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The Crystal Gems by Cleverun

This image displays a feeling of emotional distress between the three Gems. Each carrying a massive weight on their shoulders. -Garnet'...

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Fanfiction Ideas

I have several ideas for a few stories after I am done with the EMM series. As of now, here is the list:

1. MLP: Tendencies of a Lyncanthope: The story of a semi-demented pony and the doctor who fights for her freedom. (This will be a collaboration with :icondream-senpaii:)-[STATUS: Postponed]

4. The Amazing World of Gumball: The Retribution: The world of Nicole Watterson is turned upside down when she tries to find out who harmed her son, and she gets more than what she bargained for when she uncovers a secret involving a past she never knew she had. (This will be a collaboration with :iconnamygaga:)

5. Adventure Time: Age of Iron: When a enemy from the past comes to finish what it started, it's up to Finn and the Gang to prevent a second Mushroom war while discovering the origins of the original war and the creation of Ooo.

6. [Error 220: text not found.]:[Error 220: text not found.]:[Error 220: text not found.]

7. The Lego Movie: Legend of the Holy Brick: After repelling the invasion of the Duploians, Emmet Brickowski decides that it is time to ask Lucy to be his special. But when a new enemy force comes to end the world (again), It's up to Emmet, Lucy, Business, Good/Bad Cop, Unikitty, Metalbeard, Batman, and Benny to once again save the world.

8. Lucky 17: John is a man who lives a simple life like anyone else. But unlike some people, he has a certain taste for life. A taste that will lead him to Camp Weedonwantcha, where he will understand the relationship between a predator and their prey.-[STATUS: Postponed]

9. Pink and White: Two whole months since they lost the battle of the bands and the chance to rule the world, once a trio of sirens known as The Dazzlings, now reduced to tone-deaf students of Canterlot High. However, despite the situation, at least two of the three were off to a good start. Adagio on the other hand...that is a completely different story.-[STATUS: Postponed]

Feel free to ask questions or provide ideas for these stories. If you want to post a idea for a future chapter of my stories, please send me a note with your idea. If it is good enough, then your idea will be used in the fanfiction, you will be credited appropriately, and you will be given one request as a reward.

You can also contact me and follow my stories via



Should I combine the E.M.M saga into one story or divide it into 3 parts? 

4 deviants said I have no strong feelings one way or the other
3 deviants said Three parts is fine.
2 deviants said Make it one story.
2 deviants said What Is E.M.M
1 deviant said I don't care.

What Fanfiction should I work on after the "Everyone Makes Mistakes saga? 

3 deviants said The Amazing World of Gumball: The Retribution
3 deviants said Adventure Time: Age of Iron
2 deviants said MLP: Tendancies of a Lyncanthope
2 deviants said How about instead of Fanfics, you focus on real life?
1 deviant said Requests (Please post a request if you have one.)
No deviants said The Lego Movie: Legend of the Holy Brick
No deviants said /CO/'s Fic Demands
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So apparently we won't have any new Steven Universe episodes until late July or August.
Burnout by ScrapstheFoolWell shit!
EMM chapter 5 is almost done. Just have to make a few adjustments.
Is there such a thing as a Stoner Hippie with bushy eyebrows and a cute personality?

How could such perfection exist in this world?
Name: Master Diamond

Age: 13 Billion

Gem: Diamond

Gem Type: Gemian

Gem Location: Right Shoulder

Titles: Gem Master Diamond, Gem Grandmaster, The Master, The Old King, DI.

Attributes: Strength (Primary), Intelligence (Secondary)

Bio: Master Diamond is the leader of Diamond Authority and a member of the Gemain Tribunal. He is the elder brother among both Topaz and Rose Quartz and Pearl's Father. He is responsible for the Civil War of the Crystal Gems, the attacks from Homeworld, the death of Steven, Greg, and Connie's children, the enslavement of Beach City and the Deaths of Ronaldo and Peedee Fryman, Ganga Nanafua Pizza, and Harold Smiley.

The Metalian War:

After Diamond and his siblings were formed from Gemian, they began to maintain and develop the balance of the universe. However, at one point, the Gemians and their Gems encountered the Metalians, a advanced and dominant race lead by a being known as Tiberium. Soon, the Metalians began to attack the Gems, wishing to use them as a energy source for their war machines. After a battle that nearly wiped out the Gemian's army, Diamond realized that unless they needed a large power to turn the tide, otherwise the Gems would be extinct and the Universe would be destroyed. Eventually Diamond discovered about the Obsidian Leviathan, the eldritch entity that was defeated by Gemian eons ago. Diamond discovered the prison of Obsidian and asked him for his help. Obsidian offered the Old King a deal: In exchange for his freedom, he would provide Diamond the power and knowledge to ensure true peace in the universe. Diamond accepted and released Diamond. He then used the Leviathan's power to wipe out the Metalian army and defeat Tiberium. He also found and obtained the Metalian's primary intelligence, a Metalian/Gem A.I. Using the knowledge from the intelligence and with a whole slew of Metalian technology at his disposal. Diamond declared himself as "Master Diamond" and he and his siblings formed the Crystal Tribunal of DITROQU, creating a powerful empire to ensure balance and peace in the Universe.

The Master and his plan:

As time passed on after the war, The Tribunal began to debate on their interactions with the Universe and how they must protect it. Rose wanted to help it entirely and become involved with the lives of the non-gems, providing wisdom and guidance to the lesser being an uplift them as they did with the Gem, Topaz wanted to be involved only with Gem related activities, believing that constant interaction would spoil the lesser races and cause chaos within them, and Diamond wanted to dominate the Universe and erase free-will from non-gems, believing that a will-less Universe would lead to peace. Eventually, he began to stage attacks within the Empire with a group of brainwashed Gems known as "Diamond authority". He then abducted two of Topaz's Secundos and warped them into his servants. At this time Diamond, his servants, along with his Secundo known as Onyx, declared war on Topaz and Rose, declaring them corrupt and unfit to protect this Universe. A bloody trail of battles commenced, eventually leading to a large assault on the Gem colony of Insidae, which resulted in the near decimation of Topaz and Rose's forces. The Gemians then decided to flee to the planet Earth, which was still unmolested by the Gemian's. Diamond then followed suit, but not before he gave a final command to his Diamond commanders to hide all evidence of the Gemians, the Metalian war, and the Obsidian Leviathan from the Gems and to implant a false Genesis in the even of his defeat. Eventually, he arrived on Earth and attacked Rose and Topaz, who finally defeated him. As the Gemians prepared for the eventual attack from the homeworld, Rose had created a tomb for her brother, unaware of the fact that as Gods, the Gemians could not truly die, but rather, hibernate until they were restored in power and form.

G.E.R.M's attack in Cuba:

At one point, Diamond resurfaced and began to use his armies to restart several Kindergartens on Earth with the purpose of expanding his army with them. However, he was stopped by a group of humans led by Gana Nanafu and his sister, Rose Quartz. Diamond was outmatched and fled. But not before warning Rose about his plans and his eventual death by her.

The Obsidian Virus and Steven's Mistake:

The Master is the bigwig behind the whole "Obsidian conspiracy.” He is the one who ordered another of his Secundos,Pearl (who is referred to as "Vestibulum") to obtain the Vitae (The source of the Gemian's power) of his Sister, Rose Quartz. However, the plan failed and resulted in the death of Rose (How this was possible was unknown but it was likely an accident caused by the birth of her son), resulting in the transfer of her powers to her son Steven. After being punished for her failure. She is given the task of re-obtaining the power of Rose from Steven when he reaches the age of 13 (When the power would be at its finest point of extraction, any earlier would lead to insufficient extraction and possible transference).

Therefore, for the next 13 years, Pearl would prepare Steven for his demise. Diamond however, would ensure the preparation by sending his forces as a cover for Pearl's behavior, using a hoax pathogen known as "The Obsidian Virus" to cover her tracks. When he reached the age of extraction, Pearl tried to use the celebration of the Crystal Tribunal as a distraction so she could kill Steven and extract his powers before the others could do anything. However, Steven's actions almost spoiled her plans. Now that the other Gems knew about her actions, she told them she was infected with The Obsidian Virus. Garnet then decided to try to find the lost temple of the Crystal Guardians (The original name of the Crystal Gems) so she could find a cure.

Two years and five months later, Steven had accidentally impregnated Connie with his child. Knowing that this would split Rose's Vitae, Diamond ordered to have Steven, Connie, and their child extracted before the child was born. Pearl complied, her control by Diamond had finally driven her to insanity, and gutted Connie's child and killed it, she then killed both Greg Universe, blaming him for Rose's death, and Lion, because she hated him. She then killed Steven and acquired his Gem. However, Lion, who had survived his demise, stole Steven and his child's Gems and gave them to Connie, turning her into a Gemian. She then escaped with Lion. Foiling Diamond's plans for the time being. He was last seen healing a fatally wounded Pearl with Zirconia, another secundo of his, by his side. He then looks to the city and declares his return and his promise to destroy Connie and ensure peace in the Universe.

Enslavement of Beach City:

Four months after Pearl's attack, Diamond attacked several colonies to acquire more agates and attacked Beach City, conquering it and turning it into a Gem colony. He also has acquired the Gem of Jasper, who was once a member of his Elite. However, his use of her was soon cut short as he turned her into a Agate.

During this time he also reunited with Peridot, the Metalian/Gemian Intelligence who was his right hand. She informs him about Tiberium's forces and the Agates that Diamond had on Insiadae as reserves. It is also revealed that he and Peridot had feeling for one another, and that they have been having a affair for some time now. After he acquires Lapis Lazuli, another of Topaz's Secundos, and a Gem known as Howlite, who was obsessed with killing him. He ordered Peridot to go to Insidae and prepare to launch the army their towards Tiberium, which he believes will buy enough time for Periot to run as far away as possible.

During this time he ensured his control by demonstrating the price of failure, killing both Ronoldo and Peedee Fryman, the latter was killed by Fryman senior under the control of Diamond. After this he had another encounter with the much older Ganga, who he was able to dispatch despite severe wounds. He then encountered a Human named Lars who threatened him to release the Beach City residents. However, Diamond easily dispatched Lars and then used his memories to blackmail him into his servant.

Encounter with Rose:

When Diamond finds Rose's room, he discovers that his sister is alive and well, revealing that like him, she was immortal and could regenerate over time. Diamond informs her that he wishes for her to hate him, infuriated that she still loves him despite everything that he did.

Searching for the Furem:

After he took control of Beach City, he sent his forces to search for Connie (who, along with Garnet and Amethyst, escaped the city during the invasion), declaring her a Furem (Gemian for thief). Soon after controlling the city, he became aware of an Metalian ship crashing on Earth and investigated. Eventually finding out that Connie and the Gems were searching for Topaz.

Attack in Washington:

As Connie and the others arrived in Washington, Diamond staged an ambush using Onyx, Pearl and Lapis. The attack resulted in the near demise of the Gems and the death of Connie's child (who was revived shortly after Connie acquired her powers). However, Diamond was ambushed himself by his sibling Topaz, who was able to defeat and acquire Lapis before Diamond and his remaining servants retreated. When he returned to Beach City, he discovered that the prisoners had escaped and the Agates there were destroyed. He found Zirconia wounded and trying to erase evidence of the escape. In that moment, Diamond separated her connection with her Gem and then beat her to death with his mace. He then raped Onyx out of rage before he decided to use the Crystal heart within the Beach City Temple as a vessel for Obsidian and he would use his servants, save for Hematite, as sacrifices. However, he then discovers through Rose that Pearl had escaped and was switching sides with the Gems. He quickly tracked her down and he quickly defeated her. Only to be attacked by a revived Steven Universe. Shocked by the sight, he retreated to his colony, preparing to revive Obsidian and use it to destroy the Gems once and for all.

Battle in Beach City:

Despite his planning and actions, Rose was already ahead of him. Having used her powers to revive Greg (who is revealed to be a Metalian solder named Copper) and transform the Beach City residents into Gems. She leads a assault on Beach City. Soon after, Topaz, Connie, and Steven arrive and aid in the battle. The fighting eventually results with Topaz and Connie (Having absorbed both Steven and Rose's Vitae and becoming a full blooded Gemian.). Eventually, the fighting results in Connie and Diamond and then with Connie besting the Old King. However, instead of killing him, she spares his life and heals him, having realized that she was just like him in terms of mistakes and their sacrifice. She then approaches Obsidian's heart and destroys it. Killing the Leviathan and freeing Diamond from his control. As the body of Obsidian crumbles, Diamond summons Chalcos, his familiar, and shields Connie and himself from the destruction.

Arrival On Insidiae

Diamond and Connie find themselves on the now Metalian controlled colony of Insidiae. With the knowledge that Tiberium has conquered the Earth and has Obsidian, who apparently survived his death, with him. As Connie breaks down over the realization, Diamond consoles her, promising to free her from this prison as she freed him from his.

Powers: As an embodiment of the Crystal Mother, Diamond, like his siblings Topaz and  Rose Quartz, has a mastery of Gem magic. Being able to manipulate the elements around him and can manipulate the energy of the Gems to his whim. He also has the power to absorb the Vitae of other Gems, allowing him to consume their powers and improve his own.

Weapons: Diamond’s weapon of choice is a large mace, which is capable of extending into a flail when needed. He also has a large array of swords and war machines when needed. Aside from war machines, he is also relies on servants to be his eyes and ears in combat and espionage.

Personality: While inder the influence of Obsidian's power, Diamond was obsessed with power and control the Universe. In his mind, the Crystal Mother gave the subjects within the Universe free will and in return, they abused their gift by creating wars over feeble ideals, spreading hate, and prejudice over minuscule differences, and show apathy to the planets they destroy. Diamond believed that in order to regain peace and control within the Universe, free will must be taken back from the Universe. However, his desire also extended to the Crystal Gems as well, desiring to replace the “rebellious” Gems with his Agate, revered engineered Metalian technology which were powered by said Gems. He also used servants with free will to preform tasks the Agates could not, often resorting to brutal and cruel punishment should they disobey him.

His views on servants were that to create an efficient servant, one must break their will at the right moments with the right amount of force in a repetitive manner, as he did with his current secundo Pearl. This act also showed that Diamond has no regard to the emotional welfare of others, in fact using it to his advantage. This was shown when Pearl begins to display mental instability as a result from her abuse. Diamond was able to use it to turn his daughter into a merciless killing machine, allowing her to kill whomever he needed to kill (Save for Rose, whose death was unintentional).

Despite his cruel and pragmatic nature that he is currently known for, he was known to have been a kinder and wiser being before the war. His compassion for the Gems and his siblings was more important to him than his own life. However, his emotions changed when he took upon the power of Obsidian. However, the change happened slowly and he became aware of the change, trying to find a solution before he was completely under control.

Even while under Obsidian's control, Diamond displayed emotions of regret for his choices. In his encounters with Rose, he told her about his guilt for what he had done in the past and that he wants Rose to kill him. He also is angry at her for loving him despite his crimes, since the knowledge that his sister loved him even after he raped her was heartbreaking for the Old King. He

Traits: Diamond is a brilliant strategist, being able to think ahead of his enemies and being able to react to changes in a situation quickly. He also is a terrific inventor, being well known for the father of countless Gem War Machines.

One important trait of his is his constant use of Gemain dialect to describe things. A prime example is during his control by Obsidian, he referred to his servants by their names in Gemian (i.e. Pearl was Vestibulium and Onyx was Onychinos). He only referred to Gems by their basic name when he showed respect or compassion for them. However, he used Gemaian to describe things as well, such as referring to Connie as a Furem (which means thief).


The Gemians: Diamond is the oldest of the three crystal tribunal, who are composed of his younger brother Topaz and younger sister, Rose Quartz. He also has three children. His oldest, Onyx, whom he raped to create his second daughter, Pearl, whom he raped to create his third daughter, Zirconium. Each forming the house of DIONPEZI

Garnet: Aside from his family, he was very close to Garnet, who looked to him as a mentor and father figure. He was very supportive of her choice to remain a fusion and even convincing Topaz to teach her "Futurum Suspirans", which is also known as "Future Vision". Even after the civil war, he still looks to her with a high degree of respect and compassion.

Peridot: After the Metalian war, Diamond took the Metalian Intelligence to his laboratory on Insidiae, where he studied her and had her help him with his experiments. Eventually, the A.I, who was freed from Tiberium's control, became self-aware and began to bond with Diamond, who treated her as a Gem rather than a machine. Soon, the two became close and then Diamond decided to create a body for the intelligence. After which, he gave her then name Peridot and assimilated her into the Gems. However, she still remained as Diamond's second in command and in time, their relationship became intimate. Diamond Is very protective and compassionate about Peridot, ensuring that her origins and their affair were kept secret. He also has a fear that if the Leviathan controls him entirely, he will kill Peridot.

Connie: Before Insidiae, he viewed her as a thief and a nusance. However, he now cares for her and hopes to undo the damage he did onto her, and her world.
G.E.R.M Bio #0001: Master Diamond
NOTICE: This document is for classified personnel only under regulation code 3-4e. Failure to comply will lead to termination and cognitive discharge.

Document G: Class S security. 

Gem Extermination and Radical Movement Bio #0001: Master Diamond.

Status: SIA

Threat Level: Red

Action: Avoid in close combat. Alert commanding officer on sight. Do not engage no matter what.

Document processed by: Captain Pauline Baker, G.E.R.M Research Division

Artwork by :iconcleverun: and :iconcrazyspaced:
I have a spanish class for until July so I will be delayed with the latest chapter of EMM for a while.
Apologyquilt by ScrapstheFoolOn the plus side, :iconcleverun: and I are working on the Comic variant of EMM in the the meantime. You should check out her other work as well, she is a talented artist.
Also, SU's hiatus ends in June.
Original Idea by: Scraps

Collaboration work with: HikumiRin

Characters Created by: Rebecca Sugar

Chapter 3: The Gemian Centipede


Crystal Temple, Catacombs, Present day


Howlite opened her eyes and looked around at her surroundings. It was a simple room with no windows or lights save for a pair of light in the corners of the room. On the side near the door, there was a table with a small jar on it. As Howlite tried to move, she found herself bound to a chair. Looking downward, she saw her hands and feet were bound by glowing metal cufflinks. As she looked around again at her surroundings, she noticed something. All around the room Howlite could see faint stains of blood, especially a noticeably large stain on the floor next to her. As she examined the walls she could see some of the stains seemed to be words. Although she could not recognize all of them. She could read one of the words.


For some reason, Howlite felt a sense of loss at the realization. However, she did not know why. Suddenly, the door before her opened and Jasper entered. Howlite glared at the Orange Gem, who looked back at her with a wide grin.

"Good, you're awake." Jasper said to the cracked Gem. "Did you enjoy your stay? Was the bed comfy enough?"

"Fuck you!" Howlite shouted at Jasper. "Why am I here!? What do you want from me?"

"I would tell you." Jasper relied as she stepped aside from the door. "But I believe he will give you a better answer."

Howlite could hear the sound of boots from beyond the doorway. As the sound began to get louder, Howlite recognized where that sound came from. In that instant, her mind flashed to Insidiae, she saw herself in a small cage. Hearing the sound of boots march down the halls of the colony. In that instant, Howlite began to scream. The Gem shrieked as she tried to break free, only to be held down by the chains that bound her. Suddenly, she stopped as she saw a figure enter the doorway. She stopped as she saw the monster that she hated before her.

"Hello Howlite." Diamond said to the Gem. "Welcome to our home."

Howlite growled as she tried to stand up, the chains still binding her. She watched helplessly as Diamond approached her, placing his hand on her face and turning it. As he examined the cracks on Howlite's face, he raised an eyebrow.

"I can see that my work has still left its mark on you." Diamond said to Howlite. "I am surprised to see that you are still alive. Emerald would be quite happy to hear tha-"

Diamond was interrupted by the sensation of Howlite spitting in his face. As he released her face to wipe his own. Jasper approached Howlite and punched the Gem in the face. Diamond then pointed his hand to the ground before Howlite and summoned a small stool, which he sat upon.

"I understand your anger with me." Diamond said as he locked eyes with Howlite. "But what you don't understand is that what I did, I did for our people.

"You…turned our people into…things." Howlite interjected with gritted teeth.

"They were experiments with Ichor, Howlite." Diamond explained. "I was studying the effects of Obsidian's powers on them. It is also the reason why I can up with the idea of "The Obsidian Virus". So much time had passed that by then, much of our people's history had become corrupted and forgotten. Well part of that was my doing though. I ordered my elite to suppress the knowledge of Gemians, the Metalians, and even Obsidian from all of your kind in the event of my...absence."

He then looked to Jasper with a glare before looking back to Howlite.

"But I digress, the experiments I made were failures. However, I did find them useful in hunting down Gems. Especially, the Secundo Quartz. However, despite my actions and those of my servant Vestibulum, a Furem managed to steal what belongs to me. While my Agates are hunting down Rose's power, I will now hunt for Topaz's."

Diamond then leaned toward Howlite. She could see the red in his eyes pulse like blood.

"Which brings us to this question: What did Lapis tell you?"

Howlite looked down for a moment as she thought carefully, knowing there was no way to escape. She knew what would happen if she refused to cooperate. She also knew what would happen if she did. With this in mind, she looked up to the Old King.

"She told me how much of a fucking old fruit you are." Howlite replied with a grin.

Jasper approach Howlite with the intent of punching her again, only for Diamond to point his palm to her, commanding her to stop. As Jasper backed away, Diamond stood up and walked over to the table, looking to the jar before him.

"I was expecting this resistance." Diamond said with a small sigh. "You have always been quite resistant, even on Insidiae. It is admirable..."

Diamond then opened the jar before him. As he did, an audible collection of hisses, clicks, and skittering could be heard from within the jar. Howlite's eyes widened as her face turned pale. In that instant she recognized what Diamond was about to do.

"…however, if you will not tell me what I need to know then I will resort to other methods of acquisition." Diamond continued as he reached into the jar. "And I believe if memory serves me right, you are familiar with a particular method, don't you?"

Howlite watched in horror as Diamond lifted his hand from the jar. In his hand was a long metallic worm like creature. The body of the creature had a round abdomen and a long bone like tail covered in blue fluid. The face of the insect was pointed and had a pair of sharp pinches with a pointed tip in between them. As Diamond lifted the creature to his view. He turned to Howlite, who immediately began to struggle.

"NO!" Howlite shouted, tears forming in her eyes. "NO! NOT THAT! NO!"

"So you remember?" Diamond asked as he held the creature in his hands. "I have has had a lot of time to make improvements since Insidiae. Now not only does it extract information, but it also extracts Vitae as well. If I recall though the others the process is...far more painful than before. I am not sure you will survive this time."

Diamond then turned to Jasper and nodded. Jasper then approached the Gem and grabbed her head with her hands, tilting it sideways as Diamond approached her. Howlite struggle and screamed, but it was no avail as Diamond held the creature next to her ear.

"Now, tell me what Lapis told you?" Diamond hissed at the cracked Gem. "Did it involve the location of Topaz?"

Howlite looked up to Diamond with tear soaked eyes and bore her teeth in rage towards him.

"Combustio apud in infernum, Monstrum!"

"So be it." Diamond replied as he lowered the creature to her ear. Just as he was about to make contact. An Agate charged into the room.


Diamond stopped as he looked up to the Agate.

"Where is she?" Diamond asked the Gemdroid.


"And Onychinos?" Diamond asked again.


Prepare several units for transport. If Onychinos fails to acquire her, initiate Operation: King's Bane. We cannot lose her."


"Good." Diamond replied. "Assemble squad 98 and wait for my arrival."

The Agate saluted and exited the room. Diamond then turned his attention back to Howlite, pulling the creature away from her ear.

"It seems that I will not be needing your knowledge after all." Diamond said as he tilted his head slightly. "However, as a tactician, I think it would be wise to make precautions, don't you agree?"

With that, Diamond placed the creature on Howlite's head. The cracked Gem screamed as she felt the creature plunge into her ear. Jasper released Howlite and back away. Watching in shock and horror as Howlite shook violently within the confines of her chair. Grayish blood trickled from the cuffs as Howlite tried to break free from them. Her shrieks could be heard all through the temple. Jasper looked to Diamond, who was watching Howlite with a cold stare. He then turned and walked out the door. Jasper then looked to Howlite and then exited as well. Leaving the Cracked Gem alone, with only her screams as company.


Diamond and Jasper walked through the catacombs towards the other Agates. Jasper was still in shock over what just happened. She was a powerful Gem and a fearful warrior. She did not show mercy or compassion to those who defied the Diamond Authority. But this was different. What she saw was just cruel, even for a Gem traitor.

"Master, if I may ask…" Jasper asked carefully. "What that really necessary? I mean, what was the point in making her suffer like that?"

"Do you remember the Codex Jaspidis?" Diamond replied. "What is the fifth law of the Elite?"

"Mercy is only applied to those who apply it to you." Jasper replied. "But only to the expectation of the apex."

"Correct." Diamond replied. "We only show mercy to those who truly deserve it, and even then it is until they outlive their usefulness. Now what is the third law?"

"Those that stand below us are tools to build a bright future, and those that stand before us are the walls we must knock down." Jasper replied.

"Correct." Diamond replied. "We must do what we must for the greater good. The pathway to order is made by those who gave their lives for a brighter future, both ally and foe."

"I understand that Master." Jasper replied. "It's just-"

"…And what is the first law Jaspidis?" Diamond asked, looking to Jasper with a cold glare.

Jasper hesitated before answering.

"We are the harbingers of fear, but we are not bound by it. To carry the weight of hesitation and doubt will only cripple us. We serve without fear, without doubt, without empathy. "

"Good." Diamond replied as they arrived in a chamber with several Agates. "Now then, ensure the Humans do not escape. Is that clear?"

"Yes Master." Jasper replied as she lowered her head to him.

Diamond then stood between the Agates and closed his eyes. After a few seconds, the chamber vibrated and Diamond and the Agates vanished. Jasper looked around and ensured she was alone. She then slumped onto the floor and held her hands over her face. Trying to forget the horror she had witnessed while fighting back the emotions that she began to surface.


5 hours later


Jasper was still sitting in the same spot as she had been for the past few hours. Only to notice the presence of another. She looked up to see Pearl, who looked down to her with a look of disappointment.

"What are you looking at?" Jasper asked bluntly as she stood up.

"An empty shell." Pearl replied with a smirk. "You were more of a threat when we were actually enemies. Or should I say "assumed" enemies. It's actually funny to see one of the elite acting like this."

Jasper snarled at the long nosed Gem before her. "If you think I am weaker than you, we can prove that right now."

"No, if I fought you then two things would happen." Pearl explained as she turned away from Jasper. "You would be dead, and Master would punish me."

Jasper gave a puzzled look. "I would think that the daughter of Master Diamond would have more praise. But I guess you're no different than me."

"You're right about that." Pearl replied as she approached a nearby table, on it was a map of the various warp points in the Universe, as well as the locations of significance on earth. "I was created like the others, but instead of implanted Vitae, I was infused with his Vitae. I am his daughter only by blood. To him, I am just a tool, an instrument to be used as he sees fit."

Jasper approached Pearl only to stop when she heard faint screaming. She looked to the entrance of the chamber and cringed lightly.

"Do you know what the room Howlite is in was used for originally?" Pearl said as she turned to Jasper, who shook her head as she watched Pearl step closer to her, slowing approaching her like a beast to their prey.

"When I lost Steven's Gem, I realized that I lost Rose again. Too long had I grown to her ranks and gained her trust. Too long did I realized the horrors that I did and the people I hurt. I had finally realized that if Master found out that not only did I lose Rose's Gem again, but it was taken by a human, he would kill me."

Pearl stopped as she looked down, a tear of obsidian ran down her cheek.

"The next thing I remember was sitting in that room, holding the head of Steven to my breast, and Garnet standing above me with her hand on my Gem. After that, I remember waking up on Insidiae. With Onyx and Zirconia around me. It was after this did I realize that Master would not kill me, and he would ensure that I would live until he found no further use for me."

She then looked back up to Jasper, who backed up a little as Pearl gave her a smile.

"But I know that is what you are afraid of. You are afraid that Master will turn you into a Filia Obsianas, like me?"

Jasper hesitated, but she quickly recomposed herself.

"Yeah, I am afraid of that. But unlike you, I will embrace my fears and accept my fate. Not kill myself like some cowardly inbred freak with daddy issues."

Pearl twitched as the smile on her face was replaced with a sneer. Now it was Jasper who grinned at Pearl.

"Pinched a nerve there, "Vestibulum"?" Jasper asked Pearl. "What're you going to do about it?"

As Pearl was about to reach for her spear, there was a flash of light from the center of the chamber. As Jasper and Pearl looked to the light, there was Diamond, Onyx, and a large group of Agates. Upon the sight, Pearl and Jasper knelt before Diamond, who approached them.

"What has transpired here since I was gone?" Diamond asked Jasper.

"The Humans are still as they were." Pearl interjected. "But there is a problem…"

"What would that be?" Diamond asked.

Pearl looked to Jasper before looking to Diamond.

"The Humans outside the city."


Beach City, City Limits, present day


It was raining on the road to Beach City, but of course, it was no significance to what laid ahead. The road to the city was cut off by a barrier and makeshift wall composed of sandbags, barbed wire, and metal. A small array of tanks surrounded the barrier as well as a small platoon of solders. As solders scurried around the encampment. One of them approached a tent, as he went inside the tent, there was a man in a uniform looking over a map of Beach city. By the markings on his uniform, this man was apparently a Colonel of some sort

"Colonel Westing, Sir!" The solder saluted to the Colonel, who looked up and saluted to him.

"At ease son." Westing replied. "What is the status of the city?"

"Sir, we have been able to cut off all exits to Beach City, both by land and by Sea. The navy has sent a small fleet to assist in the blockade. We also have reports via satellite that there are civilians still inside the city."

"Is there any way we can enter undetected?" Westing asked the solder, placing his hand on his chin in thought.

"No sir. The city is locked tight. Not to mention the large amount of hostiles that are guarding the walls."

As Westing stood up and followed the solder outside, he looked to the city in the distance. Gesturing for a solder to hand him a pair of binoculars, the Colonel looked thought them to the city. He could see the destroyed city and the Agates surrounding the large temple. He then panned over to the water tower, seeing to his horror the hanging bodies that were being pecked at by gulls.

"Jesus Christ…" Westing said to himself as he panned back to the city. As he did, he saw a tall man with a long white beard and a blue suit walking out of the temple, who was known as Master Diamond. He then saw the Gemian turn towards him looking right in his direction, as if he was right in front of him. As Westing lowered his binoculars, he was startled by the same Gemian, who was now standing right before him. All the solders in the area quickly armed their weapons at Diamond, who looked around at the solders before him.

"Typical human nature." Diamond said with a tsk. "To use violence against things unknown to you."

"Hostile!" one of the solders shouted to Diamond, reading off a document before him. "We are the United States Armed Forces. You have been charged with the crime of terrorism and are violating the Gem-Earth alliance treaty…"

"You do not know the concept of my authority." Diamond interjected as he approached the solder. "Perhaps I should show you."

"…if you do not comply with our order of surrender, then we…we wi-will.."

The solder trailed off as he looked up to the Gemian that towered over him. Before the solder could finish, Diamond lifted the man off the ground and held him by his uniform. In that instant, the rest of the soldiers opened fire on the Gemian. When the solders stopped firing, the sound of crushed bullets fell to the ground like the raindrops beside them. Westing watched in shock as Diamond plucked a bullet that was lodged in his beard and looked at it. As he looked to the solder in his grasp, he dropped the bullet and pulled the solder closer to him. The solder watched in horror as Diamond's jaw split open, screaming at the top of his lungs as the Gemian latched into his neck. The other solders watched in horror as Diamond finished with an audible crack. As Diamond dropped the dead solder to the floor, he looked to the Colonel, his jaw retracting to its original state.

"Let your leader's know this: I have a bomb capable of destroying this city, and the cities surrounding it. If you try to invade my city, you will be killed. If you manage to help the residence of my city escape, I will detonate the bomb. If you warn the surrounding cities about this, I will detonate the bomb. My demands are simple: have the Furem known as Connie Maheswaran and the Gemian known as Topaz brought to me. I do not expect your cooperation with this, but keep in mind that I will have my Agates collect citizens from the nearby cities until they arrive. But I will be honest with you. Regardless of your choices two things will happen: I will collect what is mine, and your planet will be used to create my army."

The Colonel and his solders watched in shock as Diamond jumped over the barrier and began to walk back to the temple. The Colonel then turned to another solder, both of them white as a sheet.

"Get me General Manson." Westing said to one of his solders. "NOW!"


Crystal Temple, Catacombs, present day


As soon as Diamond set foot into the Temple. He was greeted by the sight of Pearl being thrown to the wall. As soon as she stood up, Jasper lunged at her, smashing her helmet into the pointy nosed Gem's lungs. As Pearl gasped for air, Jasper lifted her into the air and dropped her on her knee, creating an audible snap and dropping the Gem to the floor. As Jasper stood over Pearl. She looked down with a manic grin.

"Still think your better than me Pearl?" Jasper bellowed to the Gem before her. "I am a Diamond Elite, while you are a petty spy. What makes you think you're better than me?

As Pearl turned to look up to Jasper, she then looked to the right of the orange Gem. As Jasper turned the same direction, she turned pale at the sight of Master Diamond, staring at the sight before him with expression of surprise and anger, as one would upon finding out there dog had destroyed a valuable item.

"Master!" Jasper said as she knelt before the Gemian. "I can explain this."

As she looked up to Diamond. She could feel the anger emit from the glare that he was firing down at Jasper.

"Pearl attacked me first Master!" Jasper explained as she stood up. "I was defe-"

Diamond summoned his mace and smashed Jasper in the side of the leg. The Orange Gem shouted as she fell onto her back.

"I never granted you permission to stand without my consent." Diamond hissed as he pointed his mace at Jasper's face. "Nor did I grant you the authority to attack a superior."

"But Master!" Jasper pleaded to Diamond. "She attacked me, I had to defend myself."

"There is a difference between defense and crippling my servants." Diamond said as he knelt beside Jasper. "But I know why you attacked her: You are afraid of becoming like her, aren't you?"

Jasper gasped at the question. "But…how…"

"From the moment I started Howlite's torture, I saw the hesitation. That was the same look that Rose had before she betrayed me. No matter the reason, I never forgot that face, and I never forgot what it meant. Rest assured though, you will not become a Filia."

Jasper looked in confusion before Diamond grabbed Jasper by the face. As he did, he looked to Pearl and began to speak.

"Apud in nomine Gema, DITOROQU, Gemmas, atque omnibus inferius. In hoc sum detrahetur ex te noscere, quamcumque fortunam subiré erit vobiset orate pro persequentibus edure. Jaspidis, Peto Cleri gemma vestris!"

As soon as he finished, he clenched his hand over Jasper's Gem. The Orange Gem squirmed as Diamond's hand shined a bright orange. After a few moments, the light faded. Jasper opened her eyes to find that nothing seemed different.

"Master, what did-"

Before Jasper could finish, Diamond clenched his hand around Jasper's Gem and yanked hard, ripping off Jasper's Gem along with her whole upper lip. Jasper screamed as she rose up from the floor, spattering orange blood on Diamond's robe. Diamond then grabbed Jasper by the neck and split his jaw open, latching onto the bleeding ex-gem and draining her of her vitae. As soon as he finished. He pulled his hand back and plunged it into Jasper's chest. As Jasper felt Diamond rip her heart out, showing the Orange ex-gem her heart. Jasper made a small whimper before falling onto her side.

"Loyalist Gems, so easy to control." Diamond whispered to Jasper as he looked down to her body. "The Homeworld, Topaz's colonies, The Earth Gems, they're all just toys."

Diamond then stood up and turned to the crippled Pearl. His robe stained in orange blood, a Gem in his one hand and an orange heart in the other. He nodded his head and Onyx arrived, holding a vial of blue pate-like liquid.

"Tend to her." Diamond commanded as he handed her Jasper's hand. "Then give her an update about Lapis."

"Yes Master." Onyx replied as she moved over to Pearl.

Diamond then walked into the hallways, handing Jasper's Gem to an Agate before returning to Howlite's cell. As he entered the room, there was Howlite, weakened from the torture, with the creature resting on her lap, covered in grey bile.

Diamond watched as the creature crawled off Howlite and up Diamond's leg. It then moved up his robe onto his chest, in which it entered his right pectoral. Diamond then walked over to the table, summoned a plate and placed Jasper's heart on the plate. He then summoned a stool and sat on it. Summoning a knife and fork, the Old King began to cut chunks of the heart up and eat them.

"I wanted to inform you that Jasper is dead". Diamond turned to Howlite "If you wish to know how, I preformed "Tua Gemma Remotionem" on her. Do you know what that is?"

Howlite tried to move, but she was too weak from the torture. All she could do was look to Diamond and watch as he took another bite from the heart.

"It is an ancient Gemian ability. I found it to be quite useful after the Metalian war. With it, I can strip the Gem or Metalian of their source and change the physical forms into an organic body. Essentially it could turn an earthbound Gem into a human. I used this technique on the Metalians to acquire their powers and to convert Gems into Agates."

Howlite made a small whimper. Watching as Diamond finished the heart. He then summoned a cloth and wiped his mouth.

"The irony of what I did was that I once had to save Vestibulum from that very technique." Diamond scoffed as he stood up. "But I digress, I now have the information I seek for when I interrogate Lapis, and I will be sure to inform her about your cooperation."

As Howlite tried to move, she couldn't find the strength to do so, and watched with tear soaked eyes as Diamond extinguished the lights and slammed the door to the room. Leaving Howlite alone in the dark with nothing but her breath, and her light crying, to comfort her.


Crystal Temple, Crystal Heart Chamber, present day


Peridot observed the large Crystal Heart before her. Using her computers to analyze the heart and the energy within.

"Hmmm…Vitae reading are…over…that can't be…unless…"

"...Unless this is the very heart of Gemia herself." Diamond interjected startling the green Gem who spun towards him.

"Diamond! How could you?" Peridot shouted at the Gemian giving him a light shove. "You could have given me a heart attack."

"We do not suffer from organic ailments. Remember?" Diamond reassured with a warm smile and chuckle. "Especially you."

"Ah…yes…forgive me." Peridot said with a blush as she rubbed her arm. "I had been around humans for so long that…er..."

Diamond chuckled lightly as the two of them looked up to the heart, gazing at the lights that danced within the chambers of the massive crystal organ. Peridot then looked to Diamond, noticing his eyes had changed from red to silver, as they did from time to time. Peridot then looked away, glancing at her hands, her metal mechanical hands.

"Peridot…" Diamond said, catching the attention of the green Gem. "I…I need you to do something for me."

"What is it?" Peridot replied as she looked to Diamond.

Diamond sighed as he turned to Peridot and held her hands tightly among his own. Peridot looked at his hands before she looked to the Old King's face, which bore an expression of pain upon it. As he released her grip. Peridot looked at her hands, seeing a small stone with a symbol on it. Peridot recognized this as a Gemian warp stone, a device that allowed the user to warp to specific locations that were off limits to others, like a key of sorts. This stone has the symbol of Insidiae a six pronged star between a divided square.


Peridot eyes widened as she looked to Diamond. "Diamond…I…what is this for…?"

"I need you to go to Insidiae. It will have the security and provisions to keep you safe during this war." Diamond said to Peridot. "Once there, I will send signal to you if...I do not make it. If the signal activates, you need to send the rest of the Agate army to attack Tiberium's fleet. After that, I need you to activate the Kingsbane directive and evacuate. Do not return for me, just run, and run far away from this Universe, as far as you can, anything to be as far away from him...and me."

"Diamond…" Peridot said with a look of concern. "Why can't I stay? I can fight, and I can help improve your strategies. I can help you with the Furem, Topaz, and especially Tiberium."

"I know you can, I never doubted that." Diamond said as he turned away from Peridot. "But I…I…"

As Peridot approached the Old King, she could see his body shudder and could hear him gasping lightly.

"I…I cannot bear the though of losing you. Not just to the Tiberium or the Rebels...but to me as well." Diamond explained as he turned to Peridot, his eyes flowing with tears. "I have done unspeakable things in the name of protecting this Universe, but in doing so I have sacrificed the very people I had sworn to protect, my family, and now…even Jasper."

Peridot gasped lightly as she approached Diamond, noticing the orange stains on the base of his robe. However she more concerned with the well-being of her Gemian lover than the fate of a buff orange jerk. Especially since their last encounter was not so pleasant.

"Every day I fight the Leviathan's control and every day I fall further into its grasp. I am losing my memories, I personality is has become warped, and even now I can feel that horror beginning to control me, telling me to do things to you…terrible things."

Diamond then grabbed Peridot by she shoulders and looked into her eyes, which now began to flow with tears as well.

"Please Peridot, Do not ask me to endure the sight of you suffering by my hand. Do not!"

"I..I won't….I promise." Peridot replied to Diamond as she placed a hand on the side of his face.

Diamond grasped her hand hand sighed. Peridot then lowered her hand and the two turned back to the crystal heart. Peridot looked down in hesistation before she spoke. The green Gem felt her body warm as she took a deep breath.

"Diamond?" Peridot asked the Gemian, " is a favor I need from you..."

"Of course." Diamond replied. "What is it you…"

Diamond's voice trailed off as he looked down into Peridot's eyes. The green Gem approached the Gemian and grabbed his robe, tugging the cloth in her hands before looking up to Diamond with a dark green blush on her face.

"Diamond…" Peridot whispered with a shutter as she gazed up to him "I…I need you…"

Diamond sighed as he took one of Peridot's hands and placed it on his chest. Peridot gasped lightly as she felt his heart beating, the rhythm matched that of the crystal heart.

"Time may have pull us away, but despite everything that has transpired, you have remained loyal to your heart…" Diamond replied back as he pulled the green Gem closer to him. "…and to mine, my love."

It was only a few moments before the two Gems embraced each other. Peridot felt a sensation of bliss and passion shoot though her body as Diamond kissed her. Falling onto the floor, Peridot gasped as Diamond lightly kissed her neck. The green Gem moaned as she felt his hands Brushing his hand across her back as he pressed a small section, causing her shirt and pants to dissipate, leaving a naked Gem with Metalian boots, gauntlets and a visor. Peridot looked at her hands and legs with a uncertain expression as she laid back on the ground below her and Diamond remove his robes. As he stood before her, Peridot gazed the body of the naked God before her. Scars and cuts covered his body, as well as the letters "DI" branded onto his right pectoral. As he leaned down towards her, she rose up and kissed his neck and then chest. Diamond gasped lightly at this sensation,and smiled as he kissed her on her forehead.

Peridot sat on Diamond, peering down at his mace with a look of desire. She then leaned forward and kissed Diamond. As she broke the kiss and leaned back however, Diamond imminently noticed her looking at her hands with a look of hesitation.

"Is everything alright Peridot?" Diamond asked with a look of concern. "Was it something I did?"

Peridot shook her head as she placed her hands on Diamond's shoulders. Diamond could feel her hands shake lightly, even her floating finger were shaking.

"I missed you so much Diamond." Peridot said as she broke from the kiss to look into Diamond's eyes. As she did, Diamond saw tears well up in her own. "When you left for earth and vanished...I thought you perished. But something told me you were alive...the authority had forgotten you, their creator. But I never could forget the one who freed me from Timberium, who saw not a machine, but a Gem...The others may have forgotten you...but I will never abandon you. I love you Diamond..."

As she looked to Diamond, she bit her lip as she looked away from him. Tears began to trickle down her face as she took a breath to compose herself.

"...but I had hoped that after all this time, and after your servants and allies, well..I hoping that you had found someone who was more...perfect..."

Peridot sniffled as she looked away and removed her visor to wipe her eyes. She stopped as she felt her metal hand caught by another. As she looked up, she saw Diamond looking to her with a gaze of surprise, tears formed in his eyes as he gave her a warm smile.

" are the only being I have known in my existence to have stolen my heart..." Diamond replied as he grasped both of her hand within his. "...and I intend to keep it that way until the end of time. No matter what happens,you are perfect to me, and no other Gem, Secundo, Gemian, or even Gemia herself cannot say otherwise. The years may of changed and we may change in many ways, but my love for you is absolute and forever."

Peridot smiled as she wiped her eyes with her hand and then gently push Diamond onto his back and positioned herself above his member. As she took a deep breath, she lowered herself onto him, feeling her Gemian enter her very being. As she began to thrust, she quickly began to grab onto the old king, attempting to gain control of the situation. Diamond quickly lead up herself and allowed her to bite into his neck, twitching lightly as she dug her fingers into his back.

"Diamond…I…I have...!" Peridot slurred as she released her grip on Diamond's shoulder, a mix of blue blood and drool trickled down from her mouth. "...Oh Gemia!...I need!...I'm going!"

"It is alright my Peridot." Diamond said as he stroked her face with his hand. "Do not hold yourself back, embrace me in full, and I shall do the same."

Diamond pulled Peridot closer to him, allowing the Green Gem to grab onto him tighter and thrust harder, Peridot shouted in pleasure as she slammed into her Gemian lover, biting into his neck and he grasped her breast. As Peridot felt the rhythm begin to move faster, which was matching the beat of the Crystal Heart. Eventually, the sound of a young Gem's moans joined the rhythm. Followed by loud screams as the climax reached its peak. she wrapped her legs around Diamond's back, she wrapped her legs around Diamond, forcing him to release within his Lover. As she felt Diamond pull out of her, she slumped onto his body and the two embraced once more.


Steven's house, Interior, 3 hours later


Diamond and Peridot approached the warp pad. Diamond walked Peridot onto the pad. Clasping her hands within his.

"Remember, if anything happens to me, activate the army, initiate Kingsbane, and evacuate Insidiae." Diamond informed the Green Gem before him. "Don't return to earth, or homeworld, You are to leave as far away from his planet, and this Universe, as possible. Understood?"

"I…yes…" Peridot said as she looked down, tears flowing down her cheeks. As she felt a hand lift her gaze to meet his, she saw his eyes well up as well.

"Peridot cor meum ad per sunt semper estqui est vobis." Diamond said softly with a smile.

Peridot smiled "Te amo."

As the two embraced in a final kiss. As Diamond's lips parted from Peridot's, the Old King backed away from the warp pad. Peridot gave Diamond a slight grin of concern before she lifted the warp stone in her hand. In that instant, the warp pad activated and Peridot vanished. Diamond gave a sigh of relief as he walked outside to overlook Beach City. The rain had stopped and Diamond could see the sun start to rise over the horizon. As he could see the city and the small military camp in the distance. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small dead rose. Looking to it, his eyes changed from silver to red as he looked up to the sky with a cold, tearful glare.

"Forgive me my Peridot, and know that my heart will always be with you."

As he gazed upward to the stars. He did not notice the spirit of a certain pink Gem behind him. Who gave a look of sympathy before vanishing into the house.
Lars Miserables Chapter 3: The Centipede
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Chapter 2: Peedee Sacrifice
Somewhere in Vietnam, Grasslands, one day later
The grasslands where quite peaceful. Warm wind blew through the tall grass, causing the plants to flow like a large green river. The trees in the distance stretched and bent their branches in the breeze. Not a single building could be seen for miles, except for the small makeshift cabin in the middle of the grasslands. It was rather shabby and composed of salvaged wood and junk. As the door opened, a small girl emerged from the shack with a large bag hung over her shoulder. She had mix of grey and black hair and silver eyes. On the back of her left palm was a crack Gemstone. The girl also had grey skin with a scar on the right side of her face that looked like the cracks on her Gem. This girl was no ordinary girl, but a Gem by the name of Howlite. As the Gem looked around at the grasslands surrounding her, s

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Chapter 4: A Deal with The Old King
Beach City Containment Camp, Resident District, 4 weeks later.
Things for the residents of Beach City were difficult but manageable. In the past few weeks, the entire city was reorganized and divided into four sections: First, there was the Resident Camp, which was where the residents of Beach City were contained under the watch of Zirconia. Then there was the Physical Labor Camp. Using a lottery system, the Agates selected citizens to be used for manual labor, the purpose for this was unknown, but it was likely that it had something to do with the third section, The Agate Factory. Using the abandoned buildings, the Agates forced residents into creating more Agates. And lastly, there was the Temple District. This section was off limits to all but those chosen by Diamond or his servants.
For many of the residence, despite the beatings, exhausting l
The Crystal Gems by Cleverun
This image displays a feeling of emotional distress between the three Gems. Each carrying a massive weight on their shoulders.

-Garnet's burden is trying to protect her family.

-Pearl's burden is her grief over Rose.

-Amethyst's burden is trying to be accepted by her family.

-All of them have have to guide Steven by themselves.

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Chapter 4: A Deal with The Old King


Beach City Containment Camp, Resident District, 4 weeks later.


Things for the residents of Beach City were difficult but manageable. In the past few weeks, the entire city was reorganized and divided into four sections: First, there was the Resident Camp, which was where the residents of Beach City were contained under the watch of Zirconia. Then there was the Physical Labor Camp. Using a lottery system, the Agates selected citizens to be used for manual labor, the purpose for this was unknown, but it was likely that it had something to do with the third section, The Agate Factory. Using the abandoned buildings, the Agates forced residents into creating more Agates. And lastly, there was the Temple District. This section was off limits to all but those chosen by Diamond or his servants.

For many of the residence, despite the beatings, exhausting labor, and oppressive leadership, it wasn't too bad. They were fed regular and allowed limited freedom in regards to entertainment and expression. However, they were cautious about their actions with the Agates watching them from above, fearing that they would be carried off to their graves at any minute. However, several Agates instead floated down with several residents. Two of which were known as Lars and Sadie. As soon as the Agates released them, the duo fell to their knees in exhaustion. Several residents approached them with water and several slices of bread.

"Thanks…" Sadie said as she took a sip of water.

"About time!" Lars groaned as he swiped the bread out of his provider's hand. Snarfing it down as quickly as he could. He then noticed Sadie looking at him with a look of disappointment.

"Whub?" Lars asked Sadie with a mouthful of before swallowing. "I've been hauling stone and concreate blocks all day. Excuse me if I get a little hungry."

"You know, for once you could think of someone other than yourself!" Sadie commanded as she stormed up to the tall boy before her, poking a finger in her chest. "You are just as immature as when we were teens!"

Lars held his hands up in a mocking defense. "Oh! Well excuse me, Ms. "Let's fight the robot army instead of leaving this fucking hellhole". Please forgive me for squandering your divine wisdom."

As the two glared at each other, they heard the sound of air being blown through a tube as they looked to see a familiar face roll in. It was the former Mayor Dewey, confined to a wheelchair on account of his…er…"attempt to fight off the evil invaders." *sigh*.

"Now now you two, let's not turn on each other here" Ex-mayor Dewey interjected as he moved his head in a motion as if he was waving a finger. "There is not "I" in team you know."

Lars and Sadie gave Dewy a disgruntled glare before moving on back to camp. The encampment was nothing truly special. It was composed of the resident housing and several makeshift huts. Among those were several makeshift beds surrounding a small fire Lars and Sadie eventually returned to the ruins of the Big Doughnut, the sigh and massive doughnut were gone and the windows were boarded shut.

As Lars and Sadie entered the building, Sadie walked over to the counter and lit a lamp that was sitting on said counter. She then turned around to see Lars on the floor in a tattered blanket, sleeping like a drunk baby that was hooked on sleeping pills. Sadie then laid down next to him, watching him sleep soundly before drifting off as well. As her mind faded from reality, she began to dream. In dream, she found herself on an island, the very island that Steven took Lars and her a long time ago. It was still amazing to think that a pair of fourteen year olds and a ten year old boy demigod could survive for as long as they did, especially since Sadie intentionally trapped them there for a while. Sadie found herself sitting on the beachside with Lars, with Lars asking her if she was lonely and then kissing her, but what was different was that unlike last time, Steven was not there to interrupt them. As Sadie embraced her feelings, she felt a quick shake rip her back into reality.

"Sadie wake up!" Lars said as he was shaking her.

Sadie looked to Lars, who had a expression of worry on his face. "Lars…what's wrong?"

"It's Jenny!" Lars said with a worried tone. "Her family was just dropped off."

"What?" Sadie said as she rose onto her feet. "Where are they?"


Lars and Sadie arrived just in time to see the entirety of Jenny's family. It was only a short while ago did they leave Beach City, only to be brought back to a bigger nightmare. Kofi continued to shout at the Agates that surrounded them, only to get silence in response. Jenny was leaning over a crying Kiki.

"They were just hanging there!" Kiki sobbed hysterically. "They were just hanging there…like rotting meat….why? Why are they doing this?"

Nanafua simply sat on the ground, her eyes closed as she seemed to be meditating.

"You cannot do this to us!" Kofi shouted at the Agate before him, pointing his finger at the lens of the machine. "My family did not leave this city to be dragged back into it! I demand to speak to Dewey!"


"Then let me speak to this "Master Diamond" then trashcan!" Kofi replied. "I want to know why my family was taken back to this hellhole?"

"Because you belong here." A voice replied behind Kofi, drawing his attention as well as the rest of his family and the bystanders. There before them was Zirconia, the white skinned black-eyed woman that Lars encountered at the Big Doughnut several weeks ago. Beside her was a Agate and another figure, a certain long nosed Gem known by many of the residents as Pearl. As Pearl looked at the surroundings, she noticed Lars and Sadie staring right at her. Lars had a look of fear on his face while Sadie gave a look of malice.

"Belong here?" Kofi said with a scoff as he approached Zirconia. "Who do you think you are to decide that?"

"My purpose is to ensure the protection and efficiency of the residents of Beach City." Zirconia replied with a smile, tilting her head slightly. "This applies to all of them, past…and present."

Kofi then watched as several Agates appeared in the sky and landed to the side of the two, carrying with them several people. As Zirconia looked to the Agates, she jolted her head upwards. Two of the Agates then flew away with their captives.

"Where are you talking them?" Jenny asked as she approached her father.

"They are going to the Labor District." Zirconia responded. "Your Father and sister are both going to the Factory District." Zirconia then gestured upward as a Agate flew down and grabbed Kiki. The girl screamed as she tried to break free. Jenny and Kofi ran to Kiki, but the Agate flew away before they reached her.

"Kiki…" Kofi whispered as he watched his daughter disappear into the distance. He could see a large building in the distance, what appeared to be an old abandoned factory, with smoke emerging from the smokestacks. He then turned to Zirconia, tears flowing in his eyes.

"Don't worry, you will see your child again." Zirconia said with a smile. "Once she finishes her work load, she will be returned her until her next task. We have no desire to kill her, but if we have to, we must. You clearly saw what happened to the Fry man's family, didn't you?"

As Kofi was about to speak, He looked at the Agates that surrounded them, as well as his frightened daughter. He then lowered his head as an Agate approached him and carried him off.

"Dad!" Jenny shouted as she reached for her father, only to watch him fly away in the same direction as Kiki. As Jenny turned back to Zirconia, she saw the gem looking down to the sitting Nanafua.

"Get up." Zirconia commanded the old woman, who did not respond.

"I said get up Human!" Zirconia commanded again, irritated by the silence. "I will have no problem killing an old creature like you."

Without hesitation, Zirconia, who then brandished a pair of katars and pointed them at the old woman, who was still unmoved. Pearl looked with concern, wondering if this was either a trap or some sort of response.

"You seem to have given up on your life, haven't you?" Zirconia said with a grin. "Do you wish to die so soon?"

"Do you know the history of Ghana People's coup?" Nanafua asked the Gem. "It is quite an interesting story."

Zirconia looked to Pearl before looking back to the old woman. "I don't care about your people's history, but if you don't get u-"

"A long time ago in the country of Ghana, the people were once oppressed by a Government that promised freedom and change, but only to their own agenda." Nanafua explained to the Zirconia. "After they won, the people they built a new government that followed true peace and true change. To prevent such corruption and evil from harming them ever again."

Before Zirconia could respond, Nanfua stood up to the Gems before her.

"When you're kind came to this planet and you tried to control us. Our people, the people of earth, had to act in the same way as the people of Ghana. While there were other Gems who helped protect us, it wasn't enough. Just like Ghana, we had to create an order to ensure protection from your kind."

Zirconia's eyes widened as she began to understand what this human was talking about. As Pearl looked to Zirconia, she looked to Nanfua, who placed her hands behind her head, burying them into the grey bun of hair on her head.

"Today, they have disbanded, no longer needed thanks to Rose Quartz. But now, I think it's time to do things old school, am I right?"

"Stop her!" Zirconia shouted as an Agate pounced at Nanafua. The old woman then pulled her hands from her hair, causing her hair to fall down as she held a strange looking rifle in her hands. It was square in shape and small in size. The barrel was folded with a round joint holding it to the stock, which had an engraving of a cracked Diamond. Nanafua flicked her wrist and the rife unfolded, a small light hum could be heard as she fired it at the Gemdroid, a blue pulse like ripple emerged from the Gun and shot through the Agate, shattering it into pieces. Nanafua spun the barrel of the rifle several times before she fired the gun at the other Agates as they tried to stack her. She then wound it up as she aimed it at Pearl and Zirconia, who dissipated her weapons and raised her hands up. Nanafua

"Impossible…" Pearl said as she slowly approached Nanafua, stopping when the woman aimed her gun at her. "How did you…? How could I not…you're…a…."

"Seems you weren't the only one playing spy, weren't you?" Nanafua said as she wound the base end of the gun. "Now, get my son and granddaughter over her right now, or I'll reduce you both to mush."


Steven's House, Interior, present day


Master Diamond was looking at several maps on a table with Onyx across from him, along with several Agates. The maps consisted of Beach City with marking that divided the city, a map of the earth with various marks in several colors. Another consisted with a complex map that seemed to consist of several planets, with several of them marked with a large "x" over it.

"…and with Lapis we will be able to acquire the oceans and divert them to the factories." Diamond said as he placed his hand over the map of the earth. "I can then use the water to improve the production of the Kindergartens and a way to remove intruders. However, our biggest priority is to find Topaz and the Furem."

"Master, if I may ask, but I don't understand why we don't just kill their leaders and control the planet." Onyx asked as she looked up from the table. "We clearly can overpower them."

Diamond looked up to Onyx and without warning, he grabbed her by the back of the head and slammed her head onto the table. As he held her head down, he then bent down to her.

"Do you remember how many humans are on this planet?" Diamond hissed into her ear. "Even with the Agates, we would be out numbered 45,000,000 to 4, and remember that the primary army is dealing with Tiberium. Until I acquire Topaz and Rose's power and the power of Obsidian. Our preservation is the higher priority. Is that clear?"

As Onyx nodded, an Agate rushed into the house, catching the attention of Diamond.

"Let me guess…" Diamond said as he released Onyx. "…another human is rebelling?


Diamond's eyes widened with surprise as he approached the Agate.

"A…lone human is doing this?"


Diamond looked away from a moment and processed the information before looking to the Agate.

"Take me to her."


Beach City Containment Camp, Resident District, present day.


Diamond landed to see the shattered Agates parts littered around the ground. He then saw the short old woman with long grey hair and round glasses with a rifle pointed at his two servants. As Diamond approached the woman, she noticed the Gemian and directed her attention to him. As he looked to her, Diamond was reminded of a tall woman with long brown hair and a brown uniform that carried a similar rifle. He then saw two Agates carrying Kiki and Kofi down to the woman. As the two hugged, they ran over to Nanafua, who aimed her weapon at the Old King

"Gunga Nanafua, it has been a while, hasn't it?" Diamond said as he summoned his mace. "I have not seen you since…I believe it was…1961? I even see you managed to create a family."

"Mother, you know that…man?" Kofi asked Nanafua as he crouched behind her.

"Kofi, take the kids and go." Nanafua commanded.

"What?" Kofi said with a look of shock. "You can't possibly fight him. How can you go against one of them?"

Nanafua looked to Kofi and gave him a kiss on his forehead. She then noticed Lars and Steven and gave them a light nod. Sadie approached the family and took Kiki by the shoulders, escorting the crying girl away from the scene. Lars then approached Jenny and did the same.

"Dad, we gotta go!" Jenny shouted to Kofi.

"We are not leaving you here!" Kofi shouted at his mother, tears starting to form in his eyes.

"I will be fine Kofi." Nanafua said as turned back to Diamond. "Besides, this is between me and him."

Lars and Sadie moved over and grabbed Kofi. Escorting him back as they all watched the standoff between the Gemian and the old woman.

"I am surprised to see a G.E.R.M agent here in my city." Diamond said as he slowly walked around Nanafua, who had her rifle aimed at the Old King like a hawk with their prey. "I though you all disbanded after that treaty was made. Perhaps trust was never a factor?"

"They are, but even though they took me out of G.E.R.M, they never could take G.E.R.M out of me." Nanafua replied with a small smile.

"That can be arranged." Diamond growled. "It's a shame you never had an apprentice before the disbanding. All those talents, wasted to protect a corrupt ideal."

"Who says I still don't?" Nanafua said with a grin.

Diamond twitched before he rushed at Nanafua. As the woman fired her rifle at the Gemian, he was able to dodge the first three attacks, but was hit in the arm by the forth. As he landed on the ground, he looked at his lower left arm, watching as it dissolved into a light blue pile of goo. He then looked to Nanafua as she wound up her weapon.

"Impressive that your kind still know how to harm us after all these years." Diamond said as he summoned his mace with his free hand. "However, I trust the lack of interactions has resulted in a lack of awareness. Which means that only a fraction of humans will know about this."

"Not for long." Nanfua replied as she wound the barrel of her rifle again. "As you have demonstrated, there will always be those who look to the old way of things."

With a scowl on his face, Diamond raised his mace and slammed it to the ground, creating a small quake and causing Nanafua to stumble and drop her rifle. Diamond then dropped his mace, dashed forward and grabbed Nanafua by the neck. He then pulled her towards him.

"I must thank you for reminding me how much of a thorn your little group has been in the past, but that ends now!" Diamond hissed to Nanafua as he squeezed the old woman's neck. "Now you will tell me the location of your apprentice, and all the other G.E.R.M solders, or I will butcher your son piece by piece, but not before I force him and you to watch me rape and torture your grandchildren!"

"I am afraid that my…memory is not as good as it used to be." Nanafua gasped. "What is this Germ you speak of? Are you sick?"

Diamond growled as he split his jaw open, preparing to suck the Vitae out of Nanafua. However, Nanafua then flicked her tongue in her mouth and popped a tooth out. Biting it, she felt her cheeks puff up and her through burn as Diamond was about to bite down. Before Diamond could react, Nanafua opened her mouth and shot a small flame right into Diamond's face. The old king let out a loud hiss and skree as he threw Nanafua aside and grasped his burning face. Nanafua fell to the ground with a loud thud. There was even a small crack

"YOU LITTLE PYTHONISSAM!" Diamond shouted with a strained voice. "YOU DARE USE…fire…salts?"

Diamond looked at his hand as he saw small red-orange crystals and black soot on his fingers. He then looked to Nanafua with an expression of concern. As he looked to Pearl and Zirconia, then the three Gems vanished. Several Agates then swooped in and broke up the crowd.

Kofi and his daughters quickly rushed over to Nanafua, lifting her up and taking her to one of the buildings in the district.

Beach City Containment Camp, Medical Residence, present day.


The arcade was barren of the joy and wonder that once filled its halls, having replaced the games with makeshift beds and crates of rations and medicine. Many of the electronic supplies were taken by the Agates to be used for unknown purposes. Many of the beds were filled with residence of beach city, weak and wounded from working in the labor and factory districts. A handful of people who worked at the Beach City Hospital now worked for the residence, exchanging a paycheck for protection from the Agates.

As Lars, Sadie, and the Pizza family rushed into the building, they rested the weak Nanafua on a bed. Quickly, several of the aids started to work on her. Kofi sat on a barrel and waited with anticipation, his daughters beside him. Lars and Sadie sat across from them, Lars then looked to Jenny and extended his hand to her. As Jenny looked to it and then to Lars, she felt the tears roll down her face as he wrapped her arms around Lars. Lars felt his blood rush to his face as he awkwardly patted her back. Just then, a doctor approached them, he give a small sigh as he rubbed his hands together. In that instant, Kofi and his daughters feared for the worst.

"She has a concussion from the attack and the stress caused a stroke." The doctor said as he rubbed his face with his hands. We have done everything we can to…make her comfortable."

Kofi instantly felt his stomach sink as Kiki hugged her father and wept loudly, only to be drowned out by the crying of Kofi. After several minutes of crying from the family. They were able to compose themselves and were escorted by the doctor through the residence. The family, Lars and Sadie looked around at their surroundings, seeing the various residents around them. Lars and Sadie even recognized Fryman, sitting on a bedside while looking off in the distance, towards the watertower. Eventually the five were brought to Nanafua, who was lying in a bed. She coughed as she opened her eyes to see her family, and Lars and Sadie.

"Mother…" Kofi muttered tearfully as he knelt down to her side. "Why did you do that?"

"What do you think knucklehead?" Nanafua said with a laugh, followed by a cough. "For you and the children."

"Ganga, what was that Gem guy talking about?" Kiki said as she too knelt before her grandmother. "Did you meet him before?"

Nanafua nodded as she coughed again. Kofi picked up a small bottle of water and held it to his mother's mouth. Nanfua took a large drink before she spoke.

"When I was much younger, before you were born Kofi, I was selected to be part of a special organization for earth."

Nanafua coughed loudly as Kofi handed her another bottle of water. She took a sip before she continued.

"Yeah, he call you a G.E.R.M agent." Lars said as he rubbed his shoulders. "Whatever that means?"

"What was he talking about Ganga?" Jenny asked Nanafua. "You never told us that you were some sort of agent."

Nanafua took a deep breath, followed by a small cough, before she spoke.

"In the early days of Earth, the Gems and their leaders, the Gemians, took their civil war to Earth, fighting over the bountiful resources our planet had, especially the vast amount of Vitae, then life source of all living things. Diamond had lead a small army to the planet to harvest it, only for the Gemians known as Rose Quartz and Topaz to stop him. However, even after his defeat and the following invasions by the homeworld, our people needed a way to defend ourselves without reliance from Rose. It was then that the Gemian Eradication and Radical Movement, otherwise known as G.E.R.M, was created."

"So you knew about the Gems…I mean…personally?" Sadie asked.

Nanafua nodded. "I was chosen because of my resourcefulness, you saw a little of that at that party way back. The one that Steven-boy threw."

"But what about your apprentice?" Sadie asked again. "Are there more agents out there?"

"We are a dying breed, only a handful remain." Nanafua gasped as she coughed again. "However, I knew that the Gems would attack again, so I had trained an apprentice in secret. One who could carry my knowledge about the Gemians in case of another attack."

"Mother, who is it?" Kofi asked Nanafua. "Please."

"Alright Alright, no need for the dramatics." Nanafua chuckled as she coughed. She then reached into her robe pocket and pulled out a small brown booklet with the same cracked Diamond on the cover. As she weakly handed the book to Kofi, he took it and open it, with, Jenny, Kiki, Lars, and Sadie looking over his shoulders, they all saw a photo of a young woman in a military uniform, carrying the same type of rifle that Nanafua used. She was sitting on a deactivated Agate with a hole in its chest and a part of its head missing. Alongside her were three others, a tan skinned girl with freckles, a brown haired man with a bandage over his eye, and an African American man with an afro and a cigar. In the corner of the picture, there were the words "G.E.R.M Assault Squad Witchgod, Cuba, April 18, 1961. "De siderum fetus uruntque!"

"Ganga…that was you?" Jenny asked as she looked at the photo with a look of disbelief.

Nanafua nodded as she reached over and turned the page. There was a much more modern photo of Nanafua with a young boy in a uniform and a tall man with short brown hair, a long moustache, and an eyepatch. The boy was short and had an awkward smile on his face, come to think of it, he had a look that resembled Jamie the mailman.

"Hey, that's Jamie!" Sadie exclaimed as she pointed to the smiling boy. "He's your apprentice?"

"Yep." Nanafua replied with a soft cough. "I trained him in secret. Sent him on mission under the guise of a Mailman. The man with us is Sam, he is an old squad mate and a good friend. Find them and let them know…"

Nanafua coughed violently as Kofi rushed up to her and held her hand. As he felt fresh tears flow from his eyes, he listened to his mother's dying words.

"…let him…know…the stars are looking to us. Once…mor-"

Kofi felt Nanafua's grip soften as her hands grew cold. As Kofi looked to his mother, he saw her eyes had glazed over and her face was silent. Without a word, Kofi placed his hands over Nanafua's eyes and closed them. He then gritted his teeth before burying his head in his mother's chest, weeping loudly as he grieved for the loss of his mother.


Hours had passed after the ceremony. Kofi stood before the makeshift grave, a simple dirt pile with a cinderblock as a tombstone, engraved into the stone were the words "Ganga Nanafua Pizza: Febuary 10th 1931- September 21st 2015. "Da gave soro nni bi ko."

As Lars and Sadie watched the family mourn in the distance. Lars looked to the sniffling Sadie and then back at the Pizza family.

"Fuck this!" he muttered to himself as he marched back to the field where Nanafua fought Diamond. Seeing the rifle that Nanafua used sitting on the ground, he walked over and picked it up. Examining the weapon and winding the barrel, he turned to see Sadie in front of him.

"Lars, what are you doing?" Sadie exclaimed to the teen before her. "You can't go up fight Diamond, even Nanafua couldn't stand a chance."

"Well sometimes it takes a young man to do an old……solder's…job." Lars said with hesitation. "Besides, she weakened him, I can finish the job."

"Lars wait!" Sadie shouted as she tried to grab Lars, only for him to brush her off.

Sadie watched as Lars marched away with rifle in hand.

"Lars…" Sadie muttered to herself, worrying for what was going to happen.


Spinning the barrel like a crank on a wheel, Lars armed his rifle as he reached the entrance of the Temple District, he was blocked by two Agates.


Lars shot the Agate into pieces with a blast of the rifle. He then aimed the rifle at the other Agate, who raised its arms in surrender.


"Good…Now then…" Lars said with a cool tone as he cranked the rifle. "Take me to your leader."


Steven's House, Interior, present day,


Diamond sat on a bench with his robe removed as two robonoids scurried around his body. Gently lathering his remaining stump of an arm with Gem fluid. With him were Zirconia, Pearl, and Onyx.

"I never expected for that human to be a G.E.R.M agent." Pearl said as she paced the room. "How could I miss that?"

Diamond glared at Pearl, he then looked to Zirconia. The two Gems looked down as they felt Diamond's glare pierce them.

"I never expect that my two servants would be no match for an old human." Diamond growled. "I would expect more from my Agates, at least they responded, you two just stood there like idiots?"

Zirconia bowed to Diamond "Forgive me Master, it won't happen again."

"I hope so, because you are responsible for this new colony." Diamond hissed. "If anything happens, it will be your head under my boot. Is that clear?"

Zirconia looked up as she felt burning tears roll down her face, as they did, Zirconia began to look around in confusion. Diamond noticed this and gestured for a Peal to approach her.

"Tend to your daughter." Diamond commanded coldly. "I cannot recall the last time she was "revised"."

Pearl nodded and walked over to Zirconia away trough the Gem door in the back. Leaving Diamond alone with Onyx.

"Was she a remnant of G.E.R.M?" Onyx asked her Master. "Do you think they are more?"

"I know there are Onychinos." Diamond said as he bruised his chin. "I just have to find out where."

He then looked to Onyx and his eyes widened in curiosity.

"Onychinos, I have a task for you."

"What is it master?" Onyx asked.

"Although I do not want you to kill the human leaders, I want you to spy on them." Diamond explained. "You will use Mortalia Larva to take the guise of a human, you will then infiltrate their military base and find any information about G.E.R.M and the whereabouts of their members. Then you will hunt them down and kill them. Any G.E.R.M technology is to be destroyed on sight. Is that clear?"

"Yes Master." Onyx bowed as she rushed to the warp pad. "I will not fail you."

"I know you won't." Diamond replied. "Don't prove me wrong."

As he watched Onyx teleport away. He sighed as he looked around the house. His eyes then cam to the painting of Rose Quartz that stood before the door way. As he looked at it. He felt a small pang in his chest.

"It has to be done Rose, you know as well as I do that the Universe need this." He explained to the painting. "What I am doing is the right thing to do…it….has to be…yes…it has to…"

The next thing he knew, Diamond watched as the door slammed open and a young boy with a odd haircut holding a rifle in his hands stood before the Gemian. Diamond looked to Lars with a raised eyebrow.

"Are you the apprentice?" Diamond asked as he scanned Lars with his eyes. "You don't seem like one."

"Shut up Gramps!" Lars said to Diamond. "This is not up for discussion, you are going to open that gate and let us out of here! Or I'll-"

"You will what?" Diamond asked as he sat up and walked over to Lars. As he approached the boy, Lars shuttered at the height of the Old King, who towered over him with a menacing glare.

"I-I'll sh-shoot you." Lars shuddered, feeling sweat rush down his brow. "This gun wi-will kill you…and I know how t-t-to shoot it."

Diamond gave a small smile as he raised his remaining hand and folded his fingers. In that instant, the rifle was ripped out of Lars's hands and floated into Diamond's hand. He examined the weapon before looking to Lars.

"I don't think so." Diamond said as he clenched his hand, breaking the gun in two.

Lars felt his stomach drop and the blood drain from his face as he watched the rifle parts fall to the floor with a loud thud. He the watched as the stump over his left arms suddenly shined brightly and a new arm shot out from the stump. As Diamond moved the arm around and examined it, he looked to Lars and used his new arm to grab him by the neck.

"I find you fascinating human." Diamond said to Lars as he lifted him up into the air. "I would expect this type of attack from the G.E.R.M agent, not a mere human. In fact, I may have use for you."

"Fuck you!" Lars replied. "I already worked for a jerkoff before you came along. What makes you think I will work for another?"

"Because of what I can do to you." Diamond replied as he brought Lars closer to his face. "Especially with what I have learned about you."

Lars froze as he glared at the Gemian, who looked back at him with a cold stare.

"How…what are you talking about?" Lars said as he backed away. "You don't know me."

Diamond then rushed up to Lars and placed his hand on his head. The next thing Lars knew, he felt the inside of his head burn. Lars screamed as he tried to pry off Diamond's hand, but he was no match for the Old King's strength.

"When I placed my hand upon you, I was able to read your memories. You human's think that you can hide things from us. Our people can read you like books, place ideas into your minds. It's how we controlled you for the past few centuries. It is the reason why your species cannot have free will, they were never meant to have it in the first place."

As Lars cited through the pain in his mind, he heard Diamond speak once more.

"Ah…there it is…" Diamond said as he looked to Lars. "This memory though is most fascinating. Let's look closer, shall we?"

As he released Lars from his grip, the young boy fell to his knees, gasping as he recollected himself. When he looked back up, he saw a sight that made his stomach drop. Between him and Diamond was a light grey hologram of a child standing before him. The child looked a lot like Lars, but with longer hair. The child looked to the floor with hesitation before looking back up. Lars then saw an image of a man appear before the child. Lars recognized him as his father.

"Laura, is everything alright?" the man asked the child. "Your teacher said that you got into a fight with another student, now this is the fourth time this month. What is going on?"

"It's nothing dad." Laura said as she looked away from him. "I…I was just angry that's all."

"Angry at what?' Laura's father said as he grabbed her arm. "At the student, did he do something to anger you?"

"He…he flirted with me." Lara said as she rubbed her arm. "I told him that I don't like him and he called me a freak."

"Sweetheart, I told you that violence is not the answer." Laura's dad explained as he crouched down to her eye level. "But why would he call you a freak for liking girls, there are other girls at the school who are lesbians. What did you tell him exactly?"

Laura looked up to her father, he could see a large expression of pain in her eyes. Lars could see the pain as well, he felt his heart pang as he eyes welled up with tears.

"Dad…I…I don't feel right..." Laura wimpered with a sniffle. "I just…I don't feel like…I want to be like this…I-I can't…I…"

The next thing Laura knew, she felt the embrace of her father's body wrapped up around her. As she felt his hug, she felt fresh tears roll down her face.

"It's okay Laura…I understand." Her father said to her. "You feel trapped and you want to change who you are, is that right?"

As he pulled away and looked into Laura's eyes, she wiped her eyes and nodded lightly. Laura's father smiled as he kissed her on the forehead.

"It's going to be okay Laura." Her father said as he hugged her again. "I'll speak to a few doctors and we can start medication right away."

"Th-thank dad." Laura sniffled as she gave a faint smile. "I'm sorry for…"

"It's all right sweetheart, we'll get through this." Laura's dad said with a smile. "But first, is there anything I have to do to help you through this?"

Laura pondered for a moment before looking to her father. "Well, I would like to be called a different name."

"Alright." Laura's father replied with a smile. "What do you prefer?"

Laura looked to her father with a more confidant gaze before she replied.

"I want to be called-"

The Holograms dissipated before Lars, leaving him on his knees with tears in his eyes. Diamond then approached him and knelt before him.

"-Lars." He finished. "You modified your physical form."

Lars looked to Diamond and gave a light nod.


Lars jolted up and swung a fist at Diamond. The fist made contact with Diamond's face but it seemed ineffective as Lars pulled his fist away. As Lars rubbed his hand, he saw Diamond towering over him again.

"Your kind are blinded by such petty corruption. You wish to alter your forms and modify your appearances and physiology for what purpose? Admiration? Attraction? Comfort? Such ideals are pointless and distracting. However, in this case it has an advantage..."

Diamond then grabbed Lars and slammed him into a wall.

"...because you will find the G.E.R.M agent in this colony and you will kill him."

"F-F-Fuck you!" Lars replied as he spit blood onto Diamond. He then wiped his face with his hand and looked at it.

"Did you know that a Gemian can alter the chemical balance in a living creature? I can alter levels of neurotransmitters, hormone levels…even testosterone."

Lars eyes widened as he processed what he just heard.

"No…" Lars replied with a whimper. "You can't…"

Diamond looked to Lars as he showed him his hand. Lars watched in horror as the blood collected in the center of his palm and evaporated. Causing the smell of burnt blood to flow into his nostril and cause his eyes to water.

"I can and I will. If you do not do as I say, then I will take away the identity you care so much for. I will return you to your true form…." Diamond then brought his face closer to Lars. "…and I will rape you. Again, and again, and again."

Diamond then dragged Lars over to the entrance of the house and through him out the door.

"The choice is yours human." Diamond stated to Lars. "It always has."

With that, he slammed the door. Leaving Lars on the deck of the house. Lars then curled up into a ball and began to weep loudly. He didn't even respond to the Agate that scooped him up and carried him back to the Citizen District, leaving a trail of tears in his wake.


Caribbean Sea, Cuban Waters, 54 years ago


It was quiet over the Caribbean Sea. A small fish would occasionally swim up and catch a lone insect that landed for one reason or another, or a bird would do the same for a fish. Nevertheless it was peaceful and quiet. Until the sound of helicopters broke the silence, followed by five helicopters that spoiled the peace.

Five helicopters flew over the sea towards the small island of Cuba. Although these looked like American helicopters, they had one thing different, instead of an American flag on the hull, there was the symbol of a cracked diamond.

Inside the lead Helicopter were four solders. A solder with brown hair and a mustache, who was and an African American solder with an Afro were playing cards over a small table, they were known as Sam and Patrick respectfully. There was also a built woman with red hair, tan skin and freckles that was re-calibrating a set of interesting looking rifles, she was known as Hannibal. While another woman was looking out the window at the setting sun, momentarily looking at a picture of a smiling child in her hands. To some, she was known as "Captain Nanafua", but to her squad she was known as…

"Oi Ganga! How much longer before we get there?" Patrick shouted as he scooped up a wad of cash off the table. "Cause I think old Sammy here is gonna have to go to the poor house when we get back."

"I swear to God you are creating." Sam said with a finger pointed at Patrick. "No one is that good at cards."

"Well, no one is that bad at cards too Sam." Hannibal said as she wound up one of the rifles. "Yet here you are."

There was laughter between the three as Ganga looked outside again, finally seeing the island in view, she then reached over and pulled a radio communicator off the wall and held it over her mouth.

"G.E.R.M squad Witchgod to Sisters, G.E.R.M squad Witchgod to sisters are you there? Over."

"* G.E.R.M squad Ironclaw present. Over*" The radio replied.

"* G.E.R.M squad Red Twilight standing by. Over*"

"* G.E.R.M squad Charlie Brown present. Over*"

"* G.E.R.M squad Snowman present. Over*"

"* G.E.R.M squad Kenny's Bane present. Over*"

"Alright, each of your captain have been given instruction of where to land and what to do. Remember to charge your SABER rifles and get the Charges ready." Ganga instructed through the radio. "If Rose was right, there should be a Kindergarten on this island, and I bet my let tit that it's going to be heavily guarded."

"*Roger that, all squads are spreading out*" the Radio replied again. Ganga then watched as the helicopters began to fly away. She then turned to her squad and gave a smile.

"Alright, we all know why we are here, we have done this song and dance for a while now. But today is going to be a big one. Ganga pulled a folded piece of paper from her suit and unfolded it on the table. It was a map of Cuba, and there was a large circle over a small gap in the near center.

"This is "The Bay of Pigs". It's a small beach side in Cuba, the military is providing a distraction there to allow us to sneak in from the side." She directed her finger to the side of Cuba, over a province of "Granma". All the attention will be on the invasion while we sneak in and destroy that Kindergarten. We then get back in and get the hell out of there before anyone figures anything out. Everyone good?"

There was a united "Sir Yes sir!" from the three solders before Ganga.

"Though so, now suit up and let's roll out."


Cuba, Granma Province, five hours later


It was already dark as the chopper landed, Ganga and her squad emerged from the vehicle. However, they seemed to be each wearing a suit of bulky armor. It was light brown with camouflage and it had the G.E.R.M insignia on the shoulder plates. As the squad marched through the fields and forests, armed with their rifles. They could hear the sound of explosions and see a faint orange light in the distance west of them.

"Looks like Kenny is really giving them hell." Sam commented as he looked to the smoke that blocked the stars in the sky. "Castro's not gonna like this."

"Who gives a fuck what Castro thinks." Hannibal interjected as she looked around, aiming her rifle before her. "We are not here to suck his dick or even kill him, remember?"

"I know I know…It's just…this is not gonna look good for us." Sam replied as he took a deep breath. "But I'll take a commie over a Gemmie any day."

The squad chuckled in agreement before they were shushed by Ganga. As the approached a large hillside, they crept over the hill and saw before them a sight they would never forget. There was a large crater in the middle of the field. Agates flew around as they maintained the injectors that were drilling into the ground. Ganga then noticed the grass below her was starting to turn grey and crumble. The next thing she knew, the ground below her crumbled as well, dropping the solder down the pit into the Kindergarten. As Ganga fell with a thud, she sat up to see a group of Agates surrounding her.

"Uh…Hello…"Ganga said as she stood up. " I was just looking for the bathroom. Can you tell me where it is?"

The Agates looked at each other before pouncing at Ganga, only to be shot to pieces by a barrage of sonic blasts from her squad. Ganga then armed her rifle and began shooting down Agate after Agate.

"Hey Patrick!" said Sam as the two of them hid behind a rock.

"What?" Patrick replied as he crouched over and fired his rifle at the incoming Agates, Sam proceeded to do the same.

"If we don't get out of here, I want you to know that I was the one who got drunk and peed in your coffee last night."

"My coffee?" Patrick said with a big smile "I'm allergic to coffee, when I saw it I poured it into your thermos instead. You like coffee right?"

Sam stopped firing for a moment and looked at the thermos on his suit.

"Son of a-"

Ganga and Hannibal fired round after round at the Agates, eventually, an opening was present.

"Hannibal, set the charges!" Ganga shouted as she smacked an Agate with her rifle.

Hannibal nodded as she ran off towards the Injectors. As Ganga fired at more Agates, then suddenly stopped attacking.

"What, you giving up?" Ganga said as she aimed her rifle at he Agates. She then watched as they moved back giving way to a new figure before her.

The figure was tall and pitch black, creating a red outline before the night sky. The only feature he has was a single red eye. As he stood before Ganga, she felt a chill in her body, and as she breathed, she could swear she could see her own breath.

"You are the one attacking my kindergarten?" the figure said as he pointed his finger at her. "Who are you?"

"I'm is Ganga Nanafua, Captain of the Gemian Eradication and Radical Movement, Witchgod squadron. We have been tasked to stopping you from harvesting this planet. Surrender now, and you'll go out quick and painlessly, not that I want you to."

"Harvesting?" The figure looked around at the Kindergarten. "No human, I am saving it, giving it a new purpose as a protector from evil. Your kind are proving my point as we speak."

"That is the biggest pile shit I have ever heard of." Ganga replied as she aimed her rifle at the figure. "…and I worked in a zoo in high school."

"Now tell me, what makes you think that your primitive weapons can harm a God?" the figure hissed as he approached Ganga. "You do not know what I am capa-"

Ganga fired the rifle at the figure. Striking him in the abdomen. As the figure backed away, shouting as he clenching his side, he looked at the wound, a blue gap was present in his side, and it wasn't regenerating. He then looked to Ganga, who reloaded her rifle with a spin of the barrel.

"That my friend is a sonic assault Bloch emission rile, otherwise known as a SABER rifle. It uses specialized quantum wave breeder and a sonic emission mechanism. All thanks of a certain sister of yours."

The figure gave a gaze of anger as he clenched his bleeding wound.

"My sister…" the figure hissed. "She gave you this?"

As Diamond was about to raise his hand to Ganga, he heard a large explosion as several helicopters flew overhead. Firing sonic blasts at the Agates below. Eventually, the majority of Diamond's army was gone. Leaving him alone with the Ganga and her squad.

"Game over fucker." Sam said as he marched up to Diamond. "We kicked your ass without Rose and we can surely do it again, not so tough now are you, "Master Diamond"?"

As Diamond looked at the glaring solder. He hissed before jabbing Sam in the eye, ripping it out and kicking he solder to the ground. Before the other could fire, Diamond jumped up into the air and landed on one of the helicopters, ripping off one of the propellers, he directed the crash towards Ganga and her squad.

"DIE FUREMS!" Diamond shouted as he jumped off the chopper, crashing it into the crowd. As Diamond stood up and watched the wreckage burn, he saw something inside the wreckage. It looked like a large bubble…

…a rose colored bubble.

Diamond watched as the bubble dissipated, knocking the chopper wreckage away. Where the bubble disappeared now stood five figures. Four solders, Ganga, Hannibal, and a one-eyed Sam, and before them was a lone Woman, with long curly pink hair, a large pink dress, and piercing black eyes. It was Rose Quartz, the Gemian of Emotion and the leader of the Crystal Gems.

"Brother, that's enough." Rose pleaded. "Stop this madness and all will be well."

"Don't let to me Rose!" Diamond hissed. "If I recall, the last time we met you "killed" me."

"Diamond, this has to stop." Rose pleaded. "I do not wish to hurt you."

"You already have." Diamond said as he grabbed the black skin from across his face and ripped if open revealing his original face, but the left half looked degraded and torn, it also seemed to be regenerating slowly. At this sight, Rose gasped in shock and covered her mouth with her hands as tears began to flow from her eyes.

"Your tears cannot heal every wound." Diamond said as he approached her. "But you were able to strike me down when I could not."

Rose placed her arm over her left shoulder, tracing the scar around her arm. She watched as Diamond approached her and reached for her neck, his hand stopping inches away and shaking lightly.

"How did you do it?" Diamond asked Rose, a tear rolled down from his non-destroyed eye. "What is your secret? Tell me!"

Rose looked to Diamond with a tearful smile.

"There is no secret brother." Rose said she clasped his hand with hers. "I never meant to harm you. But I want you to stop this, stop the fighting. These humans deserve the right to make their own decisions. I have seen the good in them and the hope they have."

Diamond and Rose then noticed the sound of explosions in the distance. Everyone could see the orange light in the distance. It was the invasion at the Bay of Pigs, the diversion the U.S Military was making for G.E.R.M. Diamond walked towards the light for a few steps before facing Rose, his hand pointing at the light.

"That is your hope Rose, the humans are willing to kill each other yet they believe in self-preservation. They fight over resources that they pillage from others, and they create injustice over feeble differences. How is that hope? How is that good?"

"They will learn from their mistakes and become stronger." Rose said as she approached Diamond. "Everyone makes mistakes, even you have."

Diamond looked to Rose with a silver gaze, looking down with a look of consideration, but before he spoke, there was a rumble in the distance. Diamond then looked to the orange light.

"I do not make mistakes Rose…" Diamond looked to Rose with a molten red glare. "..I erase them!"

Suddenly, there was an explosion as one of the injectors blew up. Ganga's squad stumbled as they avoided the shrapnel. A chopper landed behind the squad as they began to rush towards it.

"We gotta go!" Hannibal shouted as she helped her squad inside.

As Ganga moved into the chopper, she watched Rose and Diamond standing before each other.

"There is only one way to end this." Diamond explained as he took Rose's hand and placed it around his throat. "Either you kill me, or I destroy this planet."

"I will save this planet…" Rose said to Diamond, tears flowing from her eyes. "…but I will save you too."

Diamond gasped lightly as he felt his eye fill with tears.

"No…you cannot." Diamond replied. "I have to do this, and once I do, you will finally hate me."

He pushed Rose's hand away from him as he turned around and walked away. As he did, another of his injectors blew up.

"Do what you must." Diamond said coldly. "There are others I can use."

With that, the Old King vanished before his sister. Rose stood there for a few seconds before walking over and entering the helicopter. As she sat down, she placed her hand over her head and wept loudly. Ganga hesitantly placed a hand on the Gemian's back and patted it a few times. As their chopper flew off, Ganga and her squad watched the rest of the injectors explode, annihilating the Kindergarten completely. As they cheered in joy over their mission, their cheers were silenced as they flew over the Bay of Pigs. The squad looked over to see the burning lands and destroyed ships sinking in the harbor. Ganga looked to Sam and then to the squad as they flew back to America. Ganga looked out the window and saw the sun rising in the distance. A new day was starting for everyone…

…and yet it felt like the old one was still going.

Lars Miserables Chapter 4: The Deal
Aloha, and welcome to the forth chapter of the Everyone Makes Mistake Mini-series: Lars Miserables.

I want people to know that it's not about what's between your legs that defines you, but what's between your lungs. No matter what other people say, be who you want to be. If they push you, push them back twice as hard.

As you may notice, this chapter is part of a Collab project with a godly artist :iconhikumirin:

Also, as we would with you, It would be nice to have some constructive criticism.

Artwork by: :iconbonehatter:

Previous Chapter:  Lars Miserables Chapter 3: The Centipede
Original Idea by: Scraps
Collaboration work with: HikumiRin
Characters Created by: Rebecca Sugar
Chapter 3: The Gemian Centipede
Crystal Temple, Catacombs, Present day
Howlite opened her eyes and looked around at her surroundings. It was a simple room with no windows or lights save for a pair of light in the corners of the room. On the side near the door, there was a table with a small jar on it. As Howlite tried to move, she found herself bound to a chair. Looking downward, she saw her hands and feet were bound by glowing metal cufflinks. As she looked around again at her surroundings, she noticed something. All around the room Howlite could see faint stains of blood, especially a noticeably large stain on the floor next to her. As she examined the walls she could see some of the stains seemed to be words. Although she could not recognize all of them. She could read one of the words.
For some reason, Howlite felt a sense of loss at the realization. However, she did n
EMM chapter 4 is almost done. Thanks for the wait.
Apologyquilt by ScrapstheFool
Pink and White

A Adagio Dazzle Fanfic by: Scraps the Fool

Chapter 1: Screams of the Siren


Two months...

Two whole months since they lost the battle of the bands and the chance to rule the world, once a trio of sirens known as The Dazzlings, now reduced to tone-deaf students of Canterlot High. However, despite the situation, at least two of the three were off to a good start. Sonata Dusk was not only doing better in her classes, but she began a relationship with Sunset Shimmer, a student who also came from the same realm as the sirens. Aside from that, not much is known about her. Aria Blaze on the other hand, has found a niche with the school's kickboxing team, and with the help and support of the psychology major known as Adam Fitzgerald, seems to have finally cooled off that legendary temper of her.

Adagio on the other hand...that is a completely different story.


[Abraham's Household, Present Day]


Adagio Dazzle, the once leader of the tribunal of Sirens, now sitting at a table in front of a bowl of milk. She realizes that she absentmindedly poured the milk before the cereal, as her mind was on something else. As she looked down at the bowl of white, she saw her reflection in the liquid, her hair was a mess, her left eye was bruised, there was a large red handprint on her cheek, her nose was bleeding, and her lip was split. Adagio watched as a drop of blood fell into the bowl of milk, leaving behind a pink spot in its wake, as more droplets of red fell into that sea of white, it began to create a pink swirl within the white. As the siren watched the spectacle before her, she then heard the sound of talking and laughter and looked up at the window to see Aria and Sonata talking with each other, Sonata laughing like the airhead she was and Aria making a snarky comeback to whatever they said. All the while passing by the house their friend was in, not even stopping a second to look back, as if they had forgotten Adagio entirely.

Adagio whimpered slightly as she felt tears pour from her eyes. As she tried to wipe them, she flinched at the tenderness of the bruise over her right eye. Her whimpering then turned to quiet sobs as she covered her mouth, trying her best not to disturb the man that slept upstairs. Adagio then turned back down to the bowl of milk and saw that the pink swirl and turned into a spiral, drifting ever so slightly in the current of white. As Adagio could hear the sounds of footsteps from above, she continued to stare at the spectacle of white and pink, a small smile forming on her face.

She had never realized how beautiful those colors were before.


[Abraham's household, Five Hours Ago]


Adagio sat in the bathroom of the house, having locked the door, turned off the lights, and propped herself on the bathtub, All the while trying to be as silent as physically possible. As she made sure that her cellphone was dim enough to read yet, dim enough to prevent suspicion, she began sending a text to someone. The only person she, thanks to Sonata, was able to get a contact from someone she could talk to.

[Adagio: Sunset...Sunset, are U there?]

[Adagio: Please respond.]

[Adagio: Please!]

Adagio turned off her light as she heard a creek, suspecting it was him, after a good ten minutes, she felt a vibration from her phone.

[Sunset: WTF Adagio, it's 3 in the morning, What do you want?]

Adagio took a deep breath before beginning her response.

[Adagio: Look...I need your help with something.]

[Sunset: After the shit U pulled with the Battle of the Bands, I dont even know why U would ask me, but because of Sonata, I'll make an exception. Now what is your problem?]

Adagio sighed in relief, knowing that their was a ray of hope for her.

[Adagio: Okay...Do you know Abraham Royce?]

[Sunset: Who doesn't, he's that student teacher who is said to be crazy. Why, what did he do to you?]

[Adagio: I became his girlfriend.]


[Adagio: I don't happened after the Battle of the Bands. I...I can't even remember how it happened.]

There was silence for several minutes. Adagio whimpered, looking at the time on the phone that read 3:57 A.M. Shit, time does fly when you are trying to escape a domestically violent relationship. Just then, Adagio's phone vibrated again.

[Sunset: Alright...has Abraham attacked you yet?]

[Adagio: Yes.]

[Sunset: Did he...force you things?]

[Adagio: Yes, he forced me to...suck on his...thing]

[Sunset: Okay...I know a friend you can talk to at the school security. Will you be able to talk about this to Principal Celestia and the police?]



Adagio jolted in fear and she watched the door smash open, the handle breaking off and falling to the floor with a thud, Adagio looked in horror as a figure stood in the open doorway, his physique masked by the darkness. Just then, he reached over and turned on the light, revealing a tall man in boxers and a green beater shirt with platinum hair and blue piercing eyes. Adagio could see his bearded jaw clench with anger as he stormed over to Adagio, snatching the phone from her hands. Adagio tried to retrieve it, only to be smacked down into the tub by the back fist of Abraham. As he looked at the texts, he read the draft of the text Adagio was about to send.

[Adagio: Yes, I can't do this, I have to escape.]

This was followed by another text from Sunset.

[Sunset: Adagio are U there?]

Abraham then pressed the call button of Sunset's contact and put the phone to his ear.

"Hello, Adagio, What's wrong?" Sunset responded on the other end.

"Did you really think you could steal from me?" Abraham growled into the phone, his voice cold and brutal, "Adagio is *mine*" Abraham then lowered the phone from his ear and chucked it at the bathroom wall, causing the phone, like Adagio's hopes of escaping, to shatter into pieces. Abraham then turned his attention to the Siren in the bathtub, curled up like a trapped fox, whimpering in fear as she looked to Abraham with eyes pouring with tears.

"...and you!" Abraham hissed as he grabbed the struggling Adagio by her hair to lift her up to his face "Think you could run? Think you could trick me?"

He then proceeded throw her onto the cold bathroom floor and drag the siren out of the bathroom and down the hallway. Adagio shrieked as she grabbed her scalp, which burned from Abraham's Grasp. She then felt Abraham release her hair, dropping her head onto the floor of the bedroom. As Adagio opened her eyes, she saw Abraham over her, his expression gave away the fact that he was furious.

"P-p-please Abraham, I'm sorry! I just wanted to-" Her excuse was cut short by a fist to her eye. As she covered it with her hands and screamed, only to be silence by a slap across her face.

"You think you can escape? You can't leave me! You'll always be under my control! Do you hear me!?" Abraham then punched Adagio in the stomach several times before continuing, "DO! YOU! HEAR! ME?!"

Adagio gasped as her vision blurred, she could feel Abraham's fists hitting her body, but there was barely any pain, it was only when she came back into focus did the pain settle in, and just in time to see Abraham pull out a knife, placing it at Adagio's throat. The siren tried to scream, only to be silenced by the feeling of the knife dig deeper.

"Let me remind you of something: you belong to me, and you will do as I say!" Abraham hissed as he used his free hand to point at Adagio's face. "Play stupid, play clever, and make the mistake of saying "no, or contact the authorities..."

He moved the knife lower to Adagio's Sternum and lightly cut into it. Adagio cried as she felt the cut before the knife returned to her neck.

"...and then next time you fall won't wake up."

As Adagio looked down to the knife and then up to Abraham, she nodded in understanding. Abraham then took the knife off Adagio's neck, and instead sliced open the base of her pajamas. Before the siren could respond, she felt a yelp of pain and she felt a lone finger enter her. She watched as Abraham removed his boxers, revealing his large member.

"Oh god!" Adagio gasped as she watched him position himself. "Please Abraham...Please NO! I WILL BE GOOD! I WILL OBEY! BUT PLEASE NO!"

Abraham ignored Adagio's protests as he covered her mouth with his hand, hearing her muffled screams as he pushed himself into her trembling walls. She then let out a muffled shriek as she felt his spear penetrate her hymen. Abraham watched with surprise as he saw blood trickle down from Adagio's womanhood.

"I wouldn't have thought that you were a virgin when I met you." Abraham said as he stared into his siren's tear filled eyes, "I guess that is another thing you had kept from me. Well, that and that picture of that green guy that you carried, what was his name?"

Adagio screamed harder as she felt Abraham's rod push deeper, she watched as Abraham looked up as he snapped his fingers with his free hand, as if he was trying to remember something. As his member pushed against her cervix, Adagio yelped in pain, Abraham responded by snapping his fingers and pointing at Adagio.

"Anon! That's what his name was, Anon. I am so glad I destroyed that *thing* for you, it was rather disturbing how you were so clingy with it. To be honest, the only thing I can think that would be more disturbing would be the thought of you actually being a boy. Honestly, could you imagine that? No? Didn't think so!"

With that, Abraham began to pump in and out into Adagio, her screams muffled by Abraham's grasp, only to suddenly have his hand replaced with his face. Adagio felt Abraham's tongue bolt into her mouth, exploring and mashing itself within her mouth. As he released her from his kiss, she heard the sound of metal sliding against the floor, as she lifted her head to look up, she felt his hand grab her by the base of her forehead and push her back down, and she then felt his movements pumping faster and faster. Abraham then wrapped his hands around Adagio's neck, squeezing lightly as he began to reach his climax.

"Now you see why I am in control?" Abraham said as he bent down to look into Adagio's eyes. "I could kill you right now, and no one could stop me. Not Sunset, not your friends, not even the Principal! I am in control!"

Adagio at this moment was too weak to respond, she watched as the face of Abraham began to blur. As soon as she saw him grit his teeth and his face turn red, she felt him release inside of her. She was quickly jolted back by the feeling of his seed shooting within her and his hands clasping tightly around her neck. She tried to weakly pull his hands away to breathe, but she was no match for his strength. As her vision faded to darkness, she watched Abraham reach over and pick up his knife. Waving it in front of her before he moved it out of her vision.

"I am pretty sure that you will be unable to attend school tomorrow, correct?" he asked the fading Adagio before walking out of the room and shutting off the lights. Adagio could still see the hallway light was on before her vision faded to black.


[Abraham's Household, Present Day]


Adagio was still staring at the bowl of milk; the spiral of pink captivating her attention from the world, to her, that spiral was a escape from the hell she was enduring. She looked up at the window, seeing that her friends were long gone, gone off to their own lives, with their own friends, friends who looked past their crimes and faults and saw them as people they care about, they were given a chance to begin again and to let go of their lives as sirens. However, for Adagio, it was not so happy.

As she turned her attention back to the bowl before her, she heard footsteps behind her. A hand then grabbed the bowl before her. She then heard the sound of guzzling as she heard the footsteps enter the kitchen and the clatter of a bowl into a sink. Adagio turned to see Abraham in the kitchen, washing the bowl before placing it back into the cupboard. He then turned to Adagio, walked up to her and placed his hands on her shoulders. Adagio looked to the window, seeing her reflection as well as his.

"Do you belong to me?" Abraham asked sternly.

Adagio nodded slightly, not even looking up to face Abraham

"Will you do what I say, when I say it?" He asked her

She nodded again, just like before.

"Do you know what will happen if you try to object or escape?"

Adagio nodded again, her eyes glazed this time.

"Do you know what will happen if you kill yourself?"

Adagio hesitated, and then shook her head across, tears pouring from her eyes as she mouthed the word "no".

Abraham then took his hands and cupped her face. Turning her direction to him.

"I will have no problem taking your friends as a replacement." he said coldly.

Adagio broke from his grasp and looked back at the table where the bowl once was. Abraham noticed this and looked back to the kitchen cupboard, then to Adagio.

"More idols?" he asked Adagio. "God, You are so pathetic."

before turning away to the door, taking his knife and leaving it on the table beside the siren.

"You will be returning to school tomorrow, but only after I take care of a few things." He said as he opened the door and exited through it, slamming it behind him, The sound caused Adagio to flinch.

As soon as she heard Abraham's car drive off, Adagio stood up and walked into the kitchen, she grabbed a bowl from the cupboard and then placed it on the table. Adagio then filled it with milk before returning the carton to the fridge. As she sat back down to the bowl of milk. She then noticed Abraham's knife on the table. it was a small metal knife that could fit in one hand, and the blade was curved and was facing inward, as for peeling or wilting.

Adagio picked up the blade and examined it, remembering that this was the same blade that Abraham used when he...dominated her.

As she looked at her other hand, she took her hand over the bowl and placed the knife on her palm. Adagio then dragged the knife over her hand, wincing as she felt the cut. She put the bloody knife back on the table and examined her hand. Now there was a large gash on her palm. Red blood trickled down her hand. Adagio stared at the wound with a blank expression as several drops of blood fell into the bowl of milk, leaving behind a pink spot in their wake, as more droplets of red fell into the sea of white, it began to create a pink swirl within the white. she watched pink swirl and turned into a spiral, drifting ever so slightly in the current of white. As Adagio could feel her hand becoming damp with blood, she continued to stare at the spectacle of white and pink, a small smile forming on her face.

She had never realized how beautiful those colors were before.

Pink and White

A Adagio Dazzle Fanfic by: Scraps the Fool

Chapter 2: A King of Limestone and Silver

[Canterlot High School Cafeteria, 1 Week Later]


Sunset waited anxiously as she looked around the table she sat at. The bacon haired girl then looked at the watch on her wrist, which read 12:43 PM. As she looked up, she saw two girls approach the table, one had purple hair with two large ponytails, while the other had blue hair and a single ponytail. These two were known as Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk, who were known to have been good friends with Adagio, before she disappeared from the school altogether. As soon as the two girls sat down, Sonata squirmed right next to Sunset and kissed her, which was normal since they were in fact in a relationship.

"So Sunny, are we still going to Taco Town after school?" Sunset cheerfully as she wiggled her arms like a child. "It is Tuesday after all."

"Sure thing Sonata." Sunset said distantly as she turned to Aria, who glared at Sunset with concern.

"So what did you want to tell us about Adagio?" Aria asked as she leaned into the table, giving the image similar to that of a mobster. "Is she alright? Do you know what happened to her?"

Sunset looked down with hesitation before she pulled out her cell phone and handed it to Aria. As the grape grump scanned through the texts, both Sunset and Sonata watched as Aria's eyes widened and her teeth clench. A slight twitch could be seen in her left eye.

"I received those texts list night." Sunset explained. "I already sent a copy to Principal Celestia and she is going to investigate as well."

"What's wrong?" Sonata asked Sunset as she tugged her leather jacket. "Is Adie is trouble."

"…he forced me to suck…" Aria muttered as she read the texts before her.

"After a while, I received a call from her." Sunset continued, trying to choose her words carefully. "But when I responded, it was…Abraham…and he said that Adagio…belonged to him."

Aria responded to this by slamming the phone on the desk, creating an audible thud. "THAT FUCKER!"

Sunset and Sonata were startled by the sudden outburst, the purple puma's act also caused a couple students to turn to the noise and look before turning back.

"Aria calm down." Sunset said as she tried to reach for Aria, only for the violent violet slap her away."

"Calm down?" Aria asked Sunset with a scoff. "Calm down? How can I calm down when Adagio is with…him?"

"Wait, what is Adagio doing anyway?" Sonata asked innocently. "I thought she went looking for a way back home? Can't ask your friends for help, even after…everything we…did?"

"No, the girls are on a mission trip in Indiana, so they won't be able to help us." Sunset corrected. "Not to mention I can't get any help to Twilight, apparently she is dealing with problems back in Equestria."

Aria placed her hands on her head as she glared at the table, trying to think of a plan to help Adagio. "Maybe I can ask Adam to help, he is skilled in this shit. Maybe he can talk to her or something."

"He could." Sunset replied as she grabbed her phone off the cracked table. "But that's not enough, we need to tell Principal and the police about this. He is a professor after all, and that's illegal, right?"

"Yeah." Aria said as she rubbed her hand. "But let's not forget that Adagio, like Sonata and I, are still in the red from the Battle of the Bands. It's obvious that they will choose the word of a fucking tech professor over a kid who tried to take over the school.

"What we need are detectives." Sonata chimed in with a look of determination. "On TV, there is these shows about cops who deal with stuff like this. You know, like the one with the loud "dun-dun" noise. Maybe they can help."

Aria placed her hands on her face and let out a big sigh. "Sonata, that shit's fake, they even say at the end of each episode that it's fake. How about for once you step out of imaginationland and think of a real plan? You know, so we can help Adagio before Abraham FUCKING KILLS HER!"

As she looked to Sunset and Sonata, she noticed that their eyes were focused elsewhere.

"Oh my god…" Sunset whispered to herself.

As Aria looked behind her to see what they were looking at, her eyes widened as she felt a pit in her stomach.

There, on the other side of the cafeteria, was Adagio, sitting alone at a table eating a sandwich. Her face was bruised and her arms were bandaged. Her hair was now straightened and short instead of being large and puffy. She was wearing a sweater and had a pair of sunglasses on, which was a strange thing to wear considering that she wasn't indoors or hanging out with the 50's Greaser club.

Imminently, Aria stood up and stormed toward Adagio.



[Joe's Doughnuts, seven hours earlier]


Derpy smiled as she glanced at the window, watching as the sun was just rising up from the ground. She then looked to the clock, which read 6:30 AM. The wall-eyed woman yawned slightly. Due to complications with her disability, not many people would accept an accident prone girl with an obvious mental disability. However, with determination and optimism, the girl finally received a job. Sure the hours were brutal and the pay was not that significant, but at least it was something.

"Hey Derpy." A balding man in a large white smock called out to the blond haired dolts as he restocked the doughnuts. It was Joe, the owner of the shop. "Almost time to close up shop, eh?"

"Wha…?" Derpy said puzzlingly. "But the shop is open all day? Is something wrong?"

Joe chuckled as he ruffled Derpy's hair. "It's just an expression sweetie. I meant to say that it's almost time for you to get to school. How about you punch out early? I can hold the fort."

Derpy processed this for a moment before giving Joe a large grin. "Oooooh! Now I get it! Thanks boss!"

Derpy walked over to a punch clock and pressed a few buttons. Looking to the instructions that were on the side of the clock before finally punching out. Derpy then hung up her smock, revealing her grey shirt and blue shorts. She then turned to her boss and gave him a salute, to which Joe saluted back with a grin. Derpy then lightly skipped out the door, nearly bumping into a man wearing a grey coat and tan pants. He also had a pipe in his hand.

"Pardon me mister." Derpy chirped as she moved around the man. She noticed his deep blue eyes.

"No, excuse me." He replied as he moved around the wall-eyed girl. As she moved around him and skipped down the street. The man watched with a raised eyebrow. He then dumped his pipe and placed it in his coat as he entered the shop and approached the counter.

"Hello, I would like one Lemon Muffin Surprise please." The man said as he pulled out several dollars and his I.D from his wallet. "And I assume you still have the Teacher's discount from the ad? Does that cover student teachers as well?"

"Sure." Joe replied as he bent down and picked a Doughnut from the tray behind him. "So where are you from? I can guess you are teaching at Canterlot High? Mr…Royce."

"I'm from N.Y.U." Abraham said with a smile. "I'm teaching Engineering and technology to those students."

"Really?" Joe said as he sealed the bag with his doughnut in it before handing it over to Abraham. "I wouldn't expect a kid like you would be that smart."

"I will take that as a compliment, and I hope you have a great day sir!" Abraham said with a light chuckle as he walked out of the door. Joe watched as the man entered his dark orange car and drove off, right in the same direction that Derpy drove off. A thought shot in the man's head, but he quickly brushed it off.

"Come on Joey, he's a teacher." Joe chuckled to himself as he walked into the kitchen.

"He probably wouldn't hurt a fly."


Derpy walked down the street. As she looked around at the buildings, she smiled as she admired the colors and shapes that defined them. She then reached into one of the side pockets of her backpack and pulled out a colorful notepad from the pocket. It was dark grey with light grey bubbles on it. As she flipped it open, there was a list of things she had to do.

3:00 A.M – 7-00 A.M: Go to work. (Remember to dress properly: underpants goes under the pants).

7:00 A.M – 2:45 P.M: School. (English, Gym, Lunch, Special Ed, and then Science).

2:45 P.M – 5:00 P.M: Visit Dinkie (Remember to inform bus driver where she lives)

5:00 P.M – 9:00 P.M: Homework, and sleep (Have to get up at 2:00 AM to get to work on time).

Derpy nodded as she placed the notepad back in her backpack's side pocket. As she did, she noticed the car pulling up beside her. As Derpy stopped and looked at the car. She saw the window roll down, revealing the driver inside.

"Hello there." Abraham said as he pointed his finger at her. "Your name is…Derpy right?"

Derpy gasped in response. For her, being recognized like this was quite nice, just like a movie star.

"Yes mister." Derpy said as he approached the car. "How do you know that?"

"Well part of that is that I am a teacher at your school. Mr. Royce and I have seen you a couple times at school and over at Joe's." Abraham explained with a grin. "Plus, I'm also friends with Adagio, you know, Sonata's friend."

Derpy gasped again. Sonata and Derpy were the closest of friends ever since Sonata taught Derpy to make tacos. If Mr. Royce was a friend to Adagio, and Adagio was a friend to Sonata, then that would mean that Sonata and Mr. Royce must friends too.

"I'll tell you what, it's quite a walk to school. How about I give you a ride? It's much safer than walking in the street."

Derpy hesitated. Looking to Abraham with one of her eyes. The other was…eh…looking elsewhere.

"But, Mama says I shouldn't get into cars with strangers." She explained as she held her hands to her chest. "Even if you are friends with Adagio…I think."

"But I'm a teacher remember." Abraham assured the young girl. "And your mama said that you can always trust a teacher, right? Besides, all your friends were strangers at some point. Did you ever think of that? "

Derpy pondered this for a moment, she did remember her mother telling her something about teachers and trusting them, but she couldn't remember exactly what. As she looked to the smiling Abraham. She smiled back and nodded.

"Well when you put it that way…Okay Mr. Royce!" Derpy chimed as she walked over and entered Abraham's car. Abraham watched the young girl with a smile as she closed the car door and buckled herself in. Her eyes were a little odd and she was obviously lacking in the smarts department, but aside from that she was very cute.

"Capital!" Abraham said to Derpy. "And please, call me Abraham."

"You got it Abraham." Derpy chimed gleefully.

He said as he turned on the radio. Derpy listened to the music with curiosity. It reminded her of the music her grandpa would listen to when she was little. As they began to drive towards the school, Abraham looked though his rear mirror to the unsealed bag he acquired from Joe's Doughnut shop.

"Say, I think I have something for you to celebrate our new friendship." Abraham said to Derpy, keeping the eyes on the road. "There is a special muffin in the back of the car. Go ahead and take it."

Derpy looked to the bag and reached back to pick it up. As she was distracted by the bag, Abraham turned into an adjacent street, which went around the main road to Canterlot High and was a longer drive to the school. Derpy then pulled back with the bag in hand. As she reached inside, she pulled out a muffin with yellow chunks inside. The sight made Derpy gasp as she looked to Abraham.

"Lemon Muffin surprise!" Derpy said with a beaming grin. "These are my favorite! How did you know?"

"Sonata told me." Abraham explained with a warm smile. "Now go on. Bon Appetit."

The second Abraham finished his sentence, Derpy practically inhaled the muffin. The process startled Abraham as he watched the wall-eyed girl finish the muffin.

"Wow! That was the best muffin I ever had!" Derpy exclaimed as she wiped her mouth with her sleeve. "This tasted even better than the ones that Mr. Joe makes. Thank you Abraham."

"No problem Derpy. That's what friends do." Abraham chuckled slightly. "Speaking of which, could you help me understand something?"

Derpy looked to Abraham, but before she responded, she felt her vison begin to blur. The girl looked to her hands and then back to Abraham.

"Could you tell me what Narcozep is?" Abraham asked as he pulled onto the side of the road.

"Wha…I…uh…bu-" Derpy slurred as she felt her head spin. It was after a few minutes that everything when dark. Abraham watched with satisfaction as the young girl who innocently entered his car. Slumped into her seat and into total unconsciousness. Abraham then reached into his coat and pulled out his pipe. He then lit the pipe and took a few puffs before looking back to Derpy.

"You know, I am surprised at how easy this was." Abraham said to the unconscious girl. "It almost seems unfair."

Abraham shrugged as he drove off. As he did, he placed his pipe down and placed a Bluetooth in his ear.

"Tia, this is Abraham." Abraham said on the phone. "I am sorry for the inconvenience, but there was a issue with some relatives from out of town. I have to take a leave of absence for a while. I already scheduled a substitute and have a forum for paid leave in your mailbox along with an authoritative permission from my professor at NCU and the Superintendent. Thank you for understanding and have a nice day."

Abraham deactivated the Bluetooth and picked up his pipe. He then looked back to Derpy and smiled.

"That's what friends do, right?"


Abraham's Residence: Basement, 15 minutes later


Derpy woke up softly as everything around her was dark. As she tried to move, she felt her arms wrapped around a metal bar behind her and her hands were bound together by metal cufflinks, and her feet were bound together as well. Derpy looked around in the darkness, hyperventilating as she tried to break free.

"Help!" Derpy shouted. "Someone help me!"

Just then, there was a flash of light. Derpy winced as her eyes adjusted to the light. She then saw her surrounding, a damp basement with a stairwell and several boxes. Along with that was a washing machine with dryer and sink, and door next to it. Derpy then heard the sound of a door opening as she could see a bright light from the top of the stairwell. She then heard the sound of feet moving down the stairs as she saw Abraham enter the room. He approached her wearing a black smock and light green rubber gloves. As he bent down towards her, he looked her dead in the eyes, well, the eye that was focused on him.

"Congratulations Derpy." Abraham said softly to Derpy. "You are now mine, and we're going to play a little game today."

"Wh-what are you going to-to-" Derpy stuttered, her face now covered in tears.

"To-to-to-to…to do what Derpy? TO DO WHAT?" Abraham repeated mockingly as he slapped her across the face, the young girl whimpered as she looked back at her captor. Abraham then laughed as he stood up, walking over to the staircase and then around it. He returned after a couple seconds with a metal stool, which he placed before Derpy and sat down upon.

"Now, did your mama ever tell you what would happen to you if you did get into a car with a stranger?" Abraham asked the wall-eyed girl.

Derpy hesitated before nodding rapidly. Abraham smiled widely as he grabbed the girl by the hair and pulled her towards his face. He then brandished a curved knife between them.

"Well you're going to find out then. Won't that be fun?" Abraham asked the girl.

Derpy shook her head sideways, unable to speak as she stared at the knife before her. Abraham's smile faded as his eyes widened in surprise.

"No..?" He asked as he leaned in closer. "Did…did you just say no to me?"

Before Derpy could respond, Abraham pulled her hair upwards. Derpy screamed as she felt her scalp burn. Only to be silence by the sight of a knife blade before her eyes.

"Now in this house. We don't say no to the master." Abraham said in a calm tone, as he pulled his knife welding hand away from Derpy and pointed it at himself. "And in case you are as retarded as everyone else thinks, I am the master. Is that clear?"

"Y-y-yes…" Derpy replied. She then noticed Abraham looking at her with an irritated glare. Derpy gasped lightly as she watched the man place his knife before her.

"Watch it." Abraham commanded as he began to move the knife back and forth and up and down. As Derpy did as she was told, despite the fact that her left eye decided to rebel and look the other way. Abraham eventually stopped and pointed his knife next to Derpy's left eye.

'You know, that thing's really starting to piss me off." Abraham hissed as he held Derpy by the back of her head. "Let's fix that, shall we?"

"NO!" Derpy shouted, struggling to break free. "STOP IT! PLEASE! NO!"

Abraham released Derpy hair only to slap her across the face with his hand. He then grabbed her by the face and pressed the right side of her head to the iron bar with his hand, using said hands fingers to spread Derpy's eyelid open. Derpy tried to break free, but her captor's body weight was too strong. Although her eye was looking up at the celling, she knew what Abraham was about to do. Especially when she felt the tip of his knife touch the end of her eye.

"N-n-no." Derpy whispered as fresh tears rolled down her cheeks, staining her grey shirt.

"You have such pretty eyes, such a waste that this one is defective. Abraham sighed as he pressed the knife closer to Derpy. "But don't worry, I'll get rid of this "eyesore" for you."

In that instant, Abraham began to slowly slide the knife blade into Derpy's eye socket. The girl let out a deafening shriek as she shook violently. Abraham felt sweat develop on his brow and a slight giggle escape his lips as he watched trickles of red blood trickle from Derpy's eye. Through her vision. Derpy began to see black spots from her left eyes. As she moved her eye, she could feel the blade of Abraham's knife press against her eyeball.

"Now don't you worry Derpy, I gave you sedatives while you were unconscious which should keep you from going into shock, provided of course by my late uncle, God rest his soul." Abraham said with a warm smile. "Besides, after this, no one will call you "Derpy" anymore. Won't that be a great relief?"

Derpy cried loudly as Abraham stretched her eyelid further. He began to tilt the blade to downward. Derpy could feel her eye begin to pull out as her vision began to warp beyond normal.

"STOP IT! STOP PLEASE! MY EYE! IT'S HURTING!" Derpy shouted at the top of her lungs. Feeling the back of her eye begin to burn and she could begin to see her own head. Abraham then released her eyelid and grabbed hold of her exposed eye. Biting his lip in concentration as he started to pull the eye out as gently as possible, despite the chorus of no's from his houseguest.

"NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!"

Derpy cried as hard as she could, hoping that someone would hear her and come to her rescue. But her cries fell onto deaf ears as Abraham was able to pull the entire eye out of her socket. Derpy screamed and cried as she felt the burning pain course through her eye. She felt her pants become soaked as she wet herself in agony. Upon seeing this, Abraham looked to her with an expression of disgust.

"My god, you have no decency!" Abraham scolded as he pointed Derpy's eye to her body. "Really, this is just disgusting. Have you no shame?"

Derpy cried as Abraham held his knife right up to her nerve stem. As soon as he touched the blade to the nerves, Derpy jolted and let out a loud scream. This caused Abraham to lose his grip on Derpy's eye. Abraham watched with amusement as Derpy flailed around in agony, wailing as her loose eye flailed around her face. Eventually, Abraham was able to grab hold of her eye once more and held the knife up to the nerve.

"Now this will hurt for only a moment." Abraham said calmly, ignoring the screams of the girl in his captivity. "So let's do this on the count of three. Okay?"





"Two and a quarter…"


"Two and a half…"


"Two and three quarters…"


The next thing Derpy felt was a sudden darkness in her left eye.


Derpy screamed as she felt an excruciating pain flow from where her eye used to be. She then felt a rush of warm liquid pour down her face as cold air rushed into her eye socket. She then looked to Abraham with her remaining eye, who had a triumphant smile on his face. She also saw her severed eye, which was dangling from the nerve that Abraham cut off. Abraham then placed his knife on his lap and reached into his pocket, pulling out a small covered syringe. Abraham then pulled the cover off the syringe and jabbed it into her leg.

"You know, my parents were in the military." Abraham said as he gazed at the eyeball in his hand. "My mother worked in surveillance and my dad was an interrogator for POW's. If it wasn't for them, I supposed you wouldn't be alive right now. Thank god for mediation, am I right?"

Derpy whimpered as Abraham stood up and walked back to the Stairwell and back around it. He then returned with a roll of gauze and medical tape. He use his knife to cut a square and place it over Derpy's eye socket. He then cut a longer strip of tape and placed it over the wall-eyed girl's mouth, smiling as he looked at his masterpiece.

"There we go, no that wasn't so bad. At least you're not like Adagio." He said to Derpy. "At least you are easier to break and you probably can be conditioned easier."

He then looked at her clothing and frowned. "However, this will not do. I cannot have you doing this. It's…disgusting!"

Abraham then moved behind Derpy and un-cuffed her. As he did, the young girl tried to move, only to feel her body slump over, she tried to move her arms, but only in short movements.

"Oh yes, that injection I gave you? That was a concentrated extract of a toxin known as Curare, my dad used in to torture prisoners. You see, it's meant to be a muscle relaxant, but in certain concentrations, it can paralyze, but you can still feel all sorts of pain."

As Abraham bent down and un-cuffed Derpy's feet, he then unbuttoned her pants and removed them along with her undergarments. Derpy watched as he held them with his thumb and forefinger as he approached the washing machine, placing the cloths into the sink and turned on the water.

"You know, I am still ticked by the fact you fell for the "I'm friends with Sonata" stick." Abraham giggled as he turned off the faucet and walked over to Derpy, bending down and picking the whimpering one-eyed girl up. "The sad thing about that was that I only saw you talk with her once. From what Adagio told me, that girl really attracts the retards of that school."

Abraham then carried the girl up the stairs of the basement and into the house. Derpy looked around at the house, while a good majority of the house was a blur to her, she was able to note the tan color of the walls and a picture of Abraham in a uniform. Abraham then carried her up a flight of stairs into a room. It was lime green in color and had a desk in it. Derpy saw a lone book sitting on the table. She also saw a box in the closet which was labeled with the words "Mementos".

Abraham sighed as he placed Derpy on the bed. As he did, He looked at the half-naked girl's undercarriage and cringed.

"Let me clean you up before we continue." Abraham said as he walked out of the room. Derpy looked around. She tried to move, but the Curare was too strong. All Derpy could do was wimper through the tape around her mouth. She then watched as Abraham reentered the room with a cloth in one hand and four pairs of cuffs in the other. He then sat down on the bed and grabbed her legs, cuffing them to the bed poles. He then took the cloth and began to wipe Derpy's crotch clean of the fluids. Derpy flinched as she felt the cloth enter inside her. Abraham then moved up to Derpy's top side and forcefully pulled off Derpy's shirt, exposing a light blue bra that covered the girl's petit breasts.

"How cute." Abraham chuckled as he cuffed Derpy's arms to the metal headboard. "I guess you know what's going to happen next?"

Derpy looked to Abraham with a tear ridden eye as she shook her head sideways. Abraham cuffed her face with his hand as he pulled his knife from his pocket.

"I'm going to rape you now." Abraham replied bluntly. "I am going to have sex with you agienst your will. Do you understand me?"

Derpy let out a muffled cry. Abraham then pulled Derpy's head to his chest. Calmly shushing the young girl and rocking her head the same way a parent shushes their child. As he did this, he began to sing to her.

Hush-a-bye, don't you cry, go to sleep little baby.

When you wake, you shall have, all the pretty little hor-ses.

Abraham then released Derpy from his grip as he moved down to her undercarriage. Derpy flinched back as she felt his fingers go inside her, all the while he still was singing to her.

Blacks and bay, dapper and grey, coachin six-a little horses.

Blacks and bay, dapper and grey, coachin six-a little horses.

Derpy watched in horror as Abraham then started to remove his pants with his free hand. As Derpy watched his pants fall to the floor, she cried as she watched Abraham step onto the bad. He then smiled as he positioned himself over Derpy, his penis pressing on the girl's untouched undercarriage.

Way down yonder in the meadow, lies a poor little lambie.

And the bee and the fly, a-pickin out its eye.

Abraham plunged himself into Derpy. The girl screamed as she felt her vaginal walls streach from the girth of his member. Block trickled from the conjoined area as Abraham bent down to the girl, stroking a loose lock of hair from the girl as he continued to sing to her.

The poor little thing cried out "ma-mmy".

Abraham then straighten himself and began to pump roughly into his prey. The girl tried to shut her eye, but Abraham smacked her on the side of her face. A clear sign that he wanted her to watch.

Hush-a-bye, a-don't you-a cry, go to sleep little ba-by.

When you wake, you shall have, all the pretty little hor-ses.

Abraham bent down as he grabbed Derpy's legs. As he looked into Derpy's eye, he noticed that the girl had apparently spaced out. It appeared that all the sensation was too much for her. Abraham chuckled to himself before he continued to sing.

Blacks and bay, dapper and grey, coachin six-a little hor-ses.

Abraham pumped harder and faster into Derpy. This time however, the girl only let out small cries. After several more pumps, Abraham gasped as he shot himself inside her, pumping her body full of his fluids.

As he recollected himself, he pulled out and stood back up on the bedroom floor, walking away into his bathroom and pulling out a small douche and a bottle of liquid. He began to hum as he applied the liquid to the douche and then he started to scrub the inside of Derpy's womanhood. After making sure she was clean of filth. He walked back to the restroom and put the douche in the bathtub, running the water as he opened his medicine cabinet and pulling out a bottle of blue tablets. He the returned to Derpy and opened her mouth, shoving a tablet down her mouth. As he placed the bottle on his desk and put his pants back on, he looked at his watch and gasped softly.

"Oh my! Is it 1:15 already?" He said to his "guest". "Guess I'm going to have to pick up Adagio now."

Abraham sighed as he walked into the hallway, closing the doorway behind him. However, he did reopen in and pop his head back in.

"Now you be good now and Master will be back with a friend." Abraham said in the mocking tone on a nuclear styled parent. "Oh, and remember that I am always in control. Is that clear?"

Derpy was silent, but he noticed her head nod lightly.

"Good girl." Abraham replied gleefully. "Be right back."

Derpy listened as he shut off the lights, closed the door, and locked it. She then listened as he want down the stairs and out the door. She could hear his car ignite and drive away, blaring the same music that her grandpa listened to, and the very music that lured her into his trap.

As soon as she was certain that the cost was clear, Derpy began to let out muffled sobs, wishing to wake up from this nightmare like the characters in her cartoons. But the more she cried, the more she realized that this was no nightmare, but something far worse.


[Canterlot High school Cafeteria, Present day]


Adagio sat at the table alone, as she bit into her sandwich, she continued to let her mind fade as she just thought about how she got here. In her mind it was all Sunset's fault. She had to ruin her plans and destroy her gem along with Aria's and Sonata's. It was her fault that the others left her alone and abandoned. Her fault that she got into this predicament. But as she thought about how Sunset ruined her, her mind then drifted to a different memory.


[Abraham's residence, eight days earlier]


"What the hell is this thing?" Abraham said as he looked at the framed picture of a green featureless face. "Is this what you were hiding from me all this time? Who the fuck is Anon?"

Adagio hesitated, trying not to agitate Abraham and damage Anon in the process. "He…he is my friend. Please, don't hurt him."

"Your friend?" Abraham said as he looked to Anon and then to Adagio. "This…this is your friend? A fucking picture of a green man is your friend?"

Adagio nodded. "Yes." She replied. "Even when times were tough for us, I had the Dazzlings, but Anon was different, he is…"

Adagio stopped as she saw Abraham looked at her with a look of disbelief before he burst into laughter. Abraham placed a hand over his face as he howled with laughter.

"Are you serious?" Abraham said as he tried to control himself, only to laugh harder as he looked at the worried face of Adagio. "Are you fucking with me? You have to be fucking with me? First you tell me that you're a…what's it called…a siren, and now you tell me that you have a picture frame as an imaginary friend? Oh, this is too precious."

As Abraham turned around Adagio approached him, cautiously trying to reach for Anon, Abraham quickly noticed this and smacked the back of his hand against Adagio's face, knocking her to the ground. As she sat up and touched her bruised face, she saw as Abraham broke Anon's frame open and pulled the picture out.

"Abraham no!" Adagio screamed, tears began to pour out of her eyes. "Please, I'll do anything, just please don't hurt him.

Abraham placed the picture between his underarm as he reached into his vest pocket and pulled out a small wooden pipe. As he walked over and picked up a matchbook, he lit a match and lit the pipe, puffing a few breaths of air before removing the pipe and blowing out a large cloud of smoke. He then pulled Anon from under his arm and looked at it before looking to Adagio.

"So…this Anon thing means that much to you?" Abraham said as he placed the pipe back in his mouth.

Adagio nodded as she tried to stand back up, only for Abraham to point his pipe at her.

"No!" Abraham commanded Adagio. "You worship this idol, correct?"

Adagio was about to respond, but held her tongue.

"If you care about this thing, then you will kneel for it." Abraham replied as he puffed more pipe smoke. "It is an idol, so ask it for what you want."

Adagio complied and she bent forward.

"Lower" Abraham commanded.

Adagio lowered herself more, her hands were now placed on the floor.


Adagio lowered herself even more, placing her head on the floor. She could hear Abraham chuckle slightly.

"Now, you can ask Anon what you seek and you will wait until he responds, you will not raise your head until you hear his voice. If you do, then I will destroy him."

Adagio listened as Abraham walked away and out the door. She wanted to stand up and look around, to try and find Anon. But she also could not risk Abraham finding out and destroying him. So she decided to continue to kneel in the floor.

"Please." Adagio whispered to herself. "Please don't hurt him."


[One and a half hours later]


Adagio was still kneeling in her spot, exhausted and hungry, when she heard the door open and footsteps approach her, she then heard the sound of a lighter click and then a light puffing noise. The smell of tobacco quickly flew into her nostrils as she realized that Abraham had returned. She wanted to see him, but she remembered what he said about Anon.

"Have you been there this whole time?" Abraham asked with a scoff as he looked down to Adagio.

Adagio nodded as she then heard a light chuckle.

"You didn't even look up, not once?" Abraham asked, placing the pipe in his mouth.

"Yes." Adagio replied faintly.

"Look up." Abraham commanded.

Without hesitation, Adagio rose up from her kneeling position and saw before her, on a chair, was Anon. All this time, Adagio could of simply gotten up and take him. But as this realization struck her, she watched as Abraham picked the picture up and looked at it.

"My God, you are so pathetic." Abraham said as he examined the picture. "To think that you were some sort of mastermind and you had the entire school body killing each other for you. I can see that deep down, you are not as cunning as I thought you were."

Adagio tried to stand up, but as she did, Abraham approached her and pushed her back down.

"Now, seeing as though you care so much for this Amon thing…"

"Anon" Adagio interjected. "His name I-"

A nice slap to the face from Abraham was enough to silence the siren. As she gasped on the floor, Abraham lifted her up and then began to unbuckle his pants.

"As I was saying, seeing as though you care for "Anon"…"

Adagio eyes welled up at the sight of Abraham's member. She looked up to Abraham as he puffed a cloud of smoke from his pipe.

"…if you want to free him, then you will have to work for it. Now…grasp it and get to work."

Adagio looked up to Abraham and then back to his…thing. She gently placed her hands on his shaft and started to lick the head. As she did, she heard Abraham growl in irritation and then grab her hair with his hand. Adagio winced as Abraham pulled her hair, causing her to yelp in pain and allowing Abraham to shove his member into the siren's mouth. As she tried to pull it out, Abraham pulled Adagio's hair back, pulling Adagio' head towards him.

"Firmly grasp it!" Abraham shouted as he shoved his cock down the siren's throat in a sudden thrust. Adagio gagged and choked as she felt Abraham pump in and out of her mouth. The siren tried to pull out, but Abraham had too tight of a grip. As she felt Abraham's pumping began to quicken, she panicked, trying to think of a way to escape.

"If you even think of biting me, then I will ensure that you suffer." Abraham hissed to his prey. "Besides, you're doing this for Anon, remember?"

As soon as Adagio realized this, she felt Abraham's thrusts suddenly become rigid as he released a huge flood of semen from inside of the Siren's mouth. As he pulled out, he quickly bent down and clamped his hand over Adagio's mouth, the Siren struggled as she the looked into Abraham's eyes.

"If you spit it out, then Anon is kindling." Abraham commanded coldly. "Unless, you don't mind…"

Adagio whimpered as Abraham removed his hand and stepped back. Pulling his pants up and fasting them before he went over and pulled a chair over to Adagio, proceeding to sit in it as he held Anon in one hand while smoking his pipe with the other.

"Well?" Abraham asked as he nodded to Adagio. "You know what to do."

Adagio gagged as she felt the semen in her mouth swish around. The smell made her eyes water and she nearly puked from the taste. But as she looked to Abraham and then to Anon. She closed her eyes and swallowed the semen. Gasping as she bent over.

"There now, was that so hard?" Abraham asked the exhausted and sick Siren. "It amazes me to see what lengths you will go to protect this thing. You must really love Anon, don't you?"

"Yes…" Adagio whispered between breaths, watching her sweat drop onto the floor as she started to compose herself. "…I love him."


Adagio's heart stopped as she heard the sound of paper ripping, she looked up with fear and saw to her horror as Abraham had torn the picture in half and then he proceeded to tear the halves into quarters.

"NO!" Adagio screamed as she lunged towards Abraham, only to get kicked in the face. As she fell to the floor, she looked up to Abraham as he had torn the picture into shreds.

"YOU PROMISED ME!" Adagio shouted as she crawled to Abraham, grabbing his legs as she began to cry. "YOU PROMISED YOU WOULD NOT HURT HIM!"

"Yeah, I did didn't I?" Abraham said as he walked into the kitchen and placed the shredded anon onto a plate. "Well, seeing as how devoted you were to that thing, I would consider this an intervention. Besides, I am all that you need.

Abraham then pulled out his lighter and ignited the shredded paper until it was a pile of ash. He then walked into the dining room and placed the plate on the table. After which he went over to Adagio, yanked her up by the arm, and dragged her into the dining room, where he planted her before the plate of ashy paper that was once Anon.

Adagio looked at the pile and then to Abraham, who handed her a spoon.

"Eat it." Abraham commanded as he moved behind the siren.

Adagio looked to the plate of ash, she could still see small fragments of green ink from inside the remains. As she then looked to Abraham, she shook her head.

"Well then, if you don't, then perhaps you will need a little encouragement."

Abraham grabbed Adagio by the back of her head and grabbed her mouth, as she screamed and bagged him to stop, he ignored her pleas and forced her mouth open, he then grabbed the pile of ash and shoved it into Adagio's mouth and clamped his hand over her mouth. Adagio coughed as she felt ash soak into her lungs. As she gagged on the ash, she heard a voice calling her name.



[Canterlot High school Cafeteria, Present day]


Adagio snapped awake as she looked to the source of the voice. There standing beside her was Aria Blaze, once her find and accomplice along with Sonata Dusk, who was there as well along with Sunset Shimmer.

"Aria?" Adagio asked flatly as she gazed up to the siren through her sunglasses. "To what do I owe the pleasure?"

"Stop that bullshit!" Aria snapped to the orange siren. "You disappear on us for months, then Sunset tells us that your living with Abraham Royce, who I might add is a psychopath, and now you just appear out of the blue like it's nothing! What the fuck is going on?"

"Nothing." Adagio turned back to her meal. "Its fine, I am okay. Abraham is taking care of me."

"Adagio…" Sunset said as she sat down beside the siren. "You sent me texts last week about him, he was forcing you to…you know…"

"We had an argument and I was drunk." Adagio replied flatly. "I texted you because I wasn't thinking straight."

"But what about this?" Sunset pointed to Adagio's hand, which had a bandage wrapped around it. "What happened here?"

"I cut myself while cooking." Adagio replied. "It happens."

Aria growled as she quickly leaned forward and pulled Adagio's sunglasses off. Adagio tried to reach back for them, but was stopped by Sonata.

"Dagi…" Sonata gasped as she looked at the huge shiner over Adagio's eye. "What happened to you?"

"Sonata…I…ran into a door." Adagio replied. Suddenly jumping at the sound of Aria slamming her hands on the table. "I wasn't paying attention and I hit mys-"

"BULLSHIT!" Aria shouted as she grabbed the siren by her shirt. "That's what they all say. But not you Adagio, I know that he is doing this to you! I know that he is the reason you're not the same. Just tell us the truth! Or I will…"

Before Aria could finish, she was interrupted by the sound of Adagio whimpering as she looked towards Aria with a gaze of fear.

"Oh no…" Adagio whispered as tears poured down from her eyes. She then broke from Aria's grasp and charged away from the table. As Aria, Sonata and Sunset looked to the direction of where Adagio was going. They saw to their horror as she ran right up to Abraham, who was waiting for her at the door, and clung to his coat, looking up to him with tear ridden eyes..

"I'm so sorry Abraham! I didn't tell them anything!" The siren pleaded between sobs. "They…they came up to me and talked but I..I.."

Abraham simply pointed to the door as Adagio looked back to the three, gave them a faint smile and then walked out the door. Abraham then looked at the girls, nodded to them, and then followed after Adagio.

The three girls looked at each other with shock and disbelief before Aria brushed her hand though her hair and let out a loud growl.

"Fuck this!" Aria muttered as she stormed towards the door.

"Aria wait!" Sunset shouted to the grape grump. "You can't just go after them."

"Watch me!" Aria shouted back as she stormed through the doors. Sunset and Sonata looked at each other with concern before Sonata spoke.

"Is Aria gonna be okay?" Sonata asked as she fidgeted with her hands. Sunset noticed this and held the blue siren's hands within her own.

"She will be fine, but we need to inform Principal Celestia." Sunset said to Sonata. "We need to talk to her about a plan to stop this before anyone else gets hurt."

As Sonata nodded in agreement, the two of them rushed to Celestia's office. To inform her about what was happening.

[Principal Celestia's Office, Present Day]

"Tia?" Luna said as she opened the door to the room. "Tia, its Luna, I'm back from lunch."

Luna heard silence as she placed a bag of food on a nearby desk. "I'm sorry for the delay, but this old woman rear ended my car and then she tried to bribe me with an app-"

Luna paused as she heard whimpering coming from Celestia's office. Concerned, the vice-principal opened the door, and peeked her head in.

"Tia?" Luna asked as she saw Celestia at her desk. A woman was sitting on the opposite side, her

"Tia?" Luna said as she approached her sister a light nudge.

"YOU!" The woman screamed as she stood up from her chair and in front of Luna. Fresh tears trickled down her face as she glared at the vice-principal. "Where is she? Where is my daughter?"

"Ms. Hooves, we need you to calm down." Celestia said as she stood up and moved beside the woman. "We have informed the local authorities, but so far, they haven't found anything. Maybe she is with a friend and forgot to inform you."

"NO! Derpy never misses her schedule, even by a second." Ms. Hooves sat back. "Even then, she would call me. Her sister is worried and I…I don't know what to do."

As Ms. Hooves slumped into her arms and sobbed, as the principal comforted her, a tall silver haired man entered the room. It was Mr. Discord, the Social Studies teacher. He paused as he looked at both of the principal and then at the crying woman between them.

"Oh, so when I tell you to lay off the cake I get suspended, but when you tell the truth everyone gets all mooshy. The teacher said with pout. "Talk about nepotism."

"Mr. Discord, a student was just abducted!" Luna barked as she arose up to the teacher. "This is not funny. A girl is in danger!"

Discord's face turned pale as he looked to the crying Ms. Hooves.

"I…I didn't know…" Discord said softly. "What…what should I do…?"

"Call the damn police!" Celestia ordered as she back down to Ms. Hooves. "Okay Ms. Hooves, take a deep breath and tell me again about what happened."

Discord nodded as he approached a telephone and pressed a button on the speed dial.

"Hello 911, this is Mr. Discord of Canterlot High. A student of our school…"

As Discord called the police and explained the situation, Luna continued to comfort Ms. Hooves as well.

"Ms. Hooves?" Luna asked as she knelt down to the weeping mother. "Is there anyone you know who might have something to do with this?"

"I don't know!" exclaimed. "Derpy is nice to everyone, and I've never crossed a single person in my life. Why would someone do this? Unless…they…oh God!"

Ms. Hooves broke down in more sobs as Celestia held her tighter. As she heard Discord hang up, she looked to the teacher.

"What's going to happen?" Celestia asked Discord.

"They said that they are on their way…" Discord replied as he bent down to the principal and vice principal. "…but because they are lacking in resources, they are sending some top people from New York to figure this out."

"Who?" Luna asked.

"Top…men." Discord replied as he glared intensely at Luna and Celestia, who looked at each other with a gaze of confusion.





[Canterlot High School Exterior, Present Day]


Adagio felt her body shake as she walked with Abraham towards his car. As she approached the vehicle, she felt Abraham grab her by the arm and pin her to the side of the car. She then looked to see the man stare down at there with a look of disappointment and anger.

"Now either I am stupid, or I distinctly recall telling you about not speaking to your friends. Especially that Sunset girl." Abraham said as he placed a hand to his temple and gave a look of confusion. "Didn't I say that?"

Adagio trembled as she nodded. "Y-yes Abraham." She looked down at her feet before looking back up to him. "But they came over to me. I was waiting in the cafeteria just like you said, and then they approached me. I didn't tell them anything."

Abraham looked down to Adagio and raised an eyebrow, he then reached into his vest pocket and pulled out his pipe. As he lit the pipe and puffed it, he looked to Adagio and blew a puff of smoke right at her. Adagio coughed as she inhaled the smoke, it smell was earthy and rich, almost like a mix of charcoal and brimstone.

"So you did talk to them?" Abraham said. "Now, you see, there is the problem. When I say you can't talk to people I don't want you to talk to…"

Abraham slapped Adagio across the face. He then lifted her chin up to look into her eyes before he camped his hand around her neck.

"…I mean you can't talk to them, PERIOD!"

"I…I'm sorry Abraham…" Adagio whispered as she looked to him with fear. Only to see a grin stretch across his face.

"Oh, you will be." Abraham replied as he pulled his fist back to punch Adagio, when a voice caught his attention and halted him. "Especially when you meet your new fri-"

"Hey Fuckface!"

Abraham turned to see a certain purple siren by the name of Aria standing before him. As he took a puff from his pipe, he tilted his head back lightly.

"Get in the car Adagio." Abraham commanded his siren, who did such without hesitation. Abraham then locked the car and approached Aria, blowing a cloud of smoke towards the siren.

"You're one of Sunset's friends?" Abraham asked as he placed his pipe in his mouth. "I believe you're were the one who was yelling at Adagio in the cafeteria. Didn't your mommy ever you to stay out of things that don't concern you?"

"First off asswipe, my name is Aria Blaze!" The grape grump shouted as she stormed up to Abraham, pointing her finger at the pipe puffing prick before her. "And I want you to release my friend-"

" No, no, no... My girlfriend." Abraham interjected as he pointed to himself. "I just…found her in the rain one day." Aria growled as Abraham gestured to the car holding Adagio. "She had lost so much after you three lost your powers and was so desperate to gain affection! It was quite easy to control her."

Aria watched as Abraham placed his pipe in his mouth and then gave Aria a sly wink. Realizing that he was taunting her, the siren could feel her blood boiling as she clenched her hands. Normally, she had been able to control her anger thanks to Adam. But with Abraham…just from looking at him, all she felt was anger and hate for this man, no, this monster.

"She is quite the prize." Abraham commented as he exhaled a cloud of smoke. "You would not believe the things she would do for me...and the things I do to her." Abraham leaned over slightly as he smiled to the purple puma. "Thank You."

At that moment, the dam burst and Aria grabbed Abraham by his vest and pulled him towards her. She could see that there was not an ounce of intimidation in his gaze, but that didn't stop the siren one bit.

"Listen hear shit stain, two things are going to happen: First, you are going to let Adagio go and leave her alone, and Second: Since Adagio is unable to fight back, I'll make up for it. That means for every one of Adagio's bruises, you'll get a scar in the same place. Is that clear?"

"Crystal, but before we begin, I believe I owe you one shred of advice." Abraham said with a raised eyebrow.

"What?" Aria asked through gritted teeth.

Suddenly, Aria grunted as she felt a sharp pain in her abdomen and the sensation of something push into her stomach. As she looked down between her and Abraham, Aria saw a knife plunged into her stomach. She then looked up to Abraham, who looked to her with a blank glare before pulling the knife out of Aria.

"You should never bring fists to a knife fight, don't you agree?" He replied as he placed his pipe in his mouth.

Aria gasped as she fell onto her knees, looking up to Abraham as he blew smoke into her face. Aria then fell over, her back on the ground as blood poured from her abdomen. Abraham looked down at her and scoffed before he dumped the tobacco from his pipe onto Aria. The siren winced as she felt the burnt chunks bounce off her skin.

"Such a waste of such a pretty face." Abraham said as he bent down to the siren. "But I suppose your friends will make up for your part."

As he stood up and walked to the car, he saw Adagio looking from the window with a look of sheer horror. Abraham then entered the car and fastened his seat belt before grabbing Adagio and pulling her to him.

"You tell anyone, and I will ensure that you will wish you never crossed me." Abraham hissed as he released his prey. "I will not let your kind undo all the work I have done to repair mine."

Adagio looked with confusion as Abraham proceeded to drive away. As Aria watched the car speed away, she reached out for it.

"Adagio…" Aria whispered as she felt her vision fade. "I…I'm sorry."

As she felt a tear roll down the side of her head. Everything around her turned to darkness.

She though she heard a few voices, but then there was just silence and darkness.



Lars Miserables

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Welp guys, the second part of the "Everyone Makes Mistakes Saga is Complete. I want to thank everyone who helped make this possible. Especially :iconcleverun: :iconcrazyspaced: :iconhikumirin: and :icondeitydeviantwarrior:, who's collaboration and assistance made all of this this possible.

Now we close this chapter of the story and move on to the next one:

Lars Miserables: Set during the events of part 2, find out what happened to the residents of Beach City and the mysterious group known as G.E.R.M.

Innocence  will be lost, war will be cast, a sacrifice no one would expect. All this and more coming soon.


I'd Buy That for a Dollar: Commission Trade

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I have new requests, as well as the basics. 

Here is my Commission rate:

One fully colored and well done image: $20.00 (1,600 points) per image.

One non-colored well-done image: $10.00 (800 points) per image.

Prices can add up if more than one image is created (i.e who colored images will add up to 40.00 or 3,200 points).

Here is the list of Commissions you can choose from:


Adventure Time:


S5 e39 BMO with a gold star by ScrapstheFool

is held up to a wall by her arms, her expression is a look of fear as digital tears roll down her blushing cracked screen.

A large black hand with a grey sleeve is holding her up. The sleeve has a gold cuffing with a black "S" engraved on it.

As she struggles to break free of the hand's grasp, another black hand with the same details is starting to pry its index and middle finger into one the slots on BMO's chassis.

BMO is trying to push and kick the prying hand away with her feet but failing all the while saying phrases like "Scraps st-stop!" and "It's hur-hurting me!" and "I-I don't like this ga-game."

In addition, there is a voice (from the black handed man) who is saying the phrase: "You are mine now! Resistance is pointless.”


Ben 10 Omniverse:

There is a tall bridge; the bridge is over a large ocean. Ml-E

The More Things Change, Part 2 (154) by ScrapstheFool

Hot Stretch (441) by ScrapstheFool

is being held by her arms over the bridge by a dark figure in a grey tuxedo, he has a pitch black body, short black hair, and he has a large yellow smile and gold glasses (As shown below).
Scraps True Form by ScrapstheFool

ML-E is struggling while tears are flowing from her eyes (her left eye is bruised). Her legs are tied together by shackles, which are attached to a large metal block. She is begging the figure to stop, saying things like "Stop please!”, “I’m Sorry!”, “I don't wanna die!"

The figure, looking her face o face and dead in the eyes with his same smile, is saying only this line to her: "Let's see you dash out of this you freak."


The Lego Movie:

There is a large glass cylinder, this cylinder has scratches on it as if someone was trying to get out but soon realized that there is no hope in escaping this deathtrap.

On top on the cylinder is a smaller hexagon-shaped device with a large digital timer that reads in large red numbers 0:15, a countdown of some sort.

The device has a small nozzle pointing into the cylinder, like a showerhead in a bathroom. The top of the device is connected to a large hose that is connected to a large drum with the letters HF on it across a hazard symbol.

Inside the cylinder, there is a small Unikitty (not in Lego style but in a unikitty style similar to 

No Poo Poos, No Boo Boos, and No Hoo Hoos by thelivingmachine02 

tumblr n4e21tTU8t1qfrfyho1 1280 by ScrapstheFool
 lying on her stomach on the floor with her front paws on her head. Her fur is mangled and bloody; her horn has broken off and is lying next to her with blood leaking out of the broken end.

She has various scratches and bruises on her body from failed attempts of escaping.

Her expression is a mixture of fear and false optimism as she is looking down at the small pool that is formed from the tears flowing from her face, which has a half-smile as she is saying the following words in hope that her last moments are positive: “Bubblegum,” “Butterflies”, “Cotton Candy.”

Standing before her and watching from outside of the cylinder is a tall man in a grey tuxedo, he has a pitch black body, short black hair, and he has a large yellow smile and gold glasses (As shown below).

Scraps True Form by ScrapstheFool

As he is standing there, he is holding a sign up that reads “STAY POSITIVE” in big bright yellow letters. While his other hand not holding up the sign is behind his back.
The Amazing World of Gumball:

Nicole is standing over Gumball's body, which is tied up to a table with both arms streched out to the sides and his chest cavity is cut open. He also is wearing a oxygen mask and tears are rolling down his face and blood trickling out of the mask. 

Nicole is holding a bloody knife close to her chest and is crying as well her clothing and fur are bloody as well. Behind her is a tall man in a grey tuxedo, he has a pitch black body, short black hair, and he has a large yellow smile and gold glasses (As shown below).

Scraps True Form by ScrapstheFool

He is using his hands to strech Nicole's mouth into a smile. The Point of View of the image should be in front of Nicole and the man.

He is saying only one little word:


>Sonata Dusk:

1413781605219 by ScrapstheFool

being strangled like this:

3cbf1592813f5ce7eeb56fda64a554e5 by ScrapstheFool

Sonata has tears streaming down her face and  a large smile (open mouth) on her face. Her clothing also has to be ripped and her needs to appear beaten. Not to mention that there needs to be captions of weezing, chocking and gasping and her eyes need to be rolled back.

The Attacker looks like this : 

Scraps True Form by ScrapstheFool

as the attacker stares into Sonata's eyes as she gasps for air, he is saying to her: 

"Sing for me, my little Siren. Let me hear your bleats of perfection."

(The list above will expand when new ideas are created.)

I will also be doing art trades, I may not be able to draw, but I can sure as hell write. Thus, you draw the requests above and I will reward you with a fic request or beyond. Here are the trade rates:

Platinum: 4+ Pictures: 2+ request , 1+ collaboration request (this means we can work on a fic together), 1+ OC(s) added as a main or minor character to each of my main stories.

Gold: 3 Pictures: 2 request, 1 OC added as a main/minor character in three of my main stories.

Silver: 2 pictures: 1 request, 1 OC added as a minor character to one of my main stories.

Bronze: 1 picture: 1 request, a very nice thank you.

Requests shall be made upon completion of image(s).

If you wish to discuss the images you wish to commission for me, please reply via Comment, or Note. I will look forward to to paying you for your time and effort.


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So a few hours ago, we had lost a close friend to the fanfiction family, although he was not known by many, I knew him as :iconstarchaser-75: We will miss his eccentric criticism, his uses of Voice and his song that was both joyous and horrifying.

Here is a prime example of his work, which will always have a place in my heart:
E.M.M. MST, Chpt. 1: Date with an Badfic Star: We’re back!
Voice: And we’re in for it this time!
Star: You see, it was a while ago that we first came upon the Steven Universe fanfic ‘Everyone Makes Mistakes’.
Voice: We wrote reviews for it! Remember?
Star: It seemed innocent enough at first glance, before we opened it. And then…
Voice: Then all hell broke loose.
Star: After all those reviews, we kinda forgot about it for a while.
Voice: But it came to our attention the other day that there was a whole community dedicated to this on DeviantART.
Star: And then the thought had occurred to me: Why don’t we riff this?!
Voice: Even though we’re banned from visiting DeviantART for the safety of our health, :icontrollface-mastah: was kind enough to help us out!
Star: Expect more of us from him. But anyway, since it’s probably too late to ask for :iconscrapsthefool:’s permission to riff this-
Voice: Can he riff it? Please?
Star: Not now, I’m talking. Anyway, let’s ge

Now, you might be wondering why Star left us. Well, thanks to  :crystal-gem-goddess:, she discovered that this was caused by a deviant known as :iconvoltaliathemajestic:. This deviant, harassed Star and drove him to remove his account on DA, and

Here is a description of the incident, as described by :iconcrystal-gem-goddess::

t's very serious and it destroyed Star's life. He is scarred for life all because of Volt. 

Volt is 19; Star is 15. There is one is illegal. Mainly because of one thing, Volt would send him explicit messages which Star felt uncomfortable receiving...yet he didn't say anything. 

This is extremely serious because not only that, she would control his life. I stood up against her and I broke them up as Star begged me to do it for him...she told me to leave her and Star alone when he wants nothing to do with her. 

Volt would sexually abuse him at a young age....

Other than that, she would cyber bully others in the SU archive. For example, Serena Summers. Sure, her stories weren't great but that doesn't give Volt the right to be rude and to pick on her. Serena even suffered a horrible depression at the time and this was uncalled for her. I talked to Serena and offered to help her with her fics in which she happily took and she has gotten better. Serena was accepting of her mistakes and errors. Volt claimed that Serena was acting like a brat, but it was a lie. Volt came off wrong. 

Now many of you are wondering if it is just a misunderstanding or think it;s just a misread comment.

Well, how do you feel after seeing these:

<da:thumb id="463771916"/> "This is the place where I'll dream of many fabulous things. Attached is the body pillow, which I use for humping whenever I think about Star."

<da:thumb id="460226494"/> "Yes, I really am making a helluva lot of love with Kim and Kanye's wedding cake while pretending it's my beloved Starman."

Sorry, not sorry. XD
<da:thumb id="475701479"/> :iconvoltaliathemajestic:, you asked for this! 

Now that you know the truth (or at least, the visible part). What must be done? A Deviant ha been sexually harassed off this site, and Volta is to blame.

If you want to know more, contact 

Th-thats all...

Interview with a Shameful man

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1. You must post these rules

2. Each person has to share 10 things about them

3. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer 

4. Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal

5. Go to their page to inform them they are tagged (DA notifies you whenever you're mentioned somewhere, so I won't do that)

6. Not something like " you are tagged if you read that"

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9. You can't say that you don't do tags


ViperiumPrime's Q's:
1. What's your Favorite Movie?
Citizen Kane

2. How about Favorite Show (or some of your favorites)?
Falling Skies

3. Who are 4 artists you love to watch?

4 . If you could be an animal, what would it be?!
 A Homo Sapian. (Mission Accomplished!)

5. What's your preferred way to create art (ie sketching, Photoshop, SAI...)?

6. Who's your favorite character, from any movie, show, or comic/manga?

7. What's your favorite deviation right now? 

8. If I gave you a million dollars, what would you do with it?
Use it for University

9. Cats or dogs?
10. Do you like Roosterteeth? If you don't know who that is, search YouTube for Rage Quit: Happy Wheels and follow me down the rabbit hole that is the greatest company to ever exist. 

My Questions! >:D (Big Grin)

Same as above.

I tag:



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1. What is your favorite breed of dog/cat?: Irish Terrier/Blue Russian

2. Computer Programming what are your thoughts?: The Sooner we build robots and A.I's, the better.

3. When the weather is gloomy or the air is super deary, what do you do outside/at home?: VIDYA GAMS!!!      

4. Which decade is the best?: 40's-50's

5. Pizza, Burgers, Salad, or Casseroles?: Burgers

6. Do you think smoking weed is cool or a drag?: :icconnopeaviplz:

7.If you could have 5 things-anything! What would it be?
a. A lovely girlfriend
b. Remote from Click.
c. Money
d. The best computer on earth
e. The Writing skills of Stephen King 

8. What are your thoughts on youth of today?: No class, no glory, majority are total douchebags.

9. What was the most dumbest thing you have done in the past that makes you cringe every time you remember it?: :iconcringeplz:

10. If you and friends where trap in a horror house with everything trying to kill you, would you sacrifice your friends or yourself?: No sacrifice, no victory!

I shall tag:

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Q= What do you do in your spare time?

A= Go on walks, play video games, write fanfics

Q= Favorite Color?

A= Gold

Q= Favorite drink/food?

A= Cola/Chinese food

Q= Who do you live with?

A= My Parents and my brother. Along with two dogs.

Q= What do you look like?

A= Caucasian, blond/short-cut, blue eyes with purple bags under them.

Q= What would you like to do when you grow up?

A= I am already an adult, if meaning a occupation, it would be in human services.

Q= What is your personality?

A= I act very cold and calculated on the outside, but when you get past that, I can be a very cool guy.

Q=Are you in a sport?

A= No

Q= Are you in a relationship?

A= I wish.

Q= What is you most valuable fashion accessory?

A= My Sweaters.

Current Residence: Hoffman Estates, Illinois

Favourite genre of music: Electronic, dance, dubstep, remix

Favourite style of art: Classical

MP3 player of choice: Ipod Nano

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Personal Quote: Jeeze'n Crow!


ScrapstheFool has started a donation pool!
1,600 / 1,000,000,000
A alternative to money or request trade are point donations, here are my rates:

Platinum: 8,000+: 2+ request , 1+ collaboration request (this means we can work on a fic together), 1+ OC(s) added as a main or minor character to each of my main stories.

Gold: 4,000: 2 request, 1 OC added as a main/minor character in three of my main stories.

Silver: 2,000: 1 request, 1 OC added as a minor character to one of my main stories.

Bronze: 800: 1 request, a very nice thank you.

Please note that all sales are final and there are no Take-Backs

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carminesavastano Featured By Owner 15 hours ago
Hey man,I am not sure if you check my last comment,but I asked if my 2 OC's can partecipate in your story "Punk and White"!
ScrapstheFool Featured By Owner 8 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer

Send me a note with the data and I will look into it.
Artistic-Winds Featured By Owner 19 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:la: Thanks for the Watch! :la:
Steven Universe Lapis Lazuli (Thank You Steven) 
ScrapstheFool Featured By Owner 16 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
My pleasure.
PandaaAsesino Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Thanks for the watch :3
ScrapstheFool Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
My pleasure.
tinman2010 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Hey Scraps, have you listened to any songs performed by Michael Jackson?
ScrapstheFool Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
tinman2010 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Got any favorites?
ScrapstheFool Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Billy Jean


Don't stop till you get enough

Beat it

Smooth Criminal

Black or White

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TheRandomJoyrider Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey there!! Thank you so much for the watch!! I really appreciate it :D
ScrapstheFool Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
No problem.
Taek-J-Magic Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi, Thanks for the watch!
ScrapstheFool Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
No problem.
vaeGa-tURliM Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2015  Student Digital Artist
ScrapstheFool Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
vaeGa-tURliM Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2015  Student Digital Artist
how are ya?
ScrapstheFool Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
I'm doing fine, thanks for asking.

I'm working on EMM, getting ready for University, and up to my neck in essays.

I have a ulcer, but I can manage.

How about you?
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Mit-boy Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2015  Hobbyist
Thanks for the watch
ScrapstheFool Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
My pleasure.
DeityDeviantWarrior Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Get on Skype bro!
we are on here!
ScrapstheFool Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Done and done.
thegreatcat14 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks you so much for the points!
ScrapstheFool Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
No, thank you for your work.


especially a certain...pair of...drawings.

Lets just say that they are quite..."breathtaking:".


If you need advice or...inspiration...let me know.

Also, I believe I may have a plan in the future that could use your...talents.

Have a nice day...
thegreatcat14 Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! :33
lel. Anyways,just to let you know,I don't take requests and comissions are closed.
I'll see,what did you wanted me to work on anyways?
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