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The Crystal Gems by Cleverun

This image displays a feeling of emotional distress between the three Gems. Each carrying a massive weight on their shoulders. -Garnet'...

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2. The Amazing World of Gumball: The Retribution: The world of Nicole Watterson is turned upside down when she tries to find out who harmed her son, and she gets more than what she bargained for when she uncovers a secret involving a past she never knew she had. (This will be a collaboration with :iconnamygaga:)

3. Adventure Time: Age of Iron: When a enemy from the past comes to finish what it started, it's up to Finn and the Gang to prevent a second Mushroom war while discovering the origins of the original war and the creation of Ooo.

4. Lucky 17: John is a man who lives a simple life like anyone else. But unlike some people, he has a certain taste for life. A taste that will lead him to Camp Weedonwantcha, where he will understand the relationship between a predator and their prey.-[STATUS: Postponed]

5. MLP: EG: Pink and White: Two whole months since they lost the battle of the bands and the chance to rule the world, once a trio of sirens known as The Dazzlings, now reduced to tone-deaf students of Canterlot High. However, despite the situation, at least two of the three were off to a good start. Adagio on the other hand...that is a completely different story.-[STATUS: Postponed]

6. SFOE: Nova: After a horrible series of dreams, Star Butterfly begins to discover the truth about a blast from her past. A truth that may put her life, and the lives of everyone she loves, in peril.-[STATUS: Postponed]

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Original Idea by: Scraps

Collaboration work with: DeityDeviantWarrior

Characters Created by: Rebecca Sugar

Chapter 9: House of Traitors


Tribunal Temple: one month later.


Topaz sat on the edge of the temple's rooftop as they watched the sun rise over the valley before them. It had been eons since a Gemian set foot in the old temple of the Tribunal, the one the Gemians used as their main home before Topaz and Diamond began to industrialize them. As Topaz looked down towards the ground below them, they saw a glimpse of themselves and Diamond fighting, with the Old King hitting the Taskmaster in the face with a rock, the same rock that was used to make the rings on their fingers. As Topaz looked at their ring, they took it off and examined it.

"Kings of three that were we…but who is the one that will be…" Topaz said mockingly as they stood up and clenched the ring in their hand. "… the one who will betray us, one who is willing to kill their kin without mercy or remorse?"

Topaz then summoned a projection of Diamond before them. Glaring into the projected hollow eyes.

"I will take that role, Diamond, the Old King." The Hologem replied. "I will bring my mace down upon those who oppose me and the justice I shall bring to this Universe. I will strike down all of my foes without hesitation…without mercy… nor remorse, starting with you."

Topaz screamed as they summoned their lance and charged at the hologem, the impact dissipated the image in an instant. However, Topaz continued to attack wildly at the air.

"You are quite the symbol of true failure, my little sibling." The projection laughed at Topaz. "How could someone like you even become a god? Not even your Secundos respect you, especially after what you did to Emerald."

"Shut up!" Topaz shouted as they continued to attack wildly. "How could you do this to us? To the Gems? To Rose? How could you turn on us?"

In that instant, the Taskmaster felt their mind flash back to that damned moment from several hours ago. They saw Diamond on top of Rose, drinking the vitae from her body while he…integrated with her. They then saw Diamond stand up and look to Topaz as he smiled.

"You will fail Topaz, just as you failed her, the Gems will follow the same fate." the Diamond projection hissed with a smile. "I will not rest until every…last…Gem…is mine, until all of the Universe, every last star in the sky, is mine...and it is all thanks to you."

Topaz then roared in frustration as they charged at Diamond, only for the vision to quickly disappear before them. As Topaz heard the sound of thunder in the distance and saw a large thundercloud approaching, Topaz sighed as they walked over to a latch and opened it, entering the Temple from so long ago.


Tribunal Temple, main chambers, present day


Topaz walked down the dusty catacombs, where once they were filled with the sounds of Gems talking and training as they were guided by the Tribunal. As Topaz entered the main chamber, they approached a portrait of the Taskmaster in a bronze suit. As the taskmaster approached the painting, they looked at the inscription beneath it.

"Præceptor Topazius: Me oculo steneat scientiam."

Topaz looked up to the picture and summoned their lance. As they touched the tip of the lance to the eyes of the painting, the Taskmaster vanished into thin air.


Topaz reappeared into a private study of theirs. There were scrolls, crystals, bottles, and books of different size and shape everywhere. There was also a large desk with several stacks of parchment and a few quills. As Topaz walked through the study, they then noticed a strange book sitting upon a stand. As they approached it, they noticed that the book was recently placed on the stand, as there were no signs of dust or age on the book. Topaz then picked up the book and examined it. It was light brown in color and had several markings all over the color. As they read the words on the cover, the taskmaster turned pale as they read the black letters engraved on the front.

"Quod Vetere Regem…" Topaz whispered as they looked at the book with shock. "This is one of Diamond's Memoirs. How did this...get here?"

Topaz looked at the book and sighed before they walked over to their desk and sat down before it, placing the book before them and opening to the first chapter, "Experimentis cum Curriculum Vitae". As Topaz turned the pages of the memoir, they saw that several pages were torn and several more were missing, from what Topaz could recover, it was all small amounts of data, all of which were set after the defeat of Tiberium and before the attacks by Onyx.

Insidiae Log Number 4,536:

"We lost Rhyolite today, the Spuria Vitulamina escaped along with that thief I was trying to modify. The Agates are not ready yet and there are still details I need to extract from him. Nevertheless, Peridot and I will find him, and take back what is mine."

Insidiae Log Number 6,445:

"Peridot's knowledge has once again been proven invaluable. With her help, I was finally able to crack the Metalians composition and we have developed a method of converting vitae into humor and vice-versa. With this data, there will be a new range of weapons and Gem potential. But for now, I think I should figure out a way to thank Peridot. Perhaps I will take her to Decasa and…"

Insidiae Log Number 8,547:

"The Obsidian is getting stronger now. I can feel it telling me to do things, terrible things. But the things it has show me…it can help me stop all of that before it can begin. With Obsidian's help, I can create a perfect Universe free of evil, I will finally make the Universe the way Gemia would want it."

Topaz continued to skim through page after page, they sighed in irritation. But as Topaz was about to close the book and throw it out the window, a page caught their attention and they read the page.

"Ipsum Obsianas Virus Quod"

"The Obsidian Virus?" Topaz said to themselves as they turned the page, but as they did, the pages following were black.

"What is this?" Topaz said in disbelief as they skimmed through the seemingly blank pages, stopping at a page with writing on it. As they read the following pages, they discovered that the pages were a letter…written for Topaz.

The Taskmaster could feel their hands shake slightly as they read the letter.


To my Gem Sibling Topaz,

If you are reading this then I have already won our war and I will be coming for you. Please understand that what I have done was for the greater good of the Universe. However, for now, I believe you deserve a explanation for myself.

For as long as we have been living, we have always been a tribunal, instructed by our mother to protect the Universe and keep the balance in line. Over time however, you and Rose began to develop your own ideals for protecting the Universe. You wanted to involve the Gems with issues only involving the Gems while Rose wanted to help the entirety of the Universe. I however, have seen the truth that the both of you could not see. After the defeat of Tiberium, I came to realized that the true enemy of this universe…was free will. Free will, if not controlled, will lead to chaos that has created wars that have destroyed entire planets. Free will that breeds hate and obsession into the minds of the lesser. I realized that the same ideals that infected the lesser being of the Universe were affecting the Gems as well and thus, I realized that there was only one clear solution to this madness: all of those with free will would have to be extinguished or reconditioned in order to save the Universe from itself.

After many years of planning, I realized that in order to establish full control of the Universe and purge it of evil, I would need to obtain the essence of the Crystal Mother. To do this, I would have to absorb the very vitae from you and Rose since we were created from her very Vitae. I only wish I knew this before I became ...savage towards Rose. In hindsight, her rape would have been the perfect opportunity to extract what I needed. Nevertheless, I have already begun my plan as we speak and such a mistake will be quickly corrected.

During my time on my Gem colony of Insidiae, I acquired the Metalian Intelligence and with her help, we discovered that we could use the three essences, Vitae from the Crystal Gems, Humor from the Metalians, and Ichor from the Obsidian Levithan, for two purposes: The first purpose was to create a new army. After the war with Tiberium, I have used Vitae and Humor from the Metalians to create a new breed of soldiers that I have coined "Agates." With an army of Agates, each powered by a Gem core, I shall be able to assure my control over the entirety of the Universe.

The second purpose of the use of these essences was to continue create efficient servants. In order to accomplish certain tasks, I would need a servant who would follow my orders and, unlike an Agate, could follow them with an organic touch. Thus, like what you have done with Emerald and Lapis, I was able to create a Secundo from fraction of my essence, a Secundo you may know by the name of Onyx, who I instructed to abduct Gems under the guise of a rogue Gem. By modifying a extracted portion of her Vitae and mine with Ichor, I have created what I assumed to be an more efficient servant and a new weapon for the Diamond Authority. However, from the rapid tests I have conducted on her, the servant's wild behavior and rejection to the Ichor has been a growing setback, and I assume this will eventually result in her becoming a defective servant. Despite this, I have decided to use her essence to conceive a new Secundo. With the use of my new servant and a army of Agate drones, I shall soon have enough power to restore the Universe to pure order. Soon the corruption of free will shall be extinguished and in its place, unending peace and order. So says Master Diamond, once the leader of the defective Crystal Tribunal, now the leader of the Diamond Authority, and soon, the Universe.

I hope that by the time you read this, you will have decided to accept your fate and will surrender peacefully. If not, then be prepared to embrace the fury of true order.


Master Diamond


Topaz gently closed the book as they placed their shaking hands over their head as they began to weep. Between the imprisonment of Emerald, the treachery of Diamond, and what happened to Rose, the Taskmaster was at their limit. As they wiped their eyes of tears and composed themselves, Topaz stood up and teleported out of the chamber, as they appeared back in the main chamber of the Temple, they were greeted by a familiar sight, there was a Gemian standing before them, she was wearing a large white dress. As she looked to Topaz and smiled, the Taskmaster recognized her as Rose Quartz, their sister and, as of a month ago, was nearly killed by Diamond.

"Rose!" Topaz shouted as they hugged their sister. "You're recovered already? How?"

"You forget Topaz that I have healing tears, remember?" Rose explained with a smile. "Besides, this wasn't the first time Diamond nearly killed me before, or have you already forgotten?"

Topaz was relieved at Rose's recovery, but her attitude towards the situation was disturbing to them. Topaz saw the scarring around the base of her right arm, which was once torn off by the Old King before he beat and raped her. But now here she was before them, gathering weapons and putting them into the mane of Lion as he teleported through a portal and quickly returned before the Gemians.

"Rose…" Topaz said hesitantly as they approached her. "Can we talk about what happened on Homeworld? We need to have a plan to Diamond before he kills all of us."

Rose stopped as she held the Gem sword in her hands. Looking at it, she gave a faint smile as she gave the blade to Lion.

"I'm not going to kill him." Rose said as she turned to Topaz with a stern expression. "He doesn't deserve that."

Topaz looked in shock at what Rose had just said. Topaz felt the anger build within them as they approached their sister.

"Rose…Diamond betrayed us!" Topaz explained with an angry tone. "He turned the entirety of the Gems against us. He plans to build an army and wipe us all out! You know that he's not going to stop until we're all dead!"

"I know…" Rose replied as she looked at her arm. "But when I talked to him on Homeworld, before he…attacked me…I could feel something…wrong about him."

Topaz gave a skeptical glare as Rose continued.

"…it felt as if Diamond was trapped in some form of cage, but it wasn't a felt...alive." Rose continued. "Something is making Diamond this way, it's forcing him to turn on us."

"Rose…I know you still care for Diamond." Topaz said to their sister as they approached her and placed a hand on her shoulders. "But you can't deny the truth. Diamond has gone mad and turned on us. That…thing is not our brother anymore, just a monster. For Gemia's sake, he tore of your arm and raped you!"

Rose flinched as she placed her arm on her shoulder and felt the scar around her arm. She then looked to Lion and stroked his mane. Lion growled softly as he sat before his master.

"I...I can still feel there is still good in him." Rose argued as she picked up another weapon and placed it into Lion's mane. "I'm taking a group of Gems back to homeworld, we are going to find out what happened to Diamond and we're going to fix him."

Rose then watched as Topaz shook their head in disbelief as they rubbed their brow with their hands.

"Rose, listen to me!" Topaz sighed as they rubbed their face. "There is nothing we can fix. What you are doing is practically a suicide mission."

Rose then approached Topaz with a smile and extended her hand towards them. "So how about you join me then? Rose asked with a grin. "We are the "Kings of Three, aren't we."

Topaz looked to Rose's hand and then back to her. As they sighed and shook their head, they took Rose's hand and placed something in it as they close it up. Letting go of her hand, Topaz turned around and began to walk away. Rose looked at her sibling in confusion before her looked at her hand and opened it, gasping slightly as she saw Topaz's ring in her hand.


"We were never true kings of anything…" Topaz muttered as they continued to walk out of the temple and into the rainstorm. As thunder roared from above, Topaz looked back to the temple and felt the rain fall down their face, masking the tears that fell as well "…only fools following the call of madness."

Topaz snapped their fingers as Nilrem appeared beside them. As Topaz sat onto this familiar's back, they looked back and sighed.

"Forgive me Rose, but I can't do this anymore." Topaz said as Nilrem summoned a portal and began to walk through the portal. "Goodbye…and good luck."

With that, Topaz was gone, the Taskmaster of the Gemians was now far away from the planet and possibly, the Universe within it.


As Rose sat at a table and looked at the ring in her hand, she saw the portal open as a tall Gem with two Gems on her hands approached her and bow lightly.

"Master Quartz." The Gem addressed to her superior. "Everything is ready."

"Garnet, there is no need for the formalities." Rose replied with a smile as she sat up from the table. "Especially since the Authority has been erasing all known knowledge of the Gemians, you might as well see me as a fellow Gem."

"Of course Mas…I mean…Rose Quartz…" Garnet acknowledged as she turned to the portal. "Everything is ready, we will begin the attack on your command."

Rose looked to her hand as she placed the ring of Topaz in her pocket as she summoned her sword and shield as she entered the portal.


Homeworld, present day


As she exited the portal, she was greeted by a large group of armored Gems, along with the tall Gem fusion Garnet and a little pointy nosed Gem named Pearl.

"Welcome Rose Quartz." A Gem greeted Rose as she approached the Gems. "Everything is as you planned, the Authority won't stand a chance against this ambush. Then it's straight shooting towards the Colony shipyard."

"Alright everyone, I can't lie to you and say that you will all survive whatever the Authority has in store for us, but at least we can fight to the last Gem." Rose said to her Gems as she created a projection of a planet in her hand. "Because today, we fight for a planet that is targeted for the next Kindergarten harvest. It's a unique planet known as Terra. We will beat the Authority there and defend the planet until their end…or ours."

Rose the raised her sword as she aimed it towards the Gems.

"Today my Gems, we face odds that many would call impossible. I cannot promise that all of you will see the end of this chaos, but remember this: not matter the outcome of this battle, we are proud to be protectors…to be servants of the Universe…to be protectors of the lives that live across the stars..."

As she looked behind her, she saw a pink flag with her shield on the front, Rose smiled as she turned back and shot her fist into the air.


Rose felt the energy around her as the Gems before her cheered and applauded before they took arms and charged into the city.

As Rose entered the streets of the Homeworld, she looked up towards the main temple of the Diamond authority, remembering it as the Tribunal hub, where the Gemians once resided.


Temple of the Diamonds, present day


Three Diamonds walked into the temple and approached a figure meditating in the center. The Gemian then stood up and turned to the three Diamonds as they quickly bowed to him.

"It's done." Blue Diamond said as she looked to the ground. "All of the data about the Gemians and their interactions with the Universe is gone. We have replaced the Gem's archives with the falsified data you provided us. We also have begun "educating" our Gems with this new data."

Suddenly, there was a large rumbling as the whole temple shook.

"…and what of the attacks?" Master Diamond asked as he approached his servants. "I assume you are dealing with those as well."

"They are a simple rebellion Master." Yellow Diamond said as she looked up to her Master. "I have assembled the Diamond elite to handle them. If they manage to reach the Terra planet, then they will have find a terrible surprise awaiting them."

"Good, but you forget that Rose is a Gemians, which means I will have have to deal with her." Master Diamond said as he began to walk past them. "As of now, you will take command of Homeworld until I return, and if I do not…"

Master Diamond stopped as he turned to the lesser Diamonds

"…begin Operation: Kindergarten." Diamond continued as he looked to the Diamonds with a raised eyebrow.

The Diamonds saluted as they watched Diamond leave the temple. As he felt another explosion and saw a colony ship fly into the stars. He smiled at the sight before him.

"You can reach Terra before me Rose." Diamond said as he walked towards the Authority ships ready for launch. "But you will not save it."


Gem Colony Insidiae, prison sector, two thousands and fifteen years and seven months later


"So even then you truly believed you were doing the right thing?" Connie asked as she sharpened a bone with a small rock. "You never thought that all the death and all the torture, rape, and death was a big flashing light that you were the bad guy?"

"Ultimately I knew what I was doing was wrong, but the Obsidian…it made me feel like I was doing the right thing." Diamond explained as he meditated before the young Gem. "When you are possessed by the Obsidian, it takes your desires, your ambitions, your wants and needs, and warps them to fanatical proportions. What was difficult for me was that my purpose was to ensure the balance of the Universe, which was difficult because my siblings had no idea how to. Besides, our war with Metalians ultimately forced my hand, we would've lost without the Levithan's help."

"Uh-huh…" Connie replied as she continued to sharpen the bone. "But what about Pearl and your…"Secundos". Was Obsidian controlling them too?"

"No, they were being influenced by the essence of Obsidian only. However, the effects of the Ichor can vary and the host can actually reject said essence." Diamond continued as he pointed to his eyes. "You may have noticed that Vesti…*ahem*…Pearl at some point was shedding tears of a black acidic liquid.

"Yeah"…Connie said with a angry tone as she examined the bone and blew off the shavings before she approached the Old King and handed it to him. "...I distinctly remember seeing that happen when Pearl…cut me open and killed my kid."

As Diamond grabbed the sharpened bone in Connie's hand, he felt Connie's grip tighten as he looked up to the Gem, looking into her angry eyes as she released the bone and sat before Diamond, her back towards the Old King.

"If she was, then she was fighting the control of the Ichor." Diamond explained as he examined the bone. "To combat this, inflicting pain was necessary to stimulate Vitae production in a host , which feeds the Ichor and allows it to grow."

Connie scoffed as she turned around and lifted her long hair to Diamond, who then held it up as placed the sharpened bone to towards it.

"So I guess here comes the part where Rose defeats you and then you sic Pearl on her?" Connie asked as she felt her hair being cut off."

"Correct…somewhat." Diamond replied as he cut the sharp bone through his inmate's hair. "Pearl was supposed to be a spy and she didn't act up until after Rose killed me."

Connie looked to Diamond with a surprised expression before she straightened back up, allowing Diamond to continue.

"I thought you said that Gemians can't kill other Gemians..." Connie asked the Old King. "...or be killed period?"

"We can't…" Diamond said as he raised the bone above Connie's head. "…but that didn't stop Rose from finding a way. Now hold still…"


Terra planet, Beachside, two thousands and fifteen years and three months ago


Rose walked through the sandy beaches of the ocean as she looked at the orange sky above her. The fighting has been rough for her rebellion and already, several thousand Gems were already lost to the Authority. As Rose sighed, she turned to see Pearl running towards her with a small black crystal in her hand.

"Rose!" Pearl shouted as she handed the crystal to her leader. "This fell from the sky and it told tell me to tell you to go to the large hill at the following coordinates."

Rose watched as Pearl handed her a small parchment with the location written on them. As she took the crystal, she felt a familiar disturbance, a feeling she had not felt since…

"Thank you Pearl, you have been so helpful." Rose commented as she patted Pearl on the head. "Take the others to the Kindergartens and deal with them accordingly, and please try not to be the big hero this time, okay?"

"Understood…" Pearl said before she noticed that Rose was running in the opposite direction. "Rose, where are you going?"

"I have to deal with some unfinished business." Rose replied with a smile. "I'll be fine, go deal with the Kindergartens."

Pearl nodded as she began to catch up with the others, as she stopped for a minute, she looked around and then she closed her eyes.

"It's done Master." Pearl said as she walked towards the other Gems "She is on your way as we speak."

"Good." The cold voice of Diamond replied through the young Gem's mind. "Keep the other's busy and activate the canyon Kindergarten. This will be quick."

Pearl nodded as she arrived among the other Gems. A small smile stretch across her face as she felt a black burning tear trickle down her cheek.


Terra planet, hillside, present day


As Rose arrived at the hill, she began to see flowers blowing along the warm breeze. As she stopped and grabbed one, she saw that they had Gems in the center. Rose looked around in confusion as she saw the large tree on top of a large hill. As she ran up towards it, she then noticed several wilted and dead flowers on the ground. She then saw Diamond standing before the tree, facing the setting sun as he held a flower in his hand. Rose then saw the flower quickly wilt in his hand.

"It seems you are the exemplar of life. As I am death." Diamond said as he approached Rose, a small smile was on his face as he presented the dead flower towards her. "However, you are nothing more than a beautiful lie, and I am the horrible truth."

"Diamond, that's not true." Rose said as she slowly approached her brother. "You're not evil."

"Of course not you insipiens!" Diamond shouted as he clenched his fist before Rose, crushing the dead flower in his palm. "I am the savior of the Universe, I am doing what mother wanted me to do!"

"To kill millions? To enslave billions?"" Rose asked. "Does that truly sound like peace?"

Diamond hesitated and paced a few times before he turned towards Rose and summoned his mace.

"Yes! I have seen the horrible truth about the Universe, and I will purge the evil from it!" Diamond roared as he charged towards Rose. "Starting with you, my little sister!"

Rose quickly summoned her shield and held it up to black Diamond's mace. As the weapons collided, the resulting impact knocked Rose back and knocked her shield off her arm. As she staggered up and ran towards it, she saw Diamond appear before her and she then felt the pain of a large head of Diamond's mace smash into her chest. Rose gasped and staggered as she fell to her knees and hacked up some blood before she looked up to Diamond standing before her.

"This is pointless Rose, you can't defeat me." Diamond explained as he knelt towards her. "If you want to win, you will have to kill me, and we both know that is impossible."

"I didn't come here to kill you Diamond." Rose corrected as she summoned she shield and rolled back. "I came here to save you."

"Save me...?" Diamond scoffed. "Save me from what? I am the one saving this Universe from corruption and evil. Not You!"

"Diamond, this isn't you." Rose explained as she lowered her weapons once more. "I know something has damaged you and I promised you that I would protect you, no matter what."

Diamond's eyes widened as he was taken aback by the response. In that instant, a memory flashed in his mind.


"Rose, I'm going to tell you something I never told anyone, not even Topaz." Diamond said to Rose. "I'm supposed to embody the strength and power of Gemia and be the exemplar of fear…"

Diamond stopped and paused, his mouth was agape and his eyes widened before he looked to Rose. She then saw tears forming in his eyes.

"…but not one day has gone by that I haven't been terrified by the thought that I won't be strong enough to protect this Universe, or those within it. I just…I'm scared that what we are doing is not enough, or it isn't want Gemia wanted…I…just want to see her again, to know what my purpose is!"

"Diamond…" Rose said as she saw Diamond's hands clench up, she could feel the fear flowing through her brother. He was the strongest and the most feared of the three Gemians, but not once since her birth did she ever see Diamond like this."

"I….fear that I'll fail you, and Topaz, and Ruby and Sapphire, and everyone else. I fear that I'll screw up and…I'll ruin everything…I'll make a mistake so huge, that I won't be able to fix it. I fear that…I'll do something so terrible that…."

Diamond gritted his teeth and growled as he smashed the ground with his fist. He then covered his face with his hands and began to weep.

"I'm so scared Rose…so scared…."

"Oh Diamond…" Rose exclaimed as she sat up and cradled the Old King in her arms. "You could never do anything to make me hate you."

Diamond looked to Rose with eyes flowing with tears. She smiled as she wiped tears from his eyes and kissed his forehead.

"Listen to me Dimey: I will always forgive you, no matter what." Rose explained as she looked into the Old King's eyes. "I promise you here and now, you will never be alone, for I'll be here for you. You are my brother, and I'll protect you from anything, just as you have for me."


Diamond took several steps back as he shook his head in shock and anger.

"No…that's a lie!" Diamond shouted as he raised his mace and charged towards Rose, clashing blade and mace together as the Old King glared into the eyes of his sister. "You cannot be ...I...I turned on you. I destroyed your home, twice. You…you can't…"

With Diamond distracted, Rose parried the mace out of Diamond's hand, Diamond then jumped back and summoned his mace back into his hand. He then raised the mace and slammed it onto the ground, causing a large ripped of earth to shake and knock back Rose. Diamond then lunged forwards and extended his arm and fired a blast of energy at Rose, who blocked it with her shield. Diamond continued to fire blasts of energy at his sister, slowly knocking her back as the attacks struck her shield. Eventually, the attacks stopped and Rose lowered her shield, noticing the Old King looking at his hands with a dreadful scowl.

"Even after I… hurt you...fed off your Vitae, even after that…" Diamond choked as he looked to Rose with tear filled eyes. "…you still wish to "save" me?"

"Of course." Rose replied with a smile. "You're my brother, and you always will be, and I know that I can save you, you just have to trust me."

Diamond hesitated as he turned away from Rose, looking up at the tree at the top of the hill.

"You don't have to continue down this path Diamond. I can help you." Rose explained as she slowly approached her brother. "I know that something happened to you to change you into this. But you don't have to become a monster. You still have a choice, you always have."

Diamond looked to Rose for a moment, looking away towards a column of smoke that was appearing in the distance, knowing that it was from one of the kindergartens that Rose's army was attacking. He then glanced back to Rose before he looked back to the smoke.

"I…I can't Rose, I just…I just can't…." Diamond whispered as a black tear fell down his face. "It's too late to save me."

Diamond then turned to Rose and summoned his mace. Rose then raised her sword and shield as she felt tears form in her eyes.

"However, if I am to become a monster…." Diamond hissed as he summoned a black sickle in his free hand. "…then I shall become the King of Monsters."

"Diamond, you still have a choice." Rose pleaded as she summoned her shield and sword. "Whatever happened to you is not your fault, you made a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes."

"I do not make mistakes Rose…" Diamond replied as he lunged at Rose with mace and sickle in hand. "…I erase them!"


Garnet approached the hillside to see the Old King and Lion attacking each other.

"No!" the three eyed Gem whispered as she approached the fight. Summoning her gauntlets as she readied herself to for one of the toughest fights of her life.


Terra planet, Beachside, present day


There was peace on this section of the planet, the calm soft waves gently washed up onto the white sandy shores. However, this peace was short lived as a pink haired Gemian crashed into the beach like an asteroid. As she staggered up, she walked out of the crater of sand and glass and rearmed herself. Only to be tackled from the left and then slammed into the ground. As Diamond shoved her into the ground, he stood up and recalled his mace to slam into the Pink Gemian, only for Rose to slide under Diamond and avoid his attack. Rose quickly stood up and grabbed Diamond from the back and pulled him up, slamming his head into the ground behind her. Rose then stood up and brushed herself off, only for Diamond to quickly leap upward to grab her and tackle her into the side of a cliff. As Diamond held Rose by the throat, he summoned his black sickle and aimed it at his sister's neck.

"It's over Rose! I have won!" Diamond growled as he placed the blade of the sickle to Rose's neck. "I have forgotten how great it was to fight a true opponent. Thank you."

Rose summoned her blade in a attempt to attack him, but Diamond quickly kicked Rose's sword from her hand and impaled her in the shoulder with his sickle. Rose yelped in pain as Diamond grabbed her face and exposed her neck.

"However, you know that I need to do this." Diamond said softly as his jaw began to split open. ""

As Rose closed her eyes and took a deep breath, she opened her eyes to face her brother, only to see he had a large gauntlet planted into his face before he flew into an adjacent rock pile. Rose then saw the Gem fusion known as Garnet standing before her, her clothing was ripped and damaged but she was still able to fight, given what she had just done to Diamond.

"Garnet!" Rose chimed as she tried to pull the sickle out of her shoulder, only the weapon was stuck within the rock. "Help me! I'm stuck!"

"Rose! I'm coming!" Garnet said as she turned towards Rose, only to have Diamond suddenly appear right before the Gem fusion.


Upon uttering that command, Diamond watched Garnet immediately split into the two Gems Ruby and Sapphire. Diamond then jumped between them and kicked Sapphire away. He then turned to Ruby who slowly backed away from him before she fell on her back and was looking up at the Gemian with sheer terror in his eyes.

Upon seeing this, Diamond suddenly had another vision in his head. Seeing the young Gem rescued by Diamond himself. Diamond then snapped back to reality as he saw Ruby, and grabbed her by the neck.

"I made a mistake by rescuing you all those years ago." Diamond said as he tightened his grip on Ruby's neck. "I believe now would be a good time to correct that."

"!" Ruby gasped as she tried to burn herself out of his grasp, but it was no use.

across the beach, Sapphire rose from the sand and rubbed her head as she suddenly looked up and saw Diamond holding Ruby by the throat, slowly crushing it like a can in his hand.

"RUBY!" Sapphire shouted as she charged towards Diamond. As Rose watched in horror, she looked to the sickle in her shoulder.

Rose grabbed the sickle and pulled as hard as she could.

Diamond then pulled Ruby closer to himself. tilting her head back as he split his jaw open to bite down onto Ruby's neck.

Rose pulled harder and harder, feeling the blade begin to become loose and slowly pull out.

Diamond brought Ruby closer as he used his other hand to hold her neck still. Sapphire summoned her gauntlet and lunged towards Diamond ,but as she approached him, the Old King quickly turned to her and glared at the Gem with glowing red eyes, Sapphire felt her body feel heavy and her mind fade as she staggered for a moment before she fainted onto the ground.

Rose grunted in pain as she continued to yank the sickle out of her shoulder. With a mighty thrust and a roar, she pulled the weapon out and jungled at Diamond.

The Old King looked up and saw his sister charge at him, blade in hand and already about to bring the sword down on him. Diamond then quickly threw Ruby at Rose, who dodged the attack and jumped up above Diamond. The Old King quickly summoned his mace and used it to block Rose's attack , creating a large pulse of energy as the two clashed blades. As Ruby coughed and stood up, she ran over to Sapphire and picked her up, carrying her behind a rock as she then looked over to witness the battle between the Gemian brother and his sister.

Diamond pressed forward, pushing his mace towards Rose. However, as Rose felt her her body press against a boulder, she quickly turned the sickle, and locked the blade in place upon the head of the mace. This allowed her to push forwards and regain her footing.

"This is pointless Rose!" Diamond hissed as he pressed forward against Rose. "I am the true savior of the Universe. I cannot die! I will not die! Not by you, not by the Gems, not by anyone!"

With that, Diamond took one of his hands off his mace and began collecting energy in his palm as soon as he had collected enough, he pulled his arm back, holding the ball of dark energy in his hand.

"You will not forsake my judgement!" Diamond screamed as he fired the energy ball at Rose, only for her to quickly pull the sickle and mace before the attack. Diamond and Rose watched as the energy attack dissipated as it struck the sickle and mace.

At that moment, there was a loud crack as the sickle's blade cracked and within that instant, there was a large explosion of dark light. As Rose felt her body get thrown back and land onto the ground with a violent thud. her head spin as she sat up and rubbed her head. As she looked around at the beachside, damaged and broken from the fighting, she then saw Diamond stagger towards her, his robe was dirty and ripped, his face was cut and bleeding blue blood, and he had his mace in his hand. Rose tried to stand up, but she felt a large pain in her leg as she saw a large broken hilt of the black sickle from earlier sticking out of her leg. As she watched Diamond approach her, she tried to pull the hilt out of her leg, but it would not budge. Rose then quickly summoned her shield, only for Diamond to kick it out of her hand and push her back with his foot. Diamond gasped as he limped towards Rose and raised his mace into the air, giving a light smile of apparent victory as he began to bring it down upon her.

Suddenly, Diamond felt his mace disappear from his hand in a quick cloud of smoke. Diamond looked to Rose with confusion as he felt his whole arm fall off his body and onto the ground with a small thud. Diamond and Rose watched the arm fall to the ground, the crystal Diamond in the shoulder went dim. Diamond then looked at the arm and then saw two trail of blue blood behind him, leading up to a pair of broken sickle blades that were soaked in blue blood. Diamond then looked down to the ground before him and saw several blue droplets of blood fall from his face onto the sand below.

Diamond then looked up to Rose with a mixed expression of shock and fear. While Rose covered her mouth with her hands in shock as the wounded Diamond just stood there before her, blood began to trickle from his mouth and nose.

"Rose…" Diamond muttered as he spat blue blood from his mouth. "...what have you done to me?"

Rose watched with tear filled eyes as shortly after Diamond spoke, a blue line appeared from the left side of his face and down the center of his left eye. In that instant, the portion of the left side of his head slid off the rest of his head and fell to the ground with a wet thud and a splash of blue blood. Diamond then fell onto his knees, wobbling for a few seconds before he fell onto the right side of his body. As his body laid on the wet sand, there was the sound of a strained sigh as black smoke began to pour from Diamond's mouth. After a few seconds, the smoke was gone and everything was silent once more, with only sound being the waves splashing onto the beach side and the calm breeze in the air.

Rose slowly sat up and approached Diamond's body, looking at the cut off arm and the sliced off portion of his head as well as the rest of his body. She then crouched down and closed Diamond's remaining eye before she sat beside his corpse and looked onto the ocean before them. Rose then noticed a lone dead Gem flower in the ocean wash beside her. As she picked it up, she watched it bloom to life in her hand. As she let go of the flower and watched it float away in the breeze, she then closed her eyes took a deep waverly breath as tears began to flow from her eyes. She then noticed a small group of Gems, along with Pearl As Pearl approached Rose, she saw the body of Diamond and gasped lightly.

"It's done." Rose said as she continued to look at the ocean. "We'll return to Homeworld and speak of this to no one. Is that clear?

Pearl watched as the reformed Garnet walked up next to Pearl, nodded to her, and walked away with the other Gems. As the Gems walked away from the beach, Pearl stopped and looked back to Rose, who was still staring at the ocean.

"Rose…" Pearl said as she approached the Pink Gem. "Are you alright?"

"Am I all right?" Rose restated calmly, pausing for a moment before she stood up and faced Pearl, who saw tears flowing from the eyes of her leader as she bore a broken smile. "No Pearl, I'm not alright…"

"…my brother just died…"

Those Who Came Before Chapter 9: The House
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Original Idea by: Scraps

Characters created by: Daron Nefcy

Chapter 2: Freedom


The Boneheart: Present Day


As expected, The Boneheart was a large dome made of bone, aside from that, there was nothing more than rocks floating around in a black sky. In fact, it seemed that the whole place was floating on a lone rock in the darkness. As a portal opened, star rolled out of the portal and stood up with a triumphant pose, with Marco walking out of the portal with caution before Star looked back to him and yanked him to her side.

"There it is Marco!" Star said with stars in her eyes as she pointed to the eerie gate of the Boneheart. "The source of my nightmares, and the answer to all our problems."

"Wait…how is this my problem again?" Marco asked Star. "Aside from the fact that I should be working on my homework right now."

"Just let me have this moment." Star replied softly as she released Marco and approached the gate, studying the large femur on the front of the door.

"Hmmm…there must be a secret to this door Marco." Star said to the approaching Marco as she began to chew on her wand. "No one would leave this unguarded unless…"

Marco simply walked up to the Gate and pushed it, causing the huge bone door to open with a loud creak.

"…they forgot to send someone to guard it?" Marco said as he gestured to the door.

"Good thinking Marco!" Star said as she slapped her friend hard on the back before she ran into the building. "Now let's find ourselves a Nova."

"Heh…" Marco chuckled as he caught up to his bestie.

"What's so funny?" Star asked as she chuckled with him, using her want to illuminate the dark hallway.

"Oh, it just that in astrology, we learned that a Nova is actually a term for stars." Marco explained with a chuckle before his laughter trailed off and he turned pale.

"What's wrong?" Star said with a nervous chuckle.

"It's just that... a nova is a term referring to the...death of" Marco replied blankly.

As the two teens ventured into the heart of the Boneheart, there was not a single sound from either of them.


The Boneheart: Nova's Prison: Present Day


As they reached the center of the Boneheart, Marco and Star saw a large black crystal in the center of the huge chamber, illuminated by a hole in the ceiling. The crystal was shaped like a large rounded cube and there was a small bowl on a pedestal with a blade welded into the center.

As Star and Marco approached the cube. Star squinted as she looked into the crystal, seeing the image of a man standing in the center. As she continued to examine the crystal. Marco noticed a slab of black rock next to the bowl and as he read it, he turned pale again as he turned to Star.

"Star, I think whoever put him here clearly wants him to stay here." Marco said with a concerned tone as he looked to Star who was already shooting beams of narwhals and leech bombs at the cube, which dissipated as they touched the cube.

"What?" Star said in confusion as she fired a butterfly beam at the cube, only for it to dissipate on contact. "What makes you say that?"

"Well according to this tablet, the only way to release this Nova guy, you will need to fill this bowl with blood." Marco explained as he looked at the bowl next to him.

"Ew…" Star replied in disgust as she stuck her tongue out. "Welp, don't worry Marco, we'll just grab ourselves a blood beetle and he'll do the rest."

"No Star you don't understand…" Marco said as he looked to Star with a concerned look. "…it has to be *your* blood."

Star flinched at the sound as she looked at the cube. She then walked over to Marco and the tablet and looked at it.

"This prison shall not be broken by the strongest bodkin n'r the swiftest spell. Only with a key of sanguine from the ruling family of Mewni shall one find release."

"Wow…" Star said with a surprised tone as she looked up from the tablet. "…dark."

"See what I mean Star?" Marco explained as he turned Star towards him. "It's a clear sign that this guy is bad news. Let's just go home and forget about this. Okay?"

Star looked towards the crystal cube and then back to Marco. She then remembered that although he was occasionally a stick in the mud and "The Safe Kid", he was right about a lot of things.

"Okay Marco…" Star said with a small smile as she created a portal with her dimensional shears.

"Alright…" Marco said as entered the portal with a yawn. "Glad that you came to your senses."

As Star walked towards the portal, she looked back to the cube and sighed before she entered the portal, which quickly vanished.


Two Hours Later


Within the heat of the Boneheart, another portal opened before the crystal cube. Out from this portal, Queen and King Butterfly emerged, arming themselves towards the cube. Only to see that it was intact and unscathed, with no Star Butterfly in sight.

"Ah! I knew it!" Queen Butterfly gloated as she sheathed her sword. "I knew Star would not free Nova."

"No you didn't." King Butterfly said with a chuckle. "We both though she would, especially since "someone" forgot to sharpen the dimensional shears and charge them, resulting two hour delay in travel.

Queen Butterfly gave an irritated groan as looked to the cube and approached it. As she leaned in and squinted her eyes, she saw the palm of a large bluish green gauntlet slam on the glass in front of her face. This was followed by a low howling scream from the cube. As the two rulers of Mewni watched the gauntlet return into the darkness of the cube, a low muttering and light weeping could be heard. Queen Butterfly simply scoffed as she walked away. As she did, King Butterfly approached the cube and placed his hand on the surface. Seconds later, a small hand emerged and placed itself on the glass where King Butterfly's hand was.

"I'm sorry Nova." King Butterfly said softly, seeing a bright purple eye gaze back at him from within the cube. "I'm so boy..."

"Dear!" Queen Butterfly addressed coldly as she summoned a portal with her shears. "Get away from *him* this instant!"

King Butterfly sighed as he pulled his hand away and slowly walked away from the cube. Looking back, he saw the hand was still touching the wall of the cube for a few moments before it returned to the darkness within the cube. As he approached his Queen, he looked to her with a look of hurt and empathy.

"I know you still care for him darling, but he made his choice." Queen Butterfly explained as turned towards the portal. "Now he has to deal with the consequences."

"He's still our son!" King Butterfly objected to his Queen, stopping her in her tracks. "He may have done what he did but still deserves our help and compassion, not to be locked away like a rabid animal. All he wanted to do was-"

"Become a monster!" Queen Butterfly interrupted as she clenched her fist. "And I have no love or care for monsters."

King Butterfly hesitated as the Queen stepped into the portal. The King then sighed as he looked to the cube once more and then stepped into the portal.

Diaz Residence: Star's Room: Present Day


Star just laid in her bed as she stared at the ceiling, she could not find the ability to sleep as she thought about the prison and the being known as Nova. She then began to think about her fights with Toffee and Ludo and then her thought shifted to her friends and the people she met through her adventures... with Marco...

...and then her thoughts shifted to Marco...just Marco...

As she thought about him, she then felt her heart begin to beat faster. For some time now, she was developing a strange feeling towards him, a feeling she never felt before, and it felt strong, stronger than her feelings for the boy known as Oskar. As she turned in her bed and tried to fall asleep, she became so frustrated, she grabbed her pillow and screamed into it.

But as she pulled her head from the pillow, she heard the call from her magic mirror. As well as the voice of her mother, the powerful, and sometimes scary Queen Butterfly.

Star quickly rushed up to the mirror and made a mocking salute.

"A den-sun!" Star shouted as she saluted. "All hands up speck!"

"Very funny Star!" Queen Butterfly sighed as she was sharpening her pair of dimensional shears. "I just wanted to see how are you doing on earth?"

"Everything is a-ok Mom!" Star said with a cheerful demeanor. "Everything has been quiet since Toffee was taken care of and Ludo and his cronies have been a lot better since they began operating that whole food market in town."

"I...see…" Queen Butterfly said as she gave a suspicious look. "How have you been though? Has anything strange happened recently?"

As Star was about to explain her dreams, a voice in her head suddenly told her to stop, and instead say:

"Nope!" Star lied with a grin. "As I said, everything's been hunky-dory!"

"Are you sure?" Queen Butterfly asked her daughter. "Because Glossaryck told me you asked him something about a "Nova".

Star hesitated as she tried to think of an excuse. Then she remembered what Marco had told her back at the Boneheart.

"Oh yeah, it was a question for about studying stars." Star lied again, she had years of practice to perfect the art. "I think Marco called it…Asstomericky? Anyway, I couldn't find what I was looking for so I asked Marco to help me."

"Alright then." Queen Butterfly said with a sigh of relief as she smiled towards her daughter. "Just call me if you have any issues involving Mewni, alright."

"Got ya Mom!" Star said with a toothy grin as she hugged the mirror. "Love ya!"

"Of course darling." Queen Butterfly replied with a warm smile. "I love you too."

The two gave their good byes as the mirror shut off. Star then sighed in relief as she turned around and saw her pair of dimensional shears on a nearby table. As she walked towards them and turn back to the mirror, she saw her reflection in the mirror, and for an instant, she saw the man with black hearts on his cheeks and the bluish green gauntlet reaching out to her before he vanished.

"I'm gonna find out who you are and why you want me." Star said as she grabbed the shears and opened a portal. "Even if I have to break ya out of that prison myself."

The Boneheart: Nova's Prison: Present day

Star stormed out of the portal and approached the bowl with the blade within it. As she looked at the blade in the center, she looked at her hand.

"I want to believe what Marco said was true and I feel that for whatever reason, you deserve to be locked up in there" Star said as she looked up to the crystal cube, seeing a tall figure standing inside, almost as if it was waiting for her to continue. "But I feel like I know you and I want to know why, and to do that...I have to free you."

Star looked back to the bowl and placed her hand on the blade in the center. Taking a deep breath, she stabbed her hand through the knife, yelping in pain as she felt the blade pierce into her skin and through the back of her hand. As she pulled her hand away, she pulled out a roll of gauze from her purse and wrap her wounded hand up. Star watched as her blood slowly trickled down the blade, touching the base of the blade and the bowl. As soon as it did, the pedestal and bowl sank into the floor.

"Okay…I did it. I gave you my blood." Star shouted out loud as she clenched her hand. "Now what?"

Suddenly, Star saw the crystal cube before her began to crack like an egg, purple light and black smoke emerged from the cracks as a bellowing roar was heard from within, the whole chamber rumbled and shook like Ferguson's stomach during lunchtime as the cube began to crack even more. Suddenly, the cube shattered with a huge pulse of light, knocking Star onto a wall. As the teen shook her head and rubbed it, she looked up and saw that the cube was gone, but a familiar man was kneeling where the cube was. The man was on his hands and knees, wearing a suit of armor and had a bluish green gauntlet on his right arm. Star then recognized him as the man from her dreams and quickly stood up, approaching him with her wand armed towards him.

As soon as Star was beside him with her wand aimed at his head, the man grunted and coughed as he slowly stood up. Star watched as he slowly turned towards his liberator and looked at her. As soon as he did, his eyes widened as he reached his hands towards her.

"Star…?" The Man asked softly as he reached towards her. "Star is that you?"

"Yeah…I'm Star Butterfly from Mewni." Star said cautiously as she aimed her wand at the man. "You're that Nova guy, aren't you? You're that guy who's been in my dreams."

In that instant, the man smiled and began to laugh as he brushed back his hair with his hand and wiped tears from his eyes. Star looked at him cautiously before he replied to her.

"Of course I am!" Nova said with a cheerful expression. I'm Nova Butterfly, I'm your brother!"

Star paused as she looked to the man with a shocked and confused expression. After a few moments she replied with a simple but elongated…


"Yes, I'm your brother. Nova." The Man replied as she approached the young teen, only to halt as she aimed her wand at his face.

"Listen, I have no idea who you are." Star said in a commanding voice. "But I have no brother, and if I did, and I don't, he would be an awesome and cool brother, not some crazy wierdo locked up in a weird prison."

Nova stepped back before he place his hand on his chin. He then looked to Star and smiled.

"When you were only three years old, the guard accidentally fell asleep while watching you, you broke into mother's chambers and stole her wand. You then nearly burned down your play room and turned the guard into…"

"…A giant eggplant horse with the face of a dog and clams for feet." Star finished as she lowered her wand and stared at Nova with a shocked expression on her face.

"You asked mother if you wanted to keep him as a pet." Nova explained with a chuckled and wiped his eye with his gauntlet. "She was so mad at you, saying you would never be worthy wield the wand at this rate. But look at how big you've grown."

"Okay, I'm both confused and amazed at what is happening." Star said as she rubbed her arm, winching as she clasped her wounded hand. "I'm…Conmafuzed."

"Here, let me see." Nova gently approached Star and placed her injured hand in his hand and then he placed his gauntlet over it, with a quick flash of red light, he removed his gauntlet and the gauze. Star looked at her hand with surprise as the wound was gone, leaving no scar or anything.

"Wow!" Star said as she looked at her hand and then to Nova with awe. "How did you do that? I can't even do healing magic that well...or at...all."

"I can do more than just heal wounds Star." Nova replied as he pointed his gauntlet at Star's head and placed his finger on her forehead. "I can also repair lost memories."

In that instant, there was a flash of light and Star saw memories flow into her head. Certain memories, such as when she rode a carriage by herself as an infant, now had Nova chasing her instead of her father, and when she and her other Bestie Pony Head were being chased by monsters for stealing their gold, she saw Nova come to their rescue. As her new memories synched within her mind, Star looked to Nova and a grin began to grow on her face, her eyes sparkled like Ferguson's eyes when he sees food.

"Do you believe me now Star?" Nova asked Star as he gave her a warm smile.

Star's grin grew until it stretched across her entire face. Her eyes grew like dinner plates as she stared at her long lost brother.

"Um…Star…?" Nova said with concern as he waved his hand in front of her face. "Are you alright?"

Star began to make a low pitch squee which began to increase in pitch as she quickly pounced on Nova and threw him onto his back, before he could say or do anything, Nova was ambushed by the loud screaming of his sister in right into his ear.

"I HAVE A BROTHER!" Star screamed into Nova's ear. "I HAVE AN AWESOME AND COOL BROTHER!"

"I know." Nova said as he picked Star off of him and stood up, rubbing his ringing ears. As he looked back to Star, she was clinging to his gauntlet and gazed upon it with awe and wonder, just like Ferguson does when he sees a taco placed before him.

"Ooooh…it's just like the one in my nightmares." Star said as she began to chew on her wand. "Why is it glowing blue?"

"I'll explain everything when we leave." Nova replied with a chuckle as he pulled her wand out of her mouth. "Now where can I rest for the night? Being imprisoned in a timeless void can do numbers on one's internal clock."

"Oh! I know just the place!" Star said with a sing-song voice and a grin as she whipped out a pair of dimensional shears.


Diaz Residence: Kitchen: Several Hours Later


It was a simple Friday morning, Marco woke up with a yawn and walk sluggishly down the stairs and into the kitchen, as his eyes and brain were still booting up, he grabbed a box of cereal from the cupboard and a carton milk from the fridge before he sat down and began to eat his cereal. As he did, he looked around to see a note from his parents on the fridge, a laser puppy sleeping on the floor near the couch, Star Butterfly sitting across from him with a smile and stars in her eyes, and a tall man with blond hair, black hearts on his cheeks, and a blueish green gauntlet sitting beside to him.

"Sup." Marco mumbled as he looked to Nova took a bit from his cereal.

"Hello…human." Nova said as he examined the contents of the table. "I trust you slept soundly under my sister's care?"

"Uh-huh, I sure did." Marco mumbled. "You have a very compassionate sister."

"I am aware of that, human." Nova replied as he picked up the box of cereal and studied the cover before putting it down beside him. "By the way, my name is Nova, at in the Nova that was imprisoned in the Boneheart."

"Nice to meet you Nova." Marco replied with a mumble as he bit into another spoonful of cereal.

Nova then turned to Star, who was still standing at the opposite end of the table with a wide starry eyed grin on his face, and shrugged.

"Is this normal?" Nova asked as he looked to Marco with a curious expression as he snapped his fingers in front of his face. "Is this how all humans act?"

"Give him a minute." Star replied instantly as she extended a finger upwards while keeping her smile on.

As the two siblings continued to watch Marco eat his cereal, it took a minute and a half for the thought about the new guest to finally slink into brain. In that instant, Marco eyes opened wide as he stared at Nova. Marco then yelped loudly, spitting out his cereal as he shot up from his chair and made a karate pose towards Nova.

"What the what?" Marco shouted at Nova, his arms aimed towards the unexpected guest. "Who the heck are you? What are you doing here?"

"SURPRISE!" Star shouted as she jumped in front of Marco and created a rainbow above Nova, who she then gestured to with as much flair as physically possible. "Say hello to my long lost brother: Nova Butterfly!"

"Nova?" Marco asked with concern as he continued to aim his hands at his unexpected guest, who began to brush glitter off his pauldrons. "As in the guy who was in your nightmares? The guy who was imprisoned in that bone place and you promised to forget about? That your brother?"

"I understand your concern human, but rest assured, I have no intention of being trouble." Nova said as he stood up and placed his gauntlet against his chest in a salute. "However, I admire your dedication to the protection of Star, it is good to see my little sister's protection is in good hands, even though they are the hands of a...*ahem*...lesser being."

"Hey!" Marco said as he approached Nova and pointed his finger at the Mewnian. "I'm no lesser being. I'm a green belt in karate and I've helped Star save the multiverse while you were playing "Shawshank Redemption"."

"I don't know what that is, but I'll assume that was supposed to be an insult." Nova said as he approached Marco, staring down at the boy before him. "However, keep in mind that I have been killing monsters and saving lives long before you were even conceived."

"Hey guys, chill out." Star interjected as she stood between the two boys and pushed them back. "No need to get all "done zupedy" on each other."

"It's "one-uppity" Star." Marco corrected as he approached Nova and sat back down in his chair.

"Nova, I have a few questions for you, if you don't mind." Marco said to Nova as he took a bite of cereal in a proud manner.

Nova sighed as he sat down in the chair across from Marco, with Star sitting in the chair beside both of them, looking towards each of the boys with a look of excitement as the "Diaz Interrogation" began.

"So Nova, Why were you, the so called "brother" of Star and a so called "hero", locked up in that bone prison in the first place?"

"I was imprisoned there by long ago." Nova explained to his Marco as he looked to Star. "I tried to kill her, but she had the upper hand and imprisoned me within the Boneheart. I had no means of escape, only with the blood from my family would free me. But the parents believed that I was dead, so I was to be sentenced to an eternity of isolation…until Star found me."

Star tilted her head and let out a small "Aww!" before Marco rolled his eyes and continued his questions.

"Alright, but then why doesn't Star have any memory of you." Marco asked as he squinted his eyes in suspicion. "We both went to the realm of Father Time and I saw her memories, and neither of us saw you in any memories."

"Oh! Oh! Marco!" Star interjected gleefully as she tugged on Marco's Pajamas. "It turns out that all my memories of Nova in my head were suppressed and altered with a magic spell."

"Really?" Marco said with a suspicious tone as he glared at Star's brother. "So he just...repaired your memories...just like that?"

"Of course." Nova explained as he raised his gauntlet and placed it on the table. "With the right knowledge of spells, combined with a powerful magical artifact, one can reverse any magic, such as an amnesia spell, in an instant."

"Uh-huh…" Marco replied as he pointed his finger at Nova. "But what about her nightmares! What did those come from?"

"She must have been wearing out the spell on her own and her suppressed memories were emerging through her dreams." Nova explained as he stroked his chin. "However, that would normally be impossible unless she was in direct physical contact with a powerful magical object, like her wand, for a constant period of time."

Both Marco and Nova then looked at Star, who was watching the two walk while resting her elbow in the table, resting her head on her hands, and gnawing on her wand.

"What?" Star said while chewing on her wand. "What are you looking at?"

"Well that explains that." Nova commented with a chuckle as he pulled Star's wand out of her mouth before he looked back to Marco "Now have I fulfilled your curiosity and proven myself to you, human?"

"Just one more question." Marco said as he pointed to his gauntlet. "What's up with that thing on your arm?"

"Ah! You mean "The Gauntlet"?" Nova replied as he raised his gauntlet and pointed to it. "This is an ancient artifact that the Gods had created for the ancestors of the royal family. Within this gauntlet, is perhaps very essence of magic itself. With its power, I can manipulate the energy of the Universe around me, or create a massive army with a simple command. The power of this artifact is limitless. "

"Woah!" Star said with awe as she chewed on her wand and rubbed the Gauntlet with her hand, feeling the energy vibrate. "So it's like my wand, only better?"

"Of course." Nova replied as he placed Star in his lap and pulled the wand out of her mouth. "In fact, the very energy from the Gauntlet was used to create the wand. However, like the Gauntlet, that part of history became lost in time. Until I discovered The Gauntlet and used it to conquer my foes and fight the monster that imprisoned me."

"Awesome!" Star said as she gazed at her brother with awe before she glanced at the clock, which read 8:23 AM.

"Ohmygosh! Marco! The bus is almost here!" Star screamed as she pounced towards Marco and shook him like a rag doll. "We're gonna be late for school!"

Marco calmly stood up before he screamed loudly and bolted up the stairs and into the bathroom while Nova and Star remained in the kitchen. Nova then looked out the window and saw the yellow school bus outside.

"Is he expecting that…thing?" Nova said as he pointed towards the bus.

"Yeah, but he won't make it in time." Star replied as she poured a cup of apple juice and downed it with a sigh

"I'll be the judge of that." Nova said as he stood up and walked towards the door.


Sixteen Minutes Later


Marco finished putting on his shoe as he was hopping out the door. As he looked up, he saw stopping to see the school bus was still before his house, he then saw Star waving her hand out the window while Nova was standing beside the school bus with his gauntlet aimed towards the bus driver.

"I halted this "school bus" for you." Nova said as he gestured towards the bus. "You may continue when you are ready human."

"Uh…thanks...I think." Marco said to Nova as he entered the door, passing the bus driver, who was pale as a corpse, shaking like a leaf and all the hair on his body was white as snow.

"Th-th-there wa-was a ro-room…" The bus driver stammered quietly as Marco entered the Bus. "…an r-r-room with n-no lights…"

As Marco saw the students staring at him, he meekly sat in one seat next to Star, who poked her head through the window and looked towards her brother.

"Aren't you coming with us bro?" Star said to Nova. "You totally have to try this school thing out. It's awesome!"

"I'll be with you shortly Star, I need to take care of a few things first." Nova said with a grin as he waved his hand. "In the meantime, you go enjoy yourself."

Nova then looked to the bus driver and nodded his head lightly. The driver stomped on the accelerator and the bus shot down the road like Ferguson towards the cafeteria. Nova watched as the bus drove off into the distance with a young girl waving her arms out the window and cheering loudly. Nova smiled as he turned around and walked back into the house.


Diaz Residence: Several Hours Later


As Nova entered the house, he walked into the kitchen and began to look around. Looking through the cupboard and the fridge, he noticed the note stuck to the door and began to read it.


Dear Marco,

Your mother and I are visiting your abuela for the next week. We wanted you to come with us, but your abuela didn't want to see you for some reason.

We have left you some meals in the fridge for the week and some money on the counter. Remember to clean up after yourselves if you and Star decide to have some fun.

Love you always,

Mom and Dad.


Nova glared at the last two lines of the letter before he plucked the note from the fridge and burned it in his hand. He then walked up the stairs of the house and into Marco's room.\


As he looked around at the room, he saw a large red book sitting on Marco's desk. As he opened the book, he saw it was filled with photos of Marco and Star. As he looked at the photos of Star and Marco along with Pony Head, Star and a sick Marco standing before a wrecked bus, and a photo of Star, Marco and his family. Nova then picked up the photograph and looked at it. He saw Star and Marco hugging each other as Mr. and Mrs. Diaz stood beside each of them, both of which were hugging the children. As Nova continued to look at the picture, he felt a small pain in his chest.

"How lucky are you Star, to be with creatures that portray such compassion for you." Nova said as he took his fingers and touched the faces of Mr. and Mrs. Diaz, burning through the photo as he did so. "But I wish you could see the truth as I have."

As Nova watched the photo disintegrate within his hands, he turned the page of the album and stopped at a whole section dedicated to a girl with platinum blond hair with a single mint highlight, eyes of aqua, and freckles. As he examined the pictures, he picked up a photo of the girl riding a skateboard. Nova saw the red heart drawn around the girl and he then flipped the photo over, revealing a message written on the back in fancy cursive.

"Jackie Lynn Thomas"

"It seems the human has an interest in mating with this female." Nova said as he placed the photo back in the album. "That could prove to be quite useful."

Nova then looked around before he left Marco's room and approached Star's room.


As he opened the door, he was greeted to a group of strange creatures, who were throwing water balloons and shooting each other with squirt guns.

"Hey, aren't you Star's bro?" The small bearded man asked as he shot water at the pig which was flying overhead.

"Yes, that's right." Nova replied as he watched the angry flying pig swoop down and drop a water balloon bomb on the small bearded man. He then used his gauntlet to create a barrier that protected him from the large water wave. "I'm Nova Butterfly."

All of the "residents" of Star's room stopped attacking each other and all greeted Nova with a simultaneous "Hi Nova!" before they continued to attack each other. Nova then sighed as he began to trek through the battle field, creating a barrier for the water balloons and deflecting the stray squirt gun fire. As he watched the clown known as Kevin shriek as he ran into the war zone with water balloons strapped to his body. Nova stood before Stars bed and but a barrier around the entire area, just as the entire exterior of the barrier was drenched in water. Nova then approached Star's desk and noticed the pink journal titled "My Diary". Nova looked around and saw that all the creatures outside were lying on the floor, unconscious from Kevin's attack. Nova then picked up the diary and opened it.


Day 1:

Marco is such a nice guy! He's allowing me to stay at his house, which is AWESOME! I can't wait to learn more about my new bestie.


Nova smiled as he skimmed through several pages and stopped at another page.


Day 236:

Marco was captured by a monster named Toffee and he nearly killed him. I had to use the whispering spell on the wand to free him and it destroyed Ludo's castle and Toffee in the process, but why idk, but at least Marco is safe.

After we returned home, I wanted to apologize to Marco for being a jerk to him before he was kidnapped. So I tried to make his famous Nachos, but I almost burned down the house and created an evil army of tortilla chips. However, after all that, Marco told me he already forgave me and that simple "I'm sorry" would be enough.

I'm glad that Marco forgave me, but why do I feel so...sick...?


Finally, Nova flipped through the book towards the last entry in the diary, what was odd about this one was that unlike the previous entry, which had drawings of small animals and random little cartoons on the borders, this entry was just the words, even the color of the ink was different. In addition, there were several marks on the page that were about the size of a small drop of water, much like a teardrop. Nova also noticed that the bottom of the entry was written more erratically than the top half


Day...I don't care anymore:

I love him...I love Marco, my bestie, and I don't know what to do anymore.

I don't know how it happened and I don't know why. I'm different than him in so many ways, I endangered his life and put so much stress on him and yet, he's always got my back. But every time I think about us, I remember Jackie Lynn Thomas. Every time I see him look at her, express his feelings for her I just want ruin it for him, use my magic to make him pick me over her, to *force* him to love me, but when I think about doing those things to him, I get so sick. I almost threw up in class today and had to leave early. When Marco confronted me about that I told him I wasn't feeling well and he took me home and made sure I was comfortable.

I'm in love with someone who's in love with someone else, and every time he fails with Jackie, I want to show him how I feel. But I can't, and seeing him go after her makes me so sick. I...I can't stop loving him.

I can't stop's getting harder to hide it from Marco.

Please...please Marco...please love me.


Nova set the diary down and sighed as he rubbed his face. As he turned towards Star's bed and processed what he just read, he saw an object sticking out from underneath. Nova then reached underneath the bed and pulled out the Magical Instruction Book.

"By the Gods..." Nova said with a Smile. "She actually has it."

Nova quickly opened the book and turned the pages until he stopped at a page with a large Black Hand within a circle with a while diamond in the center. Nova then looked at the palm of his gauntlet, which had a diamond shaped emblem in the center, and smiled as he looked back at the page. As he studied the page, reading several writings that were within the lines of the drawing, Nova noticed the red flower drawn inside the center Diamond and the little red cat drawn next to the hand.

"You had no idea, didn't you Star?" Nova said with a chuckle as he continued to read the scripture.

Suddenly, Nova saw a small blue cloud appear above the book, and as the cloud vanished, there was a little blue man sitting in the air before Nova. It was Glossaryck, the embodiment of the Magical Instruction Book and a recovering pudding addict. As he solidified in the air, the blue genie had his back to Nova.

"I know what this is about Star, and no I'm not saying another word." Glossaryck said with a huff as he entered a full lotus position. "I will not fall for your temptations anymore. So speak your piece, because I'm not saying anything more about Nova."

"What's there to say?" Nova asked as he crossed his arms, watching as Glossaryck jolted before sweat began to develop on his large blue head. The Genie then turned slowly to see the Mewnian sitting before him.

"Hello Glossaryck." Nova said in a cold tone as he stared down the small spirit. "Long time no see."

"N-N-N-N-Nova! What a surprise!" Glossaryck chuckled nervously as he began to sweat bullets. "So you're out of the Boneheart now? Good for you buddy!"

"Enough." Nova commanded Glossaryck as he aimed his gauntlet towards the blue imp. "I have returned to finish what I started and to extract my revenge. But to do so, I will have to silence you."

Wha-wh-what do you mean?" Glossaryck asked Nova with a shudder. "I c-c-c-an call in sick if y-y-you want."

"No, that won't do." Nova replied as he charged his gauntlet. As Glossaryck looked away and closed his eyes. He heard the gauntlet activate, but nothing happened, when he looked back to Nova, he was holding a silver pudding cup.

"This cup will grant you an unlimited supply of pudding in the flavor of your choice." Nova explained as he pulled out a spoon. "Such as…vanilla…"

In that instant, the pudding cup filled with vanilla pudding, and Glossaryck felt an itch on his body.

"…or butterscotch" Nova continued as the cup's pudding turned to butterscotch pudding, this caused Glossaryck to sweat as he tried to look away, but it was as if he was stuck in place, watching his most treasured desire sit right in his face.

"Or should I mention…chocolate?" Nova asked as he looked down to the pudding cup, only to find that it was gone. He then saw Glossaryck scarfing down the pudding by hand, crying his eyes out as he watched the cup refill with pudding.

"As long as you keep silent about me, that cup will never empty." Nova said as he lowered Glossaryck into the book and slammed it shut. "It was a pleasure doing business with you Glossaryck"

As Nova stood up and began to walk towards the door, he then noticed the large mirror on the wall and approached it.

"Mirror…mirror on the wall…" Nova said with a cold tone. "…call no one."

As it began to call "No-One", the image of a light blue humanoid slime creature appeared in the mirror.

"Hello? Who's there?" No-One asked. "Are you that stripper I ord-"

Nova raised his gauntlet towards the mirror and punched the mirror as hard as he could, the gauntlet pierced through the mirror and shattering it to pieces. As he bent down and picked up one of the shards of the mirror, he looked back up to the broken mirror and smiled as he turned around to walk away.

"Sorry…" Nova said with a chuckle as he placed the mirror shard in his pocket. "…wrong number."


Echo Creek Academy: Miss Skullnick's lair…er…I mean…classroom: Half an hour later


Marco and Star sat and stared at the huge troll that was writing on the chalkboard, this was Miss Skullnick, a school teacher who was unfortunately transformed into a troll due to Star's antics. However, the teacher has been quite used to it since then.

"Today we'll be talking about the concept of differential calculus." Miss Skullnick growled as she moved towards her desk and sat down. "Which you will probably use in your everyday lives to accomplish everyday tasks."

"Oh! My! Gosh!" Star squealed with an anticipated grin. "I wonder if I can use this calcronsus to improve on my magic. Or even help Nova!"

"Star, Miss Skullnick was being sarcastic." Marco explained to Star with a sigh. "Remember our talks about taking things too seriously."

"Nope." Star said with an innocent grin as she grinned gleefully ahead towards the chalkboard.

Marco sighed as he the felt a finger poke his shoulder. Marco turned to see the Jackie Lynn Thomas, the girl of his dreams, looking straight at him. Marco felt his heart stop in place and his brow dampen with sweat as he stared into the aqua eyes of the girl sitting behind him.

"Hey Marco." Jackie said to Marco. "Could I borrow a pen?"

While he continued to stare into Jackie's eyes like an awkward zombie, he picked up his pen and handed it to her. As she took it from his hands, he felt her finger come into contact with his skin. From this moment onward, the skin cells of Marco's hand that were within the range of contact would forever be miniature shrines to this moment, when Marco Diaz held the hand of Jackie Lynn Thomas for almost a Nano second…ugh…

"Thanks Marco." Jackie said as she leaned back to her desk and began writing. Marco then nodded as he leaned back into his desk and pulled a spare pen from his pocket. Trying to disturb the hidden wand that was forged from that second of contact.

Star, who was watching the whole thing, felt even sicker that she had never felt before. Star took deep breaths as she tried to calm herself down, noticing that she was starting to bend her desk as she gripped into it, her attention was drawn towards the sight of the principal of the school opening the door and gesturing to the class.

"Here's her classroom, just as you requested Mr. Butterfly." Principal Skeeves said nervously as he wiped sweat from his balding head.

Star's previous feeling vanished like a hamburger placed in front of Ferguson as she watched Nova, who was wearing a dark grey sweater with the Mewnian crest on the front and tan slacks, enter the classroom and looked around. As he noticed the smiling Star and the nervous Marco among the students, he smiled and waved his gauntlet towards them.

"How did he even get that thing through the sleeve?" Jackie whispered to Marco, who shrugged nervously.

"Hi Star…hello human... other humans." Nova greeted the class. "I'm Nova Butterfly, and I'm here to observe this so called academy, but I assumed that you all were here to train physically?"

"Well we do have something like that Mr. Butterfly." The Principal said with a nervous smile. "We call it "Gym class."

"Is that so?" Nova said as he noticed a red apple on the table and picked it up with his gauntlet. As he clenched it in his hand, the apple began to ripple as it turned into a solid gold apple. Principle Skeeves eyes grew into dinner plates as he gazed upon the golden apple while the students awed at the sight.

"I wish to see this "Gym"." Nova said with a smile as he tossed the apple towards Skeeves, who caught it with a gleeful smile. "…and I would like my sister to accompany me if you will allow it."

"Anything you want sir." Principal Skeeves said with a grin as he walked out of the room, still gazing at the golden apple in his hands. "Anything you want."

As Nova looked towards the class, he saw Miss Skullnick sitting at her desk. Nova then flinched back in horror as he quickly aimed his gauntlet towards the troll teacher.

"MONSTER!" Nova shouted at he fired a beam of energy towards Miss Skullnick, who barely dodged the attack as she jumped out the window. As the smoke cleared, Miss Skullnick then stood up, brushed herself off and turned towards the giant hole in the wall and to her attacker.

"By the Gods!" Nova shouted with a wild laugh towards Miss Skullnick. "You're quite fast for an abomination! But this next shot's your harbinger, monster!"

"Hey, you're the monster here pal, what with that your terrible sense of manners!" Miss Skullnick shouted back. "…and I'm a teenager, so that's insult should be twice as painful."

As Nova aimed his gauntlet at Miss Skullnick again, Star swooped in front her brother and blocked him.

"Out of my way Star." Nova commanded Star. "I have to kill that…thing before it-"

"Nova stop!" Star shouted to her brother as she lowered his gauntlet. "She's not a monster. I turned her into a troll by mistake. She's no threat to anyone."

Nova looked to Star with concern before he looked up to Miss Skullnick, who scratched her backside as she grumbled and snorted loudly before she spat onto the ground.

"Are…are you sure she wasn't a monster already?" Nova asked with a concerned expression.

Star then climbed up onto Nova and looked him straight in the eye.

"Yeah, I'm sure." Star said with the lecturing style of a scolding mother. "Now promise me that you won't hurt anyone else while you're here. I'll tell you who you can attack, okay?"

Nova sighed as he lowered Star back onto the ground.

"I promise Star." Nova replied as he watched the little girl point her pinkie towards him

"What is this?" Nova asked as he looked at the extended digit.

"Pinkie promise." Star said with a dramatic tone. "It's Earth's most powerful pact of trust and a true sigh of friendship for certain communities."

Nova looked to Marco, who responded with a shrug. Nova then sighed grabbed the digit with his fingers and shook Star's hand.

"I promise." Nova said as he smiled towards his sister.

Star quickly smiled as she grabbed Nova's hand and pulled him out of the classroom.

"Marco come on!" Star shouted to her friend as she stuck her face back into the classroom. "We're going to gym!"

Marco looked around and then sighed as he stood up and walked out of the classroom, looking back and giving a peace sign before Star grabbed him by his hoodie and abducted him from the room. As soon as they were gone, Miss Skullnick walked back through the hole in the side of the room and sat before the remains of her desk.

"Alright, now that that's done with." The Troll teacher said as she addressed the rest of the class. "How many of you brats know what a function is?"


Echo Creek Academy: Gym: Several Minutes Later


Marco, Star, Nova, Ferguson and Alfonzo watched from the bleachers as the infamous Brittney Wong and her crew of cheerleaders begin their cheerleading session. As usual, the queen bee of the group was once again driving her squad into the ground. From what was going on, Andrea was exhausted from doing almost thirty somersaults in a row and was one jump away from a collapsed lung, Chantelle shattered her pelvis again from an unfortunate accident during a high dive and split, and Sabrina had nearly broke her spine from being crushed under the cheerleader's pyramid, resulting in a loss of balance in the pyramid that caused the whole thing to topple over.

"I said a pyramid, not a triangle!" Brittney Hitler barked through her megaphone. "Make it more pyramid-y! Now!"

"Are all of your leaders this cruel?" Nova asked as he watched the teenage tyrant scream at her cheerleaders. "Or is she a true monster?"

"That's Brittany Wong for you." Alfonzo said as he pulled out a sandwich from his backpack and took a bite. "She is the most spoiled and pretentious girl here."

"Is that so?" Nova said as he watched the teen's form a military line before the Queen Bee ouch. "Then perhaps I've been fighting the wrong monsters."

"Everything you've been doing has been terrible!" Brittney Jong-Un shouted at her cheerleaders. "You all are the worst excuse of cheerleaders I have ever seen, even the special ed dance squad is better than you sacks of fat!"

The girls groaned in pain as their hearts shattered from the cruelty of their head cheerleader's words. Andrea slowly curled up in a ball as she sobbed quietly.

"By the Gods." Nova said in horror as he watched Sabrina slump onto the ground in exhaustion. "Not even the Mewni dungeon-master was this cruel. Those poor humans don't deserve this, especially that human with the…*ahem*…distractive backside."

"Eh, what can you do bro?" Ferguson asked with a shrug.

Nova began to stand up, but before he moved, Star gave him a stern glare.

"Aside from killing or maiming her?" Star asked with a stern tone.

Nova raised his hand in irritation as he sat down and continued to watch the Nazi cheerleader walk up to Sabrina and lift her up by the hair. Nova felt a pang in his chest and his fists tighten as he watched the monster yanked her up and glared at her.

"…this goes especially you Sabrina!" Brittney Qaddafi hissed to the crying girl in her grasp. "You can't even hold up a fraction of a pyramid. What the hell is wrong with you?"

"I'm sorry Brittney…" Sabrina whimpered as she tried to pry Brittney's hands off her hair. "I'm trying to do my best."

"Oh you will be." Brittney Castro hissed with a sinister smile as she tossed Sabrina onto the ground. "Cause until you can master the art of carrying a human pyramid on your back…"

Brittney then snapped her fingers as a pair of cheerleaders walked in with a large cinderblock in their hands. Sabrina looked with horror as they placed the large block of concrete before the teen's face with a thud. Brittney then sat on it and looked to Sabrina with an evil smile.

"…you will carry this cinderblock on your back like a mule until I say so." Brittney Putin explained with a grin.

As Sabrina begged her cheer captain for mercy, Brittany Bin Ladin simply slapped her across the face with her hair. laughing eavly as she watched Sabrina cower beneath her.

"Is what she's doing even legal?" Star asked Marco as she summoned a miniature rainbow and took a bite out of it, watching as Nova began to storm down the bleachers. "I don't know why no one's trying stop her."

"Well, your interactions with this world, and the constant phenomena resulting from said interactions, caused a lot of things to become quite relaxed in terms of law and discipline, especially at school." Marco explained as he watched Nova storm down the bleachers. "It's actually quite sad when you think abo-"

Marco and Star watched in shock as Nova stormed down the bleacher up to the cheerleaders, picked up the cinder block with his gauntlet and tossed it into the air. The Cheerleaders, Brittany Mussolini, Sabrina, Star and Marco, watched as the cinderblock smashed through a window and landed outside onto a conveniently parked limousine with the gold initials "B.W" engraved on the sides. As Nova brushed off his hands, he turned to see the cheerleading tyrant looking right up to him, her face was as red as a chili pepper and her eyes were bloodshot with rage as she was snorting like a bull before a matador, or Ferguson before the lunch lady.

"Star told me that there were no monsters at this school." Nova said as he moved Brittney Hussein aside and picked Sabrina up and held her in his arms. "But as far as I have seen, she was wrong, dead wrong."

As he began to carry the weak Sabrina towards the bleachers, Brittany Jammeh appeared before the Mewni knight.

"Oh this won't end well." Marco said to Star as he placed his arms behind his back. "Let's hope he keeps his word like you said, but if he doesn't, then it's no real loss."

"Please move out of my way." Nova said to the enraged cheerleader before him. "I have a young girl to save, and I promised Star I would not kill you, human."

"EXCUSE ME? JUST WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?" Brittney Stalin screamed at the Mewnian before her, her voice sounded like a duet of nails on a chalkboard and silverware on a ceramic plate, with a hand stroking a plastic wrapped couch added in. "DO YOU HAVE THE SLIGHTEST IDEA WHO I AM?"

"Well, from what I have seen and can tell, you are a spoiled rotten human who was probably handed everything on a silver platter and you believe that everything have a monetary cost." Nova explained as he carried Sabrina to the bleachers and laid her down on her back, he then pulled a white vial from his pocket and carefully held her head up and helped her drink it's contents. As he did, he grabbed a stray pom-pom and placed it under Sabrina's head before he turned his attention to the spoiled dictator behind him. "You clearly have no experience with independence or compassion and you expect everyone to kneel to you like a god. I have met countless creatures that are just like you…but to be honest they are much more…visually desirable than you."

A loud "Ohhhh!" could be heard from Alfonzo and Ferguson from the bleachers as the cheerleaders began to back away from the now steaming Brittany Tojo, knowing that insulting the beauty of the cheer captain is certain death.

Nova then looked to a concern Star, remembering his promise to her as he then looked to the enraged Brittney Kahn as she grabbed him by his sweater. He then raised his gauntlet up and smiled at her.

"YOU DON'T GET IT DO YOU? YOU CLUELESS MORON!" Brittney Zedong continued to scream at Nova as she started slapped him across the face with her hands, veins were protruding from the teen terror's forehead as her face was a red as the tomatoes that Ferguson runs away from. "I'M THE ONE IN CHARGE HERE! NOT YOU! IF I WANTED, COULD BUY YOU A MILLION TIMES OVER AND STILL HAVE CHANGE LEFT OVER TO BUY ANOTHER MILLION, OR A BILLION!, AND IF YOU DON'T GET IT INTO YOUR THICK SKULL THAT I…"

Suddenly, Brittney suddenly felt her voice fall silent as she began to make a muffled shout. As the teen touched her face, she felt a flat patch of skin where her mouth used to be.

"I believe the humans have a saying about "talking your mouth off?"." Nova said with a grin as he stroked his chin. "I'm surprised to see that it's actually true."

Brittney Pot then pulled out her makeup mirror and saw her face in the reflection, which was now missing a mouth. Brittney Gambia let out a mouthless scream as she dashed out of the Gym. The other Cheerleaders then looked to Nova, who looked to Star and Marco, the latter of the two was on the floor laughing himself into a coughing fit.

"What?" Nova asked his sister with a shrug. "I didn't kill her, did I?"

"I know." Star sighed with a raised eyebrow and a wave of her finger. "But did Brittney really deserve that?"

"YES!" shouted the entire student body towards the young girl, who was nearly blown on her back by the gust.

As Nova watched Marco helped Star up, he felt a hand tug on his sweater. Nova then turned around and saw Sabrina standing before him, fidgeting with her hands as she smiled meekly.

"T-thanks for protecting me, mister." Sabrina said with a small blush as she fidgeted with her hands nervously. "I never had someone protect me like that before."

"There is no need to thank me, it's in the nature of one like myself to provide protection to those who need it." Nova explained with a smile as he raised his gauntlet and summoned a small crystal flower and handed it to her. "Besides, a human of your…divine cuteness should not have to undergo such cruelty."

Sabrina gave a shocked gaze as she clenched the flower in her hand and looked to Nova with a startled gaze as her brain tried to process the information.

"Y-y-you…You think I'm…c-cu-cute?" Sabrina stammered as her face turned bright red, no one ever called her cute before. "

"Of course…I didn't offend you, did I?" Nova asked as he scratched the back of his head. "Because you're beginning to look as red at that other human."

Nova then watched as Sabrina fell onto the floor with a thud. As Nova sighed with a fant and picked the girl into his arms again, Marco then approached the Mewnian with a concerned expression.

"What?" Nova asked the human before him. "What's with that look."

"You do know she's sixteen right?" Marco asked Nova. "Because if you plan know..."

"Human, I'm seventeen years old." Nova replied to Marco as he turned to him. "Being in the Boneheart halted my aging process, I am no older now than I was then."

"Ah!" Marco replied as he looked to Star, who was smiling at Marco.

"What?" Marco asked with a slight concerned tone. "I get it, your brother's a nice guy, happy now?

"Actually, perhaps you should talk to Nova about helping you with your "problem"?" Star said with air quotations. "He seems to have a way with the ladies."

Marco scoffed as he picked up his backpack, but then he watched as Nova helped Sabrina stand up, noticing his calm attitude towards a human that had obviously caught his attraction. The way he seemed to keep his cool as they gazed upon each other.

Perhaps there was a thing or two he could learn from the brother of his bestie, I mean, what's the worst that could happen?

Nova: Chapter 2: Freedom
Original Idea by: Scraps

Characters created by: Daron Nefcy

Chapter 1: Nightmare


Unknown Location: Present day


"Star…Star free me!" the voice said as it whispered to the young girl before it. "Please…!"

"G-g-get away from me!" The blond haired girl shouted with a shudder as she aimed her wand at the figure, sweat trickling down her brow "I'm warning ya bro! I know how to use this!"

"Star…please!" The figure continued to plead as it moved closer. "You have to free me. You have to…"

"Hyper Rainbow Blast!" Star shouted as she fired a large rainbow beam from her want and through the figure before her, shattering the shadow like glass. As she watched the shards fade away she looked around at her location. She was at the base of a cliff as she could see an orange light up towards the top of the cliff. As she climbed to the top, she gasped in horror as she saw she was back home, in the Kingdom of Mewni, but it was all ablaze with fire, not accidental "Star" fire, but legit fire.


As she slid down the cliff and rushed into the burning city, she saw two bodies before her. It was her parents, King and Queen Butterfly, both of which were wounded and bloody. A broken sword beside her father's corpse, shattered from an apparent brawl, the pieces were warped and melted. As she approached her dead parents, she fell into her knees, a feeling of pain and numbness began to fill inside her, as well as the desire to hire a butler and live in a cave. Suddenly, she saw her mother gasp and cough as she opened her eyes and looked to Star.

"Mom!" Star shouted as she scooted forward and lifted her mother up.

"Star…" Queen Butterfly muttered as she coughed up blood. "How…could…you…"

"Could what?" Star asked as tears formed in her eyes. "What did I do?"

Before the queen could respond, she coughed up more blood before she fell limp. Star's heart sunk as she then felt a small warmth before her, much like a small campfire. Looking up, she saw a man standing above her. He had blond hair like Star's but it was shorter and pulled back. He also had two black hearts on his cheeks. He also was wearing what appeared to be a silver armor with the Mewni insignia on the breastplate, the armored figure also had blueish green gauntlet with golden star knuckles and a larger red star on the back of the hand. As he looked down to Star, he knelt on one knee and examined the bodies between them.

"There was nothing we could do for them Star." The man explained as tears began to trickle from his eyes. "If they only listened to me, then none of this would happened."

"What happened?" Star asked the man as she stood up and aimed her wand at him. "Who are you?"

The man looked at Star, studying the tearful expression on her face as he reached out towards her with his hand. Star watched as a blueish green gauntlet grasped the wand and lowered it before the man stood up and knelt down to her.

"You know who I am." The man explained as he was now behind her. "You knew who I was but they made you forget me…forget who I was. But if you don't know who I am…"

As the man bent downward to Star's ear, his next few words turned the magical teen's blood cold.

"…then why do you know my name?"

Star gasped as she turned around and backed away from the man. She watched as he raised his gauntlet and all the fire around the two of them began to flow into the palm of his hand. As he clenched it, he turned to her and watched as she aimed her wand at him again.

"What do you want from me?" Star asked as she felt her hands shaking. "Tell me what you want."

The man smiled as he stood before the girl. As Star blinked, the man was gone. But as she turned around, she saw the man again, only this time, he grabbed her head with his gauntlet and raised her into the air, causing the teen to drop her wand in the process.

"Freedom…" the man said warmly as he looked at the girl in his grasp. "…my little Star…"

Star tried to pull the gauntlet off her face, but the man's grip was too strong. As she could see the palm of the gauntlet shine a blinding light, she could hear a voice call out to her.

"Star…hey Star…" said the familiar voice. "Hello…Earth to star!"

As she looked into the blinding light, she could swear she saw another figure right in her face screaming at her.



Diaz Residence: Star's Room: Present Day


Marco Diaz was once an ordinary kid, in fact, he was known as "The Safe Kid". A straight A student who main goal in life was to survive the everyday social awkwardness and to one day clam the heart of his childhood crush, Jakie Lynn Tomas. However, that was before he was selected as the guide to a particular "exchange student", a student who happens to be living with his eccentric parents in a large tower that was jammed into the side of their house, a student who has been taking the boy on a wild adventure of beating up monsters and enduring weird hijinks for about a year and a half now (It would have been longer, but after an incident with father time and the mud dimension, things...kind of halted for a while).

Now this same student was going to be late for school, and the same boy in charge of her was trying to wake her up, only to feel the embrace of a fist to the face as the magical teen gave him a sharp uppercut, followed by a hard kick in the stomach, knocking the boy into a wall. Star looked around in confusion as she whipped out her wand and aimed it like a gun around the room, suddenly stopping with a gasp as she saw Marco stuck in the wall.

"Marco?" Star said with a huff as she jumped out of bed and rushed over to the boy, pulling him out of the boy wall crater and pointing her wand at him like a scolding mother. "Now what did I say about waking me up like that? What was that saying again? "Fool me one…you can't get fooled again?"

"No…" Marco replied with a winded groan as he looked up at the boy shaped dent in the ceiling…and on the other wall…and on the floor…and on the bed (get your brain out of the gutter). "But there is this think we have known as school you know."

"I know I know." Star replied as she tapped her wand, instantly proofing from her pajamas and into her basic clothing. "I just…I've been having these weird dreams lately."

"I can tell…" Marco said as he stretched his back, feeling his spine pop as he brushed small rocked from his red sweater. "…but could we discuss this, say, after we catch the bus."

"Star gave Marco a look of disappointment as she raised her wand and said "Teleportus Toschoolbusicus" and in a flash of light, the two teens were sitting on the school bus. Marco looked around in confusion as he looked at his lap, his backpack was there before him. As he opened it, he saw his school notes, homework, and a homemade lunch, courtesy of Mr. Diaz.

"Oh wow!" Marco said in astonishment. "You've really gotten better at this. I mean, we're even inside the bus this…"

Marco trailed off at the sight of the magic teen who was staring daggers at him.

"The nightmare?" Marco asked Star as he zipped up his bag.

Star nodded as she continued to glare at him. Despite the intention of intimidation, her stink eye was rather adorable.

"Alright." Marco sighed as he leaned into his bus seat. "Lay it on me."


Echo Creek Academy: School Grounds: Ten Minutes Later


Ah school, the breeding ground for social anxiety and a prime example of social Darwinism. There were the nerds, the cheerleaders, the jocks, the bullies, the plastics, the goths, and Janna. As the bus pulled up to the entrance of the school, the student's rushed out like a pack of beasts. With the stragglers like Star and Marco tagging behind.

"…and he called me "his little Star…"" Star explained as she jumped off the stairs of the bus. "…right before he fired his hand thingy."

"Huh…" Marco responded as he scratched his head. "So he said you know his name?"

"Kinda…" Star replied as she began to chew on her wand. "I just…can't remember what it was. I mean, a second ago I know it, but when I think about it."

"…it vanishes." Marco interjected as he placed his books in his locker. "I know how you feel, sometime I forget a name, so I say it ten time in my head, which helps with names like…"

Marco trailed off as he saw a sight that always caused his brain to shut down and his blood to flow south. There, moving towards him on a familiar skateboard and wearing a familiar helmet, was Jackie Lynn Thomas, the love of young Marco's life, or at least, only to Marco. As she passed the boy, she waved at him and gave a simple "Hey Marco." The boy then replied with a shaky "Hey Jackie." As he watched the girl of his dreams skate around the corner, he was brought back into reality with a large clap of hands in front of his face.

"Marco! For crying out loud!" Star shouted dramatically at the young boy. "This is serious!

"I was listing!" Marco shouted defensively. "But you need to relax Star, whatever that dream was, it'll make sense in time. In fact, some people believe that dreams are made from the thoughts, fears and feelings we have towards things."

"Really?" Star said as she rubbed her arm. "So…I shouldn't worry so much about this."

"Of course." Marco replied. "In fact, I had a dream that I saved Jackie from a giant tentacle monster, which was-"

Marco stopped as he turned to see two cheerleaders giving him the stink eye and several head shakes of disgust before walking off.

"Never mind." Marco sighed as he bent forward in shame. "Just get to class before you are tardy."

"Okay!" Star said gleefully as she hugged her bf and skipped away singing, having almost forgotten her dilemma.


Echo Creek Academy: History 101: Present Day


Stars class stared towards the slides on the screen as the teacher droned about the significance of each picture, as he continued to speak about the rise of the Germans in World War Two, Star watched the slides with a bored glaze as she started to drift into sleep.

"…by about 1939, the Nazi party was already began taking over Poland and spreading their reign into France, the Netherlands, and even Libya." The Teacher droned as he pressed a button and another slide appeared on the screen. "Here we have a picture of the German Chancellor, Adolf Hitler, during his occupation in Paris, France…"

As the teacher continued to bleat words and switch from slide to slide. Star felt her body shut down as she began to fall asleep. She began to nod off, trying to stay awake before she gave in and fell face first onto her desk.


Star shot her head up as she found herself alone in the classroom. As she looked around, she saw that there was not a single soul in the class room.

"I must have slept through the entire class." Star said to herself as she looked to the blackboard. "But then why didn't anyone wake me up?"

As Star tried to stand up, she found herself unable to sit up. Star then looked to her table and saw a sight that disturbed her. She found her body was attached to her school desk, as it she and her desk were made of wax and they melted together. Star began to panic as she tried to pull herself free, but it was no use.

"Marco!" Star yelled as she tried to pull herself free. "Marco! Help!"

There was no response, not a sound other than the young girl's breathing. Star then saw her wand on the floor beside her. But she could not reach it because her arms were fused to her desk. As she began to hyperventilate and panic, she then saw the blackboard before her starting to ripple like a lake that had a stone thrown within.

"It's just a dream…" Star muttered as she closed her eyes. "I just have to wake up."

Star then opened her eyes to see the ripple in the blackboard start to become stronger as a familiar bluish green gauntlet emerged from the blackboard, followed by the same figure that Star saw in her last dream. As he began to approach her. Star could begin to hear screams from the door in the room, which led to the hallways of the school. Star could then see the glass on the door turn orange as it shattered, the opening was quickly filled with fire as the screams became louder. As Star tried to pull herself free, she then heard the sound of Marco screaming.

"MARCO!" Star screamed as she pulled harder, but she would not budge. "NO! NOOOO!"

Star then turned to the man before her, who was looking towards the burning door with a blank expression.

"This is no dream Star." The man explained as he raised his gauntlet towards Star. "You will fail to save them…to save Marco."

As he clenched his hand, Star felt her body detach from the desk and fall onto the floor. As soon as she touched the floor, Star grabbed her wand and rushed towards the fire, only to be stopped by a gauntlet grabbing her shoulder. Star shoved the man away as she rushed towards the fire, only to see the door begin to get farther and farther as she ran. Eventually Star stopped and fell to her knees. Looking back to the armored man, who had his arms crossed and a look of curiosity on his face.

"Why are you doing this?" Star choked as she turned to him and stood up, aiming her wand at him. "Why are you doing this to me? What did I do to you?"

The man's face softened as he approached Star, his body began to shrink until he was about her size. Star stood back in confusion as the boy looked with a look of disappointment.

"Nothing…" the boy replied as he looked at his hands. "You were only a little girl then."

Star looked in confusion before she began to charge her wand. The Boy looked up and smiled.

"But I was your hero." The boy stated with a smile. "The bright light within a dark world."

Star stopped in her tracks, lowering her wand as she saw the backboard behind the boy begin to use the fire to write four letters. With each letter written, the boy before her began to disappear.

"Wait…" Star shouted as she reached out towards the boy, only for him to disappear, leaving behind the four flaming letters. As she saw those letters of fire, the spark she was looking for was lit, and the name she was looking for was right before her.

…and then Star woke up to a full classroom and a ringing bell.


Echo Creek Academy: Cafeteria: Present Day


It was lunchtime at the Echo creek academy as Marco was sitting with his two friends, Ferguson and Alfonzo, who were discussing the famous book series "Nobody's Perfect" By the mysterious writer Crumbs the Clown.

"I'm just saying is that the first book, while the grammar is atrocious, is the best of the series, and should have stayed a single story as the author intended." Alfonzo stated as he held his finger in the air. "The very fact that Crumbs made two sequels, a prequel, and several spin-offs if a clear sigh of selling out."

"I have no quarrel with the expansion, it's the characters I have a bit of trouble with." Ferguson rebutted as he bit into his sandwich. "I mean, in some chapters of book three "The Ones That Arrived Beforehand, it seems that Crumbs focus the attention on Mister Desmond's relationship with Peacock more than his actions in causing the German civil war. Plus, his death by his sister Rosa seems premature and could be fleshed out for a chapter or two."

"What about you Marco?" Alfonzo asked his friend as he bit into an apple. "What do you think?"

"Honestly?" Marco replied with a raised eyebrow while digging through his lunch bag. "I think it's a miracle that Crumbs manager to get this whole series in the air in the first place. I mean, he delayed several of his other books to work on his "crown jewel" of a series. While people like me who are expecting him to finish "Red and Black", or "Trends of a Were-horse" are just left to die in the sun, and don't get me started on his deadlines. I guess he uses the deadline requests to wipe his-"

Before Marco could finish his rant about some stupid writer with poor writing skills and social compassion, he felt a large sack go over his body, which was pulled into the air and flung onto the floor. It didn't take the boy a second to know who was behind this.

"Star!" Marco shouted as he felt his body being dragged onto the floor.

"Sorry guys!" Star greeted Marco's friends as she flung the sack on her back like a bag of potatoes. "Can't stay and chat, magical emergency."

"Gotha." Ferguson replied with a cool gun finger point and a wink. "See you tomorrow Marco!"

The two nerds watched Star sing a jolly tune as she carried the ranting Marco away. Once the girl was gone, the boys continued their discussion.

"…and then there's his "think tank", which he neglects like a stray dog." Alfonzo ranted as he bit into his apple again. "I feel sorry for that bunch, they deserve better"


Diaz Residence: Star's Room: Thirty Minutes Later


Marco pulled himself from the sack he was in and stretched his arms and legs to see the face of his friend and housemate, Star Butterfly, right in his face. As he was about to speak, Star placed her hand on his mouth and whispered to him.

"Nova." Star whispered as stars were in her eyes.

"What?" Marco replied in confusion as he pulled Star's hand from his mouth.

"It's Nova." Star replied as she tried to cover Marco's mouth again, only to be blocked by the boy's karate moves.

"Star, what are you talking about?" Marco asked as he deflected the hands approaching him.

"It's the name." Star replied as she continued to attack the boy before her with her slow moving hand attacks, all with a starry eyed grin.

"What's then name?"



"It's *the* name."


"Of the guy!"

"From your nightmare?"


"Okay…and what does this mean?"

Star stopped attacking Marco and scratched her head in confusion as she then snapped her fingers with an idea in her head. Star then dashed under her bed and pulled out the Magic Instruction Book. As she opened the book and began to flip through the pages, she came across a small blue fat man standing before a small blue ball of light with fairy wings.

"I have told you what I have told you the last thirty times, you don't have to yell out "Hey" and "Listen!" to grab my attention" Glossaryck sighed as he rubbed his face with irritation. "You have that mute kid to bug, go do that to him."

As Glossaryck looked up to see Star and Marco above him, he slapped the little fairy aside and turned his attention to the two teens before him.

"Sorry about that, I had to rent my book to some other fairies." Glossaryck explained as he rubbed his bald head. "That one there is such a chatterbox, but at least he's not like that freak in the green tights, ugh…so what's up?"

"Glossaryck, you have knowledge of all of Mewni's history, right?" Star asked as she began to chew on her wand.

"Of course, I have a full record of the entire history of Mewni." Glossaryck replied with a grin as he proofed up a lounging chair and sat in it, proofing up some tea for himself while he was at it. "So what do you want to know about? The founding of Mewni, The Great Monster Massacre, or how about some of your endeavors with Ludo or Toffee?"

"Oh no! Not any of those." Star explained as she looked to Marco, who shrugged in confusion. "But um…do you know of anyone by the name of …Nova?"

At the mention of the name, Glossaryck, spit out the very tea he was drinking, as he coughed and gasped for air, Star looked to Marco with a look of confirmation and concern.

"Sorry…" Glossaryck gasped as he spat out the last of his tea. "I couldn't hear you over my choking. It sounded like you wanted to know about Moba, the space vampire and union representative."

"No, she said Nova." Marco resurrected as he glared at the little blue man. "Star has been having dreams about this guy and they are scarring her."

"I wouldn't say scarred." Star interjected with a blush. "But I was a bit unnerved by the fire…and the bodies…and the screaming."

"Well shoot, I don't know anything about this "Cova" guy, but I'm sure it's nothing." Glossaryck replied in a quick and sudden manner as he reached for the side of his book. "Now I think I'm gonna take a nap. Wake me up when you have something *real* to discuss."

As he slammed the book shut, Star and Marco looked to each other with an unimpressed gaze as Marco stood up and left the room. Star then smiled as she tried to open the book, only to feel Glossaryck hold it shut.

"We're sorry, but the M.I.B is unable to be accessed at this time." Glossaryck said in a poor impression of an automated voice. "Please try again later."

"Oh well." Star shrugged as she heard Marco come back up with two small brown cups in his hands as well as two metal spoons. "I guess Marco and I will have to eat all this *pudding* all by ourselves."

At the mention of the word "pudding", the Book opened slightly as Glossaryck's head peeked out of the book to see the two teens holding a small cup of chocolate pudding in their hands. At the mere sight of the container, the small blue genie began to sweat as he heard the covers on the containers pop off.

"Don't give in Glossaryck" Glossaryck muttered to himself as he felt his body trembled as Star scooped out a large spoonful of chocolate pudding, the blue man could smell it all the way from his book. "You have been sober for almost a year now, don't give in to them."

Glossaryck felt his teeth chatter and his lips moisten as he watched Marco take a bite of the pudding and moan in pleasure at the rich flavor. As Star took a bite and smiled in joy at the pudding's flavor, she "accidently" dropped a small blob on the book, right next to the vibrating Glossaryck, who stared at the thick blob of chocolate gelatin before Star swiped it off the book and gobbled it up.

That was the last straw, for at that moment, Glossaryck shot the book wide open and dashed towards Star's pudding cup, only to be pinned down by Marco's spoon.

"Please! Just a taste! I'll do anything!" Glossaryck begged "…I'll make you feel good."

"Talk." Marco commanded as he took Star's spoonful of pudding and held it before the blue addict. "Tell us about Nova."

"Look, all I know is that he's being kept in a place known as "The Boneheart" It's a place forbidden to anyone but the rulers of Mewni." Glossaryck explained as he tried to reach the pudding with this tongue. "I don't know why, but if he's there, then it's for a good reason. Now please…give me Pudding! Please!"

Marco released Glossaryck as he shot into the pudding cup, devouring the chocolate gelatin like a starving pig. As Marco looked with disgust, he then looked to Star, who was looking at her wand with concern.

"Star…" Marco said as he approached his friend "…are you okay?"

"Marco…I have to release him." Star stated as she turned to Marco. "I think all of these dreams are a cryptic warning."

"Now hold on their Star. This "Boneheart" sounds a lot like a prison." Marco explained as he approached Star and placed his hands on her shoulders. "I don't think it's wise to release a guy from a prison that you only know through your dreams."

"Marco, for once stop being "The Safe Kid" and trust me." Star said in an irritated tone, startling the teen boy. "I know him from somewhere and he knows me, and I think he is the key to stopping a huge threat that's coming."

"Star, what if he's "The Big Threat"?" Marco rebutted. "What if all of that was caused by him?"

"Well, there's only one way to find out!" Star said with a triumphant voice as she pulled out her dimension scissors and carved a hole in the air, creating a portal and jumping in. "Boneyard ho!"

Marco rubbed his face with frustration before he dived in afterward. As the portal closed, Glossaryck sat up and rubbed his head, having consumed so much pudding that he suffered a brief sugar coma and passed out, only to awake to two empty pudding container, two metal spoons.

"Welp, that's ten months down the drain." Glossaryck grumbled as he pulled a coin from his pocket and tossed it away. "Thanks a lot Star, I hope losing my sobriety was wort-"

Glossaryck stopped dead in his tracks as he realized what he had done, in that instant, he quickly rushed over to Star's mirror and activated it.

"Oh crap! Oh crap! Oh crap! Oh crap! Oh crap!" Glossaryck muttered as he began to chew his fingernails. "Please pick up! Please! Pick! Up!"


Mewni: Butterfly Castle: Royal Chambers: Present Day


King Butterfly was reading the daily Mewgle, a new contribution to the citizens of Mewni for reading news and other insigificant information, as he sat by the fire. He then heard the footsteps of his wife, Queen Butterfly as she sat down in the chair beside him, holding a cup of tea and a small book known as "Nobody's Perfect: A Woman and her Tiger".

"I must say, whoever wrote these books has a twisted imagination." Queen Butterfly said with a disgusted tone as she closed the book and tossed it into the fire. "Almost the majority of the story was focused on either fornication or torture…or both."

"Well it *is* a human book, my dear." King Butterfly explained as he looked at his paper. "What did you expect?"

Just then, the two of them heard a ringing sound as they saw the mirror was active and making a call.

"I'll get it." Queen Butterfly said as she stood up and walked up to it, as it opened she was greeted by the sight of Glossaryck, smeared with chocolate and looking quite upset.

"Glossaryck?" Queen Butterfly said in confusion at the sight. "Did you break your pledge already?"

"I'm sorry your majesty, but it was Star and Marco's doing." Glossaryck explained as he wiped chocolate from his cheek and licked it. "They did this to me."

"What?" Queen Butterfly said in shock at the news. "Why would Star do such a thing?"

"My Star would not stoop so low." King Butterfly said as he threw his paper in the fire and moved beside his wife. "Not unless there was a good reason."

Glossaryck looked away in worry before he continued.

"So…It seemed that "special spell" has worn off, because she wanted to know…."

"Know about what?" King Butterfly asked with concern, sweat began to form on his brow, as well as his Queen's. "What did you tell her?"

Glossaryck sighed before he replied to them as he took another swipe of body pudding.

"I told her about Nova." Glossaryck replied quickly as he stuffed his hand into his mouth.

There was nothing but silence between the rulers of Mewni and the floating pudding junkie.

"You told her WHAT?" Queen Butterfly shouted as she grabbed the mirror, causing Glossaryck to flinch back and cover his face with his hands.

"I'm so ashamed!" Glossaryck wept as he simultaneously covered his face with his palms and licked them. "I am a terrible excuse for a guardian of knowledge!"

"Oh be silent!" Queen Butterfly snapped at the small man in the mirror. "Just tell me where is she now?"

"She went to The Boneheart with Marco." Glossaryck explained as he began licking his legs. The sight caused Queen Butterfly to shutter and deactivate the mirror.

"Even if she gets there before us, Star won't know how to release Nova." King Butterfly assured as he walked over to a mounted sword on the wall and removed it from said wall. "

"That does not matter!" Queen Butterfly interjected as she walked over to a cabinet and pulled out a large sword. "As long as she has the wand, she can release him."

"But how did she know about him in the first place?" King Butterfly asked as he walked over to a nearby servant, who began to fit him with armor. "The spell we used on Star should have been permanent."

"I don't know darling." Queen Butterfly said with a sigh as she began to fit herself with armor. "But if she releases him, then it was all for nothing."

"Maybe we shouldn't have done it in the first place." King Butterfly said as he picked up a pair of dimension shears and walked up to his wife. "I mean, she should know about him. After all..."

"…he is her brother."

Queen Butterfly looked to her husband as he handed her the dimension shears, as she looked at them, she sighed, remembering that day…

"We did the right thing." Queen Butterfly said as she looked to her husband. "That…thing is no longer our son, just a mindless monster."

As King Butterfly watched his wife open a portal with the shears in her hands, he sighed as he and his queen stepped within the portal, which closed behind them.

Nova: Chapter 1: Nightmares
After a horrible series of dreams, Star Butterfly begins to discover the truth about a blast from her past. A truth that may put her life, and the lives of everyone she loves, in peril.

Welcome to the first chapter of the Star vs the Forces of Evil fanfiction "Nova".  A story about the trials of deception, friendship, and hidden romance.

This will be a small vacation from my Steven Universe fanfiction series "Everyone Makes Mistakes".

Also, just to get this out of the way, there will be NO rape in this fanfic. So relax, and enjoy the violence and will breaking fun that is "Nova".

Also, as we would with you, It would be nice to have some constructive criticism.

Next Chapter:  Nova: Chapter 2: Freedom
Original Idea by: Scraps
Characters created by: Daron Nefcy
Chapter 2: Freedom
The Boneheart: Present Day
As expected, The Boneheart was a large dome made of bone, aside from that, there was nothing more than rocks floating around in a black sky. In fact, it seemed that the whole place was floating on a lone rock in the darkness. As a portal opened, star rolled out of the portal and stood up with a triumphant pose, with Marco walking out of the portal with caution before Star looked back to him and yanked him to her side.
"There it is Marco!" Star said with stars in her eyes as she pointed to the eerie gate of the Boneheart. "The source of my nightmares, and the answer to all out problems."
"Wait…how is this my problem?" Marco asked Star. "Aside from the fact that I should be finishing my homework right now."
"Just let me have this moment." Star replied quickly as she released Marco and approached the gate, studying the large femur on the front of the door.
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S5 e39 BMO with a gold star by ScrapstheFool

is held up to a wall by her arms, her expression is a look of fear as digital tears roll down her blushing cracked screen.

A large black hand with a grey sleeve is holding her up. The sleeve has a gold cuffing with a black "S" engraved on it.

As she struggles to break free of the hand's grasp, another black hand with the same details is starting to pry its index and middle finger into one the slots on BMO's chassis.

BMO is trying to push and kick the prying hand away with her feet but failing all the while saying phrases like "Scraps st-stop!" and "It's hur-hurting me!" and "I-I don't like this ga-game."

In addition, there is a voice (from the black handed man) who is saying the phrase: "You are mine now! Resistance is pointless.”

Ben 10 Omniverse:

There is a tall bridge; the bridge is over a large ocean. Ml-E

The More Things Change, Part 2 (154) by ScrapstheFool

Hot Stretch (441) by ScrapstheFool

is being held by her arms over the bridge by a dark figure in a grey tuxedo, he has a pitch black body, short black hair, and he has a large yellow smile and gold glasses (As shown below).

Scraps True Form by ScrapstheFool

ML-E is struggling while tears are flowing from her eyes (her left eye is bruised). Her legs are tied together by shackles, which are attached to a large metal block. She is begging the figure to stop, saying things like "Stop please!”, “I’m Sorry!”, “I don't wanna die!"

The figure, looking her face o face and dead in the eyes with his same smile, is saying only this line to her: "Let's see you dash out of this you freak."

The Lego Movie:

There is a large glass cylinder, this cylinder has scratches on it as if someone was trying to get out but soon realized that there is no hope in escaping this deathtrap.

On top on the cylinder is a smaller hexagon-shaped device with a large digital timer that reads in large red numbers 0:15, a countdown of some sort.

The device has a small nozzle pointing into the cylinder, like a showerhead in a bathroom. The top of the device is connected to a large hose that is connected to a large drum with the letters HF on it across a hazard symbol.

Inside the cylinder, there is a small Unikitty (not in Lego style but in a unikitty style similar to this one:

No Poo Poos, No Boo Boos, and No Hoo Hoos by thelivingmachine02 

or this one:
tumblr n4e21tTU8t1qfrfyho1 1280 by ScrapstheFool
lying on her stomach on the floor with her front paws on her head. Her fur is mangled and bloody; her horn has broken off and is lying next to her with blood leaking out of the broken end.

She has various scratches and bruises on her body from failed attempts of escaping.

Her expression is a mixture of fear and false optimism as she is looking down at the small pool that is formed from the tears flowing from her face, which has a half-smile as she is saying the following words in hope that her last moments are positive: “Bubblegum,” “Butterflies”, “Cotton Candy.”

Standing before her and watching from outside of the cylinder is a tall man in a grey tuxedo, he has a pitch black body, short black hair, and he has a large yellow smile and gold glasses (As shown below).

Scraps True Form by ScrapstheFool

As he is standing there, he is holding a sign up that reads “STAY POSITIVE” in big bright yellow letters. While his other hand not holding up the sign is behind his back.
The Amazing World of Gumball:

Nicole is standing over Gumball's body, which is tied up to a table with both arms stretched out to the sides and his chest cavity is cut open. He also is wearing a oxygen mask and tears are rolling down his face and blood trickling out of the mask. 

Nicole is holding a bloody knife close to her chest and is crying as well her clothing and fur are bloody as well. Behind her is a tall man in a grey tuxedo, he has a pitch black body, short black hair, and he has a large yellow smile and gold glasses (As shown below):

Scraps True Form by ScrapstheFool

He is using his hands to strech Nicole's mouth into a smile. The Point of View of the image should be in front of Nicole and the man.

He is saying only one little word:

Equestria Girls

>Sonata Dusk:

1413781605219 by ScrapstheFool

being strangled like this:

3cbf1592813f5ce7eeb56fda64a554e5 by ScrapstheFool

Sonata has tears streaming down her face and a large smile (open mouth) on her face. Her clothing also has to be ripped and her needs to appear beaten. Not to mention that there needs to be captions of weezing, chocking and gasping and her eyes need to be rolled back.

The Attacker a tall man in a grey tuxedo, he has a pitch black body, short black hair, and he has a large yellow smile and gold glasses (As shown below): 

Scraps True Form by ScrapstheFool

as the attacker stares into Sonata's eyes as she gasps for air, he is saying to her: 

"Sing for me, my little Siren. Let me hear your bleats of perfection."
Star vs the Forces of Evil

Star Butterfly:
7f4e98182a29f375df640c837486d1a1 by ScrapstheFool

Like pic related:
Adac6b75a2e8e19b1e9e7db1fd7ffe8e by ScrapstheFool

with optional details from:
6fcfe40af7a60a95edd5ede2c745a3ef by ScrapstheFool
356cbfeb6416daafdae82c1134914d19 by ScrapstheFool
A972615025b035be08ead406b259ffab by ScrapstheFool

As well as her back being bloody from having her Mewberty wings plucked out.
Only the assailant is a tall man in a grey and blood-splattered tuxedo, he has a pitch black body, short black hair, and he has a large yellow smile and gold glasses (As shown below).

Scraps True Form by ScrapstheFool

and in his hand which is not holding a bloody crowbar, he is holding her wand, which is corrupted into a gold colored orb with an oval shaped guard. 

As he stands above her he only says one thing to her.

"You may float like a butterfly, but I sting like a Tarantula Hawk!"

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Original Idea by: Scraps

Collaboration work with: DeityDeviantWarrior

Characters Created by: Rebecca Sugar

Chapter 8: Sin of the Creator


Gem Colony Venatio, present day


Topaz marched through the walkways of the colony, their face concealing a growing rage over the news they had heard. It had been hours since they evacuated Gems to this colony, and provided their own Secundos, their creations, to battle alongside their brother. But now that time was over and for the Taskmaster, there was a new issue to deal with, because just recently, a certain Secundo had been found nearby Venatio, a certain Gem by the name of Emerald, who moments ago had escaped Insidiae and left his comrades behind, especially Howlite and Hematite. As Topaz continued to storm through the halls towards the holding cells, they were approached by a large six armed Gem with a turquoise Gem over her eye.

"How long has he been in custody?" Topaz asked the Gem.

"Since we found him Master." Turquoise replied with hesitation, she had never seen the Taskmaster so upset before. "But I don't understand why you had us put him in custody and not tell us why?"

As the Gems approached the door to the holding cells, Topaz looked to Turquoise and pointed their finger at her.

"Let me ask you something Gem." Topaz replied sternly. "How loyal are your Gems?"

"To the very Vitae in their being Master." Turquoise replied proudly. "They will serve you and the Tribunal to death."

"Has any of your Gems fled from battle and left there Gems behind?" Topaz asked with a angry tone as they closed in on Turquoise. "Have you?"

"No…no they haven't." Turquoise replied hesitantly. "I never met a Gem who has ever done so."

"When you do, then you can ask me that same question." Topaz replied with a scoff before they opened the holding cell. "Now stay outside and let me be alone with him."

Turquoise saluted as they watched the Taskmaster enter Emerald's cell. A cold feeling ran through her body at what the Taskmaster had in store for this Gem.


Gem Colony Venatio, Holding Cells, present day

Emerald sat against the wall of his cell as he used a small rock to carve a small etching in the wall beside him. It was a drawing of a warrior with a sword fighting flying creatures. As he stopped carving to look at the drawing, he looked at his hand that held the rock, he clenched the rock as he thought about his friends back at Insidiae…the Gems that he left behind…


Gem Colony Insidiae, Ventilation Shaft Controls, Several hours earlier


"Damn it!" Emerald said as he aimed his sword as the Agates before him. "There's no way out."

"That's where you are wrong Smaragdus." A voice whispered to Emerald. "There is always a way."

Emerald turned to see Diamond standing beside him. At first, the Gem was startled, but he smiled as he nodded his head to the Gemian, who nodded back to him. In a flash, Diamond swung his mace, blowing away several Agates and shattering several more. As Diamond raised his hand and clenched it, the Agates shook violently before they were crammed into a large ball shape. Diamond then lowered his arm and turned to Emerald.

"Boy am I glad to see you Master!" Emerald chuckled as he lightly bowed to the Gemian. "I thought we were done for."

"We?" Diamond asked as he looked around the area. "Where are the other Gems?"

Emerald looked around as he noticed that his Gems were gone. Not a single Gem remained but Diamond and himself. At the realization, Emerald fell to his knees.

"No…" Emerald whispered as he looked at his hands. "I killed them."

"What do you mean?" Diamond said as he approached the Secundo. "You lead them into this trap?"

"…No…" Emerald replied softly as he looked at his hand. "I didn't…mean to…I was following your orders…I think…"

"And you have…" Diamond said as he looked at the Ventilation switch. "By sacrificing your Gems to allow you to achieve your goal."

"No, that's not true!" Emerald objected as he stood up and turned to The Old King. "I was following your orders. You tasked me with this mission and I ensured it was accomplished."

"Yes…*you* made sure that *you* were the *one* to claim the glory." Diamond said as he reached down and picked up a broken Gem shard off the ground and showed it to Emerald. "If you truly cared for the mission, then why not send a solder to fulfill the task while you helped fend off the Agates?"

Emerald tried to find an answer, but his mind came to a blank. Just then Diamond's next words snapped the Gem to attention.

"Your ego cost the lives of your entire squad." Diamond explained coldly. "As well as the lives of Howlite and Hematite. I watched as Onychinos tore them apart. Your arrogance caused their deaths."

Emerald turned pale as he backed away from Diamond. He then turned away as he clenched his fists. The green Gem then shouted loudly as he punched the wall. Diamond could feel a warm heat emit from the Secundo, he then noticed small orange cracks appearing on his skin. As he realized what was happening, he quickly placed his hand on Emerald's shoulder, feeling the hot heat on his skin and feeling the energy flowing through the Secundo.

"Smaragdus, I know you did not anticipate this." Diamond said as he turned Emerald towards him. "But there is nothing you can do to fix this, I can't protect you from the others, and once Topaz finds out about this…then you will know a side of my sibling that only a few have ever seen."

Emerald looked to Diamond as he took a deep breath, winching as the cracks on his skin disappeared, he then looked to the Gemian with tears welling in his eyes.

"Then what do I do Master?" Emerald asked. "Where am I supposed to go?"

"Go to the Gem colony Venatio, they are a neutral colony." Diamond explained to Emerald as he placed his fingers in this forehead, implanting the location in his head. "Tell them what you did, tell it in truth, and they will take care of you. I can promise that."

Emerald nodded lightly as he backed away from Diamond and summoned his stone wings. He then looked to Diamond who nodded lightly.

"Thank you Master." Emerald said softly. "I'm happy to know that you still care, even after everything I've done."

"There is no need." Diamond replied. "Now hurry, I will deal with things here, and remember: tell them all about what you did, and remember: do not lie to them."

Emerald nodded as he shot into the sky, unaware of what awaited him at what he believed to be sanctuary.


Gem Colony Venatio, Holding Cells, present day


Emerald threw the rock in his hand at his cell, he watched it disintegrate as it hit against the force field that he was placed behind. However, his attention was then drawn to the Gemian with golden hair and a light yellow suit that stood before him. In that instant, he quickly rose from the ground and knelt before the Taskmaster.

"Creator Topaz." Emerald greeted his creator as he continued to kneel, his face was towards the floor. "I ask you for forgiveness for my actions. What I did was-"

"Be silent!" Topaz interjected coldly. "I have no need for the pleas of cowards, nor the formality of criminals."

Emerald stood up slowly as he looked into the eyes of Topaz, which gazed back towards him like a burning sun.

"C-creator, you have to believe me." Emerald pleaded towards his creator. "I never meant to leave my solders behind. I was…"

"…trying to claim the glory for yourself." Topaz interjected. "You left your solders to die so you could take all the credit."

"I don't care about that!" Emerald objected as he approached the energy shield, looking to Topaz with an intense glare. "I was trying to stop Onyx. That was the reason why I was sent there."

"Wrong!" Topaz shouted as they reached through the shield, breaking it in the progress, and grabbing Emerald by his armor and tossing him against the wall behind them. The Taskmaster watched as Emerald slowly stood up and looked to his creator, who stared back at him with a cold glare.

"Your mission was to protect Gems from Onyx." Topaz explained with a cold tone. "That was your *only* mission…that was the reason I created you. You failed to accomplish the task that you were *made* for!"

Emerald looked down at the ground as Topaz's words sunk into his heart like a knife. As he tried to look up to Topaz, he couldn't bring himself to do so.

"Between you and Lapis, I cannot…" Topaz sighed as they rubbed their brow, looking back up with an angry glare. "No Secundo of mine will be known as a coward or a traitor."

Emerald perked up as heard the name of his sister "Lapis", he then looked up and saw Topaz still glaring towards him with arms crossed.

"What did Lapis do?" Emerald asked with concern as he approached the Taskmaster. "What did you do to her?"

Topaz scoffed as they then uncrossed their arms and summoned a blue mirror in their hand. As Emerald watched Topaz use it to straighten their hair. The Green Gem noticed the cracked Gem on the back of the mirror. It was shaped like a teardrop and had a large crack on it. Emerald then turned pail as he realized who's Gem that was.

"You…you hurt her…" Emerald gasped as he back away lightly, he felt burning tears trickle down his face. "You used your own…secundo…"

"You keep forgetting that regardless of everything, Gems, including Secundos, all have a purpose to the Tribunal, Emerald." Topaz explained as they finished straightening their hair and dissipated the mirror. "If you cannot fulfill that mission, then they are useless, only to be seen as mere cannon fodder, Vitae supplies, or…just decoration."

In that instant, Emerald roared as he felt his body begin to burn again, only the heat was hotter than before. He screamed as he felt his skin crack and red plasma began to pulsate between the cracks. Topaz watched in shock at what they were seeing.

"Oh wouldn't?" Topaz gasped as they raised their fist and extended their ring and middle finger, muttering a quick command.

"Nilrem est mecum!"

Suddenly, a golden portal opened up next to Topaz and a golden stag with large antlers of silver and a single bronze horn on the center of his head suddenly appeared from the portal. He trotted over to Topaz and snorted at him.

"Nilrem! Zmaragdinae futurus sit Ergokinetic!" Topaz explained to his familiar."Velociter, qui eum interciperent antequam ipse consumit omnem coloniam!"

Nirem nodded as he moved before the boiling Emerald, who growled at the stag as he began to glow brighter, causing the crystal walls around him to begin to melt. Nilrem quickly snorted as he began to trot around Emerald slowly, as Emerald readied himself to attack, he noticed that Nilrem was starting to trot faster and faster, after several seconds of trotting, Nilrem began to gallop and continued to build speed around the Green Secundo. Soon, the familiar was a blur as he created a ring around the burning Emerald.

"What is this?" Emerald roared as the plasma in his body was now a bright orange. "Is this a new prison of yours?"

"No." Topaz replied as they extended their hand. "It's a demonstration on how to be a *real* protector."

"Nilrem, Aerem Decipula!"

In the instant Topaz shouted out the command, the ring instantly closed above Emerald, trapping him in a dome. In the instant the dome shut, Emerald felt his body weaken as the plasma in his body began to cool down and dim in color. Emerald staggered as he tried to summon his sword, but before he could, he found himself gasping as he fell on his back. As he felt the heat in his body stop, he saw the dome dissipate and felt fresh air brush upon his face. He then saw Topaz approach him and kneel down beside him, with Nilrem beside them.

"Do you have any idea what you were going to do?" Topaz asked Emerald as they heard footsteps from outside the holding cell doors.

"Emerald was too weak to speak as he watched Topaz reach down and rip a chunk of Topaz's skin off, the Secundo winced in pain and then saw as Topaz was holding a thin strip of what looked like brimstone.

"Each Secundo has a unique talent based on their upbringing and their Gem potential. Yours is an ability known as Ergokinetic combustion. This means you can superheat the very Vitae in your body to intense levels and eventually, you can become a supernova with the destructive power to destroy an entire colony."

As Emerald tried to speak, he heard the sound of doors slamming open as Turquoise and two Gems entered the room.

"Master Topaz, is everything alright?" Turquoise asked as she looked to the weak Emerald. "Did he try to escape?"

Topaz looked down to Emerald and sighed before he looked back to Turquoise.

"He attacked me and then he tried to destroy the colony." Topaz explained to Turquoise. "My brother was right when he told me about what he had done."

"N..No…he helped…" Emerald muttered as the two Gems along with Turquoise lifted the Secundo up and carried him to another cell, this one had special shackles attached to the wall. As the Gems strapped Emerald into the shackles, Topaz approached him and sighed.

"I am disappointed in you Emerald." Topaz said sternly as they looked towards their son. "You had much potential, and I saw of you as a proper elite. But even with future vison I can't see everything, and every now and then I find things that I didn't predict."

"Sa…sancu…ry" Emerald gasped as he tried to speak. "Li…d…t…to….e"

"What?" Topaz asked as they moved in closer to Emerald. "What did you say?"

"Dia…mond…lie…to…me." Emerald muttered weakly. "He…told…me …to …go…here…to…tell…them…"

"What are you talking about?" Topaz asked as they looked at Emerald with a confused expression. "What did Diamond tell you to say?"

"Tha…that…I…killed…them…" Emerald explained weakly. "I would…get…sanctuary…for…my confession."

Topaz pondered this for a moment before they turned towards Turquoise.

"When he arrived here, what did Emerald tell you?" Topaz asked the six armed Gem.

"He told us that he was responsible for the death of the Gems on Insidiae." Turquoise replied as she gestured to her Gems to lock up Emerald. "He then said that Master Diamond would handle things on Insidiae."

"Alright…I have what I came for." Topaz sighed as they began to walk away. "Do what you want with Emerald."

As Topaz ordered Nilrem to open a portal to Homeworld, they pondered this new data. While he knew that Emerald was responsible for the Gems that supposedly died, but something didn't add up.


Homeworld, Tribunal Chambers, three hour ago


"Diamond!" Topaz shouted as they rushed towards their brother, who was sitting on the edge of one of the beds in the chamber.

"Ah! Topaz!" Diamond said as he hugged his sibling. "Thank Gemian you are alright."

"I could say the same for you." Topaz replied happily as they patted Diamond on the back. "You did it brother, you stopped Onyx."

"I know…" Diamond sighed as he rubbed his face with his hand. "…but we lost many Gems in the process. I…I just wish that."

"Diamond…" Topaz interjected as they placed their hand on their brother's shoulder. "We had no choice, now without Onyx, the enemy will be powerless, and the Gems lost will be remembered for their sacrifice for the greater good."

"Of course…" Diamond said as he looked away, making a light grin to himself. "…for the greater good. However, I would not count your Gems before they form."

"What do you mean?" Topaz asked as they watched Diamond stand up and walk towards the balcony and lean on it. Topaz then approached their brother with concern. "Diamond…what do you mean by that?"

Diamond sighed as he turned to Topaz and placed his hand on his sibling's shoulders, looking into his eyes.

"Topaz, there is no easy way to say this." Diamond said as he bowed his head slightly. "But you need to know what happened to those Gems, what happened to Emerald."

"What happened to Emerald?" Topaz asked as their eyes widened in shock. "What happened to him?"

"I…I saw him leave his Gems behind to active the leave to gain access to Insidiae." Diamond explained as he continued to lean on the balcony edge. "He proclaimed that he would kill Onyx himself and become the leader of the Diamond Elite."

"No…that can't be…" Topaz muttered in shock. "I…I know Emerald…I created him….he is not like that…he…can't be…like…"

Topaz, need I remind you that he is one of the Gems you experimented on?" Diamond inquired as he stared at the last sliver of the sun that was setting in the distance. "He, like Sunstone, was one of many Gems that you modified to have their bodies changed into alternate identities? I am sure that such a change to his physical and mental composition could have resulted in some form of damage?"

Topaz pondered this carefully as he turned to Diamond, who was facing him while holding the Mirror of Lapis in his hand.

"I forgot to mention that as soon as he was outnumbered, he fled the colony and left us behind. Howlite and Hematite died because of his actions."

Topaz gasped in shock at the mention of Howlite. Topaz then looked to the mirror.

"Show me the Battle of Insidiae, focus on the involvement of the Gem Secundo Emerald of the House of TO.

The mirror activated upon command, showing the requested moments upon the glass before the Taskmaster. After a few seconds of watching, Topaz approached Diamond and looked toward him with an angry glare.

"Where is he?" Topaz asked with a cold and infuriated tone.

"He is currently in custody of the Gem colony Venatio, the Gems found him and he confessed his crimes as soon as he set foot on the colony."

Without a word, Topaz stormed away from Diamond and summoned a golden portal.

"I'm sorry Topaz." Diamond said to Topaz before they stepped into the portal. "But it was for the greater good. If you want, I can have him replaced with a more loyal Secundo."

"It doesn't matter." Topaz replied angrily as they began to step into the portal. "As far as I am concerned, he *is* the killer of Hematite and Howlite, and he is no Secundo of mine, I assure you!"

As Topaz entered the portal and it closed. Diamond sighed as he leaned on the, looking over the vast Gem City from under a dark blue sky.

"My sibling is the embodiment of the Crystal Mother's knowledge and wisdom, and his emotions and grudges blind him from a divine future." Diamond thought looked at his hand, "However, with Onyx "captured" it will be harder to acquire enough Gems, and then there is the possibility that the Gem known as Howlite could jeopardize my actions. I am sure she burned up in the atmosphere, but as a precaution, I should send Agates to comb the Homeworld just to make sure. Finally, there is the task of acquiring my sibling's vitae without stirring them. "

As he pondered the probabilities of what to do next, he heard the door behind him open and saw his sister Rose enter the room.


Homeworld, present day


As Topaz rode on Nilrem's back through the streets of Homeworld, the thoughts of Emerald's actions and Insidiae still were odd. If Emerald was a traitor, why did he turn himself in instead of fleeing the Gems like Onyx did, or try to create an army like Tiberium did? Moreover, the Secundos obey the orders of a Gemian to the letter, especially during crustal circumstances such as the battle of Insidiae. Even when Topaz arrived at Emerald's cell, he imminently knelt before Topaz and asked for forgiveness and during the confrontation, he did not try to attack once. The Taskmaster then summoned the Gem mirror and looked into the reflection.

"Show me my encounter with Emerald at the Gem Colony Venatio." Diamond commanded the mirror as they watched the whole encounter. As Topaz watched Emerald begin to heat up and engage his Ergokinetic ability, Topaz noticed something during the initial transformation. "Stop here." Diamond commanded the mirror.

As the mirror paused, Topaz noticed that around Emerald's eyes were small faint wisps of black mist, as Topaz played the scene, a thought shout into their head.

"Show me my encounter with Emerald before he engaged his Ergokinetic ability." Topaz commanded as they watched the scene with Topaz showing Emerald the mirror. As the Taskmaster used the mirror to straighten their hair, much to the embarrassment of said Gemian watching the scene, they noticed the Secundo before them, who was starting to shed strange tears from his eyes, they were black in color and seemed to burn into the floor, leaving behind small obsidian pebbles.

"What in the name of…" Topaz said in confusion as they examined the scene in the mirror. They had a feeling that he had read up about something like this during the war, but for the life of them they could not remember what the subject matter was. Nevertheless, Topaz did consider that Onyx was responsible for this, and as of now, only Diamond knew where she was being held.

With that in mind, Topaz directed Nilrem towards the Tribunal Hub, hoping that the very Gemian who stopped Tiberium and Onyx would be able to figure all of this out.


Homeworld, Tribunal Building, present day


Topaz entered the main doors of the temple, searching the floor of the building for their brother.

"Diamond…are you here?" Topaz shouted as they searched through the building.


Topaz scanned their surroundings as they entered the courtyard, the whole area was still under repair from the attacks by the Metalians and Onyx.

"Rose…are you here?" Topaz shouted, hoping their sister had seen her brother. "Rose, are you here?"

It was clear that neither Diamond nor Rose were here. Thus, leaving one area unchecked.

Topaz quickly entered the Tribunal building and rushed up to the center of the building and looked up towards the ceiling, which seemed to go for miles.

"Ascendit" Topaz said as they were engulfed in a blue light, which quickly rose them up the building until they reached the top, and placed him before the door to the Tribunal Chambers. Just as he was about to open the door, he heard a strange sound from the other side of the door.

…it was strange…but familiar…

…it sounded like breathing…

…weak breathing…

Topaz took a deep breath as they opened the door, ready for whatever was waiting for them beyond the door.


Homeworld, Tribunal Chambers, present day


Topaz was startled by the mess they saw. There was rubble and debris everywhere. Shattered crystals and glass were scattered everywhere as well as torn cloth of some kind. As Topaz picked it up, they recognized it as part of Rose's robe.

"My Gemia Rose, did you summon Lion in the chambers again?" Topaz sighed as they stepped over the broken sink. "I swear, if I even smell that Lion, then you better enjoy the throw rug that I-"

Topaz stopped dead in their tracks as they noticed the large spots of blood all over the floor, as well as the large pool of blood near the destroyed sink. Topaz then looked down as their boots and saw to their horror as they were stepping in the blood without realizing it. As Topaz looked back to the large pool of blood, they saw a large long drag trail going towards the bedrooms. As they began to follow the blood to one of the chambers and entered it, they saw that the room was ransacked, the bed was bloody and torn, oh yeah, and Rose's arm was sticking out from under one of the beds.

"Rose!" Topaz shouted as he approached Rose's arm and grabbed it. As the Taskmaster began to pull, the Taskmaster fell back as the torn arm of Rose fell in their lap. Upon seeing this, Topaz screamed as they threw the arm off and crawled back in shock.

"Wh…wha…wha…wh…wh" Topaz stuttered in horror, but not before they heard a crash from Diamond's room.

As Topaz stood up and walk towards the door. They placed their ear to the door and they could hear a hissing noise and a strange wet noise. As Topaz knocked the door down, the sight before them was a horror that Topaz had never seen in their 14 billion years of life.

There was Diamond, his robe was opened and bloody, as he was on top of Rose, who was bloody and was missing her right arm. As he was thrusting into her, Diamond's jaw was split open and a strange tube like tongue was attached to Rose, who was pale in color and she was a limp as a corpse.

"ROSE!" Topaz shouted as they summoned their mace and fired a bolt of energy at Diamond, who was shot in the side and thrown into the wall. Topaz quickly approached the weak Rose and lifted her up into her arms.

"Rose…" Topaz whispered to their sister as they looked in her blank eyes. "Rose it's me, it's your sibling Topaz."

"…drip…1 second…2 seconds…3 seconds…" Rose muttered in a weak voice. "…drip…1 second…2 seconds…3 seconds…drip…"

Topaz sighed in relief as they picked Rose up and began to carry her out of the chambers, only to be stopped by a familiar voice. Topaz turned to see Diamond standing before the balcony, his eyes were as red as molten metal, and his robe was stained with blood.

"Topaz…what are you doing?" Diamond asked as he slowly approached his siblings. "You do know that what I am doing is trying to save this Universe."

"Save it?" Topaz shouted in anger. "Save it? You raped Rose! YOU RAPED OUR SISTER! How would that save the Universe?"

"Using savagery, I can extract the most amount of vitae from a subject, such a Rose and yourself, and acquire the power to fulfill my mission." Diamond explained as he summoned his mace. "What is a better cure for savagery than savagery itself, wouldn't you agree?"

"Diamond…" Topaz stammered as they were disturbed by the sight before them. Diamond, the Old King, their brother, the brother who saved them and Rose from the Metalians, who guided them to protect the Universe. "…what happened to you?"

"I finally discovered my purpose Topaz." Diamond replied as he walked up to the balcony, looking down at the city below him. "I know what I have to do to save this Universe."

"I don't understand…" Topaz said in confusion. "…save it from what?"

Diamond turned towards Topaz and walked closer to him, bending down and wiping up a small pool of blood with his fingers.

"Eons ago, our mother defeated Obsidian and gave this Universe the "great gift" of freedom and free will." Diamond explained as he paced around the balcony "But what has the Universe done with this gift?"

Before Topaz could answer, Diamond took his mace and threw it at a building in the distance, the building collapsed in an explosion as Diamond turned to his siblings and smiled.

"They kill each other over pointless ideals and creeds. They let greed ruin their lives and their homes. They take for granted the great gift that our own mother died to provide. They are to free will as a spoiled child is with their toy. "As Diamond continued to talk, he took the blood on his fingers and began to draw a circle on his forehead. He then drew three downward triangles inside. "As a Tribunal, we have allowed our own corruption soil the very purpose Gemian wanted for us. That the true threat was never the forces that threatened the Universe, but rather the Universe itself…"

Topaz then heard footsteps from both sides of them as they looked to see their Secundos, Sunstone and Moonstone, standing around the Taskmaster and their sister.

"…which is why we are here now, my siblings." Diamond continued as he raised his arms into the air. "Because as of now, the Crystal Tribunal will be reorganized into the Diamond Authority!"

"You…you're insane!" Topaz shouted as they summoned their lance. "You might as well join Onyx!"

Just then, Diamond snapped his fingers and Onyx appeared next to the Old King.

"You…you work with her?"

"Work with her?" Diamond replied with a laugh. "Topaz, I created her…in fact, I am responsible for everything involving her and the Agates, the attacks on the colony ships, the assault on Homeworld, and of course, the battle of Insidiae. But I am sure Emerald has told you, has he?"

Topaz hesitated as they thought about Emerald and what happened to him. Topaz attention was drawn to the large groups of Agates surrounding them.

"I am sorry it had to end this way my siblings." Diamond said as he raised his arm. "I will promise that it will be quick, and I shall morn you after all of this is done."

In that instant, the next few moments were still uncertain. As Diamond approached the trapped Topaz and Rose, and as he was about to attack, there were several flashes of light, as standing between the Gemians and Diamond, were four strange creatures. They were humanoid in shape, but they were each wearing a red shirt with a gold star on it. Three of the creatures had a number 2, 3, and 4 on their faces while the fourth had no number but a strange elongated hairdo. The Gemians, Secundos and Agates watched them fight for several minutes before they disappeared in thin air.

"Wha…?" Diamond stammered as he tried to assess the situation. "Was that some form of escape plan?"

"No." Topaz said as they grabbed hold of Rose. "But this is!"

Topaz quickly aimed their lance to the ground and fired an energy bolt, breaking the floor and dripping them below. As they fell, the two landed on Nilrem, who began to bolt away.

As Nilrem began to outrun the pursuing Agates, Topaz held Rose up as they summoned a small bottle and uncorked it. They then summoned a small box of light blue gel and mixed them together.

"Gemian…please let this work." Topaz said to themselves as they began to lather it on Rose's wounds. Much to Topaz's relief, the mixture was working…except for the fact that Rose was still missing an arm.

"Damnit!" Topaz shouted as they nearly fell of Nilrem. "It's times like this that I wish that our bodies would be projections like what the Gems have."

Suddenly, there was a flash of a pink portal as a familiar pink familiar emerged from the portal.

"Lion?" Topaz shouted in amazed shock as the creature caught up with them. "You're alive!"

Topaz then noticed the familiar object that Lion was holding in his mouth, the very sigh caused Topaz to turn slightly pale.

"…and you have…Rose's…severed…arm." Topaz finished as they turned away and shutter. "Alright, Lion, can you help us find a safe house? Someplace that's not already in Gem control."

Lion growled as his eyes turned white and a portal open before the Gemians and their familiars through. As the portal closed, several Agates appeared, scanning the area before they flew off.


Homeworld, Tribunal Chambers, present day


Diamond sat in meditation as he walked around the chambers. As he approached the door, he noticed a small blue reflection and saw the Gem mirror. As he picked it up, he looked at it and saw his reflection. Diamond gasped as he began to see the argument he had with Rose, followed by her beating and then…her…

Diamond dropped the mirror as he backed away. Looking at his bloody hands, Diamond quickly fell onto his knees and began to vomit. As he stood back up and walked to the balcony, he slumped onto a wall and cupped his hands as he began to weep.

"Oh Gemia…" Diamond choked as he looked at his hands. "What have I done?"

Diamond stood back up and noticed a stray piece of sharp metal. Grabbing it, he placed the shrapnel on his neck and tried to pull, but as hard as he tried, he could not bring himself to pull the blade, only to discard it. Diamond then watched as Obsidian appeared before him, picking up the shrapnel blade and holding it in its hands

"Chomwecho eagar kuchitika mpaka kalekale onse lief?" Obsidian asked as it aimed the blade towards Diamond. "Koma inu ndinu amene mwayandikira kwambiri kwako cholinga chimenechi, kuti akulengereni mwangwiro chilengedwe chonsechi. Samayimasula kuwalola zako zonse mwakhama ntchito yola kuti asawononge chakudya."

"I...never wanted this!" Diamond shouted as he stood up to the Leviathan. "You…you made rape…my…o-own sister."

"Inde, chinali kukukumbutsani Kodi iwe chimene iwe adzakhala ndi chiyani mouziridwa ndi n'chiyani uli nacho chiyani mouziridwa ndi ntchito pofuna kuteteza chilengedwe chonse." Obsidian explained to its host. "Mayendedwe a kupereka nsembe nkhambe kucitwa na ndi njerwa komanso anayesa matope, koma kuti 'amenewa ankathandiza kuti kwa thupi ndi magazi."

"I…I know…" Diamond replied as he looked at the Homeworld city in the distance. He then looked back to Obsidian and summoning his mace. "…But it's over! I am your slave no longer!"

Obsidian simply began to make a deep vibration noise. Diamond suddenly felt as if his skull was being split open.


Then, just as the pain stopped, Diamond noticed that he was at a lab, and he was alone, and he had green blood on his hands.

"No…." Diamond said as he rushed deeper in to the lab, following the green bloody footprints. "No…please…no…not…not her…"

As Diamond stopped at a table, he looked at the white cloth and slowly pulled it off. As he did, Diamond shot back in horror as he saw the dead body of Peridot on the table before him.

"Perdot…" Diamond choked as he began to hug her corpse. "Peridot…I'm sorry…please….no…"


When Diamond opened his eyes, he was back before Obsidian in his chambers.

"Chiyani mouziridwa ndi Kodi iwe mukuwona Daimondi monga uja, sanamvere mulungu wa nthawi mwadongosolo kumabweretsa chisokonezeko, komanso chisokonezeko adzakhala ndi angakhalepo ndi imfa basi."

"I…I understand…" Diamond said as he looked to the sky. "If I…do this…will she be safe?"

"Kuti ine adzakhala ndi kutsimikiza kuti akhale iyayi chifukwa sadzakhudzidwa mkaziyo 'ananena r Mukhoza kukhala Kodi iwe kuti masikuwo achuluke monga ndili bwino kwa Mulungu."

"So be it." Diamond replied

As he felt Obsidian reenter his body, he saw Onyx approach him.

"What is it?" Diamond said coldly. "…and choose your words carefully."

"She's ready" Onyx replied as she held a white oval Gem to Diamond, who picked it up and studied it.

"This Gem has been warped." Diamond stated. "How did this happen?"

"Well…the process of combining three Gem samples was…difficult." Onyx explained. "Because you used my Gem essence, it resulted in a loss of sufficient strength, but she is fast and intelligent."

"That will do." Diamond replied as he summoned a syringe of Ichor and injected it into the Gem. "If my plans need her, then she will have to rely on more than power. Now for the final test."

Diamond then placed the Gem onto the ground and pointed his hand towards it.

"Vestibulum ad mecum!"

There was a flash of light as a small Gem knelt before the Gemian. Upon getting a good look at her face and hair, he noticed something.

"She looks like me." Diamond commented in surprise as he approached her, before he turned to Onyx. "What happened to her? What did you do?"

"When I said there were difficulties, I meant that the Gem essence of Howlite degraded." Onyx explained as Diamond began to approach her. "To fill the gap I had to apply more Gem essence and aside from mine there was another sample of yours."

"Are you telling me that this Gem is…is….defective?" Diamond growled grabbed Onyx by the neck and lifted her into the air. "I have no use for an inbred clod like that. Get rid of it!"

"But Master, she does not have the essence, but she still can use weapons." Onyx said as she gasped. "Please, give her a chance."

Diamond sighed as he approached the little pointy nosed Gem, who was cowering in the corner.

"Ad mecum…"

The Gem began to approach Master Diamond slowly.

"AD MECUM!" Diamond shouted, causing the Gem to approach Diamond and kneel before him.

"Who am I?" Diamond asked his new servant.

"You are DI, The Old King, Gemian God of Power, Order, and Justice." The little Gem replied.

Diamond raised an eyebrow in response "Correct, but WHO am I?"

The Gem hesitated, As Diamond was raising his hand to strike the little one.

"You are my Master, the one I will serve until death either by my enemy's hand or yours." The Gem blurted out, lightly sighing after she finished.

Diamond then lowered his hand as he approached the Gem and looked down towards her.

"Who are you?" He asked.

"I am a tool to be used by you Master." The Gem said in a toneless voice. "I serve without question or objection. My life is yours and my death is yours.

"Correct" Diamond relied as he moved his hand away from the little Gem. "You will do as I command when I command it, if you refuse to obey or fail my commands, I will not hesitate to punish you. Is that clear?"

"Yes Master." The Gem replied as she continued to look down at the ground.

"Now then, stand up and face me Vestibulum." Diamond commanded. "Then you will tell me who *you* are again.

The Gem stood up and looked to her Master with a small smile as she replied with only three words.

"I am Pearl."


Gem Colony Insidae, Ventalation shaft controls, several hours ago


"Go to the Gem colony Venatio, they are a neutral colony." Diamond explained to Emerald as he placed his fingers in this forehead, implanting the location in his head. "Tell them what you did, tell it in truth, and they will take care of you. I can promise that."

Emerald nodded lightly as he backed away from Diamond and summoned his stone wings. He then looked to Diamond who nodded lightly.

"Thank you Master." Emerald said softly. "I'm happy to know that you still care, even after everything I've done."

"There is no need." Diamond replied. "Now hurry, I will deal with things here, and remember: tell them all about what you did, and remember: do not lie to them."

Emerald nodded as he crouched down and shot into the air. As Diamond watched him disappear into the sky, he raised his hand and clenched it, uttering a single command.


As he did, the Agates that were scattered across the ground reformed into fulling functioning Gemdroids. As Diamond watched his machines lift the large ball of Agates and haul it away, Onyx appeared before him, kneeling as she held the black Gems of Hematite before The Old King.

"They were no challenge Master." Onyx explained. "I was hoping for a fight though, seeing as this was my predecessor."

"Only as a conduit, not a servant." Diamond corrected as he picked up the Gems and placed them in his robe. "Now go into the main chamber and procced with stage 3."

Onyx nodded as she disappeared. Just then, Diamond watched as a large Green pod appeared before The Old King, opening up to reveal the Gem known as Peridot. As she stepped out of the Pod, she approached Diamond, who smiled in delight as he approached her.

"I have informed Venatio about Emerald." Peridot said as she summoned her screen. "When he arrives on that colony, they will be aware of this actions and consider him both a coward and a traitor. His confession will be the final nail that will seal his fate.

"Good." Diamond replied as he looked to the sky. "Now all that is left to do is harvest Howlite's squad, create another servant, and harvest my siblings Vitae. With the power of Gemia, Obsidian, and especially you, we will have the power needed to save this Universe."

"That we will Diamond." Peridot said as she finished with her finger pad. As she retracted her pad and turned around, she looked up to see Diamond looking towards her with a warm smile as he placed his hand on her cheek.

"Wha-…Diamond." Peridot stammered as she blushed. "What are you doing?"

"I just had an interesting though…" Diamond said slyly to the Gem before him as he moved in closer. "I have noticed that whenever things are going great for me, for this Universe, you manage to be the one responsible. How do you do that?"

"I don't know, perhaps I'm the reincarnation of Gemia herself." Peridot said teasingly with a grin. "Some of the native from those planets I've been studying consider me a god to them. Perhaps I'm a natural leader, maybe a Gemian like you."

Diamond chuckled as he crouched down and kissed his lover.

"No, you are something greater Dilectione Mea." Diamond explained as he noticed the Agates next to him and nodded before he gave Peridot a kiss on her forehead. "Now if you excuse me, I have some intruders to purify."

Peridot smiled as she watched the Gemian vanish before her. As she sighed, she heard a giggle and turned to see Sunstone behind her. The Green Gem yelped as Sunstone chuckled in response.

"Sunstone?" Peridot shouted as she glared at the Gem before her. "What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be going back to spying on Topaz?"

"Oh I will…but right now, I'm focused on what you are "Dilectione Mea"." Sunstone said as he circled around Peridot. "I mean, I don't remember ever seeing you before the Metalian war, and yet, right after the war, here you are, the right hand of the Master and the one with all the power."

Peridot backed away as Sunstone approached her. As he quickly flinched forward, Peridot quickly activated her finger gun and aimed it at the Red Secundo, who raised his hands as he began to chuckle.

"Alright…alright…" Sunstone said with a grin. "You got me. I surrender. Jeeze you're more uptight than my sister. But just tell me one thing…"

Peridot lowered her weapon as Sunstone lowered his arms and approached Peridot.

"What is it about you that makes you his favorite, hmm? Is it the way you control his heart, or is the way you handle his "mace"?"

"Watch your tongue clod!" Peridot barked at the Secundo. "I got to where I am because of who I am, and because unlike you, I wasn't built into a servant."

"Right…" Sunstone said as he turned around and walked several feet before he stopped and turned to the Gem. "…you were "recruited" by Tiberium, you were his "leader" for the Metalians but then Diamond destroyed it, right?"

Peridot hesitated as she felt a drop of sweat drop down her brow. Sunstone noticed her expression and grinned as he began to walk towards her.

"You know, I wonder what my creator would say if they found out the Gem they have been working with was this Intelligence. Imagine it: The collected minds of the very race that nearly wiped out our people, laying in a bed with the divine leader of said people. I wonder if Creator would turn red or purple."

"You wouldn't dare." Peridot hissed as Sunstone. "If Diamond finds out…"

"That what?" Sunstone interjected with a wide grin. "That I ratted him out about his sex toy? That the Gem he screws is actually the collected minds of an entire race of killers? What would he do?"

"I would kill you." Diamond replied as he stood behind Sunstone, who turned in horror and quickly kneeled before the Gemian.

"Forgive me Miste-…I mean Master. I…I have been under pressure from my creator and…I …I wasn't thinking."

Diamond knelt before the kneeling Sunstone and placed his hand on the back of his head, slowly clenching it until he maintained a tight grip, he then slammed his servant's head into the ground below and knelt in towards it.

"I suggest that you use your head the next time you decide to speak towards your superior." Diamond hissed coldly. "Or the last thing that will race through your head will be my fist. This, I promise you."

As he let go, Sunstone quickly stood up and ran off, creating wings of fire as he took to the sky. As soon as the Secundo was gone. Diamond rubbed his brow and scoffed.

"I must remember to infuse him Ichor into him the next time I see him." Diamond said as he turned to Peridot. "If everything works out with Howlite I might even…"

Diamond stopped talking as he watched Peridot wrap her arms around her body and fall onto her knees. Tears rolled down her face as she began to sob softly. In that instant, Diamond quickly rushed over and pulled the weeping Gem into his arms.

"Peridot…" Diamond whispered as he rocked her slowly in his arms, he could feel his robe becoming hot and wet from Peridot's crying. "It's alright, my Peridot."

"I..I'm sorry." Peridot whimpered as her voice was muffled by Diamond's wet robe. "Sunstone was right…I…I…manipulated you…"

"Manipulated?" Diamond responded with confusion as he pulled Peridot from his chest and looked her in her tearful eyes. "What do you mean?"

Peridot sniffled and wiped her eyes with her hands before she continued.

"I…I made you attracted to me, and created a weakness in you." Peridot explained as she continued to shed tears. "You…you are Master Diamond the Unbreakable, You can't have any weakness…any vulnerability…I…I am the reason you can be hurt. If anything happens to me…if the others find out…then….then…"

Diamond hesitated, remembering his nightmare about his siblings and comrades killing Peridot before him. He paused for a moment, looking to Peridot as she crashed her face into her hands and began to weep. Diamond smiled as he lifted her face and looked into her tearful eyes once more.

"Peridot, the reason I am doing all of this is for you, this is all because of you." Diamond explained as he wiped tears from Peridot's eyes. "…and the reason for that is because you have been and always will be my Universe."

Peridot's eyes beamed as she heard those words. She then crouched down and grabbed onto Diamond's robe. Upon seeing the deep blush on her face and tense expression. Diamond smiled.

"Let me guess…" Diamond pondered as he stroked his beard. "You…need me?"

Peridot nodded as she looked away in embarrassment. Only to turn to see the warm smile from her lover, reply with only five words.

"As you desire, Dilectione Mea."

Those Who Came Before Chapter 8: The Sin
It's so quiet up here...too quiet...

However, after last night, I feel so much better.
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A= I am already an adult, if meaning a occupation, it would be in human services.

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So my good friend and creator of the EMM webcomic :iconcleverun: has started college and needs money to get the necessities to do so. If you are a good samaritan and have some spare cash just lying around, how about you send it her way and in return, she'll be happy to provide a comission for you.

More details are in the link below:…

Please do your part and help :iconcleverun: and remember, every little bit helps.

Also, please inform anyone who would be nice enough to help out.

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It has come to my attention that EMM is now a year old (as of last Febuary).


Because of this, I will be celebrating the belated birthday of EMM answering ANY question regarding EMM and it's details.

Also, because I am a egotistical prick who has a addiction to curiosity, if anyone would like, I would enjoy to hear the tale as to what drew you to this fanfic and what compelled you to follow it up until now.

But first, a story:

(I told this story before, but here is a version with picture.)

Once upon a time, there were two brothers, the older one was a fan of a new TV show on Cartoon Network known as Steven Universe. In addition, this brother was a frequent lurker of the notorious site known as 4CHAN, specifically the board known as /CO/- Comics and Cartoons. As such, there were specific threads on this board known as /SUG/- Steven Universe Generals, which discussed the show and drew fanart for it.

Now this brother enjoyed the various drawings the anons of /SUG/ made for others, and his younger brother wondered how far they would go. So, a bet was made between these brothers, with 50 bucks on the line, the bet was to make the most disturbing request and see how long before the user was banned. But if the request was made beforehand, then the older brother had won.

Now there was the simple question was what to make as a request?

Well after a few days of lurking, an Anon posted a simple picture:
The Catalyst by ScrapstheFool
(Fun fact: This image is forbidden to post on /SUG/ because of...obvious reasons)

But it was not this picture that created inspiration, but rather, the reply of another Anon that started everything:
Subject Zero by ScrapstheFool

At this moment, the older brother had a idea, he would make a request involving a crazed Pearl killing Steven, and after browsing Gelbooru for inspiration, he found the inspiration and created his request:
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(Note: This is not the original post, but the ones that came after.)

So the post was made and it was dropped like a soda can in the trash. So in response, the brother had a new idea: He would make the same post in EVERY THREAD until the request was made.

So the request was halfway created, but not finished:

Mature Content

Cue the Lavender Town's Theme (WIP) by ScrapstheFool

However the brother did not give up, and continued to prevail, eventually he donned a name given to him by a deviant named :iconflajingman:, and that name was...


From then on, this continued for three solid months. Resulting in a variety of responses from outright hatred:
Wanted by ScrapstheFool

To downright mockery:

StevenQuest by ScrapstheFool

tumblr n2guefRmFN1s71maqo4 r1 1280 by ScrapstheFool

tumblr n2guefRmFN1s71maqo5 r1 1280 by ScrapstheFool

tumblr n2guefRmFN1s71maqo10 r1 400 by ScrapstheFool

tumblr n2guefRmFN1s71maqo3 r1 1280 by ScrapstheFool

1424408673464 by ScrapstheFool

tumblr n2guefRmFN1s71maqo2 r1 1280 by ScrapstheFool

But after a long period of annoyance, the pic was finally conceived:

Mature Content

Cue the Lavender Town's Theme by ScrapstheFool

(Fun fact: I was banned three days after this pic was made.)

Now it seemed like it was over and it was done. But then a anon told me that I should make a fanfic to accompany this work, and it was decided to create the fanfiction know as Everyone Makes Mistakes.

Mature Content

As I made the fan fic as originally a simple one-shot it however, I eventually began to break it down into chapters for ease. Then I began to tinker with the structure and scenes to improve on the shock value.

After a day of tinkering, I was working at my local Target with pushing carts. It was a cold winter evening and I was thinking about Everyone Makes Mistakes and another SU fanfic I would work on known as Those Who Came Before. I was considering adding in several shoutouts from EMM into TWCB, but then, after slipping on black ice and slamming my head of the asphalt, I had a epiphany:

 To combine both stories into a huge fanfic series.

So after I finished with the final chapter of EMM and began to work on the next part, A Girl and Her Lion, I was approached by the marvelous and talented :iconcleverun: who wanted to convert my story into a comic.

If you want to know if I said yes, this should clarify that:

Everyone Makes Mistakes: The Comic 00 by ScrapstheFool

As we planned on the comic, :iconcleverun: introduced me to :iconcrazyspaced: and then I met another deviant named :iconhikumirin: whose character Howlite was inspired by my fanfic. Then I met the talented :icondeitydeviantwarrior: :icontrollface-mastah:, :iconacenos: and :iconpunkpanda15: and soon after, the seven of us evolved into the EMM braintrust, and the :iconemm-headquarters:.

As of today, the fanfic and comic are still in progress, and none of this would be possible for those who helped make it into what it is today.

I would again like to personally thank the following for their service for EMM, and the Steven Universe Fandom and for allowing me to inspire them as much as they have for me.:

Rebecca Sugar (Yes, even she helped! ;-D)

...And all the fans and small collaborators. Stay strong and devoted my comrades!

Now, if you excuse me...
1441001334154 by ScrapstheFool
...I have a fanfic to write.

Interview with The Fool

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1.How long have you been on DeviantArt?

A: Including my banned accounts...about 10 years

2.What does your username mean?

A: A few years back, a Deviant named :iconflajingman: gave me the name. I added "the fool" because of a movie I watched as a child called "The Fool and the Flying Ship".

3.Describe yourself in three words.

A: Eccentric, determined, compassionate
4.Are you left or right handed?
A: Right.

5.What was your first deviation?

Mature Content

6.What is your favorite type of art to create?

A: Fan-fiction is fun.

7.If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

A: To draw...good...

8.What was your first favorite?
A: Kiss Trixie... by NeoSlashott

9.What type of art do you tend to favorite the most?

A:Steven Universe

10.Who is your all-time favorite deviant artist?

A: While I love everyone in my brain trust equally, the one I have to notify is :iconcleverun:

11.If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

A: :iconcleverun:, :iconcrazyspaced:, :iconhikumirin:, :iconpunkpanda15:,  :icontrollface-mastah: and :icondeitydeviantwarrior:.

12.How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

A: :iconcleverun: inspired the majority of EMM and help found :iconemm-headquarters::iconcrazyspaced:, :iconhikumirin:, :iconpunkpanda15:,  :icontrollface-mastah: and :icondeitydeviantwarrior: have helped shape it into the series it is now.

13.What are your preferred tools to create art?

A: Microsoft Word

14.What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

A:My room

15.What is your favorite DeviantArt memory?

A: I had just finished chapter 12 of EMM part 1, and after a while, a deviant named :iconcleverun: asked me a question that changed my life and the lives of several other Deviants forever: 

"Can I... can I turn this into a comic? This is an amazing story!"

The rest is history. ;-p

July's Steven Bomb (Whew boy!)

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Finallly....freedom! True freedom!

Now let's look at the promo for the new Steven Bomb and....

Ead by ScrapstheFool

I know I promised a new chapter after my classes were over, but right now I have to wait until the Steven Bomb is over, for obvious reasons.
Apologyquilt by ScrapstheFool
But let me inform you of a few reasons for this delay and the reason why EMM takes so long to publish:

My goal, or rather, my mission, for EMM is to create a story that is 100% consistent with SU. To do this, I have to study and calculate all the information, details, and data from the show to create a balanced story. If there is one inconsistency in EMM with SU, I have to fix it, no matter how deep it goes. This is the reason why I take so long during episodes is because when a piece of data about a character, setting, or fact is present. I have to compare it with EMM's data. This can be stressful with information that is hardwired into the base of EMM. However, I have made precautions for situations like this and I can easily work around said situation.  Nevertheless, it still is a difficult process, given the other information I have to work with.

To help with clarity, please observe the following graphs:

tumblr mq89z6pNKE1rke8ufo1 1280 by ScrapstheFool
As this demonstraits, many ariters have a system that helps balance their story and provides the meat and potatos. With me, it's like this:

1. Process the base of the chapter and what will occur.

2. Study the old episodes of SU needed for chapter.

3. Study new episodes of SU to obtain information and check for inconsistencies.

4. Check for inconsistencies in SU/EMM.

5. Revise inconsistencies to allow flow.

6. Write chapter base and then expand it.

7. Have my glorious collaborators (To whom I'm dreadfully sorry for being a ghost.)

8. Proofread the chapter for grammar/spelling.

9. Publish chapter.

10. Revise if needed.

11. Prepare for next chapter and take pills.

12. ???

32mHpLSRqIeaVetL89RG1U by ScrapstheFool
Fun fact: To find inspiration for EMM. I occasionally deprive myself of sleep so I hallucinate. I also take amphetamines to add a little juice to the fire.
Tumblr Inline N1pjytyziq1qd5iw1 by ScrapstheFool
While there are no deadlines for EMM, I do feel guilty for the long periods of silence in regard of the fanfic.

So I hope this helps you understand that I'm not dead, just stressed out over the new Steven Bomb. Here's hoping for a decent backstory.

But don't worry about me. I'll be writing the next chapter of EMM very soon. Until then Deviants:

Friendly advice from Uncle Scraps by ScrapstheFool

Those Who Came Before

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 10, 2015, 6:30 AM
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Welp guys, the second and a half part of the "Everyone Makes Mistakes Saga is Complete. I want to thank everyone who helped make this possible. Especially :iconcleverun: :iconcrazyspaced: :iconhikumirin: and :icondeitydeviantwarrior:, who's collaboration and assistance made all of this this possible.

Now we close this chapter of the story and move on to the next one:

Those Who Came Before Act 1/Act 2: The Crystal Gems have protected the universe for many years. However, what happened to the other gems? Who created them? In addition, what caused their near extinction? Truths will be revealed about past lives and the History of the Crystal Tribunal will be revealed.

Innocence  will be lost, war will be cast, a sacrifice no one would expect. All this and more coming soon.


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