: Scraps

Collaboration work with: HikumiRin

Characters Created by: Rebecca Sugar

Chapter 6: Master and Commander

Author's note: This chapter takes place during Chapter 5 of "A Girl and Her Lion", through Chapter 10.


Beach City Containment Camp, Resident District Ruins, present day.


A portal opened at the door to the temple as Diamond stepped out of it, followed by Pearl and then Onyx. Diamond turned his attention to Beach City and saw the encampment before him. The camp had been destroyed, parts of Agates were scattered everywhere, it was apparent that there was a large battle here. As Onyx looked in shock, she turned to her master and saw his eyes fill with rage. She knew that Zirconia, the Gem assigned to watch Beach City, would be punished severely.

Diamond looked towards the entrance of the house and saw the parts of Agates that were scattered around the entrance. He then saw the corpses of three humans, noticing the rifles that were beside them. As he approached one, he bent down and examined his body, he recognized him as Sam, one of the G.E.R.M agents that he had confronted along with Nanafua. He then saw Jamie's body slumped on the stairway and Mavis's, which was bent over the deck fence. Diamond then stood up and turned to his servants.

"Vestibulum" Diamond said as he turned to Pearl, "Go and gather the Agates, then patrol the city for anything suspicious."

Pearl nodded as she sprung towards the city. Diamond then turned and began to walk up to the entrance of the temple, stopping as he approached the door.

"Onychinos, to me." He said as Onyx followed behind, Concerned as to what had happened.

"Father, what happened, where is everyone?" Onyx asked the Gemian before her.

Diamond then stopped in his tracks and quickly turned to his servant. As he did, Onyx felt the pain of a large fist backhanding her to the ground. As Onyx sat up, she looked to the towering Gem above her and felt a jolt of fear course through her body.

"You will address me as Master." Diamond hissed to Onyx, "If you call me otherwise, I will rip out your tongue and shove it down your throat! Now stand up!"

Onyx quickly stood up and began to follow her master; her mind was filled with confusion as to what had just happened. It seemed like only yesterday that he allowed her to call him father, and now he does not.

Diamond then turned back to the door and tried to open it. As he felt the door refuse to move, he gritted his teeth as he ripped the door off its hinges and toss it behind him. Diamond and Onyx heard a splash of the door falling into the ocean as Diamond saw the large table before him, which was used to prop the door shut.

"How could they have let this happen?" Diamond said as he shoved the table away. "They are Gems, no, Secundos! Gems created from the essence of Topaz and myself, and they were bested by humans."

"Well…to be fair Master, they had those G.E.R.M agents." Onyx repled, trying not to upset her Master. "But at least they are dead."

Diamond turned to Onyx and grabbed her hair, pulling her towards him.

"Yet they let the humans escape." Diamond hissed at Onyx, watching as the Obsidian rolled down her cheeks. At this sight, Diamond began to punch Onyx in the stomach, emphasizing his point with each hit.













Diamond then threw Onyx across the room. The Black Gem tumbled onto the floor before she vomited black bile onto the floor. As she stood back up, she saw Diamond standing over what remained of the warp pad, which was now broken into pieces and covered with soot. Diamond bent down and touched the damaged warp pad with his fingers, standing back up and examining the soot on his hand.

"They used fire salts…" Diamond said as he wiped his hand on his robe. "They used the salts as a makeshift bomb."

He then turned and saw something besides the damaged warp pad, in a small pile of rubble was a young human, his skin was burnt and his hair was singed, as he bent down to him, he looked into his glazed over eyes. He examined the cuts and dirt on his skin, knowing that he was left behind to detonate the bomb.

"I gave you the choice to save either the life of your love or the life of your people…" Diamond said as he closed the human's eyes. "…and you chose to save both of them, you gave yourself for them. Just as I did…"

"Master…?" Onyx asked as she approached Diamond. "Is everything all right?"

Diamond paused for a moment before he stood up and faced Onyx.

"Zirconia…" Diamond growled as he stormed into the knocked down Gem door and into the Crystal Heart chamber.

Crystal Temple Catacombs, burning room, present day

Diamond and Onyx walked the long halls of the temple until they reached the burning room. It was a large room with a pit of lava in the center. In front of that pit was Zirconia, muttering to herself as she was throwing paper into the pit. Both Gems could also see that Zirconia was missing an arm.

"…and if Master finds out, he will punish me, but what would he know, all he does is make us do his dirty work. Now thanks to that crazy Gem and those idiots, everything is fucked up. When I get my hands on those fucking inbred freaks, I'll-"

"I would think that would be the least of your concerns Zirconia" Diamond said bitterly as Zirconia spun around in shock at her Master's voice. There both Onyx and Diamond could see a large burn on the side of Zirconia's face and body. However, Diamond took no note of the wounds as he stormed forward and grabbed his servant by the throat and lifted her into the air.

"Master!" Zirconia gasped as she tried to break free, "Have mercy!"

"Mercy is an illusion that is granted to the less expendable, and it is only believed in by cowards and failures." Diamond growled as she brought Zirconia to his face. "Now, you will explain to me how a group mere humans we able to escape an army of Agates and three Secundos?"

Zirconia gasped as she looked to the floor, Diamond turned towards the floor as well and saw a piece of paper on the floor next to him. He then proceeded to throw Zirconia into the wall and then reach down to pick up the paper. On the paper was a crude drawing involving a Gem with black and grey hair killing Master Diamond with a large ax. Diamond furrowed his brow before reading the note on it.

"I'm gonna get you." –Howl

Diamond stood back up and examined the note before crumpling it up and throwing it in the lava pit. He then turned back to Zirconia and approached her.

"Why did you not inform me about Howlite's escape?" Diamond said as he towered over her.

"I…I did not think she would be that much of a threat until she attacked me." Zirconia said in defense, "I though Sunstone and Moonstone could handle it. It's there faults, not mine!"

Onyx watched as Diamond once again lifted his servant into the air. In a sense of pity for her sister and granddaughter, she tried to intervene.

"Master, what I-"

"SILENCE!" Diamond shouted, the whole temple shook from his voice, who had never seen her master so angry before, "If I want to hear your opinion, then I will beat it out of you!"

Onyx shuttered at the sound of Diamond's voice, his very voice echoed through her whole body. She knew that this time, there was no second chance for the Gem in his hands, she knew that this punishment would be the last.

"I have realized that I am the one at fault for this." Diamond said to his servants, "I have allowed myself to be corrupted by pointless ideals and become too lenient. Because of this, not only has Topaz escaped with the Furem, now Zirconia and the Secundo of Topaz have shown that a mere handful of primates could easily defeat us…"

Diamond then turned to Onyx, "As for you, I have allowed my own corruption fill you with a desire of love towards me. I realize now that the four of you have constantly failed as Secundos and as my servants, this means that the only remaining use you will have to me is to be sacrifices for Obsidian."

Onyx froze, remembering what had happened at the crash site, all the things Diamond said and did. The very though caused tears to fall from her eyes as she stared at her master with a look of disbelief.

"But…what you said…you said I was…you're…"

"Daughter?" Diamond hissed as he dropped Zirconia to the ground before walking up to his black-haired servant, "I remember what I said, and yet, I care not. Let me remind you Onychinos, that you are an extension of Obsidian and myself for the purpose of following my orders! Your purpose is to do what I say, when I say it, without question, objection, or remorse, which you have done one too many times. You were created as a tool, and now you will die as one. I have carry no love for you then and now, nor will I ever!"

He then turned his attention back to Zirconia and forced her up against the wall. "Nor do I carry mercy. For too long, I have allowed your failures to proceed without true consequence. Many times you have failed to obtain the Furem's Vitae. That, among this, is unacceptable and I act upon my promise to you..."

Diamond then bent down to Zirconia so he could whisper his choice into her ear.

"Because you allowed the humans to escape, and hindered my plans tenfold, I must kill you."

Zirconia quickly broke down onto the floor in a mix of gibbering cries to pleas of mercy. Diamond simply looked down with an expression of malice.

"Get up." Diamond commanded his servant, who stood up without hesitation.

"Look at me." Diamond said as she proceeded to do so.

"Who am I?" Diamond asked as he placed his hands on her shoulders.

Zirconia looked at Diamond's hands before looking back to her master, her eyes poured with Obsidian tears.

"You are my master…" Zirconia said with a whimper.

"Are you afraid of me?" Diamond asked.

"Yes…" Zirconia replied with a nod.

"Are you prepared to die?" Diamond asked the Gem before him.

"No…" Zirconia choked, she could feel her body shake with fear.

"Why?" Diamond asked.

Zirconia hesitated before looking to her Master with a tearful smile.

"Because I don't want to die!"

"Now…you are learning." replied Diamond, jaw split open down the middle, opening up and revealing a set of tentacles, barbed sets of fangs and a large barbed tube-like tongue. He then plunged into Zirconia's neck. Onyx watched in horror as Diamond drained the Vitae from her screaming grandchild. As he finished he ripped himself loose from Zirconia's neck. As he did, a chuck of flesh from her neck was torn off with his tongue, causing the Gem to scream and choke as she held the gushing throat and dropped to the floor. As Zirconia tried to stop the bleeding, her attention was then drawn to Diamond, who retracted his jaw as he stood over her with his mace over his head.

All Zirconia was able to do was scream a loud "NO!" as Diamond brought his mace down upon her. With no hesitation or remorse, he did not stop for even a minute as he beat the Gem's head and body into the earth below. Zirconia's screams and gurgles mixed together as he broke her bones, smashed her body, and splattered her blood all over the floors and walls around them. Onyx could feel the vibrations of each impact with the mace through her body, the room, and perhaps, the entirety of the temple.

After what felt like hours of Diamond crushing the Gem below him, the Old King finally stopped, his robes and mace soaked with grey blood as he stood over the crater of mush that was once a Gem. He then reached into the pile of remains and removed a white gem from the pile. Diamond then drained the Vitae from it before casting it into the pit of lava. As Onyx watched the Gem melt in the pool, she was drawn back to Diamond, who was now standing before her.

"Now it is your turn." Diamond said blankly as he cast away his mace. Onyx backed away slightly before she tripped and fell onto the floor. She then felt as the ground locked around her ankles and heels. Immobilizing her as Diamond disrobed.

"Did you really think you had gained a place to my heart?" Diamond hissed as he stood above his prey. "No…I don't think so."

"Master, no-" Onyx's pleas were stopped by Diamond's hand clasping around her mouth. All she could do was make muffled scream as Diamond tore off her robes. She cried in pain as he stuck himself into her, his hand then found themselves around her neck, squeezing tighter with each thrust.

Onyx tried to break free, but it was no use. She could feel herself fading in and out of conscious as Diamond choked the life out of her.

"May this be a remind Onychinos that I am always in control…" Diamond exclaimed, as he slammed into her harder. "…and that your life was always in my grasp."

All Onyx could do was look into Master Diamond's molten red eyes before everything turn to darkness. Even though she could still feel him, she found the darkness safe.

For the first time in her life since she first breathed life, she felt safe…


Rose's Hill, Topside, several hours later


Diamond teleported onto the top of the Crystal Temple, crouching down as he looked to the wound in his chest. Several hours ago, the Gemian confronted his sister Rose, who informed him that his last servant, Pearl, was escaping with the help of Lion. He then pursued them and confronted the two just as they were at the border of the city. Diamond then attacked the two and was able to kill Lion. As he was prepared to kill Pearl, he was attacked by an unseen assailant, a tall figure wearing a pink helmet. Diamond immediately knew who the figure was, because several months ago, the Gem that the figure was protecting was killed by her. He was known as Steven Quartz Universe, a Secundo to Rose Quartz.

"The boy is alive!" Diamond gasped as he stood up and limped over to the tree. "How is that possible?"

As he composed himself, he turned to see the human military camp in the distance. He then noticed that the tents and buildings were in shambles. At this sight, he remembered two particular Gems that had not yet appeared to him.

"Solislapide, Lunamlapideas, est mihi!" Diamond said to himself as he turned around, and there standing before him were Sunstone and Moonstone, their clothing was tattered and their hair was matted. Upon realizing who was in front of them, the Gems quickly knelt before Diamond, especially Sunstone.

"Where were you?" Diamond asked as he approached them.

The two looked to each other as they stood up.

"Well…w-we had to take c-c-care of a couple humans in a milit-t-tary camp, then we went searching for the Humans and Agate."

"Agate?" Diamond asked as he leaned in towards them. "They have an Agate? How could you let them take an Agate?"

"Magister non scire." Moonstone replied. "Autem nolite ergo solliciti esse dilige-"

Diamond quickly grabbed Moonstone by the head with his hands. He then twisted his arms and wrenched her head around in a ninety degree twist. Moonstone spat white blood as she fell to the floor and proofed into a white gem. Sunstone gasped as Diamond approached him.

"Y-y-y-you ki-ki-ki…" Sunstone shuddered, unable to finish his sentence.

"Killed her." Diamond replied. "Yes I did, just as I did to Zirconia and Onychinos, and it will be what I will do to you. At this moment, Haematitem is more capable than all of you combined, which is why he will be replacing you."

"B-b-b-but what about P-p-p-peridot?" Sunstone replied as he backed away from the approaching Gemian. "She did nothing to help us, if you had her here, this would be avoided. So she needs to be punished too."

"Ah yes, the "Sexbot" as you called her." Diamond said as he placed a hand on Sunstone's shoulder. "I think I should let you in on a little secret..."

Diamond then clenched his hand as he quickly shot his other arm back and punched Sunstone in the head, smashing a hole into the Secundo's skull. He then pulled the dead Gem towards him and whispered into his ear.

"…that "sexbot" is more valuable to me than the entirety of this Universe, and in case you were wondering, berating her was as much a nail in your coffin as it was Iaspidis's.

Diamond then grabbed the Gem in Sunstone's shoulders and ripped them off, as he watched the corpse dissipate before him, he dropped the Gems alongside Moonstone's Gem. Diamond then sat down on the ground as an Agate approached him.

"What is the status of colony and out forces?" Diamond asked the Agate.


"How many Agates are ready to attack and how many are ready to join the defense fleet?" Diamond asked.


"Do it then…" Diamond said as he stood up. "I also want a connection to the Insidiae network, I need to contact Peridot and inform her about the plan."

The Agate nodded as it flew away. Just then, Diamond felt the ground shake as a large black cloud entered the sky. Diamond watched as the cloud began to shrink as it reached higher and higher into the sky until it was no more. An Agate then appeared before the Old King, with a wailing stone in hand.


"Good" Diamond said as he approached the stone. "Now go to Haematitem and help him prepare the main army."

The Agate nodded as it placed the stone before Diamond and flew away. Diamond approached the stone and placed his hand on the top, pushing down as he looked into the hole in the center.

"Peridot…" Diamond said calmly. "Peridot, are you there?"


Mask Island, several hours ago


Sadie stood on the beachside, looking down at the grave before her, it was a simple grave, composed of a small cross made from sticks and hemp. As Sadie stood over the grave, reminded of Lars and his sacrifice, she felt her body weaken as tears began to form in her eyes.

"I'm sorry…" Sadie said as she gazed at the cross, studying the faults and imperfections in the cross. "I never wanted this…I never wanted you to…to…"

Sadie was interrupted when she felt a hand on her shoulder. As she turned around, she saw Jenny, Buck and Sour Cream beside her. Jenny gave a warm smile as she hugged the small woman, who broke down in tears as she embraced said hug.

"It's gonna be okay Sadie." Jenny said as she hugged tighter. "Lars is a hero, just like Jamie and Sam."

"I…I know…" Sadie sniffled as she broke from the hug. "I just can't believe he's gone. Just a month ago, we were running the Big Doughnut and now…he's gone."

"What Lars did for us…was alright." Buck said as he looked to the grave. "Never knew anyone who would put their life on the line like that.

Jenny cleared her throat loudly.

"Well…except Ganga." Buck continued embarrassingly. "…and Jamie…and Sam…and that one chick…and the other residents of Beach City that di-"

Sour Cream nudged Buck with his elbow, silencing the young man as Sour Cream approached the mourning Sadie.

"What we're trying to say is that Lars will be remembered as a hero…" Sour Cream added as he pated Sadie on the back. "…and once we come up with a plan to fight back, we will avenge Lars, Ronaldo, and everyone else, together!"

Sadie smiled lightly as she looked back to the grave. Reaching into her pocket and pulling out a small gem attacked to a small piece of hemp. It was once part of a necklace Lars made when he and Sadie were trapped on the island, as she traced the gem with her thumb, she smiled, hanging the gem on the wooden cross.

"See ya later Player One…" Sadie said as she wiped a fresh tear from her eye. "I…I love you too."


Mask Island, Sadie's Camp, Present day


As Sadie and the residents were sitting around a small campfire occasionally fueling it with fire salt, Smiley and Dewy were sleeping while Fryman and Sour Cream stood guard at the warp pad, armed with sharpened sticks.

"So Fryman…" Sour Cream said to the adult next to him. "…how are you holdin up man?"

"You know what, I'm feeling better." Fryman replied as he reached into his pocket, pulling out a small locket. As he opened it, there was a small picture of Fryman, with his arms over a smiling Ronaldo and an awkwardly smiling Peedee. "I…I don't think I will be over what happened, but given what just happened, and that we were able to stick it to that Diamond guy, it makes me feel better knowing that things are starting to move in our favor."

"You're telling me." Sour Cream responded as he picked up a rock and threw it into a bush. "After what happened to Onion and my dad, seeing all those robots blow up made me wonder if the fucker that killed them in was among them."

"I wish I felt the same way." Fryman said as he put the locket back into his pocket. "But then…what happens after all this? What will I have to go back to?"

Sour Cream looked back to see Fryman wiping his eyes with his sleeve. He then approached the old man and patted him on the back. Fryman looked to the youngster before him.

"If it makes you feel better, I kinda wanted to learn how to make fry bits."

Fryman smile as he embraced Sour Cream with a hug. The teenager awkwardly patted the bawling man on the back. Just then, the warp pad began to glow, attracting the attention of the two men before it. Immediately, Sour Cream and Fryman broke off the hug and picked up their spears aiming them at the warp pad.

"Come and get some you crystal creep!" Fryman shouted. "I can't wait to hang your corpse on the water tower and let the crows peck your eyes out!"

Sour Cream looked to Fryman with a surprised expression. "Yeah…what he said."

As a figure began to appear in the warp pad, the two men braced themselves for a full on attack. It could be an Agate, or a Gem, or even the Master himself, all they knew was that once the bastard stepped foot on the island, it would be the last mistake they would ever make.

Finally, the figure took form, as she appeared in full on the warp pad, Sour Cream and Fryman lowered their weapons as their eyes widened and their mouths went agape.

"Excuse me…?" The figure asked the gaping men before her. "…But I am looking for the Humans that escaped Beach City, are you among them?"

"Sour Cream…?" Fryman said to Sour Cream, all the while facing the figure before him.

"Yeah…?" Sour Cream replied, all the while doing the same.

"Do you think Sadie should meet our guest?" Fryman asked Sour Cream.

"I think so." Sour Cream replied.

"Good answer." Fryman replied. "Now get to it!"


"AUGH!" Dewy screamed as Overseer bend him in his arms like a Ba'noodle. "I DID NOT THINK THIS THROUGH! OH GOD!"

"Overseer! Put him down!" Sadie said as she approached the Agate. "You're hurting him!"

"[DISREGARD THIS UNIT'S PRESENCE!]" Overseer shouted at Sadie, all the while bending Dewy backwards until there was an audible crack. "[THIS UNIT HAS FINISHED ITS TASK.]"

Overseer then placed Dewy onto his feet and patted him on the head. Dewy looked to his feet and noticed that he was standing on them. As he clumsily moved one of them forward, stumbling a bit before he regain his posture, he looked at his hands, watching them dart forward to ensure balance.

"I can walk…" Dewey said as he felt tears in his eyes. "I CAN WALK!"

The small crowd of people cheered as Dewy tumbled into the sand, helped up by his son and given a tearful hug. He then approached Overseer and shook his large metal claw.

"Thank you so much friend." Dewey said to the Agate. "How can I ever repay you?"


"You…want to work at the Big Doughnut?" Sadie asked Overseer.


"Aw…that's…nice." Kiki said awkwardly. "I guess…?"

Just then, Overseer perked up and looked to the direction of the island warp pad.


"What?" Jenny Gasped in alarm. "You don't think that Fryman or Sour Cream are also aligned with Diamond guy, do you?"


"What makes you say that?" Sadie asked.


"Wha…" Sadie said in confusion. "I believe that Sam informed me that Diamond is a Gem…ian, and there were only four of those super Gems. So unless you're processor are malfunctioning, can you pl-ease tell me who else could it be besides Diamond?"

"Perhaps it could be his sister?" said a voice.

As Sadie and the others looked to the source of the voice, she and the rest of the residence gasped at the sight before them. There was Fryman and Sour Cream. A look of excitement and worry was on their faces, for standing between them was a large woman. She had large flowing curly pink hair and was wearing a long white dress with a star cut out in the center, exposing a pink Gem. Sadie beamed up as she approached the Gemian before her.

"Y-y-you're…you're Steven's mother!" Sadie exclaimed with a grin. "You were in the video tape…you're Rose Quartz!"

"Yes I am…" Rose said with a light chuckle, which reminded Sadie of a similar laugh that came from a boy she knew a long time ago. "…and you must be Sadie?"

"Yeah…I'm Sadie…" the short-stacked girl replied nervously before a thought shot into her brain. "Wait a minute! How do you know my name, and what are you doing here, and how are you related to that Monster back at Beach City, and-"

"Hey! Slow down there…" Rose said as she approached the group of humans and sat down on a log. "Before we continue, do you mind if I do something first?"

"Yeah…sure." Sadie nodded.

"Thank you." Rose replied with a smile as she pulled out a small copper cylinder. As she placed it on the ground, she reached over to the fire and scooped out a large amount of burning fire salt. She then used the salt to sketch a outline of a man in the ground, she then placed the cylinder in the center of the outline and stood up.

"Please stand back everyone." Rose said to the residence. "This will be rather intense."

As the residence backed up, Rose turned her focus on the outline. Suddenly there was a large crackle of thunder as the Gemian's eyes turned white. As she pointed her hands towards the outline, the fire from the fire salt began to shift around the outline and into the cylinder. Eventually, the outline looked like a three dimensional man made of fire. As soon as this happened, Rose began to speak.

"Sum Vicus Der Rose novissimis natus est de domo et momenta Leonis DITOROQU Gemia concessit debitum animae quem habebat vobis per iniuriam ademptum. Fratrem meum vita quae noctuque furto perierat tibi concedo et viventibus et in meritum. Ego praecipio tibi, Gregorius Universe, Kopar suscitant, apud redivivae praemia vitae et propositum ideo retexetur."

In that instant, there was a flash of light, and as Sadie and the others adjusted their eyes, they saw in place of the flaming man was a portly balding man with a beard who was wearing a white shirt and short jeans. Suddenly, the man sprung up and covered his hands over his head.

"I gave you what you want! Just no more!"

After a few minutes, the man lowered his hands and looked around, he stopped as he saw Rose and a look of surprise grew on his face. He then lept into the air and embrace the Gem before him with a kiss.

"Hello Greg." Rose said as she broke the kiss with a smile. "It's been a while."

"Rose…" Greg aid with tears in his eyes. "You're alive! Or am I in heaven?"

"You're alive, I just revived you." Rose explained. "Like Gems, Metalians can be revived via your core, but unlike Gems, your resurrection had to be completed manually."

"Wait…but what about…STEVEN!" Greg shouted as he rose up and looked around in panic. "I gotta warn him. Pearl is planning to-"

"Greg…it's alright. It's been a while since then." Rose interjected as she grabbed Greg's hand. "He is alright, in fact, he and Connie are safe."

Oh thank God." Greg replied with a sigh of relief. "What about the kid?"

Rose looked down as she fidgeted with Greg's hand. She didn't need to explain to him what had happened.

"Where is he?" Greg asked as he looked into Rose's eyes. "You brother is behind this, we need to find him."

"I know where he is Greg." Rose replied. "And I know what I have to do, but first, we will need some back-up."

As she looked to Overseer, the Agate saluted the Gemian.

"Hello Agate, I believe that you have Gems from Diamond's factory?"


"Wait?" Sadie said as she approached Greg and Rose. "You are an alien too?"

"Yep!" Greg said as he nodded his head and he then was covered in a strange copper colored armor. He then summoned a gun and fired it at a tree, leaving only a crater in its place. "And I still got it!"

"Now it is your turn Sadie." Rose said to the girl before her. "I will resurrect the Gems that you found, but I will also use several of them to convert you and your friends into Acquisitae Gems. This will be temporary, but it will allow you to fight back against the Agates and be able to combat Gems if you have to. However, I will understand of you don't want to fight."

"But I want to!" Sadie objected to Rose, Jenny, Fryman, and Buck approaching the Gemian, along with Sour Cream, Kiki, Kofi, and the others. "We all want to fight back, for Lars and Ganga, for Peedee and Ronaldo, for Jamie, Sam, and Mavis, and especially for BEACH CITY!"

As the crowd of humans cheered before the Gemain, she smiled at them. For as corny as that speech was, it was heartwarming to know that the humans were willing to fight for what was right, much like how she did.

"Alright then…" Rose said as she stood up. "Overseer, please bring me the Gems."

Overseer handed Rose the bag of Gems.

"Thank you. Now let us begin…"


The Crystal Temple, Heart Chamber (87% corruption), one hour later


Diamond stood before the heart chamber, watching as a black bark-like growth began to grow on the heart, nearly engulfing it. As he approached it, Diamond felt his heat burn as he grabbed his head. He then saw as a large molten eye appeared on the growth before him. As soon as he saw it, he felt his body crouch before the eye. Diamond could feel black burning tears of Obsidian trickle down his face as he lifted his head to look to the abomination before him. For the reason for all his actions, all the pain and death in his wake, was staring down at him like a god to an ant. For this was the dark being Obsidian, otherwise known as the Obsidian Leviathan.

"Wachita bwino kwambiri Daimondi monga uja, udaziwona umadzikondera wekha ndamutsimikizira anandiuza komabe mwatsopano." Obsidian hissed to his slave. "Udaziwona osati zokhazo zinandipeza ine munthu wangwiro malo kupita ku anthu kukhala, koma ndi iwe uli analola kuti ndi ine kuzika mizu m'kati mwa mumtima angawa accurs'd mlongo ndikamuwutse, Diaspore!"

"I have done what you asked." Diamond said with a strained tone. "My Secundos and Topaz's are ready to be sacrificed for you, and then you will be restored to full power."

"Amene chikanakhala kokha ngati munthu iwe uli acquir'd ndi mbiri yamoyo ndi kwako abale ake, iwe uli daw!" Obsidian hissed loudly, Diamond then felt a sharp pain in his mind as he fell back onto his hands and knees. "Ndi mbiri yamoyo ndi kuchokera kwa chamtengo wapatali chimene ana awo kukanangowonjezera kukonzanso mumpangidwe wathupi, ndipo ngakhale pamene ili ine ndikanakhala kukhalabe ali osatetezeka kukhala ndi abale anu."

"Forgive me…M-master." Diamond said as he tried to rise again. "I…I will obtain the vitae from the…Furem and…and my siblings. I swear…I swear this to you. My army is ready to fend off their forces, as well as stall Tiberium's army."

"Sachita kuti anthu azititchula kuti mundawo adzakhumudwa Daimondi monga uja." Obsidian hissed to his slave, forcing the Old King's head up to look into his eye. "Sindidamsokeretse wot zokhudza wanu dram "galu kapena mphaka" udzasauka akukonza chiwembu choti asachotsedwe kuchokera pa ine sachita amaiwala pakapita ndine ndani Daimondi monga uja, chimene Munalandira zaufulu mwa Koma ngati mkaziyo tsopano ndiye zonse m'mphepete mwa cha zimenezi m'chilengedwe chonse, Sindidamsokeretse wokweredwa zidzaipeza, ndiponso kukumbukira chiyani chimene muyenera iwe uli amalephera ananditsimikizira kuti kusamvera kwa ine kachiwiri ndidzachiritsidwa pofuna kuonetsetsa kuti anthu anaona masomphenya mwa iye chimene Sindidamsokeretse osemedwa wanu imfa yake chisoticho adzakwaniritsidwadi. Ndinali ndikukhulupirira kuti ine ndekha momveka bwino pamodzi ndi maulendo anaumiriza iwe uli akufuna kugwiririra ndiponso wozunzikirapo wapatali. Chimene iwe wachita kukhala Vestibulum, Onychinos, Zirconia, ndi Rose khwatsi, ndiponso anango onsene udaziwona linathyoka ndipo chovunditsidwa adzakhala ndi n'kosanunkha kanthu poyerekezera ndi ku chimene iwe uli adzakhala ndi numakula kukhala Peridot muyenera iwe uli amalephera ndi ine."

Diamond looked into Obsidian's eye, glaring into the Leviathan's gaze with eyes that shed both Obsidian tears and his own. Obsidian growled as he released Diamond, who gasped on the floor. As he stood up, he looked to Obsidian with a mixed look of desperation, fear, and hatred.

"I will do as you command." Diamond replied.

"Inu mukadzitengere numakula pamene iwe uli hest ... chiyani?" Obsidian asked, his eye gave the impression of expectation.

"…I…I will do as you command…" Diamond hesitated before he looked to Obsidian once more. "… my Master."

"Kulibwino." Obsidian growled. "Kuwalandira pomwepo kutuluka mu zanga pamaso pake. Ndidzakuyitana pamwamba pa iwe uli pamene Ndinali ndine kuyandikira kwambiri kwa chokwanira."

"As you desire Master." Diamond nodded as he left the chamber. A feeling of guilt and shame built within him regarding what was about to transpire.


Beach City Containment Camp, Makeshift Gem Camp, present day


It did not take long for Rose and Greg to set up camp within the old residential district buildings. As Rose looked to the temple and sighed, Greg approached his wife and grabbed her shoulder.

"Are you alright?" Greg asked Rose. "I haven't seen you like this since after you…well…you know…"

"He's my brother Greg." Rose replied to Greg. "When I talked to him, I could see his pain, he is trying to fight it. I don't know if I can save him."

I'm still questioning about why rather than what." Greg responded as he planted a light cannon on the ground. "No offence, but your brother did a lot of terrible things. I mean, look what he did to our son, and our grandchildren, not to mention that one of his servants was your most trusted ally. I mean, I know he is your brother, but there's a limit to how far a guy can fall, and this guy's fallen way to deep."

Rose turned to him and smiled.

"Even the darkest of rooms can be brightened Greg." Rose said as she began to walk to the temple. "My brother has not fallen, he is lost, and I will not rest until he finds his way home."

"Rose!" Greg shouted as he set down a crate of supplies. "Where are you going?"

"Bring the others through." Rose shouted. "I need to make sure of something."

Greg watched as Rose dashed away towards the temple. As he walked towards a placed warp pad, he looked back with a concerned look.

"You can brighten up all the rooms in the world Rose." Greg said to himself. "But some of those rooms will always have their shadows."


Rose's Hill, Topside, present day


Rose appeared to the topside of the hill to see Diamond sitting below the large cherry tree. Rose remembered this tree, the one she planted eons ago to impress Diamond. As she approached it, she noticed the scar around the trunk. She then saw Diamond sitting below the tree with a wailing stone before him, his eyes were shut and it was apparent that he was deep in though. Rose made a large grin as she stood before her brother and sat down in his lap. Immediately, Diamond opened his eyes to see Rose sitting on his lap.

"Is this your idea of a declaration of war?" Diamond said with a sigh. "Because if it is, then we both know the outcome then."

"Who said this was about war?" Rose said as she turned around to face her brother. "You always looked at everything with a cold feeling of apathy after the war. What happened to the old Diamond, the one who protected me when I was nearly eaten by Nephrolith?"

"He is no longer the brother you knew Rose." Diamond said as he looked away. "He died the moment that he broke the oath he made for his people…and when he became the very thing he wanted to destroy, and yet…he cannot rid himself of the guilt and love that poisons him so."

"That is why you've wanted me to hate you…to rid yourself of your guilt towards me…" Rose said to Diamond. "You still feel for your people, yet you cannot stop your crusade. Why are you doing all of this if you don't want to?"

Diamond paused for a minute before he looked to Rose with an intense glare. At that moment, he shoved rose off him and quickly moved away from her. Rose recomposed herself and stood up as well.

"This is for the well-being of the Universe." Diamond explained to Rose. "I am tasked with protecting it. But without Obsidian….I…I won't…I won't save it…"

"Save it?" Rose asked Diamond. "Save it from what?"

Diamond looked to Rose with a gaze of fear. Never has Rose seen such panic in the eyes within the Old King. But she then realized what he was referring to, and the realization caused her face turn pale.

"Tiberium is coming…" Rose said to him.

"But with Obsidian, I can save the Universum." Diamond explained erratically, black tears flowing from his eyes. "I will stop the tumultu from destroying this M'chilengedwe chonse again. I am the protector Rose! I have to do this! It has to be done!"

"IT HAS TO BE DONE!" Diamond screamed at Rose.

"HABET FACIENDUM!" Diamond screamed in Gemian, his mouth began to trickle black bile.

"ICHO ALI NAWA KUTI CHICHITIDWE!" Diamond screamed in a tongue unknown to Rose, he shook violently as his eyes became black shot. Rose could see that his Gem had become dull and was beginning to change color.

Rose stepped back as Diamond fell to his knees before him. As he looked to Rose, he saw tears forming in her eyes. Rose placed a hand over her mouth as she watched Diamond bend over and vomit black bile onto the ground, the black fluid burned the ground below him. As he looked up to Rose, she saw a resemblance to another Gem who was poisoned by Obsidian, who was forced to do things that were unspeakable, and who was forced to kill those whom she loved. It was clear now that Diamond was being controlled by Obsidian. She then approached the Gemian and sat before him.

"Paulatim sororis..." Diamond whispered to Rose, his eyes black shot and his face scarred from the tears of Obsidian. "Obsecro me occide. Patiamini non possum habeo concessit."

"I will not kill you Diamond." Rose said to him. "But I want to talk to him."

Diamond eyes widened as he tried to move away from Rose, who held him still.

"NEMO! Der Rose non possis ipse occidat te! Obsecro eum in retardationis materiam et non finem vitae feceri!"

"Shhhh" Rose said as she placed her forehead upon Diamond's. "Adhuc esse Fratrem meum. Nam simul expletus, ex hoc saluus eris tenebrarum harum contra mundi me duce domum."

As Rose closed her eyes, she felt the world around he grow dark and cold, and then there was silence.


Autem Somnum Exterreri Solebat, time unknown


Rose opened her eyes to see herself on a beach, it was cold and dark. As she looked around she saw that the sand was black in color and the water was red. As she crouched down, she realized that the water was in fact blood. As she looked beyond, she saw a man in the distance, he was pitch black in form. Rose then began to walk towards him, as she did she saw shades form around her. Every so often, a shade would latch onto her and she would fight it off, but as it latched to her, it screamed at her.

"No Master!"

"Please forgive me! No! I am sorry, please, not again!"


"He…he did things to me…it makes me sick!"



"Master, no-"

"I…I am sorry master. I was trying to…to…"





The first shade screamed as it grabbed Rose only for the Gem to summon her shield and bashed it. As it faded, Rose was attacked from behind. Rose grabbed the shade from over her head and threw it before her, she then summoned her sword and stabbed in in the head. Another tried to grab her, but she bashed it away with her shield. The shade faded away while screaming at her.

Another shade screamed as it emerged from the ground and grabbed Rose's legs. As she kicked it off and stomped on it, another grabbed her from behind again and began to drag her into the sand. Rose sliced it arms off before cutting off its head. The final shade screamed and grabbed the Gemian before it was run through with Rose's sword.

As she finished the last shade and continued to walk towards the figure, she saw another shade appear before her. As she approached it grabbed her and began to scream, only this time, she could not shake it off.


Rose tried to push him off, only for the shade to lift her into the air.




Rose stopped as she heard the last sentence spoken by the shade, recognizing them as the words Diamond spoke before she started this, only she could understand them. As she looked to the figure, she saw the figure look back. Just then, the shade vanished, and Rose watched as the figure approached her, but as it did, she felt the air around her begin to get colder, she could see her breath and see the ocean of blood freeze into a floor or red ice. As he approached her, she disarmed herself.

"You are the King of the Old King." Rose said to the figure. "You are Obsidian the Leviathan."

"Ah! Rose Quartz, the Lion of Diaspore, and Diamond's sister. A pleasure to finally meet thou. " Obsidian said in a bellowing voice as he walked around the Gemian, stopping as he leaned into her face. "Doth thou fear me? Thou shouldst, I hast quite the reputation anon gramercy to the Corky King of Diaspore. I wilt say, he hath quite a few leashes, so easy to control and manipulate, like wet clay. "

Rose watched as he back away and summoned a small mirror. Inside, she could see a green Gem with triangle shaped hair and floating fingers, she recognized her as Peridot.

"What does she have to do with Diamond?" Rose asked the Leviathan.

"Everything, mine dram Lion." Obsidian replied. "If I wot diamond, and I doth, is that this dram bolt-bag hither is then only thing he loves in this entire Universe moo than thou, 'r the universe itself. "

She then watched as she saw Peridot getting beaten by a fist and a mace, both she recognized as Diamond's. She then saw as Diamond raped her and then he beat her head in and ripped it off.

"What did you do to him?" Rose said as she summoned her weapons. "How could you-"

"…break an unbreakable "God"?" Obsidian asked with a laugh. "Lion, thy brother is moo of a weakling than yea all those humans on Earth combin'd. all then times that he rap'd and tortur'd a Gem wast all because of me. I simply broke his spirit with this vision, and he was eating from the palm of mine hand. Thou doth hast to admit though that everything that hath betid, the Metalian war, the Gem civil war, the Homeworld wars, the Battles of Beach City and the invasions of Earth, wast all because of thy "innocent" brother. Thou can save him, but it won't stop the fact that everyone else will view him as the cockatrices, not me. Doth thou expect that to be a better option than killing him, well, supposedly killing him? either way, he will be living in a hell, either a living 'r dead one. "

"Yes I do." Rose replied as she started to walk away from him. "Because he made his mistakes and he can fix them, and just like him, you made your own."

"Oh hast i?" Obsidian said as he watched the Gemian leave. "Then prithee enlighten me. What was mine so call'd "big misprision"?"

"Letting me know that Diamond can be saved…" Rose closed her eyes and smiled. "…and that you can lose."


Rose's Hill, Topside, present day


Rose awoke to find Diamond gone, she stood up and sighed.

"I will save you Diamond…" Rose said as she looked back to the camp she and Greg made, she could see Sadie, Fryman, Greg and the others already preparing to attack. Rose then saw a group of Agates charge at the new Gems, who began to summon their weapons and attack the Gemdroids.

"But I will have to get some more back up before I do." Rose commented as she looked to the tree, noticing the grave marker underneath. "…and I know where "they" are."

With that, Rose summoned a portal and entered it, hoping to herself that whatever was on the other side was still on hers.


Insidiae Colony, control room, several hours ago


Peridot sat at the computer, maintaining several systems and calibrating the Agate army as best as she could. Just as she was going through another routine, she picked up a voice on the audio receiver.

"Peridot…" the voice said calmly, she recognized it as Diamonds. "Peridot, are you there?"

"Yes!" Peridot said as she connected the connection to the screen. She sighed with relief as she saw Diamond on the screen, however she noticed the stab wound in his chest. "Diamond, is everything all right? What happened?"

"There…there was an oversight." Diamond replied. "Onychinos and Zirconia are dead, Topaz's Secundo's are dead, and the Humans from the colony have escaped, along with blowing up the factory and stealing the reserve Gems."

"Diamond, I am sending the Agates to your position." Peridot replied as she linked into the network of the colony. "They should help improve your forces-"

"Peridot…" Diamond interrupted, his tone was mellow and calm. "Send them to the front lines."

Peridot stopped and looked up to Diamond. "Wh-what?"

"Peridot…please listen to me." Diamond said as he rubbed his face with his hand. "You have to engage the Kingsbane directive and send the army to fend of Tiberium."

"Diamond…" Peridot looked to the controls and then to Diamond. "What about you."

"Damn it Peridot, I…I have to use Obsidian to stop him. It's the only way, but I need time to compose it. You need to send the army to stall him. I already send the majority of my fleet, now you have to send yours."

Peridot hesitated and then nodded, she began to press several controls and then the room flashed red.

"[Insidiae Operation: Hyperion Storm engaged…Please enter compliance code now.]"

Peridot took a deep breath as she entered the code.

"[Compliance code accepted…Sending Agate reserve to target…Please stand by.]"

As Peridot entered the code, she felt the room begin to shake violently. Suddenly, Peridot heard an ear shattering roar, as if a billion jets just shot right over her. As the sound died down, Peridot looked back to Diamond on the screen.

"The Agates have been sent." Peridot said calmly. "They will reach Tiberium's fleet in several hours."

"Good." Diamond replied. "Now, engage the Kingsbane directive."

"Understood!" Peridot replied as she began to press several controls and the room flashed green.

"[Warning: kingsbane directive engaged…To continue with directive…Please enter the command code and pull the override lever.]"

Peridot entered the code and then a large switch emerged beside the computer. As Peridot placed her hand on the switch, she looked up to Diamond.

"Peridot, please. Engage the directive" Diamond pleaded. "We don't have much time."

"I…I know!" Peridot replied as she looked to the switch. She wanted to push it, but her mind refused to proceed. Peridot then felt her eyes begin to mist up.

"Peridot!" Diamond shouted. "What are you doing, active the protocol now! Please! Do it! Do it now? What are you waiting for?"

Peridot felt her hand shake and could hear the switch rattle slightly as he eyes filled up with tears. Finally the Gem let out a large shout as she slammed her head onto the keyboard of the computer.

"I CAN"T!" Peridot screamed at Diamond.

"Peridot…" Diamond said softly, realizing what was happening. "Peridot, I…I…I'm sorry for…but you have to-"

"I can't do it!" Peridot choked, she saw the tears flow from her eyes fall to the floor. "I don't want to…I don't want to Diamond."

"Peri-" Diamond said, only to be interrupted by Peridot as she glared at him from the screen. "It's going to be okay. Soon this will b-"

"You promised…" Peridot shouted through sobs as she slammed her fist on the dashboard. "You promised that after we won you would stop all this, that we would be able to live a life together. Don't you remember any of that? DON"T YOU?"

"I…I know that I did Peridot…" Diamond replied softly. "But if you don't act now, all of this will go to waste. You have to do it, it's the only way to stop Obsidian."

"I can't do it!" Peridot whimpered as she wiped her eyes. "I can't kill you."

"Peridot…Since our time together, since the day I gave you true life, you knew about the sacrifices I had to make to ensure the Universe was safe." Diamond explained to Peridot, who could see tears form in the Gemian's eyes. "But you know the only way to destroy Obsidian is to destroy it entirely, the Kingsbane directive will ensure that, but I will have to die along with it. You must understand that what I have done, the Agates, Insidiae's experiments, all of that, was to find a solution, and you must understand that you are the only…the only one who can do this."

"I do, but I can't." Peridot replied, her grip on the Kingsbane lever tightened. "I can't lose you again…not again."

"Peridot…" Diamond called out to the green Gem, who looked to see a crying God on the screen before her.

"Faciam semper erunt."

Peridot gasped as she heard him speak, recognizing it from long ago.

"Faciam tandem aliquando malus. Faciam tandem aliquando esse feros. Possim tandem aliquando errat. Faciam tandem aliquando laedere."

Peridot watched with a tearful gaze as Diamond stopped speaking and rubbed his hands over his eyes, wiping away tears.

"Remitte mihi ut sitis numquam intellegam. Omnibus quaecumque feci numquid ipse praefinire non possum. Immutare non possum qualis fuerim, sed ex hoc iam homines erunt eligo quod non possumet ego in supplementum apud eos feceris omnia peccata mea."

Diamond started to gasp as he looked away, Peridot could hear the Old King trying to recompose his weeping, which caused her heart to sink.

"Quin potius animumcum complerentur dies venerit cum amotus fuero a deperdita adhuc respice ad mecummecum mecum et ferte praesidium quasi amantes inveniam petamus."

As Diamond finished he wiped his eyes again and then smiled.

"You are, and always will be, my Universe."

As the screen began to frizzle up, Peridot gasped in surprise.

"I want you to end this and save this Universe." Diamond said.

"I can't…" Peridot shouted. "I can't because…Diamond…I…"

Before she finished, the screen suddenly turned off, Peridot watched in shock as she stared into a blank screen.


Without thinking, she felt her arm pull down the kingsbane switch.

[Override lever engaged…Kingsbane directive engaged…Please evacuate from the colony immediately.]"

Peridot just sat at the table, staring into the black screen, she could see her reflection in the backness of the screen. She then sunk her head into her hands and wept for her lover. If Diamond was going to die, then she might as well go wi-

"[Errpr: Kingsbane Directive overridden…Shutting down directive…Error: Agate frequency changed…New destination: Earth]"

Peridot stopped crying and looked up slightly, as she overheard the sound of a ships landing, she heard a sound that shook her to the core.

"[Administration proxy: Approved…Welcome to Gem Colony Insidiae Commander Tiberium.]"

Peridot felt a jolt in her spine as she quietly sat up, only to see in the black screen above her, there was a tall figure standing right behind her. He had white hair, a blackish red gem in the center of his chest, and two red stripes on his arms. As Peridot jumped off the chair and spun around, the figure quickly round house kicked her into a wall.

"Commander, this is Rhyolite, the Hostile has been incapacitated, and it is now safe for you to enter.

As she was fading in and out of consciousness she could hear the figure talking with another person, he sounded cold but energetic.

"Rhyolite, did you have to be so hard on her?" The voice said to the figure. "You forget that she could be very valuable."

"Sorry Commander, by I had to ensure she was no threat to you." Rhyolite explained. "She was about to engage a directive known as Kingsbane."

"Kingsbane, that old thing?" the voice said with a chuckle. "I cannot believe Diamond actually got that up and running. I could have sworn it was done for after the war."

"Di…d…dia…" Peridot muttered as she felt a pair of hands positon her forward.

"Well I'll be, this is no ordinary Gem, looks like he made "you" into one of them." The voice said. Peridot then felt an ice cold hand grab her face and mover her head around. "…and I must say, he did good work. I just hope you still are still useful to me as you were back then, my little intelligence.

Peridot opened her eyes and jolted back at the sight before her. There was a tall man with green skin and a bald head. He was wearing a long jade colored coat with metal pauldrons. Beside him were the figure known as Rhyolite and several Agates. As Peridot stared into the man's eyes, she recognized him as perhaps the most dangerous threats to the Gemians, and perhaps the Universe.

"Everything all right…?" Commander Tiberium said to Peridot as he bent down to her with a sinister grin. "…you look like you just saw a ghost?"

Lars Miserables Chapter 6: The Commander
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Previous chapter:  Lars Miserables Chapter 5: The Farwell
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Chapter 5: An Farewell to Lars
Beach City Containment Camp, Resident District, present day.
Lars sat on an old park bench as he watched the sun rise over the ocean. The orange light reflected on the water, causing an orange column of light to shine blow the rising sun. It was a beautiful sight to behold, especially for Lars, given the events of yesterday. The young man looked down at his hands, examining the small callouses and cuts that resulted from the weeks of hard labor he endured. He then remembered what Diamond had said to him, the cruel reminder of what he was before all of this. As he rubbed his face and sighted, he heard a pair of feed scuff up beside him. Lars turned and saw Sadie, who sat beside him and looked towards the sunset. Lars scanned the short staked woman next to him, her ragged clothing and dirty complexion which reminded him of the time they were trapped on t

Part 3: Those Who Came Before: Act 1:  Those Who Came Before Chapter 1: The Kings
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Chapter 1: Kings of Three
The Beginning, time unknown
In the beginning, thither was only darkness, pure unending darkness. One could not see their left from the right as there was not a single shred of light. All of the beings within this existence, both Gods and mortals, men and beast, were cloaked in the darkness and served it without question or objection, for they were under the control of the darkness.
All of this was a result of the Gemia known as Obsidian, the Leviathan of Order. Every day, the Serpent sat upon a throne of salt and ash, gazing upon his perfect universe with a molten red eye that was filled with satisfaction and content before he fell asleep.
"Mine reach is eternal and mine rule is infinite." Obsidian said to himself with glee. "Nay being upon this existence will take what is mine. f'r with me, all is calm and quiet, as it shouldst be."
His rule last
Original Idea by: Scraps

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Chapter 1: Kings of Three


The Beginning, time unknown


In the beginning, thither was only darkness, pure unending darkness. One could not see their left from the right as there was not a single shred of light. All of the beings within this existence, both Gods and mortals, men and beast, were cloaked in the darkness and served it without question or objection, for they were under the control of the darkness.

All of this was a result of the Gemia known as Obsidian, the Leviathan of Order. Every day, the Serpent sat upon a throne of salt and ash, gazing upon his perfect universe with a molten red eye that was filled with satisfaction and content before he fell asleep.

"Mine reach is eternal and mine rule is infinite." Obsidian said to himself with glee. "Nay being upon this existence will take what is mine. f'r with me, all is calm and quiet, as it shouldst be."

His rule lasted for eons upon eons, for no creature in the universe, either god, mortal, or anything in between, could ever challenge the Gemia. That was…until one fateful day.

As he awoke from a peaceful slumber, the Leviathan noticed the smallest light in the farthest reach of his universe. The light was as small as the smallest grain of sand and no brighter than candlelight, but the sight angered the Gemia.

"Who dares disturb mine rule?" Obsidian hissed as he rose up from his throne. "Who in the name of the elders endue chaos into this universe?"

Obsidian hated the light and wanted to destroy it. So he traveled towards the light, determined to return everything to normal, as they should be.

The journey took several eons, but eventually Obsidian reached the light. As he approached the light however, it began to grow larger and brighter. Soon, the light was a bright as the whitest sun and was a large as Obsidian himself, forming into a perfect being, a Gemia, composed from both sides of conception and chaos. This Gemia the smiled brightly as she approached her visitor.

"Hello brother, I am known as Diaspore, I am a Gemia much like thou. I wilt ask thou to cease this unending darkness and allow mine light to flourish f'r the creatures of thy universe. If thou wast to look behind me, I hast already begin to plant seeds of light in thy kingdom. Thus, both light and shadow may reside in balance. Tf thou refuse however, then f'r the ranker good of the universe, I will be forc'd to overthrow thou."

Obsidian was furious, it was one thing to spoil his darkness, but to be ordered around by a little Gemia, that was unacceptable. In that instant, the Leviathan raised his hand and summoned a sickle, a blade of silver with a hilt of white, and lunged at Diaspore.

"Thou dare endue light to mine lair. . . Thou wilt die!"

In the time that followed, there was an incredible battle between the two Gemia, a war of light and darkness, chaos and order. This fight lasted for eons upon eons, the fallout resulting in the creation of countless galaxies and worlds. But alas, neither side could find a victor. That was…until one day.

Eventually, the stalemate began to fall into the favor of Diaspore, for light always destroyed darkness. As Obsidian struck Diaspore with his sickle, the Gemia struck back, and with a powerful spell was able to defeat her brother and seal him away inside a void of existence. However, this battle was not without price, for Diaspore was fatally wounded by Obsidian's attack, and knew her own end was near.

"I cannot allow this universe to continue without one to protect and guide it. Yet mine life hath been cut short by mine brother. I wot what I wilt doth."

In the next three years, Diaspore slowly began to extract portions of her essence and transfer them into exemplars known as Gemians. The process was long and excruciating, but in the end, she was able to create three exemplars of her being.

In the first year, Diaspore extracted all of her strength and power, forming it into her first born. He was known as Diamond, The Old King, and he was the exemplar of fear.

In the second year, Diaspore extracted all of her wisdom and knowledge, forming it into her second born. They were known as Topaz, The Taskmaster, and they were the exemplar of inspiration.

In the final year of her life, Diaspore extracted all of her emotion and compassion, and formed it into her last born. She was known as Rose Quartz, The Lion, and she was the exemplar of motivation.

As the three children looked to their Crystal Mother, they watched as the last fragments of her life faded before them. The three exemplars wept for their mother as her physical form began to disappear before them, begging her to stay.

"Doth not weep f'r me mine precious children, f'r I will always be part of thou and be by thy side until the end. I only ask f'r thou to tend to this Universe and keep the ranker good in mind. Care f'r this universe, and all within as thou would f'r each other. F'r with mine death, I give upon them a free life. See to it that mine gift is well spent. Reliquum silentium est."

With that, the Crystal Mother's body formed into a bright light and burst into trillions upon trillions of lights, scattering across the vast Universe. Leaving only the three Gemians behind.

"What are we supposed to do now?" Topaz asked their siblings. "

"We do what Gemia had tasked us with." Diamond replied as he looked to the stars above. "We do what she made us for, to finish what she started."

With that, Diamond summoned a portal and pointed to it.

"Now come along my siblings, we have a Universe to maintain."

Rose and Topaz looked to each other as they entered the portal. As Diamond looked back to the stars, he sighed as he entered the portal. As it closed behind them, the first chapter of their story had just begin, and with it, the first chapter of many stories to come.


Unknown planet, several billion years later


Sand, all there was sand and more sand as far as the eye could see. If the scorching sunlight wasn't helpful, then the harsh winds and sandstorms did not add any comfort. However, despite the obvious message that wandering in this sandy hell was a fool's errand, three beings were already traveling through the dunes on foot, each wearing a crystal-like armor. The figure at the front of the line was wearing a golden crystal armor. They had blond hair in a ponytail, olive-colored skin, black eyes, and a gold colored Gem on their left shoulder. This was Topaz, The Taskmaster.

The figure in the center was the tallest of the trio and was wearing a silver metallic crystal armor. He had long grey hair and a long beard, white skin, silver eyes, and a silver colored Gem on his right shoulder. This was Diamond, The Old King.

Finally, the figure that was trailing behind the other two was wearing a pink colored crystal armor and had short curly pink hair, light pink skin, dark pink eyes, and a pink colored Gem on her stomach. This was Rose Quartz, The Lion.

As the three continued to march through the sandy dunes of the planet, Rose began to trail behind, gasping in exhaustion as she fell face first into the sand beneath her, letting out a large groan as she laid in the sandy ground. Diamond and Topaz looked back and saw this, the former of the two approached Rose and picked her off the ground. As he planted the Pink Gemian onto her feet, Rose looked to Diamond and spat out a mouthful of sand.

"Rose, what in the name of Gemia are you doing?" Diamond asked his sister with an exhausted tone. "You are wasting time

"I'm tired Dimey." Rose groaned as she leaned on Diamond. "You said that we would get there by now."

"I never said that." Diamond said sternly. "Besides, a true Gemian would not complain about something so pointless."

"The point is I don't want to walk anymore." Rose whined as she raised her arms to Diamond. "Can you carry me?"

"No…" Diamond replied coldly as he began to walk towards Topaz.

"Please Dimey?" Rose whined.

"No." Diamond replied again.













"Pl-e-e-e-e-ze!" Rose cried.

"Ask me again, and you will regret it!" Diamond yelled as he turned to Rose. "I am not carrying you and that's final!"


Diamond grumbled as he felt the weight of Rose upon his back. Topaz looked back to the two and could not help but stifle a laugh.

"Keep yourself silent Topaz." Diamond growled to his sibling. "Unless it regards the shame Rose brings upon us for her laziness."

"Well…you… shame us for being such a…a…aut obrimopatrês asinam!" Rose shouted at Diamond, causing the Gemian to drop his sister into the sandy ground.

"Ow! What was that for?" Rose said as she rubbed her head.

"Where did you learn such language?" Diamond said with a stern tone. "A true Gemian refrains from using such words."

"But Topaz told me that you always say things like that when you get angry." Rose said defensively. "Does that mean that you're not a "true Gemian"?"

Diamond's face turned red as Rose blew a raspberry at her brother, which resulted in the Gemian to begin chasing sister around the dune, all the while shouting a variety of Gemian obscenities. As Topaz watched Rose trip Diamond into the sand, they placed their hand over their eyes. Remembering that despite being the middle child of the three, they were obviously the most mature of them.

"Gemia ... da mihi fortitudinem." Topaz said to themselves. "Please let us reach our location soon."


Unknown planet, Nephrolith's Cave, several hours later


It took hours, but eventually the three Gemians reached a giant cave sticking out from the sand. As they approached it, they could hear a rumbling from inside, it sounded like an earthquake and it vibrated the ground like one, but the putrid fumes that emerged from the cave and gusts of stagnant air that shot from the cave indicated that it was more on the line of…snoring.

"It's in here." Topaz explained as they placed a hand on their left temple, summoning a V-shaped visor over their face. "He has it in captivity I believe."

Diamond Nodded and summoned his helmet. "So what's the plan for attack?"

Topaz knelt onto the ground and began to draw a picture of the cave, they then picked up three rocks and placed them in front of the cave, followed by a larger rock between the cave and the smaller rocks.

"Well, given that we cannot reason with him, I suppose we could first lure him into the open, then Rose could distract him while I attack from behind. Meanwhile, you go onto the cave and acquire the Gem."

"Clever sibling…" Diamond said as he stroked his beard. "But how will we acquire his attention so easily? If I recall, this abomination is quite a glutton and will easily ignore us unless we enrage it."

"Well, I suppose one of us could return to the temple and bring back some food." Topaz suggested. "Or we could use another Gem as bait. What do you think Rose...Rose?"

Topaz and Diamond looked around and saw Rose before the cave. They then noticed that she had her shield and sword in her hands. She then smiled widely as she clanged them together. As she did, there was a loud grumbling from inside the Cave.

"Deposiut!" Topaz sputtered as they and Diamond looked to Rose with an expression of shock.

"COME ON OUT QUIS PODEX!" Rose yelled at the top of her lungs as she wildly clanged her weapons together like pots and pans. "We're the Gemains, and we're here to kill you!"

Diamond and Topaz rushed over to Rose and clasped her mouth with their hands, the two of them shushed her as they dragged her around to the side of the cave.

"You morionem! How can you be so simple?" Diamond hissed softly. "A true Gemian uses tactics instead of brute strength."

"So says the "Exemplar of Strength!"" Rose rebutted quietly. "I didn't see any tactics back on that water planet a few centuries back."

"That doesn't matter!" Diamond growled. "When I say don't draw attention that means that you will NOT DRAW ATTENTION!"

"You can't tell me what to do!" Rose objected as she shoved Diamond. "You may be called King, but you are not my master."

"Perhaps I should be." Diamond said as he glared into the rebellious Gemian before him. "You could use some discipline in your life."

"If you say so "Master Diamond!"" Rose replied with a mocking bow. "Like that'll stick."

"Be quiet back there!" Topaz commanded under their breath.

Suddenly the three could feel the ground begin to thud loudly, as they heard the sound of thundering footsteps echo from the Cave. The three Gems then watched in shock as a giant emerged from the mouth of the cave. The titan had dark-grey skin and a single eye on his head. He also had a light yellow stone over his crotch. As he let out a bellowing yawn and stretched his limbs. He looked around his surrounding and grumbled some more.

"What is that thing?" Rose said with awe.

"Nephrolith…" Diamond replied as he summoned his mace.


As the Gems peeked from the side of the cave as the giant cyclops stomped around, looking for the creature who disturbed him.

"Fantastic strategy Rose." Diamond said sarcastically. "Now what is the next step of your "master plan"?"

Diamond and Topaz then noticed the pink Gemian rushing towards Nephrolith with sword and shield in hand.

"Hey!" Rose shouted to the titan "Over here!"

Diamond and Topaz watched this spectacle with a combined look of shock and exhaustion.

"Rose aut decipietur!" Topaz shouted as they chased after Rose. "You will become the death of me."

"Get in line." Diamond added as he followed his sibling.

Nephrolith heard small screaming and turned around to see a tiny pink speck before his feet, followed by a yellow and grey speck. He then crouched down to get a closer look and noticed who the specks were.


"Nephrolith, you have something that belongs to us!" Topaz shouted at the titanic beast before them. "Surrender the Gem and you will live a long life."

"You know he's not going to listen, right?." Diamond whispered to Topaz. "His kind thrive on the despair of their victims. The only way this will end well is with his fat carcass buried in the sand."

"I know that." Topaz whispered back. "But for once I would like to come to a planet and leave without causing bloodshed. Is that too much to ask for?"

"I agree with Dimey!" Rose added as she brandished her sword. "It's chop-chop time!"

"Rose wait-!" Topaz shouted to Rose, but it was no use for the Lion lunged at the titan, only for him to effortlessly trap her in his hand, and then drop her into his mouth. Diamond sighed as he rubbed his face with his hand. As he looked to Topaz, the Taskmaster pointed to the approaching Nephrolith.

"Seriously?" Diamond asked. "I think she's done for if you ask me."

"Diamond…" Topaz said with a raised eyebrow. "She is our sister."

"And…she was just eaten." Diamond added. "If anything she deserved it."

"Diamond." Topaz chided. "Come on…"

"Alright." Diamond said as he began to walk away. "I'll just get the Gem while you-"

"Diamond!" Topaz shouted at their brother.

"Alright fine!" Diamond shouted back as he summoned his mace and rushed towards Nephrolith. As he began to reach for him, the Old King. Placed a hand towards the ground.

"Chalcos, protegendum nos!"

As soon as he did, a giant snake emerged from the ground, it was silver in color and had two sets of eyes and three sets of fangs. Chalcos quickly wrapped around Nephrolith, holding him in place as Diamond stood on Chalcos's head.

"I am supposed to be The Old King, not The Old Caretaker…" Diamond muttered to himself. "…but who is it to clean up Rose's messes? Not Topaz of course."

Chalcos then bit into Nephrolith's shoulder, causing the giant to wail in pain and allow Diamond to jump into Nephrolith's mouth.

As Topaz walked towards the cave, they turned at the sound of Nephrolith's groans of pain. They then sighed in disappointment.

"One day without violence, that's all I ask for." Topaz sighed as they entered the cave. "It would be a nice change of pace."

Nephrolith roared loudly as he felt his stomach burn with pain. Suddenly, he felt the wall of his gut begin to hurt. He tried to move, but Chalcos was too strong for the giant as he roared in pain. Finally, he watched as the center of his belly began to bulge outward with a white light. Nephrolith howled in pain as Diamond shot out of the cyclops's' gut. Holding Rose in his hands as he landed onto the sandy ground beneath him, with a trail of guts and blood splattering behind him.


"May you're next life be a more generous one monster." Diamond said as he turned to Nephrolith and extended his hand towards him in a clenched fashion.

"Chalcos…" Diamond said to his serpent with a warm tone. "…prandium."

Chalcos made a low growl as he wrapped tightly around Nephrolith, pulling he titan into the sand beneath the two. As the white snake tightened his grip, he began to slowly crush his prey's limbs and body. Nephrolith began to make a high pitched yapping as he reached upward, looking to Diamond and letting out a low pitched groan before the pressure popped his eye out of his skull and crushed his head like a tin can. Eventually the titan was swallowed into the sand beneath, leaving a large bloody patch in his wake. Diamond sighed as he sat next to Rose, who awoke and looked around before she looked to Diamond.

"Was I eaten again?" Rose said as she sat up and wiped chunks of Nephrolith off her armor.

"Yes, and it was because you became overzealous and cocky." Diamond replied in an annoyed tone. "Leaving me to rescue you and send another creature to the gullet of Chalcos…again."

"Hey! I could've escaped!" Rose objected as she lightly bopped Diamond on the arm. "If you only gave me a chance."

"We have…" Diamond explained as he stood up and helped Rose up. "But each time was the same: We came to a planet, you went in swords drawn, and you were either eaten, captured, or imprisoned. Then it was up for me or Topaz to rescue you. A true Gemian can at least go five minutes without the need to be rescued."

"Well…one day, I'll be the one who'll save you." Rose said triumphantly to Diamond, stars flashing in her eyes. "You'll see, someday I'll be you're hero."

"I know you will." Diamond scoffed with a smile as he ruffled Rose's hair. The two Gemians then walked over to Nephrolith's cave to see Topaz standing before it.

"Is there a Gem?" Diamond asked his sibling as he approached them.

"Yes…" Topaz replied with a sigh. "…but it's obviously too stubborn. It refuses to leave."

"And I supposed the plan is to leave *her* here?" Diamond said with an irritated tone as he pointed to the ground. "Did you even try to talk to *her*?"

Topaz scowled as they crossed their arms in response. "If *it* refuses to cooperate, that is not my problem. We can either leave it to die, or take its Gem. It's your call."

"Let me talk to *her*." Diamond said to Topaz as he stood in front of the taskmaster. "You have a habit of forgetting that Gems like her are like us. They may have no sense of purpose, but they are living beings."

Diamond shoved Topaz aside as he walked into the cave, stopping halfway and looking back to Topaz and Rose.

"By the way, did she give you a name?" Diamond shouted to his sibling.

"Its Gem is Ruby!" Topaz shouted back. "So that should be its title."

Diamond grumbled as he entered the cave. One of the things he found annoying about Topaz was their disregard for Gem life, viewing Gems as simple assets and tools for the Gemians instead of the living beings they are. As he ventured deeper into the cave, he felt something hit him on the head. As he looked up, a small stone struck him in the eye.

"OW! Ad pedicabo?" Diamond shouted as he covered his eye with his hand. He looked around and saw a small figure on a large rock before him. As he approached it, he saw another stone fly from the rock towards him. This time though, he caught the stone and tossed it back, hitting the figure on the head and causing her to fall off the rock. As she landed on the ground, Diamond approached her as she looked to him. She was tiny in size and had red skin and black square shaped hair. As she looked up and saw Diamond, She froze like a deer in headlights. Diamond bent down to her.

"I'm sorry about that. Are you alright?" Diamond said to the small Gem as he extended his hand to her. "I hope I didn't hurt your Gem."

"Stay away from me!" Ruby shouted as she swatted Diamond's hand away, the Old King backed away with his hands raised as Ruby tried to crawl away from him, but she found herself trapped by the rock and the Grey haired man behind her. As she turned to him, she braced herself against the wall and started to hyperventilate. "I…I will….Ki…Kill…"

"Easy now parvulum, easy. Just relax." Diamond said as he slowly summoned his mace and placed it on the ground. "I'm not going to hurt you. My name is Diamond, and I just want to talk to you."

"I…don't wanna…" Ruby shouted between breaths as she grabbed her head and curled up on the floor, rocking herself back and forth. "I'm… I can't find her…I…have…to…"

"Are you referring to a Gem known as Sapphire?" Diamond asked the little Gem, who immediately glared at the Old King and stormed up towards him.

"Where is she? Is the hurt?" Ruby shouted at Diamond while aiming her fists towards him. "What have you done to her?"

"Easy there! She's alright." Diamond raised his hands up in defense. "In fact, it was thanks to her that my siblings and I were able to find you."

"Where is Sapphire?" Ruby asked the Gemian before her as she approached him. "I need to find her!"

"She is back at our temple." Diamond explained with a smile as he extended his hand again to her. "If you come with me, then I'll take you to her. I promise."

Ruby looked to Diamond and then to his hand, as she began to reach for it, she quickly retracted her hand and backed away.

"How do I know this isn't a trick, like the giant had done?" Ruby asked hesitantly. "How do I know you're not just lying to me?"

Diamond smiled as he stood straight, taking his hands and placing them together before him. He cleared his throat and took a deep breath before he began to sing a small melody. Ruby instantly recognized it and a smile grew on her face.

"That's Sapphire's song!" Ruby exclaimed with tear filled eyes as she ran up to Diamond and hugged his legs. "You found her! You really found her!"

"Of course we did." Diamond replied with a smile as he patted the red Gem on the head. "I can see now that you two deserve to be together. Now come along little Ruby, we have a long way to go."

"Go?" Ruby asked as she clung to Diamond's hand. "Where are we going?"

Diamond looked to the little Gem and smiled.

"Why…home of course."


Gemian Temple, several hours later


Diamond arrived at the temple before Rose and Topaz did, carrying the little Gem known as Ruby on his shoulders.

"Sorry about attacking you earlier." Ruby said with a small blush. "I was just…you know…"

"Don't worry about it." Diamond said with a smile. "I was inside the stomach of a giant before I found you, a small rock is nothing compared to that."

"Ruby!" a voiced shouted before them as there stood a small blue Gem with a blue dress and blue hair that covered her eyes.

"Sapphire!" Ruby shouted as she jumped off Diamond's shoulders and embraced her long lost companion. "I never thought I'd see you again!

"It's okay now Ruby! I'll never leave your side ever again!" Sapphire said as she looked to Diamond. "Thank you Diamond! Thank you so much!"

"There's no need to thank me Sapphire." Diamond said with a smile. "Now I'm sure you two have some…er…"catching up" to do. I'll let you be. Providendum est!"

As Diamond watched the two Gems walked away, talking and laughing, he felt a warmth in his heart. This feeling quickly passed as Topaz appeared next to him, followed by Rose.

"We travelled thousands of miles to rescue a simple rock." Topaz scoffed. "We could have replaced it but no, you had to drag us to a distant planet, and nearly get us killed by a giant, just for a simple rock."

Diamond looked to Topaz with a look of disgust. He then grabbed them and Rose and the three teleported to the top of the Temple.

"We did so because Sapphire needed out help. Which I recall is part of our duties as Gemians!" Diamond explained to his sibling, who crossed their arms in disapproval. "You could've stayed at the temple. You could have let Rose and I handle this."

"No I couldn't, and do you want to know why?" Topaz objected as they pointed their finger at Diamond. "Because then *you* would have called me selfish. Just because I don't obsess over rocks like you do does not mean I don't care about my job."

"Topaz…?" Rose said as she looked to her sibling with concern.

"These are not just "rocks" germanororum. Diamond explained. "They are living beings, who have feelings and thoughts of their own. Just as you, Rose and I do."

"It doesn't matter what they think." Topaz stated. "They are here to serve *us*, to do what *we* tell them to do. They are made to provide Vitae, protect and build our provinces, or shatter for *us*, and nothing more. Even if we lose one Gem, we can always get another to replace it, there are billions upon trillions Gems in the Universe, losing one won't make a single difference in the Universe."

"If we devalue these Gem's, then we failed Gemia!" Diamond shouted at Topaz. "If we devalue these Gems, then what is the point in what we are doing? Hell, why don't we disvalue the entirety of live in the Universe while we're at it? Or Gemia herself? In fact, how about you devalue me and Rose while you're at it?"

"Diamond…?" Rose said to Diamond.

"Gemia told us to protect the Universe, not those within it!" Topaz shouted at Diamond. "Who cares if one Gem gets destroyed?"

"I do!" Diamond said as he stood up in Topaz's face "As should you!"

"Aw, that must be so hard for you to understand, dear Brother, to not have everyone giving two cacat olims about your little rock collection." Topaz said mockingly to their brother. "But you know what, I'll make a deal with you."

Topaz bent down and picked up a rock from the ground, they then placed it in Diamond's hands.

"Get that rock to bleed for me, and maybe, just maybe, I'll care just…a little…bit…more."

The next thing Topaz knew, Diamond smacked his sibling in the face with the rock. The Taskmaster fell to the ground as Diamond stood above them. Topaz then sat up and wiped their bloody nose as they looked at the angry Diamond, who was holding a rock stained with gold blood in his hand.

"Is this enough for you?" Diamond said with an angry smile. "Or do I need more?"

Topaz shouted as they lunged forward and tackled Diamond to the ground, sitting on top of him and started to punch the Old King in the face.

"Topaz!" Rose tried to pull Topaz off her brother, but Topaz pushed her away. "Leave him alone."

"Stay out of this you little ferreo canis!" Topaz hissed at Rose, jumping off Diamond and standing before their little sister. "You have the nerve to speak to us as an equal? All you can do is grow plants and whine. What worth are you to us?"

"I…I'm you're sister…" Rose replied to Topaz as she looked to the ground. "I am a Gemian."

"Really?" Topaz said as they knelt down to her and lifted her head to their eye level. "Because all you have done is prove to be dead weight."

Topaz then felt the back of their armor pull back and see Diamond toss Topaz away from Rose.

"You are dead wrong!" Diamond objected to Topaz. "Rose is the youngest of us, and she is still learning. Of course, I would know that more that you would. All you care about is staying in your tower doing Gemia knows what. If anyone is dead weight, it's you!"

"How dare you!" Topaz shouted as they grabbed Diamond by the base of his armor. "You have the nerve to speak to me like that? We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for me. I even played along with your rescue mission until Rose screwed it up. TWICE!"

Rose winced at Topaz's yelling, she felt tears in her eyes as she clasped her head. She hated it when her siblings fought, especially when it involved her.

"Stop it…. Stop it…. Stop it…. Stop it…. Stop it…. Stop it…."

"She will learn from her mistakes." Diamond defended. "I have been making sure of that."

"But unlike you, Brother, I do not make mistakes…" Topaz rebutted with a smug grin. "…I erase them!"

"STOP IT!" Rose screamed at the two siblings before she vanished. Leaving the two behind in shock at what had happened.

Diamond then looked to Topaz and dropped them, walking away.

"Where are you going Diamond?" Topaz asked as they stood up and brushed themselves off. "We're not finished here."

"I don't care." Diamond replied as he looked at Topaz with a disappointed glare. "You're not even worth it anymore."

Topaz felt a pang in their stomach as they watched Diamond vanish before them, leaving the Gemian all alone on the roof of the temple. As the words of their argument with their siblings echoed in their mind. Topaz felt their heart sink and tears flow from their eyes. Topaz began to choke up as they sat on the ground and sunk into their knees and wept.

"I'm sorry…I'm so sorry…Gemia…where did you go...what…what are we supposed to do?"


Rose's Hill, several hours later


Diamond teleported on the hill to see a large tree on top of a hill, he remembered the tree as the one Rose made so many centuries ago. As he marched up the hill, he saw a small pink Gemian crouched under the tree. Her armor was gone and she was wearing a white dress. Diamond sighed and his armor was replaced with a blue suit and tan pants. As he approached Rose, she looked at him with bloodshot eyes and then curled up.

"May I sit here with you?" Diamond asked Rose.

Rose nodded, and Diamond sat down next to Rose.

"I…I'm sorry for…that." Diamond said to Rose as he gazed at the sky before him. "I'm sure they didn't mean any of that, but I'll make sure."

"Diamond…" Rose asked her Brother as she looked up at him, tears and snot ran down her face. "Am I…am I a mistake?"

"Oh no Rose! Of course not." Diamond replied with shock as he summoned a cloth and began to wipe Rose's face. "I know I'm hard on you sometimes, but I am because I know you are a Gemian. It's just for you, it just takes you longer. But you'll get there, I know you will."

"But what about what you said, about our purpose…." As Rose was about to continue, she noticed that Diamond was looking downward, as if he was deep in though.

"Rose, I'm going to tell you something I never told anyone, not even Topaz." Diamond said to Rose. "I'm supposed to embody the strength and power of Gemia and be the exemplar of fear…"

Diamond stopped and paused, his mouth was agape and his eyes widened before he looked to Rose. She then saw tears forming in his eyes.

"…but not one day has gone by that I haven't been terrified by the thought that I won't be strong enough to protect this Universe, or those within it. I just…I'm scared that what we are doing is not enough, or it isn't want Gemia wanted…I…just want to see her again, to know what my purpose is!"

"Diamond…" Rose said as she saw Diamond's hands clench up, she could feel the fear flowing through her brother. He was the strongest and the most feared of the three Gemians, but not once since her birth did she ever see Diamond like this."

"I….fear that I'll fail you, and Topaz, and Ruby and Sapphire, and everyone else. I fear that I'll screw up and…I'll ruin everything…I'll make a mistake so huge, that I won't be able to fix it. I fear that…I'll do something so terrible that…."

Diamond gritted his teeth and growled as he smashed the ground with his fist. He then covered his face with his hands and began to weep.

"I'm so scared Rose…so scared…."

"Oh Diamond…" Rose exclaimed as she sat up and cradled the Old King in her arms. "You could never do anything to make me hate you."

Diamond looked to Rose with eyes flowing with tears. She smiled as she wiped tears from his eyes and kissed his forehead.

"Listen to me Dimey: I will always forgive you, no matter what." Rose explained as she looked into the Old King's eyes. "I promise you here and now, you will never be alone, for I'll be here for you. You are my brother, and I'll protect you from anything, just as you have for me."

Diamond smiled as he and Rose noticed another Gemian hesitantly approach the others. It was Topaz, wearing a golden suit and holding the blood stained rock in their hands.

"So…does this still count as a bleeding rock?" Topaz said with a half-smile.

"Of course you fatuus." Diamond replied as he gestured his hand to bring Topaz to him. "Now come sit by us."

Topaz nodded as they sat next to Diamond, who placed his arms around his siblings. The three Gemians sat beneath the tree for what felt like hours before Topaz broke the silence.

"I'm sorry for my behavior." Topaz said hesitantly as they looked away from the others. "You are right, I don't deserve to be a Gemian for being so cruel. I understand if you agree."

"Of course!" Diamond said with a laugh. "But we're siblings, and I'm sure that we'll have more fights like that in the future. As long as we still have the same ideals in mind, I think we'll be fine."

Suddenly, Rose beamed as she sat up and stood before her siblings.

"That's it Dimey!" Rose exclaimed with starry eyes.

"What?" Diamond asked in confusion. "What's it?"

"We'll make a society!" she explained. "We can recruit Gems and train them in our ideals. Then we can have them go around and protect the Universe like what we do."

Topaz and Diamond looked at each other in surprise at what Rose said and they both nodded in agreement, the two Gemians then stood up and looked to Rose with excitement.

"Capital!" Diamond exclaimed to Rose. "But…which one of us would lead it?"

"Why not the three of us?" Topaz chimed in. "We could make it into a tribunal."

"Perfect!" Rose said as she took Diamond and Topaz's hands and placed them in the center with her own, all three Gemians now had the gold rock in their hands. "Starting now, we will create our new society and lead it as equals."

"This means that you'll have to improve your abilities to be equal as us, this also means that like us, you'll need to take your title as Gemian more seriously." Topaz explained to Rose with a smile. "Are you sure you'll be up for this?"

"Of course!" Rose replied with a smile. "I could use the experience, besides, someone has to keep you and Dimey from killing each other."

Rose winked at Diamond as he sighed in embarrassment.

"So what do we call out new society?" Diamond asked. "How about "The Knights of Gemia?"

"No, it's too simple." Topaz objected. "But how about the Crystal Hunters?"

"Nah that seems more like we hunt Gems." Rose interjected. "Oh I know! The Gem Squad!"

Topaz and Diamond looked at each other before they burst into laughter. Causing Rose to blush in embarrassment.

"Hey! It sounded better in my head!" Rose said defensively. "Don't judge me!"

"Let's just call ourselves "The Crystal Tribunal" for now and see where that takes us, alright?" Topaz suggested.

Rose and Diamond nodded in agreement and they all clenched their hands around the stone and broke it into three shards. Each of them clenched their piece of stone in their hands and from it there was a small gem. As they held their Gems in their hand. Topaz began to speak.

"Kings of three, that are we, but who is the one who will be: One with the power of gods, one who will bring wrath upon our foes."

"Let the role be brought upon me, DI, The Old King." Diamond proclaimed. "I will protect the innocent with my life and destroy the wicked. Allow me to raise our blade."

"Kings of three, that are we, but who is the one who will be: One who speak for the mind of the ancients, an archive of wisdom, an keeper of thoughts and secrets passed throughout the eons."

"I will take that role, TO, The Taskmaster." Topaz proclaimed. "I will carry of our thoughts and dreams. Allow me to raise our scroll."

"Kings of three, that are we, but who is the one who will be: One to help our brothers and sister, to laugh and weep among them, to give them the support and nurturing that only a mother could provide."

"The role will be placed upon me, ROQU, The Lion." Rose proclaimed. "I will lend my voice to laugh for them and my eyes to weep for them. Allow me to lift our heart."

"Now here stands we, kings of three, protectors of the Universe, which we will always be."

As soon as they were finished, the three siblings laughed in joy, not because of the ridiculous nature of what just happened, but because of the fact that the three siblings has created a new order, and realized that the purpose they were looking for, was right in front of them the whole time.

Those Who Came Before Chapter 1: The Kings
Good day, and welcome to the first chapter of Everyone Makes Mistakes: Those Who Came Before Act 1.

This story will be divided into two acts. Why you ask, well we'll just have to find out together, won't we?

As you may notice, this chapter is part of a Collab project with a godly artist :icondeitydeviantwarrior:

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The Rules:

You must draw one or all of the Crystal Tribunal (See Everyone Makes Mistakes Chapter 4 for details on the tribunal) Here is a description of the three:

Master Diamond: The Old King-

Here is a reference for Diamond:
OldKing by ScrapstheFool

  The weapon of choice is a mace, much like:
Urban+mace by ScrapstheFool

Except the head is formed from two cut diamonds.

Master Topaz: The Taskmaster-

Here is a reference for Topaz:
Topaz by ScrapstheFool

Topaz's Weapon of choice is a lance which looks something like:
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Only is more of a golden orange color. It can also open up at the tip to shoot out energy much like a cannon would.

Master Rose Quartz: The Lion-
We all know what rose looks like:
1417737393983 by ScrapstheFool

Her Weapon of choice we all know was well. It's a shield:Stevens shield by ScrapstheFool
and a sword:
NewRoseSword by ScrapstheFool

Trinity Pic-

There is also a option to draw the Tribunal in a pose similar to how the Crystal gems pose. Here is the pose style:

Diamond is on the right and has his left arm extended in a clenching fashion. He carries a serious scowling expression, a sign of power.

Topaz is on the left with a right arm extended with their ring finger and middle finger pointing outward. They has a warm expression, a sign of knowledge.

Rose is in the center between the two and is in the pose much like:
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Characters Created by: Rebecca Sugar

Chapter 8: Like Diamonds in the Sky


Greg's Shed, 5 years ago,


"Almost finished…." Pearl said to herself as she slowly inserted the final spark plug into the engine of her jury-rigged spacecraft. For a ship built out of spare parts and junk, it was really well built. As soon as Pearl inserted the spark plug, the rocket came to life, Pearl's eyes beamed as she backed away from her creation, taking in the fruit of her labor with such awe.

"It's finished! I can't believe I did it, and all in a barn with a box of scraps!" Pearl cheered to herself, suddenly covering her mouth so she did not wake the two founder of "Universe & Universe," which were sleeping in a van next door. As Pearl was about to open the door, she felt a small burn on her cheek. When she looked in her reflection on the hull of her ship, she then remembered her Master. The only thing that held her back and controlled her, not to mention the one that was forcing her to groom Steven into a sacrifice for his plan of Universal dominance.

"No! I won't let you have him." Pearl said to herself before she felt a chill in the air. As she looked up at the ship, she saw another being in the reflection.

"What is the meaning of this?" Master Diamond said to Pearl, who quickly turned to face her Master. Pearl froze, as Diamond looked down at her with an expression of irritation "Are you planning to leave the Planet, Vestibulum?"

"N-n-no, of course not Ma-Master!" Pearl said nervously, "I was making this ship because Steven asked me to.

Diamond then looked up at the ship and raised an eyebrow, "Then would you explain to me why it looks exactly like a Metalian fighter?"

Pearl looked to the ground before responding to Diamond. "Well…Greg helped me with it."

Diamond looked to Pearl with an expression of shock and anger as her approached Pearl and grabbed her by the throat, lifting her up to his face. Pearl felt Obsidian tears pour down her face as she looked into the molten red eyes of Diamond.

"You are working with one of *THEM*?" Diamond shouted at Pearl, the whole barn shook from the vibrations. "I was sure I sent you to wipe out any survivors, WHY IS THIS ONE STILL ALIVE?"

"Wait Master, He is not anymore." Pearl pleaded with Diamond "He gave up his powers so he could be with Rose. Without then, he is no different from a mere Human. That means this rocket is useless. "

Diamond scowled as he slammed Pearl to the ground, turning back to the Rocket and extending his hands.

"One cannot lose their powers Vestibulum; they can only be transferred to another or suppressed. Copper did not lose his powers, but in fact transferred them to that half-child of his. Even more of a reason to acquire his Vitae; Are you aware of the power that a Gemian/Metalian hybrid possesses?"

Pearl stumbled on the ground as Diamond continued talking, she then noticed a large wrench on the ground and reached our for it. As she did, she felt her arm pull back.

"Come on Pearl, you have to fight it. For Steven!"

As she reached for the wrench, she felt the tears of Obsidian pouring down her face, burning her as she finally grabbed the wrench and stood back up, facing her master with a look of resentment. As she crept behind him, listening to his speech about the Metalians, she gripped the wrench back and lifted it up like a baseball bat.

"…erased them for that reason Vestibulum, they needed to be destroyed because they were a threat, just like-"


Pearl swung the wrench as hard as she could against the back of Diamond's head. The Gemian fell to the ground with a hard thud, knocked out cold by Pearl's attack. As Pearl looked over her unconscious Master, she looked at the wrench in her hand; the head has a small splash of blue blood on it, his blood, and her blood.

As Pearl dropped the wrench onto the ground, she grabbed Diamond by the boots and dragged him over to a small pile of junk. She then covered him in a tarp and proceeded to walk out of the barn. As she did, she thought about what would happen once he woke up, what would be the consequences of…NO! That was not what would happen; she knew what had to be done, she would take Steven into space, she knew that Diamond could not leave the planet at this moment, and that taking Steven off Earth was the only way to ensure he was out of Diamond's grasp.

"Forgive me Master…" Pearl whispered to herself as she closed the barn door, "But I must do this... for Steven."


Steven was asleep on the roof of his dad's van, wearing an adorable beetle sleeping bag. As he slept, he then felt the sensation of a finger poking him in the face. As he opened his eyes, he saw Pearl kneeling before him.

"Wha…" Steven said in confusion, only to be shushed by Pearl.

"Shhh! Want to see something really cool?" Pearl asked Steven quietly; in a tone, that many people would assume to result in a visit from Chis Hansen.

Steven emerged from his sleeping bag as Pearl guided him down from the van, trying her best not to wake Greg, who was sleeping in the back of his van.

"No…don't give him a banana." Greg mumbled in his sleep, "That's what he wants."

As the two Gems approached the barnyard door, Pearl grabbed and opened it for Steven.

"Presenting the brand new ballistic flight capable Universe Mach three!" Pearl said excitedly as she presented her ship to the half-Gem.

Steven gasped with awe as he pointed at the ship and looked to Pearl, who nodded in consent.

"Spaceship!" Steven shouted as he rushed to the new vehicle before him.

"Wait Steven!" Pearl shouted in contained excitement. "Keep your voice down!"

As she watched Steven run joyfully to the ship, she noticed the blood wrench next to her foot, as well as the small trail of blue blood, which led to a tarp beside the ship. Pearl looked at the tarp nervously before her attention was drawn to the voice of Steven.

"Whoa!" Steven said in awe, "It's even got the logo from the van!"

"And if your dad asks, we'll say we borrowed it." Pearl replied, watching Steven enter the cockpit. She then looked back to the tarp and sighed.

"Goodbye Master." Pearl said with a cold tone. "This is for Rose." She then turned back to Steven and smiled.

"If you want Steven, we can take it out for an engine check." Pearl call out to Steven in a baiting voice, she then touched her Gem and her robe was replaced with a Gemian spacesuit. "It'll be quick!"


The sound of a jet engine roaring in a paper-thin barn was enough to wake good old Greg from his slumber.

"Wha…What the…" Greg said in confusion as he looked around for the source of the noise. It did not take him long to realize where it was coming from.

"PEARL!" Greg shouted as he bolted out of his van, just in time to see Steven and Pearl already leaving the van from inside of the Universe 3. Greg watched in horror as Steven waved to his father from inside the cockpit.

"Steven! What are you doing!" Greg shouted as he watched the ship fly into the open sky.

Inside the barn, Master Diamond rose from under the tarp. As he looked around in confusion, he saw the bloody wrench and the missing ship.

"The ship…what?" Diamond said as he stepped out of the barn, only to see not only Pearl's ship flying off but also Greg chasing after it. It was then did Master Diamond realize what was happening.

"You dare escape from me?" Diamond growled as he brought his hand up, pointing them at the ship flying into the sky. "YOU DARE BETRAY ME?!" Diamond then clenched his hand, as if he was grabbing onto something and trying to pull it down to earth.


Inside the cockpit of Universe 3, Steven noticed that the ship seemed to be slowing down, almost as if it was being dragged down. He then noticed that the ship itself was beginning to fall apart, Steven groaned anxiously as he then saw a large chunk of metal fall off the ship.

"What was that?" Steven asked Pearl, his mind racing with fear.

Suddenly, there was a large flashing alarm going off in the ship, the sound caused Steven's stomach to drop.

"Pearl?" Steven asked anxiously to Pearl.

"We can make it!" Pearl said, ignoring Steven and focusing on space, "We're almost there!

Steven looked back out at the ship, he watched as the "Mr. Universe logo peeled off the hull of the ship. The whole vessel looked like it was about to explode at any minute.

"Pearl" Steven shouted as he looked to Pearl, who seemed hell-bent on leaving Earth, even if it meant a fifty-year voyage and a possible demise by rocket explosion.

"I'm gonna show it to you…" Pearl said as she glared into the stars before her, all the sounds around her, the alarm of the ship, Steven's shouting, even the creaking of the ship as it fell apart. All were drowned out by a single voice in her head. The voice of the once she called Master.

"You. I know you can hear me. When you return, Vestibulum... I'll be waiting. You have not yet understood the consequences of what you have done!" The voice lowed to a hissing whisper as it flooded Pearl's mind,"When you return... I'll be waiting here... at the temple.Waiting...for YOU!"

Pearl was broken out of her trance by the sound of the cockpit release hatch unlocking and the glass window shooting off, as she felt the cold air, she looked to Steven in surprise.

"Steven! What are you doing?" Pearl asked Steven, still transfixed on the thought of leaving Earth.

"We have to go Pearl!" Steven said to Pearl. "We're not going to make it!"

Pearl could not accept that, they had to escape from earth, from Master; Pearl just could not accept going back, not after what she did.

"But we're almost there!" Pearl pleaded with Steven, looking up at her only chance to save both of them, her only chance to save Steven. She then felt a pair of hands touch her face that brought her attention to the young Gem before her.

"Pearl! I know you miss space and I know you worked really hard, but sometimes, you just got to know when to bail."

Pearl looked to Steven and then up to space. In her mind, she realized that no matter what she did, no matter how desperate she had to be, there would be no escape from earth, and there was no escape from the Master. She knew that all she could do for Steven is help him through his life before…

Pearl sadly nodded before reaching down and pulling on the ejection lever. She then grabbed Steven tightly as the two ejected from the ship, which exploded right after.


"NOOOOO!" Greg screamed as he saw the ship explode above him, as he prayed for a sign of life, he saw Steven and Pearl's ejection parachute, sighing in relief before slumping to the ground in exhaustion.

At the base of the Crystal Temple, Diamond watched as the Parachute glided down in the air. He then turned around and entered into the rock wall before him.

As Pearl looked down at the city below her, she then looked to Steven with a feeling of immense guilt.

"I am so sorry Steven." Pearl said softly to the Half-Gem in her lap, "I almost got us killed."

"I'm used to it." Steven responded, "I'm sorry I couldn't help you get to space. We'll get there someday, I promise."

"You know, I think I'd rather be here on earth." Pearl said to Steven.

"With me!" Steven interjected gleefully.

Pearl looked back to the temple and though about Master, she then looked to Steven and gave him a half-smile.

"Yeah…with you…"


Crystal Temple Topside, present day,


Diamond watched the sunset before him, as he contemplated the return of Steven and the betrayal of his servant Pearl, he felt the presence of a being beside him. He then turned to see Rose standing beside him; her presence was beaming, even to the Old King.

"Remember when we came to this planet when it was just born?" Rose said to her brother, who was silent as he watched the sun fall. "I was so naive back then, We didn't need to worry about the Gems, or Metalians, or even our duties as Gods."

"You didn't." Diamond replied as he continued to stare at the red orb in the distance. "Topaz and I did, you just poked and explored this rock like a child."

Rose huffed as she turned to Diamond. "I was still a child then, if you recall, I was born the last. You made that very clear by calling me Praecinctorium."

Diamond sighed, "You do know Nostalgia is not going to change anything. Right?"

Rose's expression changed to a sadder tone as she looked to the sun once again. "I don't understand why though, why must you kill them? What good will come from all of this? You speak of order and peace, yet you have declared war and committed Genocide upon your own people, especially your siblings."

Diamond then turned to Rose with a look of anger, "War? No, not war, wiping the slate clean, Make the Universe like it was meant to be: undisturbed by free will."

Rose backed up a litter before looking to Diamond, "Brother, I had to because I would think that in the time without my power, you could see that this would, just like the others, can thrive with its faults. In fact, the faults themselves bring out the best in this Universe.

Diamond scowled before his sister, crossing his arms as she smiled at him. "You are blind to the truth, just like Topaz. I am more surprised that a God of knowledge like them would follow such a thoughtless belief. Perhaps that knowledge will be put to good use when I control it."

Rose sighed as she approached her sibling. "Diamond, I beg of you, stop this madness, there is still time to-"

"NO!" Diamond shouted to Rose as he swung his fist at her, only for her to dodge the attack. "It is too late to turn back! I have worked too hard to control the majority of this Universe; I have the Obsidian Leviathan at my control, and an army of Agates in construction I'll send the Leviathan, the Agates. Bring ruin in my hands until only I stand atop the Tribunal Temple again. I will scour galaxy after galaxy with the Leviathan, rain its walls with spears of Obsidian - with an army of obedient machines behind me. and once I have absorbed your Vitae and Topaz's. I will become as powerful as Gemia herself, and once I erase free will form this Universe, my purpose will be complete!"

Rose saw as Diamond's eyes filled with tears, his expression a mixture of pride and, to her surprise, guilt.

"I will kill or control each and every last one of them until it is only me…alone…in a quiet Universe….a perfect one."

He then turned to Rose, who looked at him with a look of sadness, and clenched his hands towards her, tears pouring from his molten red eyes.


Rose walked up to Diamond and gave a small smile towards him. The Gemian fell onto his knees before his sister. She placed her hands on his face and looked into his eyes.

"Diamond, no matter what you have done, no matter what you will do, I will never hate you, Topaz may hate you, but I am different, I see the good and beauty in everything around me, even in something as warped and lost as you. I know that there is good in you still, and it is the Leviathan that poisons your mind. That is the reason why I will always love you. Because no matter how far you fall, you will always be my brother, as I will always be your sister."

Diamond stood back up and approached a large grave; this was the grave of two people close to Rose, now it was only the grave of one. Diamond stared at it for a moment before looking back to Rose.

"It is too late for me to stop when I have come so far." Diamond whispered as he raised his hand before the grave, "I have come so close to purifying the Universe, that I will not let anything stop me, not even you."

Diamond then clenched his hands and a small copper cylinder emerged from the ground before them. As it floated in Diamond's hands, he turned back to Rose.

"What ever happened to "We cannot both exist? That is what I am more curious about." Diamond said as he handed her the cylinder.

Rose smiled as she looked at it "That is the most interesting thing about life Diamond: even with our live, they always find a way."

Diamond then turned back to the sunset. "You now know that you have to fight with them, correct?"

Rose smile faded a little as she looked at the cylinder.

"This also means that this is the last time we will speak as brother and sister." Diamond added.

"Rose felt tears flow from her face as she summoned a portal, she looked back to Diamond, who was still watching the sunset and then she silently entered the portal.

As Diamond heard the sounds of another portal, he felt the presence of Hematite behind him.

"What have you brought me?" Diamond asked the

"Master, the army is on its way." Hematite said as he knelt to his master, "We will have the Agates in three earth days."

"And the Leviathan?" Diamond asked

"It is nearing the final cycle." Hematite answered, "The Gems will not stand a chance. Your victory will be imminent."

"Leave." Diamond ordered Hematite as the Gem disappeared. As soon as Diamond was alone he approached the Tree that was nearby. Diamond then as he picked a Rose from the tree, which this time, did not wilt in his hand. As he examined the flower, he felt more tears fall from his face.

"Fortunate ego tam durus habet qui facit dimisisset?" Diamond whispered As he looked up at it, his mind faded to a memory he had forgotten.

"Vale, dulces Rose. Donate mihi quid faciam."


Rose's Hill, 14,000,000 years ago,


"Diamond! It's this way!" said a small Gem, she had short curly pink hair and wore a white dress, this Gem was known of Rose. Accompanying her was Diamond, only his hair was shorter, and his beard was just a goatee. Diamond moved slowly behind his sister, not seeing the point of this expedition.

"Remind me again why you brought me here?" Diamond asked Rose as he moved up the hill "This had better be worth the walk."

"It's over here!" Rose yelled to her brother "Get moving Dimy,your burning daylight!"

"First, you will address me as Diamond." Said Diamond, who hated that nickname, "and second, I do not see how it is possible to burn daylight, seeing as it is a emission from the sun, which is alrea-"

Okay okay, jeeze, It's a figure of speech." Rose said with a huff.

"You should act your age Rose." Diamond began to lecture, "As a Gemian, you will have more responsibilities as you-" Diamond stopped speaking as he watched rose digging a hole in the dirt. Her dress and suit were getting dirtier with every dig.

"Rose, what are you doing?" Diamond asked Rose.

Rose looked up at Diamond and smiled. "I'm showing my new trick."

Diamond sighed as he pressed between his eyes. "Rose, as Topaz has told us, basically any living creature can dig a hole."

Rose then clenched her hands over her Gem and produced a seed, which she planted into the earth and covered it up with dirt. "No! Not that, this."

Rose then stood up and grabbed Diamond's hand, having the two of them back away a couple inches from the new pile of soil. Diamond then watched as Rose pointed her hands at the pile and began to concentrate. As Diamond watched the soil pile, he noticed that a small plant began to sprout from the soil. Within a few minutes, the plant began to grow and grow, until it turned into a full-grown tree. As soon as it finished growing, Rose ran under the tree and hugged it's trunk.

"Isn't this neat Dimy?" Rose said as she approached Diamond, who was in awe that such a small Gemian could do this.

"This is impossible." Diamond said as he watches the leaves of the tree fall, Rose began to collect them into small piles before slamming into them. The little Gemian giggled as the leaves fell everywhere. As Diamond picked one of the rose flowers from its branch, he noticed that it wilted immediately in his grasp. Diamond tried to fuel it with Vitae, but it was no use. Rose then noticed it and approached her brother.

"How did you do this?" Diamond asked Rose, "What is the spell."

Rose sputtered as she then gave a wide grin at Diamond, "I'm not telling! DIMEY!"

Diamond twitched at the sound of that nickname, only to simply sigh and sit down, as he watched the sun set before him, he then watched as Rose walked in front of him and sat on his lap.

"Rose, get off of me." Diamond said in a annoyed tone.

"You should grow a bigger beard." Rose said, having completely ignored Diamond command.

"Why should I do that?" Diamond asked Rose as she picked up a rose peddle and brushed it agienst her hand.

"I think it would make you look more…awsomer!" Rose said as she looked at Diamond, stars beaming from her eyes.

"Awesomer is not a word." Diamond said as he turned his attention to the sunset, "You should know that by now, you little Praecinctorium."

"What does..p…pr…prancing erector mean?" Rose asked Diamond, the cuteness of her question almost made Diamond want to vomit.

"It is Gemian for an immature, compulsive, child." Diamond replied.

Rose puffed up in anger, "Well, if I am a prancing erector, then you are a…um…you're a…a…Asini.

Diamond's eyes widened, as he looked to Rose "Where in the name of GEMIA did you learn that?"

Rose smiled widely as she slouched in Diamond's lap. "Topaz told me, they said that if even you call me names, I should all you an Asini. Um, what does Asini mean anyway?

Diamond sighed as he looked back to the flower in his hand, he noticed that this time, it was alive and healthy, as he wondered what it was that revived the plant, he felt a finger poke his face. Diamond attention was drawn to the giggling Gemian in his lap, which for some reason caused Diamond to feel something he had never truly felt before.

"Thank you Rose." Diamond said as he continued to watch the sunset. As Rose looked to Diamond with curiosity, she impulsively stuck her fingers into Diamond's mouth. Diamond quickly pulled her dirt and saliva covered fingers out of her mouth as he coughed from the experience.

"Rose! What in the name of GEMIA are you doing?" Diamond shouted at the little Gemian before him.

"I wanted to see you smile." Rose said innocently, "I don't think you can smile."

"Such an emotion is a waste of time and effort Rose." Diamond said as he recomposed himself. "I do not see a point in doing such a worthless exercise." Diamond then looked down to see Rose making weird faces at him.

"Are you taunting me?" Diamond asked in annoyance.

"I'm trying to make you laugh." Rose said with a grin, "Tell me Dimy: what makes you laugh?"

"Annoying little Pestes getting smashed into a pul-" Diamond stopped to see Rose looking up at him, her eyes welling up with tears as well as her lip quivering. In that instant, Diamond panicked.

"Uh…I mean…jokes…yes…jokes!" Diamond said quickly.

Rose expresseion turned to a huge star-eyed grin as she sat back down in Diamond's lap. Diamond sighed with relief as the two of them watched the sun set.

"Okay! Okay! I got one!" Rose said gleefully. "Why did Topaz throw butter out the window?"

"Why?" Diamond asked.

"They wanted to see a butterfly!"

"Why is the spreading lies funny again?"

"No no, it's a play on words. "Butter-fly, get it?"

"Get what?"

"The joke"

"Where is it?"

"Where is what?"

"The Joke, where do I get it?"

"No no no…you…it's a…I…argh."

"Is this part of the joke, because I don't quite-"

"Augh, nevermind!"

A Girl and Her Lion Chapter 8: The Sky
Welcome. Welcome to Chapter 8 of the Sequel to Everyone Makes Mistakes: A Girl and her Lion.. You have chosen, or been chosen, to continue to read one of the finest Steven Universe fanfiction. 

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  Younger Diamond 2 by ScrapstheFool 

Chapter 7:  A Girl and Her Lion Chapter 7: The Dream
Original Idea by: Scraps
Collaboration work with: Cleverun
Characters Created by: Rebecca Sugar
Chapter 7: Sometimes, I Dream About Topaz
Beach City High School, present day
Connie sat at her desk as she waited for the teacher to begin his lesson, as she waited, her listened to the chatter of the classmates as they laughed and shouted at each other, boasting about small things that would be forgotten. She smiled as she looked out the window, the sun was shining, and there was not a single cloud in the sky. This has been the perfect day of her life so far. Aside from a small stomachache, nothing could ruin this day. Her moment of bliss was interrupted by the sound of a door opening as a man with blond hair and a blue suit entered the classroom. As he approached the desk, he placed the briefcase in his hand onto the table and then turned his attention to the class.
"Alright students, settle down now." The teacher said to the students, who quickly returned to their seats and stared at

Chapter 9:  A Girl and Her Lion Chapter 9: The Apology
Original Idea by: Scraps
Collaboration work with: Cleverun
Characters Created by: Rebecca Sugar
Chapter 9: An Apology to Gems
Tribunal Temple, present day
The time had finally come, after months of hiding and running it was now time to fight back. Topaz, Connie, Emerald, and the rest of the Gems all gathered outside of the temple to discuss a plan to attack Master Diamond and liberate Beach City from his oppressive grasp. As the Gems gathered in the courtyard, Connie stood before them, ready to discuss the battle plan.
"Alright everyone, if we are going to get Beach City back, we need to be precise and quick." Connie said to the Gems as she projected a large hologram of the city through her gem. "As Garnet, Amethyst and I already know, Diamond is using the city as his main base of operations. This means that this city will be well defended by his Agate forces. However, thanks to Howlite, a large portion of said forces are destroyed and the residents were evacuated. This will al

Those Who Came Before

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Welp guys, the second and a half part of the "Everyone Makes Mistakes Saga is Complete. I want to thank everyone who helped make this possible. Especially :iconcleverun: :iconcrazyspaced: :iconhikumirin: and :icondeitydeviantwarrior:, who's collaboration and assistance made all of this this possible.

Now we close this chapter of the story and move on to the next one:

Those Who Came Before Act 1/Act 2: The Crystal Gems have protected the universe for many years. However, what happened to the other gems? Who created them? In addition, what caused their near extinction? Truths will be revealed about past lives and the History of the Crystal Tribunal will be revealed.

Innocence  will be lost, war will be cast, a sacrifice no one would expect. All this and more coming soon.



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For a while now, :iconcleverun: and I have been working on a comic interpretation of Everyone Makes Mistakes, which is a well-known fanfic by some in the SU community as being rather..."alarming".

As you probably read, the story is accurate to the fanfic, as well as a little tune-up here and there, courtesy of :iconcleverun:.

Now you are probably thinking: "But Uncle Scraps, does this mean that the grim-dark moments and scary scenes that you have been known for will be toned down by :iconcleverun:?"

I have already discussed this with :iconcleverun: and she has already shown me previews of the latest p-pages.

So I can tell you personally that: No, they will not be toned down...

...instead...they will be TONED UP!

Yes you heard me. The scenes in the fanfiction will be like the children's Bible in comparison to what :iconcleverun: has cooking up for the comic.

Which brings up another question: Is it possible for the creator of one of the most twisted fanfic series in the SU fandom to actually fear the creation of a collaborator?

Ead by ScrapstheFool


So brace yourselves my comrades, for what I did in EMM: The Fanfic will be small potatoes compared to EMM: The comic. AND I MEAN SMALL FUCKING POTATOES!

Those Who Came Before

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Welp guys, the second and a half part of the "Everyone Makes Mistakes Saga is Complete. I want to thank everyone who helped make this possible. Especially :iconcleverun: :iconcrazyspaced: :iconhikumirin: and :icondeitydeviantwarrior:, who's collaboration and assistance made all of this this possible.

Now we close this chapter of the story and move on to the next one:

Those Who Came Before Act 1/Act 2: The Crystal Gems have protected the universe for many years. However, what happened to the other gems? Who created them? In addition, what caused their near extinction? Truths will be revealed about past lives and the History of the Crystal Tribunal will be revealed.

Innocence  will be lost, war will be cast, a sacrifice no one would expect. All this and more coming soon.



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For a while now, :iconcleverun: and I have been working on a comic interpretation of Everyone Makes Mistakes, which is a well-known fanfic by some in the SU community as being rather..."alarming".

As you probably read, the story is accurate to the fanfic, as well as a little tune-up here and there, courtesy of :iconcleverun:.

Now you are probably thinking: "But Uncle Scraps, does this mean that the grim-dark moments and scary scenes that you have been known for will be toned down by :iconcleverun:?"

I have already discussed this with :iconcleverun: and she has already shown me previews of the latest p-pages.

So I can tell you personally that: No, they will not be toned down...

...instead...they will be TONED UP!

Yes you heard me. The scenes in the fanfiction will be like the children's Bible in comparison to what :iconcleverun: has cooking up for the comic.

Which brings up another question: Is it possible for the creator of one of the most twisted fanfic series in the SU fandom to actually fear the creation of a collaborator?

Ead by ScrapstheFool


So brace yourselves my comrades, for what I did in EMM: The Fanfic will be small potatoes compared to EMM: The comic. AND I MEAN SMALL FUCKING POTATOES!

Lars Miserables

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Welp guys, the second part of the "Everyone Makes Mistakes Saga is Complete. I want to thank everyone who helped make this possible. Especially :iconcleverun: :iconcrazyspaced: :iconhikumirin: and :icondeitydeviantwarrior:, who's collaboration and assistance made all of this this possible.

Now we close this chapter of the story and move on to the next one:

Lars Miserables: Set during the events of part 2, find out what happened to the residents of Beach City and the mysterious group known as G.E.R.M.

Innocence  will be lost, war will be cast, a sacrifice no one would expect. All this and more coming soon.


I'd Buy That for a Dollar: Commission Trade

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I have new requests, as well as the basics. 

Here is my Commission rate:

One fully colored and well done image: $20.00 (1,600 points) per image.

One non-colored well-done image: $10.00 (800 points) per image.

Prices can add up if more than one image is created (i.e who colored images will add up to 40.00 or 3,200 points).

Here is the list of Commissions you can choose from:


Adventure Time:


S5 e39 BMO with a gold star by ScrapstheFool

is held up to a wall by her arms, her expression is a look of fear as digital tears roll down her blushing cracked screen.

A large black hand with a grey sleeve is holding her up. The sleeve has a gold cuffing with a black "S" engraved on it.

As she struggles to break free of the hand's grasp, another black hand with the same details is starting to pry its index and middle finger into one the slots on BMO's chassis.

BMO is trying to push and kick the prying hand away with her feet but failing all the while saying phrases like "Scraps st-stop!" and "It's hur-hurting me!" and "I-I don't like this ga-game."

In addition, there is a voice (from the black handed man) who is saying the phrase: "You are mine now! Resistance is pointless.”


Ben 10 Omniverse:

There is a tall bridge; the bridge is over a large ocean. Ml-E

The More Things Change, Part 2 (154) by ScrapstheFool

Hot Stretch (441) by ScrapstheFool

is being held by her arms over the bridge by a dark figure in a grey tuxedo, he has a pitch black body, short black hair, and he has a large yellow smile and gold glasses (As shown below).
Scraps True Form by ScrapstheFool

ML-E is struggling while tears are flowing from her eyes (her left eye is bruised). Her legs are tied together by shackles, which are attached to a large metal block. She is begging the figure to stop, saying things like "Stop please!”, “I’m Sorry!”, “I don't wanna die!"

The figure, looking her face o face and dead in the eyes with his same smile, is saying only this line to her: "Let's see you dash out of this you freak."


The Lego Movie:

There is a large glass cylinder, this cylinder has scratches on it as if someone was trying to get out but soon realized that there is no hope in escaping this deathtrap.

On top on the cylinder is a smaller hexagon-shaped device with a large digital timer that reads in large red numbers 0:15, a countdown of some sort.

The device has a small nozzle pointing into the cylinder, like a showerhead in a bathroom. The top of the device is connected to a large hose that is connected to a large drum with the letters HF on it across a hazard symbol.

Inside the cylinder, there is a small Unikitty (not in Lego style but in a unikitty style similar to 

No Poo Poos, No Boo Boos, and No Hoo Hoos by thelivingmachine02 

tumblr n4e21tTU8t1qfrfyho1 1280 by ScrapstheFool
 lying on her stomach on the floor with her front paws on her head. Her fur is mangled and bloody; her horn has broken off and is lying next to her with blood leaking out of the broken end.

She has various scratches and bruises on her body from failed attempts of escaping.

Her expression is a mixture of fear and false optimism as she is looking down at the small pool that is formed from the tears flowing from her face, which has a half-smile as she is saying the following words in hope that her last moments are positive: “Bubblegum,” “Butterflies”, “Cotton Candy.”

Standing before her and watching from outside of the cylinder is a tall man in a grey tuxedo, he has a pitch black body, short black hair, and he has a large yellow smile and gold glasses (As shown below).

Scraps True Form by ScrapstheFool

As he is standing there, he is holding a sign up that reads “STAY POSITIVE” in big bright yellow letters. While his other hand not holding up the sign is behind his back.
The Amazing World of Gumball:

Nicole is standing over Gumball's body, which is tied up to a table with both arms streched out to the sides and his chest cavity is cut open. He also is wearing a oxygen mask and tears are rolling down his face and blood trickling out of the mask. 

Nicole is holding a bloody knife close to her chest and is crying as well her clothing and fur are bloody as well. Behind her is a tall man in a grey tuxedo, he has a pitch black body, short black hair, and he has a large yellow smile and gold glasses (As shown below).

Scraps True Form by ScrapstheFool

He is using his hands to strech Nicole's mouth into a smile. The Point of View of the image should be in front of Nicole and the man.

He is saying only one little word:


>Sonata Dusk:

1413781605219 by ScrapstheFool

being strangled like this:

3cbf1592813f5ce7eeb56fda64a554e5 by ScrapstheFool

Sonata has tears streaming down her face and  a large smile (open mouth) on her face. Her clothing also has to be ripped and her needs to appear beaten. Not to mention that there needs to be captions of weezing, chocking and gasping and her eyes need to be rolled back.

The Attacker looks like this : 

Scraps True Form by ScrapstheFool

as the attacker stares into Sonata's eyes as she gasps for air, he is saying to her: 

"Sing for me, my little Siren. Let me hear your bleats of perfection."

(The list above will expand when new ideas are created.)

I will also be doing art trades, I may not be able to draw, but I can sure as hell write. Thus, you draw the requests above and I will reward you with a fic request or beyond. Here are the trade rates:

Platinum: 4+ Pictures: 2+ request , 1+ collaboration request (this means we can work on a fic together), 1+ OC(s) added as a main or minor character to each of my main stories.

Gold: 3 Pictures: 2 request, 1 OC added as a main/minor character in three of my main stories.

Silver: 2 pictures: 1 request, 1 OC added as a minor character to one of my main stories.

Bronze: 1 picture: 1 request, a very nice thank you.

Requests shall be made upon completion of image(s).

If you wish to discuss the images you wish to commission for me, please reply via Comment, or Note. I will look forward to to paying you for your time and effort.

Interview with a Shameful man

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Tagged by: :iconneraja:
1. You must post these rules

2. Each person has to share 10 things about them

3. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer 

4. Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal

5. Go to their page to inform them they are tagged (DA notifies you whenever you're mentioned somewhere, so I won't do that)

6. Not something like " you are tagged if you read that"

7. You have to legitimately tag 10 people

8. No tag-backs

9. You can't say that you don't do tags


ViperiumPrime's Q's:
1. What's your Favorite Movie?
Citizen Kane

2. How about Favorite Show (or some of your favorites)?
Falling Skies

3. Who are 4 artists you love to watch?

4 . If you could be an animal, what would it be?!
 A Homo Sapian. (Mission Accomplished!)

5. What's your preferred way to create art (ie sketching, Photoshop, SAI...)?

6. Who's your favorite character, from any movie, show, or comic/manga?

7. What's your favorite deviation right now? 

8. If I gave you a million dollars, what would you do with it?
Use it for University

9. Cats or dogs?
10. Do you like Roosterteeth? If you don't know who that is, search YouTube for Rage Quit: Happy Wheels and follow me down the rabbit hole that is the greatest company to ever exist. 

My Questions! >:D (Big Grin)

Same as above.

I tag:



ScrapstheFool's Profile Picture
Uncle Scraps
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Q= What do you do in your spare time?

A= Go on walks, play video games, write fanfics

Q= Favorite Color?

A= Gold

Q= Favorite drink/food?

A= Cola/Chinese food

Q= Who do you live with?

A= My Parents and my brother. Along with two dogs.

Q= What do you look like?

A= Caucasian, blond/short-cut, blue eyes with purple bags under them.

Q= What would you like to do when you grow up?

A= I am already an adult, if meaning a occupation, it would be in human services.

Q= What is your personality?

A= I act very cold and calculated on the outside, but when you get past that, I can be a very cool guy.

Q=Are you in a sport?

A= No

Q= Are you in a relationship?

A= I wish.

Q= What is you most valuable fashion accessory?

A= My Sweaters.

Current Residence: Hoffman Estates, Illinois

Favourite genre of music: Electronic, dance, dubstep, remix

Favourite style of art: Classical

MP3 player of choice: Ipod Nano

Favorite cartoon character: Too many to describe

Personal Quote: Jeeze'n Crow!


ScrapstheFool has started a donation pool!
1,600 / 1,000,000,000
A alternative to money or request trade are point donations, here are my rates:

Platinum: 8,000+: 2+ request , 1+ collaboration request (this means we can work on a fic together), 1+ OC(s) added as a main or minor character to each of my main stories.

Gold: 4,000: 2 request, 1 OC added as a main/minor character in three of my main stories.

Silver: 2,000: 1 request, 1 OC added as a minor character to one of my main stories.

Bronze: 800: 1 request, a very nice thank you.

Please note that all sales are final and there are no Take-Backs

You must be logged in to donate.


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Skype Hours for: Scraps the Fool

Monday: 11:30 AM - 3:30 PM

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Webcam is available and hours will vary sometimes (I have work and school to worry about.).


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