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The Crystal Gems by Cleverun

This image displays a feeling of emotional distress between the three Gems. Each carrying a massive weight on their shoulders. -Garnet'...

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Fanfiction Ideas (Non-EMM related)

I have several ideas for a few stories after I am done with the EMM series. As of now, here is the list:

1. MLP: Tendencies of a Lyncanthope: The story of a semi-demented pony and the doctor who fights for her freedom. (This will be a collaboration with :icondream-senpaii:)-[STATUS: Postponed]

2. The Amazing World of Gumball: The Retribution: The world of Nicole Watterson is turned upside down when she tries to find out who harmed her son, and she gets more than what she bargained for when she uncovers a secret involving a past she never knew she had. (This will be a collaboration with :iconnamygaga:)

3. Adventure Time: Age of Iron: When a enemy from the past comes to finish what it started, it's up to Finn and the Gang to prevent a second Mushroom war while discovering the origins of the original war and the creation of Ooo.

4. Lucky 17: John is a man who lives a simple life like anyone else. But unlike some people, he has a certain taste for life. A taste that will lead him to Camp Weedonwantcha, where he will understand the relationship between a predator and their prey.-[STATUS: Postponed]

5. MLP: EG: Pink and White: Two whole months since they lost the battle of the bands and the chance to rule the world, once a trio of sirens known as The Dazzlings, now reduced to tone-deaf students of Canterlot High. However, despite the situation, at least two of the three were off to a good start. Adagio on the other hand...that is a completely different story.-[STATUS: Postponed]

6. SFOE: Nova: After a horrible series of dreams, Star Butterfly begins to discover the truth about a blast from her past. A truth that may put her life, and the lives of everyone she loves, in peril.-[STATUS: Postponed]

7. Splatoon: The Game of War: Agent 3 was known as the hero who saved the Zapfish and Inkopolis, but what about the Inklings who were fighting out of the spotlight? One year after the Octarian attack, see the aftermath through the scarred eyes of a jaded Inkling and the demons he faced in the shadows.-[STATUS: Coming Soon]

Feel free to ask questions or provide ideas for these stories. If you want to post a idea for a future chapter of my stories, please send me a note with your idea.
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What Fanfiction should I work on after the "Everyone Makes Mistakes saga? 

4 deviants said The Amazing World of Gumball: The Retribution
3 deviants said Adventure Time: Age of Iron
2 deviants said MLP: Tendancies of a Lyncanthope
2 deviants said How about instead of Fanfics, you focus on real life?
1 deviant said Star vs the Forces of Evil: Nova
1 deviant said Requests (Please post a request if you have one.)
No deviants said /CO/'s Fic Demands
No deviants said Commissions (Please Post a commission i you have one.)
No deviants said MLP: Pink and White
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From the game Splatoon, who is the cutest of the squid sisters? 

3 deviants said Marie ( The grey one)
3 deviants said I can't decide! They're both too fucking cute!
2 deviants said Callie (The black one)
2 deviants said Who?
2 deviants said You sicko!
No deviants said I have no strong feelings one way or the other
No deviants said I don't care, finish EMM!


Alright, one more to go!

Along with a few side entrees.

Thank you for being patient and sorry for the delays. I'll work on it in the future.
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Original Idea by: Scraps

Collaboration work with: DeityDeviantWarrior

Characters Created by: Rebecca Sugar

Chapter 12: Goodbye Master Diamond


Crystal Temple, Pearl's Room, several months later


The room was filled with rushing water that poured from several large floating platforms, which in turn flowed down the edge of the larger platform beneath. As the water flowed smoothly and without flaw, the tranquility was disrupted by the sound of the door to the room opening and a lone Pearl rushing in. She quickly closed the door and placed her hand on it. As she heard a small clicking noise, Pearl turned around and leaned on the door. The long nosed Gem gasped for breath as she wiped her face and then looked at her hand, which had a black fluid smeared on her palm. The fluid began to lightly burn her hand and then intensify in pain. The Gem made a distressed grunt as she rushed over to the pool of the main platform and began to wash her hands in the water. As she did, Pearl saw her reflection in the water, she could see the scarring from the tears as well as her black shot eyes. She then thought about what had happened minutes ago, about how Steven had just left for her date and then Amethyst began to mock him, to insult him about something so precious to him, something that he cared about so much, perhaps even more than the Gems themselves.

"How dare she…." Pearl hissed as she washed her hands harder and harder, feeling the burning of her hands worsen as the water around her hands began to turn a shade of blue. "Amethyst knows how important this is for Steven and she's just…"

Pearl stopped scrubbing her hands as she lifted them from the water and examined them. The fluid was gone, but her hands were now raw from the scrubbing and bleeding. As she looked back to the water, she felt a slight sting on her cheek as a lone black tear trickled down her face. As she looked up and looked at it.

"She doesn't understand…" Pearl said as she felt the black fluid on her hand begin to burn again. "But soon…we'll fix that…won't we?"

As she looked back down to the water, she saw that her reflection was gone, and in its place, was Master Diamond. The long-nosed Gem gasped at the sight. The Old King was fully healed, his face and arm were fully restored as if he was never harmed. Before the Gem could respond, Diamond's arm shot out of the water and grabbed the Gem by the throat. Pearl gasped as she tried to break free, but it was no use as she watched the rest of her Master rise from the water and appear before her in his full glory.

"How long has it been Vestibulum?" Diamond said softly as he held his grip on the Gem. "How long have you served as my spy and informant?"

"For…for as long as I can remember…" Pearl gasped as she felt black tears burn down her cheeks. "I think it's been…fi-five-thousand years and…fourteen years…"

"Yes!" Diamond pulled Pearl closer as he glared deeply into the Gems eyes. He then released Peal onto the floor, causing the Gem to kneel before Diamond's feet and gasp for air, accidentally dropping a black tear onto Diamond's boot. Diamond then scoffed as he kicked Pearl in the face, knocking her back. As the Gem sat up and looked at felt her cracked Gem, she saw the Old King approach her and grab her by her throat again and lift her up.

"I've sacrificed too much and waited too long to have you ruin everything…AGAIN!" Diamond hissed at his servant. "Do you know how close you were to blowing your cover the last time you failed?"

"B-but I've been…loyal…so loyal to you…" Pearl pleaded weakly to her Master. "I've always served you with full intentions…"

"You have?" Diamond asked with raised eyebrows as he pulled Pearl closer.

"Y-yes Master…" Pearl replied weakly. "I live to serve you."

"You do?" Diamond asked with a slight nod.


"You served me with full loyalty?" Diamond asked as he stroked his beard with his free hand. "Just me, and no one else?"

As Pearl was about to answer, she felt a lump in her throat stop her in her tracks as Diamond glared at her with his molten eyes. He then dropped Pearl onto the ground and turned to the center of the pool. Pearl watched as Diamond approached the center of the pool, pointed his arm to the center and clenched his fist. Pearl watched in horror as Diamond slowly raised his arm and from the center of the pool emerged a flagpole, along with a familiar flag. Pearl knew the flag as the same one Steven had found with Lion. Pearl felt sweat pour down her brow as she watched Diamond walk around the flag and examine it.

"This was the flag that my sister used during her full rebellion against my authority." Diamond explained to Pearl as he grabbed the flag and stroked the cloth in his hands. "She had this made after she returned to homeworld and organized her rebellion…"

Diamond then turned to Pearl, causing her to flinch.

"…with your help of course."

"But master…I was tasked with spying on her." Pearl pleaded as she rose off the ground and tried to defend herself. "How could I gain her trust unless I helped her with her rebellion?"

Diamond then tore the flag off the pole and stormed over to her Pearl. Pearl felt her arms shake as she watched Diamond look at the flag in his hands and then to her.

"I tasked you with spying on her, that is true." Diamond said as he rolled the flag in his hands. "But your primary purpose was to use the information to sabotage the rebellion from the inside, which you didn't do because you developed feelings for Rose."

Pearl flinched as Diamond walked around her, clenching the rolled up flag in his hand. Diamond stopped as he stood behind Pearl and approached her.

"Not only did you just lie to me…" Diamond hissed into Pearl's ear. "But your affections for my sister cost me the rebellion and five thousand years."

"But Master…" Pearl said as she hesitated softly. "She…she must have manipulated me…she… must have discovered that I was-"

Diamond quickly wrapped the flag around Pearl's neck and pulled tightly. The little Pearl choked as she tried to speak but all she could do was gasp lightly. Diamond then pulled her back as he held his ear close to Pearl, as if trying to hear what she was trying to say.

"What was that? You developed feelings for Rose?" Diamond said mockingly as he held the Gem tighter within his grip. "Not only that, but you also betrayed me because you "cared" for her and you have lied to me again?"

Pearl choked as she tried to beg, but all she could do was wheeze as she felt the flag constrict around her neck. Diamond then looked into Pearl's eyes before he kicked her legs, forcing her on her knees. Diamond then released his grip, only for the flag to continue to hold in place as if he was still holding on. The Old King then walked around the choking Pearl and knelt before her.

"Did you think that she could protect you from me, that she would protect you from me?" Diamond asked as he glared coldly into his Pearl's eyes. "You may be a Pearl, but you are also a Secundo Gem, my Secundo Gem. I created you with my own essence as I did with your "mother" Onychinos. But I can see that my sister has poisoned your loyalty and given your failure to acquire her vitae, and then your failure to kill her Gem spawn even after I gave you the opportunity to do so, I will have to make precautions once more."

Pearl's eyes widened as Diamond raised his hand and the flag noose around her neck pulled her towards the Gemian. Diamond then looked at his Pearl and placed his hand on her Gem.

"I can also see that you have been "involved" with Garnetum." Diamond said with an irritated tone as he closed his eyes. "I will have to deal with her after this, such a relationship seems rather…abnormal. I wonder which of them loves you more? Provided that they both do so."

Diamond then opened his eyes and grabbed Pearl's jaw, forcing her mouth open.

"Regardless, your interactions with the Gem will provide enough variety of essence..." Diamond explained to the restrained Pearl as he opened her mouth wider. "Just as I have used the essence of Howlite, Onychinos, and myself to create you, I will use Garnet's essence along with yours and mine, to create a new Secundo. Which will be used in case you fail me."

As Pearl struggled in Diamond's grip, she watched as Diamond's jaw split open and a long proboscis emerged from the base of his mouth. Pearl wheezed in horror as Diamond slowly lowered himself towards the Gem. The Gem felt the flag around her neck fall off as Diamond's proboscis shot down her throat. Pearl felt the long tube-like tongue slither down as he gripped her arms tightly. Pearl's felt her mind begin to fall blank as she felt the tongue plant itself in her body, which was followed by a burning sensation in her stomach. After several minutes of this, Diamond pulled his proboscis from the Gem's throat and stood up, retracing his proboscis and closing his jaw before he summoned a small cloth and wiped his mouth with it.

Pearl gasped as she fell on her hand, she felt the burning sensation in her stomach worsen as she felt the fluid begin to slowly rise up her throat. Pearl placed a hand over her mouth as she tried to hold it in, looking up to Diamond as he crossed his arms and watched with a cold glare of expectation. Suddenly, Pearl felt a hot fluid shoot up her throat and out her mouth. The long-nosed Gem gagged as she felt the hot bile flow through her fingers and onto the floor. Pearl then pulled her hand away and fall on her hands as she began to vomit a large amount of bile onto the ground before her. The bile was dark blue and had shades of black as well. As Pearl felt the last of the bile exit her mouth. She then felt a large round object begin to slowly rise up her throat. Pearl gasped and choked as she tried to spit up the object, much to the amusement of her Master.

At last. Pearl finally hacked up the object, which fell onto the puddle of dark-blue bile before Pearl threw up one last amount of bile before she fell to her side. Diamond then approached the weakened Pearl and leaned down towards her. Pointing at the object she threw up and levitating it between the two of them. Pearl watched as the bile trickled off the object, revealing an opaque white Gem.

"Wha…" Pearl muttered weakly as she gazed at the Gem before her. "I…is…"

"Yes Vestibulum, it is." Diamond replied as the Gem floated into his palm and he looked at it. "This is a new Secundo Gem, composed of the essence of you, Garnetum, and myself."

Pearl tried to stand up, but her body was too weak, as she looked at the puddle of bile, she saw her reflection within. Her gem was dimmer and cracked; her hair now had dark grey strands within it, her blue eyes now had a small blend of black in them, and her body was thinner.

"I believe I will call this Gem…Zirconia." Diamond said as he looked down to the Pearl beneath him. "She will make an efficient replacement should you fail me."

Diamond then felt a trembling hand grip the bottom of his robe. The Old King looked down to see the weak Pearl, soaked in bile, trying to stand up. Diamond sighed as he raised his arm with a clenching motion, lifting Pearl off the ground and on her feet. As she composed herself. Diamond walked before the door to her room and opened it.

"Follow." Diamond commanded his Pearl as he entered the door. Pearl looked down at the flag or Rose, stained in bile and crumpled on the floor, she then then looked to the door and entered it, closing it behind her.


Steven's house, kitchen, present day


Diamond and Pearl exited the door to find themselves in the base of the Gem residence. This room was composed of the kitchen, living room, and Steven's room. Diamond then looked towards a wall, which bore the marks of combat, as if several spears were thrown towards the wall, or at some Gem before it. Diamond then noticed a small scorch mark on the ground and bent down to examine it. As he did, Pearl noticed a lone note sitting on the counter. Pearl grabbed the letter and began to read it.


Dear Pearl,

I know that you are suffering from the obsidian virus and I know you have been trying to control it, but it has been getting worst and worst. Amethyst and I are afraid that you will no longer be able to control yourself and become a threat to Steven or the others. We have gone to homeworld to search for a cure and we need you to stay away from Steven. You must also leave this letter for Steven when he gets back home. We cannot risk him getting hurt or infected.




Pearl raised an eyebrow as she examined the note. It seemed odd that Garnet would leave this letter for Steven and Pearl when it was just for Pearl. As Diamond finished examining the scorch mark on the floor, he stood up and saw the letter in Pearl's hands.

"What is this?" Diamond said as he yanked the letter out of Pearl's hands and read it.

"Garnet left this for me." Pearl explained to her Master. "But she said to leave it for Steven too."

"That's because it's address for Steven only." Diamond explained as he waved his hand before the letter. "This letter was designed to create an illusion message; it was created by Topaz to hide their research. But not even the Taskmaster's inventions can fool me. Revelabunt!"

Upon that command, the letter shimmered, and the words on the letter faded and new words appeared in their place. He then handed Pearl the letter and she began to read it.


Dear Steven,

If you are reading this, then Amethyst and I are already on a special mission to the Crystal Empire. I do not know how this has happened and I do not know if you will understand, but I think it is for your own safety if you know the truth. Pearl is suffering from The Obsidian Virus, a Gem pathogen that is responsible for the near-extinction of the gems who were not cured. Although Pearl has been able to keep control of it for years, now I fear the virus is starting to control her. This infection will cause Pearl to undergo a state of unpredictable psychosis. Because you are half-human, you are immune from the virus, but as long as Pearl is infected, you are in grave danger. Until Amethyst and I return with the cure, stay away from Pearl and do not interact with her as much as possible. If you see a black fluid discharge from Pearl, you must keep as far away from her as you can, I know that you care for Pearl, but no matter what she says, you have to stay as far away from her as you can. Be strong Steven, I can only hope that you can find this letter before we are too late.


Pearl's eyes widened as she looked to Diamond, who crossed his arms and began to think.

"They used one of our old transport scrolls to take them to the old Gemian temple." Diamond pondered. "It's obvious that they will discover that the Obsidian Virus does not exist."

"What do we do?" Pearl asked Diamond, who looked out the window as he continued to think.

"Fortunately, the scrolls do not function the same as a warp pad, and there is a delay in their deliver time." Diamond explained as he looked to Pearl coldly. "A warp to the temple and back will take them five months, enough time to kill the human and take Rose's vitae."

Pearl flinched slightly before she nodded. Diamond then turned back and saw Steven riding on lion towards the temple. As Pearl approached him and saw Steven, she noticed that the boy's clothing was all ruffled and dirty, and his hair was a mess, which was usual for Steven.

"Do not fail me again…" Diamond said as he walked towards the warp pad and stood upon it. "…I expect you know the price of failure, do you?"

Before Pearl could respond, Diamond was gone, leaving Pearl alone in the house with the note in hand. As she heard Steven opening the door, she quickly bubbled the note and poofed it away. She then turned to Steven and smiled.

"Oh Steven, your home!" Pearl said as she ran up to the boy and hugged him. "How did the date go? Did you two have a fun time?"

"I don't know…" Steven said hesitantly as he sat on the couch. "Everything was perfect at the star, but then Connie and I…fused…I think…and it felt…different."

"Oh Steven, you both fuse into Stevonnie all the time." Pearl reassured the half-gem as she hugged him. "But I think the reason you feel different is because you love her."

"I guess…" Steven said as he looked at his hands. "I wonder if that's what Garnet feels…I should ask her."

"Well you can ask her after she and Amethyst come back from a mission." Pearl informed Steven along with a pat on his head. "Until then, it's time for bed."

"Okay Pearl." Steven replied as he stood up and walked up to his bed. "G'nigh Pearl, see you in the morning."

"Goodnight Steven." Pearl said as she smiled towards him. "Sweet dreams."

As she stood up and walked through the Gem door into her room, she closed the door behind her and stood before it.

"Rose…please forgive me…" Pearl whispered as she thought about what she had to do. "Steven…Garnet…Amyth…"

Pearl sunk onto her knees and whimpered softly as she curled up on the floor. Pearl than began to weep softly, trying her best not to disturb Steven.


Rose's hill, Topside, five months later


Diamond stood before the cliff of the hillside, looking out towards the wide sea before him. As he did, he thought about that was about to transpire and what he had learned. As he did, he turned around and saw a small moth flutter before him.

"How appropriate…" Diamond said to the moth. "But I would prefer your true form at this moment."

The moth then shined into a bright light as it morphed into Pearl, who kneeled before the Old King.

"Master…I have news about Steven." Pearl said to Diamond.

"I know…the human has…spread his essence." Diamond said with an irritated tone as he turned to the horizon behind him. "I was originally going to punish you for delaying your mission for so long, but I can see that this was a blessing in disguise. Therefore, I have more details for your mission."

"Of course Master." Pearl replied as she stood up. "What are your orders."

"In addition to Steven and Lion…" Diamond commanded as he looked to Pearl. "You will also kill his mate, their spawn, and his father as well and harvest their Vitae."

Pearl froze at the command. She understood why Steven had to die, but Connie and Greg too? Diamond noticed her hesitation and turned towards her to explain.

"I do not need to explain why Connie has to die, only that Steven has divided his vitae among the spawn, like his mother." Diamond explained. "The only difference is because of his nature; he will not dissipate like Rose did. But his offspring still have the vitae of Rose, which must be harvested, along with the carrier."

"And Greg?" Pearl asked. "What about him?"

"The one known as "Greg" still has small fragments of Rose's essence from the conception of their child, which I must acquire along with his essence." "Diamond replied as he put his hands behind his back. "In addition, he also violated a deal we made ages ago."

"Wh-what do you mean "ages ago"?" Pearl asked the Old King.

"That does not concern you." Diamond said to the Pearl before him. "You will capture all of them and squeeze out every last drop of Vitae, I have constructed specialized chambers in the catacombs to effectively harvest their vitae. This is the last opportunity before the other return, provided that the traps at the temple did not finish them first…"

As Diamond turned away from Pearl, the long-nosed Gem looked back to the city behind her and thought about Greg, Connie, and Steven, she thought about all their adventures, and all the memories they made with each other. She then thought about Rose and the kindness she had for Pearl, seeing her as not a slave or a tool, but as a friend and companion. As she looked up to Diamond, she felt a single tear, as clear as crystal, trickle down her cheek as she felt her cheeks clench.

"…Gems will be harvested from the remnants of the cluster and the kindergartens to be used for-"

As Diamond continued to speak about his plan, Pearl felt something she never felt before, a feeling she had never felt as she then interjected her Master with a single word.


Diamond halted as he slowly turned to Pearl and glared at her. Pearl hesitated slightly but then recomposed herself.

"What did you say?" Diamond asked softly as he turned his body towards the Pearl behind him.

"I…I'm not doing this." Pearl said as she stood her ground towards the Old King. "I won't kill them."

"Vestibulum…" Diamond hissed as he began to walk slowly towards Pearl, clenching his fist as he did so. "…you forget that you serve me and I command you to follow my orders!"

"Not anymore!" Pearl shouted as she summoned her spear and aimed it at the Gemian. "I'm not your slave anymore, and I won't let you hurt my family…I won't let you hurt Rose's family."

Diamond was thrown back by the sudden rebellion of his servant. The Pearl composed of his essence, who he broke into servitude, who knelt at his whim, was aiming a blade towards him in the name of his sister. Pearl saw Diamond's face flush dark blue with rage as he let out a deafening roar and summoned his mace. Pearl flinched in shock at the energy of the Old King, but she stood her ground as she prepared to attack.

"YOU DARE DEFY ME?" Diamond roared at Pearl as he lunged towards her. "I'M THE ONE IN CONTROL! I'M ALWAYS IN CONTROL!

Pearl dodged the attack as Diamond smashed his mace into the ground. Pearl then threw her spear at Diamond, only for the Gemian to bat the spear away with his mace before he bolted towards Pearl, who summoned another spear and clashed weapons.

"You think you can escape me?" Diamond hissed to Pearl as he enforced his weapon. "You are a tool, a means to ensure my victory! My sister may have inspired you, but in the end, you are nothing!"

"You may see me as nothing, but Rose made me feel like I am everything!" Pearl exclaimed as she began to push forward. "And that is the same for Steven!"

Pearl pushed forward and slashed Diamond on the back.

"For the Gems!"

Diamond fired his mace at Pearl and she dodged it. Diamond then swung it around like a flail and try to hit Pearl, only for her to summersault above the Old King and stab him in the shoulder.

"For Beach City…For Earth!"

Diamond roared as he lunged towards Pearl and tried to punch her, only for her to dodge the attack and slash him across the chest. Diamond then fell to his knees as he looked up to the Pearl standing above him. Pearl raised her spear and aimed it at his head.

"And especially for Rose Quartz."

As she was about to stab Diamond, she suddenly felt a sharp burning pain in her chest as she felt her body get knocked back onto her ground, she then looked up and saw Diamond standing before her, unscathed with Mace in hand. Pearl stammered in confusion as she tried to summon another mace, only for Diamond to lift her up in the air and slam her into the ground. Pearl then looked up to see Diamond dissipating his mace as he grabbed her and lifted her up again.

"H-h-ow…" Pearl stammered weakly. "I…was…winning…"

"Oh my poor little proditorem…" Diamond said as he glared at his Pearl. "I told you…I am always in control, and my powers are far greater than those of a mere Pearl. Case in point…"

Diamond then open his mouth and bit down onto Pearl's shoulder. The long-nosed Gem shrieked in pain as she felt her shoulder burn like fire. As Diamond released his grip and drop Pearl to the ground. She shuddered as she felt her body shake violently. Diamond watched as the bite on Pearl's shoulder fade away and her eyes become fully blackshot.

"Normal punishments will not be enough for this, and I still have some use from you." Diamond said as he extended his arm towards her. "So I suppose we will have to make my lie a truth, will we not?

As Pearl shuttered on the ground violently, Diamond clenched his hand and uttered a command to the Gem:

"Kungoganiza kuti akuyendetsa."

Upon the command, Pearl stopped shuttering and slowly rose from the ground and stood before the Old King.

"You will serve me without question nor objection." Diamond said to the Gem. "You will also follow my orders to the letter, is that clear?"

"Of course Master." Pearl said as a smile stretched across her face. "I live to serve you."

"Good…" Diamond said to the brainwashed Pearl. "You will harvest the Vitae from Rose Quartz's child, lion, his mate, their children, and his father. Is that clear?"

"Understood Master." Pearl bowed to the Old King. "I will get started right away."

"So be it." Diamond said as he turned to the horizon before him, hearing the sound of Pearl absconding away to begin her mission. After a few minutes alone, Diamond then turned around to see Rose Quartz standing before him. Diamond flinched for a moment before he raised an eyebrow

"Diamond…" Rose said softly as she approached the Old King. "Please, stop this madness, you know that this won't end well for the Universe.

"You are wrong…" Diamond said as he walked around the grounds around him. "What I will do will preserve the Universe perfectly. I will establish an era of pure order. There will be no chaos, no war, no fear or hate, only peace. I will erase the corruption of free will and ensure everlasting harmony within the Universe. All the beings of the Universe, Gem and organic, have squandered our mother's gift, and it is up to me to save them from themselves."

"But what about their lives? What about their future?" Rose asked as she crossed her arms. "What kind of existence will they have is they cannot think for themselves, they would be no better off as machines."

"So you believe that extinction is preferable to submission?" Diamond said to Rose. "You honestly would allow them to kill each other and destroy their planets than to be saved? You think that I should stop and leave them be?"

"Yes Diamond!" Rose said as she approached her Brother. "It's not in our place to interfere with their lives. We need to let them be as they are."

Diamond looked to the large tree and scoffed as he crossed his arms.

"It is funny…" Diamond said to Rose as she approached him.

"What?" Rose asked as she stopped moving.

Diamond then turned to Rose and glared right at her.

"You sound an awful lot like Topaz, do you not?" Diamond asked.

Diamond then summoned his mace and lunged at Rose, who dodged the attack and fired a bolt of gold every at Diamond before she shined a golden light and turned into Topaz. Diamond then appeared before his sibling and smacked them in the face. Topaz shot back and took their head as they summoned their lance.

"Impressive…" Topaz scoffed as they spat on the ground. "I would think my shapeshifting was flawless, we don't have the limitations like the Gems do but, what gave it away?"

"You forgot to add her scars." Diamond replied with a smile as he pointed to his shoulder. "Or perhaps you did such out of…gult?"

Topaz gritted their teeth as they lunged forward and fired like a bold of energy. Diamond then dodged the attack and fired his mace at Topaz, hitting them in the back and causing them to crash onto the ground. Topaz then quickly shot up as Diamond appeared next to them and swung his mace.

"It took you long enough, timidum." Diamond shouted to Topaz as they lunged back. "I assume you were either imprisoning more of your Secundos or building some super weapon?"

"I... came to try and talk to you." Topaz said as they dissipated their weapon. "I know that Rose is…"

"Dead?" Diamond interjected as he dissipated his mace. "Yes, and as we speak, my servants are finishing the job."

"What do you mean?" Topaz asked with a concerned expression.

"I would think your future vison would have told you about Rose's child." Diamond explained. "Rose mated with a…outsider…and created a hybrid, who carries her whole essence. Now my servants will kill him and acquire his essence, and once I have yours, I will be able to liberate this Universe of the evil drowning it."

"This isn't the answer brother..." Topaz pleaded to their elder brother. "…these creatures, it's in their nature to have flaws. They are entitled to make their own choices, to live by their own mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes Diamond, even you."

Diamond paused for a moment before he turned away from his sibling and crossed his arms behind his back.

"I do not make mistakes Topaz…" Diamond stated coldly to his sibling as he looked back to them with a molten red glare. "…I erase them."

Topaz hesitated as they then clenched their hands. As they were about to act, Diamond quickly interjected.

"If you attack, I will send your Secundos on you." Diamond stated as he looked back to the ocean. "Keep in mind that if you fight me, you will fight alone…and you will die alone."

Topaz hesitated as they looked to the ground before them. As they felt their hands shake and their teeth clench. They looked up to Diamond and gave a mocking smile.

"Congratulations brother, you did it, you've won! You're the Universe's true savior!" Topaz said mockingly to Diamond, who looked back towards them with a cold glare as he watched his sibling turn around and begin to walk away before they stopped.

"However, I so have to be honest though…" Topaz said as they turned back towards Diamond, who saw the Gemian broken smile and tears flowing from their eyes. "…I…I liked it better when you were the hero."

With that, Topaz disappeared in a flash, and Diamond turned back to the Ocean. As he gazed upon the crystal waters, he pondered over why they let Topaz escape? As he pondered his decision, he felt the light breeze of the wind blow and turned to see the large tree standing before him. Diamond then saw that the breeze had thrown three small flowers loose and they floated over the cliff and down towards the water below, Diamond looked back up towards the ocean.

"Kings of three, that were we, but who is the one who will be: the one who will free this Universe from corruption and evil? The one who will betray his family, who will be willing to kill their kin without mercy or remorse?" Diamond softly said to himself as he felt burning tears of Obsidian roll down his cheeks. "I will take on that role, I will bring my mace down upon those who oppose me and the justice I shall bring to this Universe. I will strike down all of my foes without hesitation…without mercy… nor remorse, so I am Order. I am the Master. I. Am. Diamond, the Old King…"

With that Diamond sighed and looked towards the sun that was setting in the distance. Diamond watched as the orange orb sunk into the distance and vanish, knowing that soon he would be in alone and engulfed within the darkness. But even as he could feel the darkness begin to control him, he found the faint warmth and the orange light of the sun safe and calming, it felt

For the first time in ages in her life since he and his siblings first breathed life, Diamond felt safe…

"Okay…I'm ready."


In the first year, Diaspore extracted all of her strength and power, forming it into her first born. He was known as Diamond, The Old King, and he was the exemplar of fear.

In the second year, Diaspore extracted all of her wisdom and knowledge, forming it into her second born. They were known as Topaz, The Taskmaster, and they were the exemplar of inspiration.

In the final year of her life, Diaspore extracted all of her emotion and compassion, and formed it into her last born. She was known as Rose Quartz, The Lion, and she was the exemplar of motivation.

As the three children looked to their Crystal Mother, they watched as the last fragments of her life faded before them. The three exemplars wept for their mother as her physical form began to disappear before them, begging her to stay.

"Doth not weep f'r me mine precious children, f'r I will always be part of thou and be by thy side until the end. I only ask f'r thou to tend to this Universe and keep the ranker good in mind. Care f'r this universe, and all within as thou would f'r each other. F'r with mine death, I give upon them a free life. See to it that mine gift is well spent. Reliquum silentium est."

With that, the Crystal Mother's body formed into a bright light and burst into trillions upon trillions of lights, scattering across the vast Universe. Leaving only the three Gemians behind.

"What are we supposed to do now?" Topaz asked their siblings.

"We do what Gemia had tasked us with." Diamond replied as he looked to the stars above. "We do what she made us for, to finish what she started."

With that, Diamond summoned a portal and pointed to it.

"Now come along my siblings, we have a Universe to maintain."

Rose and Topaz looked to each other as they entered the portal. As Diamond looked back to the stars, he sighed as he entered the portal. As it closed behind them, the first chapter of their story had just begin, and with it, the first chapter of many stories to come.

Those Who Came Before Chapter 12: The Goodbye
Hey there everyone and welcome to the conclusion to Everyone Makes Mistakes: Those Who Came Before.

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Previous Chapter:  Those Who Came Before Chapter 11: The Pearl
Original Idea by: Scraps
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Characters Created by: Rebecca Sugar
Chapter 11: A Pearl Among Us
Earth, Unknown several years later,
Rose stood before the open valley and sighed, it has been years since she declared herself and the Gems that followed her as rebels to the Diamond Authority, who planned on harvesting planets to build Gem colonies and geo-weapons. To Rose's shock, many of the Gems that fought beside her and against her had forgotten who she once was and now saw her as a Gem like them and not a God of compassion, much like they had forgotten about Topaz and Diamond. What was even more surprising was that she preferred her new identity and enjoyed being seen as an equal, but as she did, her mind fell back to her brother Diamond, and her sibling Topaz. With the Old King dead and the Taskmaster gone to Gemia knows where, she was the last of the Gemians in the Gem empire, or at least, among the Gems.
As she sighed again, she heard

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Original Idea by: Scraps

Collaboration work with: DeityDeviantWarrior

Characters Created by: Rebecca Sugar

Chapter 11: A Pearl Among Us


Earth, Unknown several years later,


Rose stood before the open valley and sighed, it has been years since she declared herself and the Gems that followed her as rebels to the Diamond Authority, who planned on harvesting planets to build Gem colonies and geo-weapons. To Rose's shock, many of the Gems that fought beside her and against her had forgotten who she once was and now saw her as a Gem like them and not a God of compassion, much like they had forgotten about Topaz and Diamond. What was even more surprising was that she preferred her new identity and enjoyed being seen as an equal, but as she did, her mind fell back to her brother Diamond, and her sibling Topaz. With the Old King dead and the Taskmaster gone to Gemia knows where, she was the last of the Gemians in the Gem empire, or at least, among the Gems.

As she sighed again, she heard faint footsteps and smiled.

"You need to improve on your footwork." Rose said as she turned to the meek little Pearl that stood before her. The long nosed Gem blushed as she looked away in embarrassment.

"Forgive me Leader." Pearl said as she turned back to Rose and saluted. "I just wanted to inform you about the incoming attack by the Authority and our main course for retreat."

"Thank you Pearl." Rose said as she approached Pearl. "But remember that there is no need for formalities. We are all equals."

"With all due respect…Rose." Pearl said meekly. "But it would be hard for a Pearl like me to be equal to someone like you. I mean, you're the leader of the Crystal Gems, you're leading the rebellion against the Homeworld. Not to mention you're the last Gemian."

Rose smiled faded slightly before she turned her attention to the open valley before her. As she looked at it, she thought about the Gems fighting for her cause, obeying her orders without falter. What Pearl said was true, she was a Gemian, and she was leading an army like a Gemian…like Diamond."

"Now while they distracted with harvesting this planet, we can land an evasive strike on Homeworld and take them by surprise!" Pearl explained as she projected a picture of homeworld with several ships surrounding it. "By the time they finish off this planet, the won't know what hit them."

As Rose thought about the planet around her, she remembered the other planets before this one. Throughout their war with Homeworld, many planets were harvested to allow time for the rebellion to regroup and attack, but this planet was different. As she settled on this planet, she encountered so much interesting life and saw so much potential in the lives of this planet. She then remembered the argument that Topaz and Diamond had a long time ago, the argument regarding the Gems and their purpose.


"These are not just "rocks" germanororum. Diamond explained. "They are living beings, who have feelings and thoughts of their own. Just as you, Rose and I do. We cannot just cast them aside like trash when they are not needed, we need to understand what they feel and what they think."

"It doesn't matter what they "think" or "feel"." Topaz stated coldly. "They were made here to serve *us*, to do what *we* tell them to do. They are made to provide Vitae, protect and build our provinces, or shatter themselves for *us*, and nothing more. Even if we lose one Gem, we can always get another to replace it, there are billions upon trillions of Gems in the Universe, losing one won't make a single difference in the Universe."

"If we devalue these Gem's, then we failed Gemia!" Diamond shouted at Topaz. "If we devalue these Gems, then what is the point in what we are doing? Hell, why don't we devalue the entirety of live in the Universe while we're at it? Or Gemia herself? In fact, how about you devalue me and Rose while you're at it?"

"Gemia told us to protect the Universe, not those within it!" Topaz shouted back at Diamond. "Who cares if one Gem gets destroyed?"

"I do!" Diamond said as he stood up in Topaz's face "As should you!"


"He's right…" Rose muttered to herself as she looked towards the sky with widened eyes. She then reached up and touched her shoulder, feeling the small scars from her "encounter" with Diamond.

"…I estimate that the total harvest time will be approximately 57.2 hours." Pearl continued to explain. "Which will allow enough time to-"

"Pearl…" Rose interjected softly to Pearl as she turned towards her.

"Yes?" Pearl replied as she dissipated the projection before her.

"I'm going to stay and fight for this planet." Rose explained to Pearl as she turned to gaze to the planet behind her before looking back to Pearl. "You don't have to do this with me."

"But I want to." Pearl objected blindly. The loyalty in her voice reminded Rose about the Pearl she saw in Diamond's lab, it reminded her about their purpose, to serve the higher Gems.

"I know you do." Rose said as she looked to the little Pearl with a sad gaze. "Please, please understand…if we lose, we'll be killed, and if we win, we can never go home."

"But why would I ever want to go home if you're here?" Pearl scoffed with a smile.

Rose smiled and chuckled at her response, although she knew that much of Pearl's behavior and motives revolved around loyal servitude, much like the rest of her kind. Rose did feel a strange sense of comfort with her response and comfort that she would give her life because she wanted to, not because she needed to. Rose then extended her hand to Pearl as she long-nosed Gems looked to her hand and then to her with a look of surprise as she raised her hand slightly. It was clear to Rose that this Pearl was not used to such kindness.

"My Pearl…" Rose said warmly as she smiled to the little Pearl.

"You're wonderful…" Pearl said softly as she took Rose's hand and held it tight.

It felt like hours as Pearl held onto Rose's hand, eventually, Pearl slowly let go of Rose's hand and turned away.

"Pearl…" Rose said as she approached the servant Gem. "…I want you to know that you don't serve me, you don't serve anyone."

Pearl the perked up as she felt a slight burning feeling on her cheek. As she wiped her cheek with her hand, she saw the black obsidian on her hand and gasped. She then looked to Rose and gave a light smile.

"I…I know…" Pearl replied as she nodded. "…thank you."

As Rose watched Pearl walk away, she frowned as she looked back to the valley behind her. Rose could see a large formation of clouds moving towards her. They were dark grey and there was the sound of thunder and the flash of lightening.

A storm was coming, and Rose wondered if she was truly ready for it.


Earth, Kindergarten Ruins, several hours later


The barren canyon was filled with harvester, machines made to create Gem from the life force of the planet. There were holes as far as the eyes could see, all of them were large enough to fit a single Gem, both small and large. The only thing that stood out of place was a lone warp pad, which quickly activated as a lone Pearl teleported onto the warp pad. Pearl looked around as she walked through the cold canyon, looking around at the harvesters and Gem holes. She stopped as she looked forward and saw a familiar sight before her. There stood Master Diamond, half of his head was covered in pitch black obsidian and he was inspecting one of the Gem holes.

"Master!" Pearl said as she kneeled towards the Old King.

"Ah…" Diamond said as he traced the hole with his hand, which was obsidian, before he turned towards her. "…you remembered."

"Master?" Pearl asked nervously towards Diamond as she stood up. "Is something wrong?"

"Yes…" Diamond said as he picked up a stone off the ground and looked at it. "…you could say that."

Diamond then chucked the stone at Pearl, shooting through her leg and causing her to fall onto her knee. Pearl let out a yelp in pain before she noticed that Diamond was standing before her, extending his hand towards her, just like Rose did.

"*My* Vestibulum…" Diamond said coldly as he stared at her with a piercing glare. "…give me your hand."

Pearl felt her body tremble as the pain in her leg caused her to wince as she raised her hand towards her master's. As she was about to make contact, Diamond's hand clamped through her hand, just like Rose's, only that his grip was harder and tighter. Pearl tried to let go but it was pointless.

"When my sister told you that you served no one, did you believe her?" Diamond asked as he began to push Pearl's hand back."

Pearl hesitated as she looked away in shame. She then felt the sharp pain of her hand being crushed in Diamond's fist. The little Gem howled in pain as she tried to use her other hand to break Diamond's grip only to feel his other hand slap her across the face and grab her face to look at his.

"DID YOU BELIEVE HER?" Diamond shouted as he gripped tighter. The sound of breaking bone was apparent along with the cries of his Gem victim.

"Y-y-y-yes…" Pearl muttered as she looked to her Master, black tears of obsidian trickled down her face. "Please…. forgive me…"

Diamond glared at her before he released his grip. As he turned away from her, he looked to his hand, covered in blue blood, and began to speak to the little Gem as she withered on the ground.

"You are a spy for me. You follow me and only me." Diamond explained as he continued to inspect his hand. "What you feel for the rebellion, for the "Crystal Gems" is a lie. What you have been feeling for all these years, has been a lie. Is that clear?"

Pearl sat up as she used her non-broken hand to salute to Diamond.

"Yes Rose." Pearl replied, her stomach dropped at what she just said.

As she watched Diamond turn towards her. The look in his eyes was that of an indescribable rage. A rage that would haunt Pearl for centuries to come.

"What did you just call me?" Diamond said softly.

"Forgive me Master…" Pearl said defensively as Diamond stormed towards her, the Gem's mouth dried up as he stood towering before her. "…I've been working with Rose for so long that-"

A sharp kick to the stomach quickly silenced the Gem and sent her flying into a wall. As she tried to get back up, Pearl saw Diamond raise his hand and clench it, creating a small rectangle pedestal of stone beside him. He then stormed up to Pearl, grabbed her by the hair, and dragged the screaming Gem towards the pedestal and threw her before it.

"Place your arm on the stone." Diamond commanded Pearl. "The one I crushed."

Pearl looked to the stone and then to Diamond. Grabbing her arm as she began to well up with tears. Diamond then grabbed her arm and slammed it on the stone. Several stone cuffs attached her arm to the pedestal. Pearl cried as she tried to pull her arm away, but it was no use.

"You lied to me Pearl." Diamond said as he walked around his servant. "You still care for my sister; you consider her your true Master, do you not?"

"No Master, I don't…" Pearl pleaded as tears ran down her face. "I'll always serve you. I'll behave…I'll do whatever you want."

"Is that so?" Diamond hissed as he summoned his mace and held it before her. "Or would you do such for HER?"

Before Pearl could respond, Diamond quickly brought his mace down onto her restrained hand. Pearl howls echoed throughout the canyon as Diamond mace shattered her hand. As blue blood tricked down onto the earth below, Diamond stopped and grabbed Pearl's face.

"Who am I?" Diamond asked softly as he raised his bloody mace.

"You…you are my master?" Pearl responded weakly as she looked to the mace.

Diamond noticed this and slammed the mace down onto Pearl's arm, causing her to howl in pain.

"LOOK AT ME!" Diamond screamed at Pearl.

Pearl whimpered as she obliged her master's command.

"Now…" Diamond said softly as he raised his mace again. "What is your purpose?"

Pearl coughed and gagged from the pain as she responded to the question.

"To…to…erve…you…" Pearl said as she felt light headed.

"Do you want me to kill you?" Diamond asked as he raised her face to look towards his.

"N-n-no…" Pearl repled.

"No?" Diamond asked mockingly as he slammed the mace down again, causing the Pearl in his grasp to howl wildly before Diamond slapped her silent. "Why not?"

Pearl muttered something weakly. Diamond responded to this by lifting his mace and touching her face with it.

"What did you say?" Diamond asked.

Pearl muttered louder, but it was still not enough.
"WHAT DID YOU SAY?" Diamond shouted as he raised his mace to strike her.

"BECAUSE I LIVE TO SERVE YOU!" Pearl screamed at Diamond.

"OF COURSE!" Diamond screamed as he struck her in the head with his mace. "IT IS WHAT YOU WERE MADE FOR!"

Pearl felt the sharp pain shoot through her head as she felt the warm blood run down her head. Diamond then raised his free hand and clenched it, creating another stone pedestal next to Pearl's free arm. As he restrained it just like her other arm. Diamond grabbed her hair to grab her attention.

"I am glad that you know your place Vestibulum." Diamond said as he walked behind Pearl. "But you still need to be punished for your treason. Fortunately, I know the perfect punishment for your sins."

Pearl then felt the back of her dress rip open as Diamond spread her legs apart. As she tried to break free, Diamond continued to talk to her.

"You see, there was a time when our sibling Topaz and I would study many species of organics throughout the Universe and their behaviors and ideals. One species, known as the Vek, were known to use an interesting method of violence to control and punish their servants." Diamond then leaned forward until his mouth was next to Pearl's ear. "I always found this torture interesting, but I never thought about using it…"

Pearl then felt a strange sensation of a long object poking her from behind, as she tried to look towards it, she felt Diamond's arms grab her waist and hold her steady. The next words Diamond said confirmed what he was about to do, and those words would haunt her more than any glare ever could.

"…until I decided to use it on my sister, and now you."

Pearl suddenly felt a sharp pain in her lower abdomen, feeling a sharp long object stab into her. Pearl then looked down and saw that Diamond was stabbing her in the waist with…something. Pearl winced in pain as Diamond stabbed her harder and harder. As she tried to pull herself free, Diamond took his mace and held the handle against her neck, pulling hard as his servant gasped for air.

"You wanted to follow Rose…" Diamond hissed as he continued to thrust into Pearl. "…now you will suffer as she did.

Pearl felt Diamond's thrusts pump harder and harder and he pulled the mace tighter against her neck. As she felt the final thrusts before something hot shot into her body. Pearl gasped in pain before she dropped onto the ground. Diamond the stood above her and adjusted his robes before he clenched his fist, releasing Pearl from her restraints and healing her wounds.

"Keep in mind that the more you disobey, the worst it will get." Diamond said as he creating a portal and approached it before looking back to Pearl. "You are alive because I allowed it, but you will serve because I demand it, is that clear?"

Pearl sat up and nodded blankly as she watched Diamond enter the portal and closed it. Pearl then stood up weakly and looked around at the canyon. It seemed smaller than before, and the harvesters were much more menacing than they once were.

Without a word, the little Gem walked back to the warp pad and stepped onto it. But instead of teleporting back to the temple. She collapsed onto the device and began to weep.

"You're wonderful…" Pearl choked as she curled up into a ball on the warp pad, where she did not move for quite a while.


Diamond's tomb, seven thousand years later,


Diamond sat in the tomb as he held a small stone in his hand. His face and arm had fully healed and his power was almost at full strength. As he looked to the stone in his hand, he began to speak towards it.

"Authority, this is Master Diamond." Diamond spoke to the stone. "Are you there?"

"This is Yellow Diamond." The stone replied. "Master, you're alive."

"Correct, I…survived my attack and have been recovering for the past cycles." Diamond explained. "I have a Pearl that has been sending messages via the communication tower."

"I have been receiving them Master." Yellow Diamond explained. "We were able to plant the cluster as you asked, but what about you? If you stay there, then the planet will die and you could be shattered."

"I have time before that happens, my servant." Diamond replied. "I still need to recover some more before I acquire what I need and then the planet is yours."

"Excellent." Yellow Diamond replied. "I will send a Peridot to inspect the cluster after several cycles and then it should be ready for deployment and to escort you off that rock."

"Thank you." Diamond said. "I will look forward to seeing Homeworld again, along with Pe-"

Diamond froze as he felt a sharp pain in his chest, as he looked up to the ceiling of the cave, he sensed a disturbance brush through him.

"Master…" Yellow Diamond said through the stone. "Master, is everything alright?"

"No…" Diamond muttered as he then redirected his attention back to the stone in his hand. "I mean, yes. Keep this a secret and continue as scheduled, Diamond out."

As Diamond crushed the stone in his hand, he felt the rage in his begin to grow as a voice suddenly speak from the corners of his mind.

"Mlongo wake Kwanu anakupatsani moyo wa mlongoyo amangowatchula kuti." Obsidian hissed to Diamond. "Kuwalandira pomwepo ndi mphamvu yake chimakhala m'manja m'chifuŵa mwake."

"How!" Diamond shouted as he slammed his fist onto the ground before him. "How is that possible?"

"Chimatayidwa momveka bwino kuti chako Kapolo ameneyu ni choyankhira." Obsidian replied. "Hule limeneli akuyesetsa kuthana ndi Kodi iwe kuti asakhaliretu amaona duwa anachita mphamvu zake. Kumene ndiko chifukwa chake mayiyo anamupatsa ntchito imeneyo."

Diamond face widened with shock at what Obsidian said. He then looked towards the door to his tomb and uttered a single command.

"Vestibulum ad me!"

The waters were still in the dark caves below the island. These caves were home to a special temple that carried all sorts of weapons and relics. From cannons to swords, to robots to even a giant penny, this vault almost seemed limitless in its supply of items. However, little did any gem but one knew that there was a dark secret with this vault. A secret that only one Gem knew about and that Gem's name was Pearl.

In the darkness of the cave, a light shined and from the light, a gem appeared, it was Pearl, only she seemed different. Her expression was that of a blank but cold stare, almost as if she had just committed a heinous crime. Her shirt had a large bloodstain on the front and her hands were bloody. She proceeded to walk to the center of the large vault. As she did, the hand shaped center rose up, demanding the owner to place their hand onto the pedestal. Pearl then planted her bloody hand onto the center and the whole cave brightened. Pearl then smiled and pronounced a single command to the vault.

"Monumentum de Dominum"

Upon hearing the command, a section of the vault opened up, revealing a set of stairs descending into the vault. As Pearl removed her hand and walked down the staircase. She could hear the sound of heavy breathing until she reached a large stone door with the crest of the Crystal Tribunal engraved on the front. As she reached to open the giant gate, she hesitated and then began to feel her eyes starting to sting. She then realized that she was leaking black bile from her eyes, it was the bile of the Obsidian virus, and it meant that her master was expecting her. Just as she opened the door, she felt the cold air pierce her body as she entered the chamber.

In this chamber was a huge cave, the black rocks surrounded Pearl and blinded her from the sigs before hr. Just then, a flash of silver light formed, revealing before her Master Diamond. As she stood him, she quickly knelt before the Old King and began to pray to him.

"Vos ego appello Dominum Anancites ipsum obsidiani, Crystallus primogenitus matrem suam formam prætulit fortitudo et, et divinum Cristallum Imperij omnipotentis loquentis. Evigilabit ex dormitione tuaita ut, Vestibulum, atque hereditate tuam discipulus, ut tibiquod petis. Vitae."

As soon as she finished her chant, she looked up at the Gemian before her. Suddenly, Diamond's eyes flashed open, his sudden appearance and cold red stare startled Pearl. He stared at her as if it was a parent staring down their child after they did something wrong. Pearl knew that her master was displeased with her actions and before she could say anything else, she felt his large hand smack her across the chamber and onto one of the walls. As she rose off the floor, she rubbed her forehead and felt something strange; she then placed her hands around her gem and felt the three new cracks in her gem. As she gasped in shock, she felt a mixed feeling of horror and fear as she soon heard a roaring voice that filled her very being with dread.

"Vestibulum…" Diamond's voice echoed of the chamber walls as he stood up from the ground he was sitting on. "What have you done? You have betrayed me!"

Pearl was frozen with fear, never having seen the full fury of her master quite like this. As he stormed towards her, she could feel his footsteps vibrating the ground beneath her and could see his presence towering over her. It did not take long for her to realize that what she had done jeopardized his plans. Pearl quickly stood up and began to plead towards her master for mercy.

"Master…betray you? Never." The Gem begged to the Old King before her. "I would never betray you."

However, her pleas fell short as Diamond's glare silenced her voice. She felt the burning tears of Obsidian run down her cheeks, leaving behind small scars in their wake. She then jumped at the sound of his voice as he began to speak to her again.

"Do not think for a moment that I am naïve of your actions. I can see what you see and I know what you know." Diamond coldly explained to his servant as he marched up to her. "You have neglected my orders in favor of your own stupidity, and now it has caused a great disruption in my plans. You have ruined everything!"

Pearl was terrified, it was her fault that the plan was now shot and it was because of this that Diamond was upset. She noticed that he was just staring at her, as if he was waiting for an explanation.

"I did not mean to Master, it was an accident…" Pearl tried to explain to her master, only to receive several sharp and powerful blows to the stomach and face as a reply. As Pearl fell to the floor and began to vomit black bile and blood, she felt his large hand grab her hair and drag her up. Pearl screamed in agony as she grabbed for her scalp that burned from her master's iron grip, he then threw her across the chamber and into one of the walls. As Pearl was recovering from the impact, she opened her black shot eyes to see her master staring right back at her with a piercing red eye.

"Now, the child has Rose Quartz's Gem potential!" Diamond hissed as he grabbed Pearl from the ground and stood her up to face him. "This means we will have to wait until the child is at the proper age before we can extract his Vitae! This is unacceptable!"

Pearl looked down at the floor and sniffled softly, as she saw the black tears drop from her eyes and onto the floor, her sniffling turned into crying, because of her, their plan was botched. Because of her, they would now have to wait years before the next chance. All of this hate and anger from her master was because of her. The only thing that she could muster through the sobbing was a simple "I'm sorry…" She had hoped that at least he would show leniency to her if she asked for forgiveness. Suddenly, she heard a thud next to her as she saw his hand pressed on the wall next to her. She then looked at Diamond, whose glare was with a look of rage, a look she has seen many times before, a look that could only mean one thing.

Pearl's stomach sunk as fresh tears began to pour out of her eyes, she began to realize what he was planning to do. With her back to the wall and with the Old King towering over her, there was no escape from the master's punishment.

"No Master!" Pearl tearfully pleaded, realizing that everything that had happened was nothing compared to what was to come, "Please forgive me! No! I'm sorry, please, not again!"

Diamond ignored his servant's cries for mercy as he grabbed Pearl by the neck with his free hand and moved closer to her. Pearl could feel his ice-cold breath upon her being as he took his hand off the wall and planted it on her shoulder. He then made a response that finalized Pearl's fear.

"Until that time comes, I think I shall teach you the price of defiance and savagery…" with that, Diamond clenched his hand and pulled back, ripping away the cloth that he was grabbing from the flesh before him. "If you resist, you will see no restraint of my fury!"

The events that followed felt as if they went on for eons to Pearl as she lay on the cold chamber floor, stripped of her cloths with a large hand gripping her neck and face. Each penetrating thrust felt as if she was being burned from the inside and each thrust felt as if it was the first. Pearl cried and screamed in agony and despair, black obsidian tears flowed from her eyes and black bile spilled from her mouth. She looked down at her defiled body, covered in cuts, scars, and bruises formed from her Master's wrath, the fluid of shame dripping from her body. She then shut her eyes, trying to justify in her mind why Diamond did not kill her for such a critical mistake. She then thought about what had happened to Rose, a member of the Tribunal who died, and then she remembered her son Steven, who now carries her powers. She realized that now the powers were in a fresher body and would be more refined. This would mean that the Vitae Steven would produce would be more refined and even stronger. This also meant that there was still a chance of redemption and her Master would give her a second chance. Until then however, she would have to accept her punishment as she had before.

"It's okay Pearl!" Pearl gasped as she felt the thrusts grow harder. "Everyone makes mistakes; he will forgive you."

Pearl gasped as she could feel Diamond's grip tighten, it was almost here. The Old King then lifted Pearl's head to look into her eyes, his gaze pierced her like a spear through soft cloth.

"I will always serve you Master, for I am your loyal and fateful servant! Without you, I cannot exist. I need you!" Pearl gasped.

"I need you! I need you! I need you! I need you! I need you! I need you! I need you! I need you! I need you! I need you! I need you! I need you! I need you! I need you! I need you! I need you! I need you! I need you! I need you! I need you! I need you! I need you! I need you! I need you! I need you! I need you! I need you! I need you! I need you! I need you! I need you! I need you! I need you! I need you! I need you! I need you! I need you! I need you! I need you! I need you!"

She felt the trusts get faster and harder with each moment until she felt the thrusts begin to tighten. As she clenched the ground, she felt her climax finally arrive and Diamond's vitae explode within her body.

"ANANCITES!" Pearl screamed as she felt the pain of the white-hot vitae flow into her. The sensations that Pearl experienced were nearly unbearable. As she began to falter from exhaustion, the last thing she felt before drifting into unconsciousness was Diamond's hand brush across her face, healing her wounds and repairing her Gem. As she looked up to him, she was able to see his glaring eyes of red over her.

"You do not yet understand your place in things Vestibulum." Diamond sighed as he snapped his fingers, causing Pearl to become fully clothed and clean. He then waved is hand and summoned a portal, which he placed Pearl though. "You have your knowledge and power because I allowed it, and you will control your bloodlust because I demand it." Diamond then proceeded to close the portal and sit back down on the floor of the chamber.

As the tomb was quiet once more, Diamond watched as a pitch black being was sitting before him.

"Amenewa ndi mwankhanza." Obsidian hissed towards Diamond. "Akadalipobe mpaka pano Ndimagoma mmene wasintha Kodi iwe adzatimukira kukwaniritsa kukwaniritsa zolinga chako."

"My goals...MY GOALS?" Diamond objected as he stood up and pointed at the Leviathan. "You've been forcing me to do all of this! I never asked for this! I never asked to do all of this in the name of order and peace!"

Diamond then felt his body become heaver as he fell onto his hands and knees before Obsidian.

"N'kukhalabe ndi ndisabwere kuno inu." Obsidian replied with a laugh. "Icho amandichititsa kukhala mungadzifunse momwe chako dram Peridot akachita chiyani powona uli Chabwino kuwalandira pomwepo?"

"She…knows about you." Diamond grunted as he tried to sit up. "We both knew you would do things like this."

"Kumene ndiko Chifukwa chake Kodi iwe analenga zinthu ndi tsango kukhala enwheel anandiuza?" Obsidian asked as he released Diamond. "Kapena ngati Kingsbane kudzawononga anandiuza?"

Diamond looked to Obsidian with distain as the Leviathan laughed at him.

"Kuti ine akakhoze koma amanena, mlongo wake ine wopereka chinali opusa kwambiri kuti akonze ndi zinthu monga choncho Kodi iwe." Obsidian said with a laugh as he faded into the shadows. "Izo ndi ndithudi_kutengeratu Ndipotu n'zodabwitsa chimene mayiyo amene anamangidwa ine ndiyeno Kodi iwe andimasula. Kumaganiza Kodi iwe ungathe kuwonongeka anandiuza? Ndipo iwe simungakhoze kusiya."

Diamond once again sat in the darkness, the last thing Obsidian said rung through his mind over and over. Perhaps it was his fault that all this begin. Perhaps he and his siblings truly failed their mission to preserve the balance of the Universe…

…or perhaps in the end, it was ultimately the mission of someone else…


Beach City, beachside, fourteen years later


"He looks among the crowd, keeping his gaze out for that one sweetheart he's been looking for…" said the young boy in the pink shirt as he raised the stone in his hand like a baseball. "The crowd goes silent, but a single voice shouts out in the distance."

Meet Steven Universe, a young boy who is known around town as both the friendliest kid in town and the savior of the town. What makes this boy special is that he inherited magic Gem powers from his mother, Rose Quartz. Ever since he was born, he was raised by three Gems known as Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl. Within those years, they have had an interesting series of adventures, from discovering Steven's powers, to saving the planet from the Homeworld's invasion. He even turned several Homeworld Gems to the good side. But now a days the Homeworld Gems have returned to their home and the Crystal Gems are still picking up the pieces left on Earth. As for Steven, he's trying to pass the time while he waits for Connie to finish school, and what better than to try out for the Beach City Baseball team…which he just made up.

"He hears the cry of his beloved in the distance. "Go get them Steven!"" Steven shouted mockingly into the air. "I believe in you!"

Steven then curled up the stone in his hand and tossed it as hard as he could. The rock went several feet before it splashed into the ocean.

"He did it! He won the Game!" Steven cheered as he ran in a circle. "The crowd goes wild for the new baseball champion, Steven Universe!"

As Steven began to dance to celebrate his mock victory, he turned around and stopped as he saw a man standing before him, the Man had long grey hair and a long grey beard as well as a long nose like Pearl. As Steven stood frozen before him, the old man looked to Steven with silver eyes.

"Such a strange custom." Diamond said in curiosity as he stroked his chin. "I guess it is important to you?"

"Yep." Steven said as he tried to preform cool stretches. "Just won the Beach City Baseball tournament, I'm a big star you know."

"I believe I do." Diamond replied with a smile. "Do you mind if I sit? I do enjoy meditating on the beach."

"Sure!" Steven said as he watched Diamond sit down on the sandy beach. "Pearl does that all the time, it helps with her stress."

"Pearl?" Diamond asked the boy. "Is she a friend of yours?"

"Well, more like my step-mom, along with Garnet and Amethyst." Steven explained. "You see, my mom died when I was born and the Gems take care of me."

"I see…" Diamond said as he looked to the ocean before him. "I heard rumors that a young boy stopped an alien invasion, I supposed that you are that boy?"

"Yes I am!" Steven replied as he stood in triumph before the Old King. "Steven Universe: Savor of…the Universe."

"Clever." Diamond said with a chuckle as he looked to the boy as he grabbed another rock to throw at the ocean. "So you never met your mother?"

"No…" Steven said as he chucked the stone and picked up another. "But she did leave behind a message on a video as well as her sword."

"Rose left you her sword?" Diamond asked as he face lit up. "Then you must have her shield."

Steven was about to throw the stone when he stopped and looked to Diamond with a suspicious expression.

"Y-yeah…how do you know that?" Steven asked as he turned towards the Old King. "Who are you?"

"I am an old friend of your mothers." Diamond said as he stood up before the half-gem. "In fact you could say I am your u-"

"Steven!" a voice shouted out, drawing the attention of both Steven and Diamond.

As Steven turned to the direction of the voice, he saw Connie riding towards Steven on her bicycle. Steven then turned back to Diamond only to find that the Old King was gone. As Steven looked to the area in confusion, his attention was drawn back to Connie.

"Hey Steven is something wrong?" Connie asked as she approached Steven. "You looked worried."

"Hey was there someone behind me?" Steven asked Connie as they both sat beside each other on the beach.

"I didn't see anyone." Connie replied as she took out the latest issue of Black and Blue by Parts the Idiot. "Must've been your imagination."

"Yeah…" Steven chuckled nervously. "Must've been indeed…"

As he sat by Connie as she read from the highly anticipated but long overdue third part of the series, Steven still thought about the strange man and what he knew about his mother, could he know things about the Gems too?

Come to think of it, he did look a lot like Pearl.

Those Who Came Before Chapter 11: The Pearl
Hallo, und herzlich willkommen zur elfster Ausgabe von Jeder macht Fehler: jene, die vor Gekommen.

Wie können Sie feststellen, ist dieses Kapitel in einem Entwurf des Arbeits mit einem Künstler und Schriftsteller fromm: :icondeitydeviantwarrior:

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Vorheriges Kapitel:  Those Who Came Before Chapter 10: The Empire
Original Idea by: Scraps
Collaboration work with: DeityDeviantWarrior
Characters Created by: Rebecca Sugar
Chapter 10: Empire of Obsidian
Tribunal Temple, Gemian's quarters, several billion years ago
Rose couldn't sleep as she heard the arguments between her siblings in the other room. It had been almost a year since the three siblings made a pact and created the Tribunal, but since then it seemed that the arguments seemed to return twice as strong. Rose sighed as she sat up and creped towards her door. As she creaked the door open just a crack, she could see Topaz and Diamond arguing in the central chamber.
"…and our job is to ensure the security of our own, not become "caretakers" to the entirety of the Universe." Topaz shouted towards their brother. "We are protectors of the Universe, not a police force."
"But Gemia told us to protect the Universe, not just our own kind." Diamond debated as he placed his hands on the table. "We can't be selfish with our powers, we have

Letztes Kapitel:  Those Who Came Before Chapter 12: The Goodbye
Original Idea by: Scraps
Collaboration work with: DeityDeviantWarrior
Characters Created by: Rebecca Sugar
Chapter 12: Goodbye Master Diamond
Crystal Temple, Pearl's Room, several months later
The room was filled with rushing water that poured from several large floating platforms, which in turn flowed down the edge of the larger platform beneath. As the water flowed smoothly and without flaw, the tranquility was disrupted by the sound of the door to the room opening and a lone Pearl rushing in. She quickly closed the door and placed her hand on it. As she heard a small clicking noise, Pearl turned around and leaned on the door. The long nosed Gem gasped for breath as she wiped her face and then looked at her hand, which had a black fluid smeared on her palm. The fluid began to lightly burn her hand and then intensify in pain. The Gem made a distressed grunt as she rushed over to the pool of the main platform and began to wash her hands in the water. As she did, Pearl saw her r

Everyone Makes Mistakes: The Comic 13 by ScrapstheFool
Everyone Makes Mistakes: The Comic 13
Artwork by: :iconcleverun:

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Original Idea by: Scraps

Collaboration work with: DeityDeviantWarrior

Characters Created by: Rebecca Sugar

Chapter 10: Empire of Obsidian


Tribunal Temple, Gemian's quarters, several billion years ago


Rose couldn't sleep as she heard the arguments between her siblings in the other room. It had been almost a year since the three siblings made a pact and created the Tribunal, but since then it seemed that the arguments seemed to return twice as strong. Rose sighed as she sat up and creped towards her door. As she creaked the door open just a crack, she could see Topaz and Diamond arguing in the central chamber.

"…and our job is to ensure the security of our own, not become "caretakers" to the entirety of the Universe." Topaz shouted towards their brother. "We are protectors of the Universe, not a police force."

"But Gemia told us to protect the Universe, not just our own kind." Diamond debated as he placed his hands on the table. "We can't be selfish with our powers, we have to use them to help all in need, both Gem and not."

"Diamond, you don't know what Gemia wanted us to do." Topaz said as they approached Diamond and glared right into his eyes. "All she did was leave us with the mess she made. I don't even know why you even care?"

"Because it was what she created us for." Diamond replied with an aggravated tone. "She gave her life to give freedom to this Universe, and it is our job to maintain that freedom, no matter what."

Topaz scoffed as they turned away and walked a few feet from the Old King as they turned back.

"If you think I'll follow the orders from some dead Gem that I know nothing of, you're not just wrong, you're a blind fool." Topaz replied with a smirk.

"Take that back…" Diamond growled at the Taskmaster as he clenched his fists.

"Or what, you'll hit me again?" Topaz replied as they opened their arms. "You can try, but I don't think Rose will like it."

Rose flinched as she watched Diamond lower his head as his fists clenched tighter.

"Please be honest with me Diamond, how stupid are you?" Topaz asked as they approached their brother. "How can you follow the word of someone who know nothing about, some who you probably never seen befo-"

Topaz stopped as they felt Diamond's hands grab their robe and pull him forward

"BECAUSE I HAVE TOPAZ!" Diamond screamed at his sibling. "I WAS THERE FROM THE BEGINNING!"

Rose gasped at the reaction brought upon by her brother, she watched as Topaz gave a shocked expression as Diamond released them from his grip. The Taskmaster then watched as their brother backed away and turned towards the table.

"It took three years for Gemia to construct us from her essence, three years to rip a part of her being out from her and create life from that." Diamond explained as he placed his hands on the table. "I...I was the first born, my first sight was seeing the one who created me surrounded by a sea of red, and the first sound I heard was the screams of my creator as she began to create you Topaz."

Topaz flinched as they slowly approached Diamond. Suddenly, the Old King quickly summoned his mace and swiftly smashed the table into splinters. Topaz and Rose watched in horror as Diamond finished destroying the table, dissipating his mace, and crumbling onto the floor.

"I watched the one who gave me life, the one who gave *us* life, suffer the worst fates imaginable." Diamond choked as he turned to Topaz with tears flowing from his eyes. "I can still hear the screams as clear as day, every time I…every time I close my eyes…I can see her…see that sea of red…."

"Diamond…" Topaz said as they approached Diamond and knelt before him. "I…I didn't know…I'm…I'm sorry…"

Diamond looked to Topaz and glared at him as tears continued to flow from his eyes.

"You will never EVER doubt our mother like that again!" Diamond commanded as he pointed his finger at his sibling. "I never…want you to do that…ever…again."

Diamond crumbled into his hands as he began to weep loudly. In that instant Topaz stood up and walked towards Rose's room, opening the door and causing Rose to leap back in shock.

"Go to him." Topaz said to their sister. "You are better at dealing with this than I am."

Rose looked to Diamond and then to Topaz and she huffed in irritation. She then grabbed her sibling's arm and dragged them to Diamond, pulling them down next to the Old King and then wrapping her arms around her brother as she glared at Topaz.

"What?" Topaz said as they placed their hand on Diamond's back. "I'm comforting him.

Rose continued to stare at her sibling with starry eyes until Topaz surrendered and awkwardly wrapped themselves around Diamond.

As Diamond began to calm down, Topaz felt a strange sense of comfort from what was occurring, a warmth in their chest that they never felt before. It felt safe and welcoming, and as they broke from the hug and looked to their siblings, the feeling felt stronger.

Maybe this was why Gemia created the Gemians, and then the Taskmaster wondered if the process could be done with Gemians.


Terra Planet, Unknown Cavern, present day


The caverns were silent, quiet as a grave, the only sound being the faint howl of wind and the small drops of water from the stalactites. In the heart of the cavern was a lone pink haired Gem standing before a large stone coffin. As she looked to the stone box, Rose Quartz, the leader of the Gem resistance, gazed upon the body that resided before her gaze. There before her was the body of the Gemian known as Master Diamond, who had moments ago was brought down by his very sister. As she continued to stare at the Old King's body in silence. She tried to piece together everything that had happened in her mind, trying to figure out a reason for why he turned on his people. But her mind fell to a blank as she felt her heart sink and tears well within her eyes. As she approached Diamond's body, she gazed upon his face, lightly flinching at the sight of the missing portion which she had cut off during their battle.

"My Diamond…my poor brother…" Rose whispered as she knelt before Diamond's corpse, feeling her tears fall onto Diamond's face and trickle down his face as if he was crying as well. "If only my tears could work upon the dead."

Rose then extended her hand and created a single crystal rose which she planted upon Diamond's chest. She then knelt forward and kissed him on the forehead before she stood back up.

"I forgive you for what you have done Diamond, I always will." Rose said to Diamond as she closed the coffin and began to walk out of the cavern. "And I swear brother, I will provide the others the same kindness. I'll make this Universe a better place, for all of us. I'll fix everything, you'll see."

As Rose exited the chamber of the cavern, she turned around and moved her hand before the mouth of the chamber, sealing the door shut with a small star engraving.

"Farewell, my Diamond…" Rose looked to the engraving, she sighed and turned toward the exit of the cavern.

As she stepped out of the mouth of the cave, she looked around at the beach around her, listening to the waves as they crashed onto the sandy beach beside the Gemian. Rose then looked up to the sky above her. As she felt the rays of the sun leave a faint warmth on her skin, she thought about the Diamond authority, knowing that even without their master, there would still be a form of leadership and a set of plans in motion. Rose knew at this moment that to protect this planet, and the planets like it, she would return to homeworld and face the authority, putting many lives, both Gem and organic, at risk.

As the pondered over the actions of the future, Rose heard the sound of shouting as she looked towards the distance of the beach and saw a lone gem rushing towards her. This Gem was a pearl known as…well…Pearl, and she was Rose's closest ally throughout the rebellion.

As she watched the long nosed Gem dash towards her, Rose approached her with smile, knowing that like Diamond, Rose had loyal allies on her side.


Homeworld, Diamond's lab, several years ago


"Diamond…I need to talk to you for a moment…"

The door opened as Rose poked her head inside and looked around. There was Metalian technology scattered around the room as well as strange devices made with Gem technology.

"Diamond…." Rose said nervously as she peered around in the lab. "…are you in here?"

As she entered the lab, she noticed a large table with a large cloaked object on it. Rose then approached the cloaked table and noticed that the near base of the cloak was lightly moving, much like one does when they are breathing. As she realized what it was, Rose was about to remove the cloak, when a voice halted her in her tracks.

"It seems curiosity has once again overridden your logic, little sister." Diamond said to the intruding Gem as she spun around to face the Old King, who glared down at her with menacing red eyes. "I believe I made it clear that *only* I may enter this laboratory."

"Diamond, that is this place…" Rose said as she looked to the cloaked object behind her. "and what is this? I can feel something familiar from it. It feels…"

"…like a Gem?" Diamond interjected with a raised eyebrow as he approached the object and removed the cloak. "That is because it IS!"

Rose gasped as she saw a small blue long nosed gem laying on the table before her, the Gem was shackled to the table and a strange device was attached to the gem on her chest and to her face, holding one of her eyes open. As the gem looked to Rose and Diamond, she whimpered as she tried to speak, unable to do so as the device on her face was also attached to a device that was shoved down her throat. As Rose stepped back in horror, she bumped into Diamond, who she looked up to with a confused and disgusted stare.

"What is this?" Rose asked objectively as she pointed to the Gem behind her. "Who is that?"

"That is known as a Pearl." Diamond answered as he approached the Pearl and adjusted the device on her face, picking up a small syringe and examined it before he squirted an opaque blue liquid into her eye. "I have been creating them in my image."

"Creating them?" Rose asked with confusedly. "What do you mean by "created them?"

Diamond took a small nail-like device and placed it on the center of the Pearl's Gem. As he pressed into it, the device began to push into the Gem, causing the Pearl to emit a muffled scream as she jerked in her shackles. Before Rose objected, Diamond answered her question.

"Rose, it is necessary for our people to forge an empire, but the process of waiting for Gems to form is too long. However, Topaz and I have discovered a way to use Vitae to construct Gems at a large process. By using planetary Vitae, we can create a proper Gem army that will-"

"Harvest?" Rose asked as she approached Diamond and grabbed his hand with the tool in it and turned his attention to him. Diamond saw the look of anger in her eyes as she glared at him. "You mean "you'll kill the planet to build an army?"

"Of course Rose." Diamond said as he looked down to his sister. "It is necessary for our empire to expand and grow, and to do such, sacrifice has to be made. We need a proper army in order to enforce our rule."

"We don't need to enforce anything!" Rose objected as she turned to Diamond and pointed to the Pearl. "We don't need slaves, we don't need harvesters, and we don't need a Gemia-damned army!"

Diamond quickly stood up and faced his sister with a glare of upmost anger. As he approached Rose, her glare melted into a look of fear as the Old King stood above her. It was always known that Diamond had a legendary glare that was perhaps more powerful than any power he could muster. That and his tall size, made the Gemian before him feel like such an insect.

"You dare object my authority?" Diamond hissed as he raised his fist towards his sister. "You…"

Before he continued, he stopped as he saw another Gemian standing between them. There was Topaz, ready to summon their lance at the first sign of trouble. The Taskmaster glared back at the Old King, given that they carried no fear towards their elder brother.

"Enough of this!" Topaz shouted towards Diamond. "Do you think that killing and harvesting will ensure peace, we might as well become Metalians. You know as well as I do that the balance would be disrupted should we interfere with them. You could land us in another war with the organics."

Diamond paused as he turned back to his table with a grunt. Topaz then sighed in irritation before before they turned their attention to a smiling Rose.

"Thanks Topaz." Rose said as she beamed towards him. "At least you're on my si-"

"I'm not finished here, Rose!" Topaz barked at their sister, who flinched back in shock as she looked up to the Taskmaster glaring down at her, their glare was almost as bad as Diamond's. "What you were planning on doing was just as bad, perhaps even worst that Diamond's plan."

"What?" Rose asked in objected "What do you mean?

Topaz crossed their arms as they continued to look down at Rose, Diamond continued to look at his table as he heard Topaz's rant toward their sister.

"You were planning to use the Gems to turn our empire into a protection force. What you fail to realize is that such an action would violate the balance of the universe as well. By caring for a planet's problems, the said planet would become dependent, this would eventually result in a shift of higher priority with planets that benefit our empire over ones that do not, this would then result in war between the lesser planets and stronger ones, and then the surviving planets against our empire. This would then result in either the destruction of the planets due to lack of self-sufficiency, or result in another war between the abandoned planets. All of the choices would result in wide-span death and chaos, resulting from war, planetary instability and of course…"

Topaz bent down towards Rose and they stared into the Lion's eyes, which were welling up with tears over what Topaz was saying to her.

"…Gem interference…caused by you."

Rose quickly stepped back as she ran out the lab. Topaz and Diamond could hear her sobs fade as she ran down the hallway of the chamber. Topaz then turned to Diamond, who was still facing his table.

"Is that true Topaz…?" Diamond asked as he looked down to the Pearl before him. "Would the organics react in such a way?"

"I have seen their nature myself brother." Topaz answered as they looked to the Metalian technology scattered across the room. "Every organic is prone to violence and chaos, it's in their nature, and if you saw what I saw, you would agree with me.

"Diamond flinched as he remembered a vision that Obsidian had shown him regarding the cruelties of the Universe. He then felt a black burning tear trickle from his eye and drop onto the Pearl's arm, causing her to wince in pain.

"I…think I understand now Topaz." Diamond said as he raised his head and looked to the Taskmaster. "Thank you."

"Just…just get rid of all of this junk. But do make more Pearls" Topaz commanded as they absconded from the lab. "I need to talk to Rose and apologize."

As Diamond stood alone in his lab, he bent down to the ground and scooped up a small amount of dirt into his hand. As he clenched it tightly, he opened his palm to reveal a small stone in his hand.

"Onychinos, this is Master Diamond." Diamond said to the stone. "Inform Peridot to prepare the Agates, I will explain more when I arrive on Insidiae."

"As you command Master." A voice replied from the stone.

As Diamond crushed the stone back into dirt. He looked to the Pearl on the table, who was looking back at him with fear.

"Do not worry, what I have planned will make this Universe a better place." Diamond said as he ripped the device on the Pearl's Gem off her body, causing her to make a muffle scream as she felt her physical form become static. "But I'm afraid you will not be around by then to see it."

Diamond then looked to the lab door and waved his hand, causing it to close and lock.

It was never known what Diamond did in his laboratory after that but some Gems recall faint screaming could be heard for hours on end.


Gem Colony Insidiae, Agate Factory, present day,


Peridot paced the hallways of the factory, examining console after console, sometimes examining the same console twice in a row. All of this was to both prepare the Agate army and to keep her mind off Diamond's current whereabouts, which were unknown since he had disappeared after the attack by Howlite. She had no contact from him since then and she was getting more worried by the minute.

"Please come back to me…" Peridot said as she examined her finger screen and made several calibrations. "Please my Diamond."

As she entered the main control chamber to the factory, she saw a flashing light on the main console, this signified that a transmission was received. As Peridot rushed towards it, she felt a pang of hope that it was Diamond, informing her that he was alright, only instead, she saw the projection of an agate instead.


Upon those words, Peridot felt her stomach drop as she felt a lump in her throat begin to grow. Although she knew the answer already, she felt her lips speak the following words.

"Proceed…" Peridot commanded weakly, feeling tears form in her eyes as she glared at the Gem droid before her.


By the time the Agate had finished its first sentence, Peridot collapsed onto the floor and wept loudly into her arms. The Gem she loved, the Old King who she would follow to hell and bad, was gone. As she looked up with bloodshot eyes towards the projection, it was a list of commands regarding the three projects.



[This protocol is to be established upon the demise of the leader of the Diamond Authority: Master Diamond, and is for Diamond Authority Leader's eyes only. All commands are to be established as listed. Failure to follow orders will be considered treason and punishable by shattering or Agate assimilation.]


[COMMAND: All documentation, recording, and history of Gemians, Metalians, and Gem origins are to be removed and replaced with information listed in New Gem Codex, which will be destroyed upon completion of operation. In addition, all Gems with knowledge of the former knowledge will be "re-educated" or terminated. UPDATE: The Gemian known as "Rose Quartz" is still at large and will be considered a rogue Gem.

[COMMAND LEADER: Diamond Authority]


[COMMAND: A specialized Geode weapon will be planted onto earth, which will result in the destruction of said planet and all life on and within it. Use of the finished cluster will be established by command leader.]

[COMMAND LEADER: Yellow Diamond]


[COMMAND: Classified under protocol 143161407.]

[COMMAND LEADER: Classified under protocol 143161407.]

[Enim Adamas Auctoritate.]


Peridot took a deep breath as she activated her finger pad and transferred the commands to the pad. As she looked at the pad with tear filled eyes, she suddenly noticed another transmission project from the console.



[This protocol is to be established upon the demise of the leader of the Diamond Authority: Master Diamond, and is for [Peridot-Prime]'s eyes only.]



As Peridot watched the screen with confusion, her eyes lit up as she saw a projection of Master Diamond. His looked straight at her with silver eyes as he began to speak.


Gem Colony Insidiae, Diamond's chamber, one month ago


Diamond stood before his window, looking out the colony before him, it was a sight to behold, an entire planet was transformed into the most powerful facility in the Diamond Authority, his authority. It was his crown jewel, the true heart of his empire…or so many thought.

As Diamond placed his hand on the window, he saw his reflection in the crystal and focused on it, studying the details of his face, especially the molten red eyes, which symbolized the deal he made with the Obsidian Leviathan. As he continued to look into the reflection, he was interrupted by the intrusion of a lone Agate.


"Good." Diamond replied as he turned to the Agate. "After I'm finished with her, prepare for Operation: Exodus."

"[UNDERSTOOD MASTER!]" The Gem droid saluted.

As Diamond nodded, he looked to the window again and then looked down slightly.

"Is that protocol I established ready?" Diamond asked the Agate softly.


"Good." Diamond said as he turned to the Agate and approached it. "Then I have another protocol to make."



Gem Colony Insidiae, Agate Factory Control Center, one month ago


"[Peridot, if you have received this message, then I have been defeated. I apologize for breaking my promise and ask for your forgiveness. As you may know, I have modeled the Agate network to be connected to your Metalian intelligence, allowing you to ultimately become the leader of the Diamond Authority. In addition, I am uploading a copy of Operation King's Bane to you in a encrypted message. I'm sure you will know how to decrypt it.]"

[Goodbye my Peridot…I have and always will love you.]

As Peridot gasped and wiped her eye with her hand, she saw another transmission appear on her finger pad.



[IMPORTANT: These command instructions have been encrypted upon the request of Master Diamond. No decryption method or tool was presented.]

"Cleri gemma modicae corde meo si haec verba Response delictórum meórum pauperculum vobis constituitis esset fieret mihi mater mea permoveo in ut."
"Somnium itaque meum ultimum ut esse possint latus tuum semper, perfectus decore Adamantis donisque vestris intexens Homeworld simul sub tepente sole."

"Quod si novissimis diebus meis habenda ut pro misericordiam tamen Ego autem semper meminisse tranquillitate umbram oculos vestros vestrorum sonitus placidae ducere vocem vestram Gemma mollis tactus."

"Sic magnificetur anima mea constructum murum tecti per circuitum crystallum frangitur vobis ita et vos atque crescere possit incolumem mundum simul creata est."


Peridot read the poem over and over, studying every detail of the words of the poem, she slumped onto the floor, she looked up at the ceiling and smiled.

"Thank you Diamond." Peridot said to herself. "But I would have hoped for the answer to my question instead."

Peridot then laughed to herself as she sat in the chamber. As her laughs turned into sobs. She began to mourn the end of the life that started hers.


Gem Colony Insidiae, Labor Section, two thousand and seventeen years and seven months later


"It still baffles me that you were in love with Peridot." Connie said as she took a metal hammer and began to pound it on a sheet of silver metal. "I always found her annoying, not to mention tiny, like a Chihuahua."

"A what?" Diamond asked as he filed a hole inside a metal block and blew into it.

"It's a type of dog, an animal from earth." Connie explained as she pointed the hammer at Diamond. Suddenly noticing the Agate beside, her.


"Command Override 4I-1" Diamond said to the Agate as he continued to file the metal box.

"[OVERRIDE ACCEPTED…HAVE A NICE DAY.]" The Agate replied as it floated away. Much to the relief of Connie and Diamond.

"Tiberium may have removed the primary commands, but at least you have the secondary ones." Connie said as she continued to rap the metal with her hammer. "Now you were going to say something."

"Ah yes, to clarify, the Gem you are referring to is known as Peridot Facet-2F5L Cut-5XG, The "Gem" who I'm referring to is Peridot-*Prime*. I made Gem copies of Peridot to ward off the suspicion of her origins. I then made modifications to the clone's personalities and appearance to help distinguish Peridot from"

"So you made them small and annoying?" Connie asked as she looked up at Diamond. "I wonder how Peridot-prime took it?"

Well…at first she found it insulting and…er…made her point quite well." Diamond explained as he rubbed his left cheek with his hand. "But after I explained that I made them the opposite of her, then she forgave me."

"She was that important to you?" Connie asked. "And she was okay with you killing planets and raping your servants."

"To be honest, it was Obsidian's doing, not mine." Diamond said as he looked up to Connie. "Obsidian made it clear what would happen to her if I refused to obey, and I could not let that…thing…hurt her."

"Well I supposed you did what you had to do." Connie said as she placed the flattened metal on a pile and began a new piece.

"Yeah, I supposed I did..." Diamond repled as he looked to one of the Agates, who looked back at him. "But was it all worth it?"


Elsewhere on the colony, a lone Gem with green hair and a triangle shaped Gem who was known as Peridot stood before thousands of screens, each observing thousands of sections of Insidiae as thousands of green fingers pushed and poked thousands of dials, buttons and switches to the colony. She then looked to a Screen of Diamond staring towards her before he continued to work. As Peridot watched the screen with a blank glare, she felt the presence of another behind her. A bald with green skin and green armor stood on the very center of the corridor, this being was Gemian known as Tiberium, once the Commander of the Metalians, now the warden to the dynamic duo, Connie and Diamond.

"How are our new guests fitting in?" Tiberium asked Peridot. "Any problems so far?"

"[The Human known as Connie Maheswaran has shown no form of rebellion or objection…Except for several actions of cognitive dissociation with labor and overuse of vocal function towards her companions.]" Peridot responded coldly.

"And what of…Master Diamond." Tiberium asked as he placed his hand on his chin. "Has he shown any objection?'

"[No…the Gemian known as Diamond has shown no signs of rebellion or objection as well…He has however used yet another hidden override towards Agate 2243760…which we have already erased.]"

"Excellent, keep up the good work Peridot." Tiberium said as he walked out of the chamber, stopping as he was halfway through the door.

"By the way, after seeing Diamond like that, how do you feel about him?" Tiberium asked with a small smile.

Without even facing Tiberium, Peridot replied to his question with a simple yet cold answer.

"[We are the intelligence…we do not feel.]"


Terra Planet, Diamond's Tomb, two thousand and fourteen years and, four months ago


The tomb carried nothing but silence as the darkness surrounded the stone coffin which carried the body of Master Diamond. As it laid in the shadows of the cave, the darkness surrounding the tomb began to shift and a large humanoid body formed. As it opened a single crimson eye, it looked down to the tomb below it and bent down, ripping the cover off to reveal the body within.

"Adzagalamuka, kapolo wake changa." Obsidian hissed to Diamond as black smoke entered his nose and mouth. Ndisabwere kuno changa chifukwa chache ndi adzakane wako akuwonongedwa."

As he stood over the face of Diamond, the cut off section of his head was suddenly covered with a pitch black cover. Suddenly, Diamond eye opened and he gasped loudly, coughing as he stood up and looked at his cut off arm, which was replaced with a pitch black arm. As he looked around in horror, he felt his vision return to the left side of his face as he then saw the huge figure standing above him.

"You…" Diamond said as he sat up in his coffin. "What did you do to me?"

"Kuti ine wopulumutsidwa Kodi iwe kuchokera ku imfa kupita." Obsidian replied as he sat down before Diamond. "Ndikukhalabe mpaka pano mudaziwululira limagwiritsa ntchito pofotokoza Kodi iwe ngati ine ndikutero achite mwambo woyeretsa pa thambo la kumwamba."

"WHY?" Diamond shouted to Obsidian as he stood up to the Levithan. Who glared at him with a emotionless glare. "I never wanted any of this! You were supposed to stop the Metalians, not turn me into a monster! Why Couldn't you let me die?"

Diamond then saw the Obsidian's eye widen as it let out a large howl. Diamond covered his ears as they burned from the screech. It was so loud that Diamond fell onto his knees and as he pulled his hands away, blue blood trickled from his ears.

"Please…" Diamond asked weakly as blood trickled down his face, his vision has disoriented and dizzy as he looked up to his master. "…Please let me die…"

Obsidian leaned forward as Diamond felt his body sit up, forcing him to face his master.

"Kodi iwe anthu osauka kuti tizilombo touluka, Kodi iwe angaiwale chimene iwe anandiuza kufufuta mawu kuipa kwa "kwanu" chilengedwe chonse." Obsidian hissed at the Old King. "Kodi ayamika sazindikira woona zoipa ndi ufulu wosankha. Ine mudaziwululira asonyeza Kodi iwe chimene zinthu zoipa akhoza achitira ndi udakhala zothandiza kwambiri mu hemping ine reclame zanga."

"You…you planned this from the beginning, didn't you?" Diamond gritted at Obsidian. "You knew that I would free you, and then you would use me to…to…"

". . . kukhala foison chako chilengedwe chonsechi, ay." Obsidian interjected as he released Diamond and crossed his arms over his chest. "Adafika komweko kamasuliridwe kuti nthawi zonse akuwabetchera anthu yapamwamba mphamvu ndi chikoka zimene monga choncho Kodi iwe uliwonse chilengedwe chonsechi. Ife tidzigoneke-kuna iwo momwe akapolo kuti muzithera chomwe tikhoza kuchichita, kuti athandize kugwira nchito mwaubwino kukhala ndondomekoyi. Ndipo pamene ifenso mumanena chodzaza, cha foison amayamba. Chimatayidwa mmene timagwiritsira kudzapulumuka, kodi chakupezeka adanditsegulira anapulumuka pamene."

Diamond eyes widened in horror at what he had heard. As he stood up and was about to respond, Obsidian interjected.

"Kumene, ndimadzuka akakwanise kumpha Kodi iwe, koma pa nthawiyo adafika komweko akanati adzakhale anthu kuti apewe amene anali kuti aloŵe m'malo mwa Kodi iwe." Obsidian said as he placed a hand on his chin and thought "Kapena mungapezeke. . . Peridot akanati adzakhale-"

"NO!" Diamond exclaimed as he extended his arms to Obsidian. "Not her, please!

"Mkaziyo unalinganizidwira kuti adzakhale akutumikira amakhala kuti achoka kumanyumba." Obsidian continued. "Ine ndikanakhoza angakale amerce mkaziyo angakale koyipitsitsa akuyenera mayiyo alowe. . . kapena osati."

"Please!" Diamond begged towards the Leviathan. "I'll serve you…I'll…I'll serve you…

Obsidian turned to Diamond and extended his hand towards him. Obsidian's fingers then extended and stabbed Diamond in the chest like a bullet. As Diamond gasped from the wound, Obsidian leaned in towards him and exploded into a black cloud surrounding Diamond.

"Kumbukirani kuti kuti mawu ameneŵa, ine thandizo lililonse wovutika ndi, chifukwa ine sindiyankhula iwo kuti kachiwirinso." Obsidian hissed to Diamond as the Old King inhaled the black smoke surrounding him. "Ndipo iwe kukhalapo chifukwa chakuti ndinalola kuti icho ndipo Kodi iwe adzanditumikira chifukwa chakuti Kuti ine nako. Akanadzakhala Kodi iwe amakaniratu changa angamazilamulire kachiwirinso, ndidzakhazika iye kuvutika kukhala mu mpweya wake wotsiriza, ndi pamenepo kutsitsimutsa mayiyo bwereza ndi kubwereza. Chiri anasonyeza bwino zimenezo?"

As Diamond inhaled the last of the black cloud, he fell onto his hands and gasped. He then looked up with molten red eyes and replied.

"Yes…" Diamond replied as he felt burning tears of Obsidian flow from his eyes. "I understand…I…will serve…my Master."

After a few moments of silence. Diamond heard the voice of the Leviathan respond one last time.

"Chiyani mouziridwa ndi sichingakhoze kulephera ayambirenso kundiphunzitsa Daimondi monga uja." Obsidian hissed. "Kuti ine mudaziwululira chilichonse Baibulo limagwiritsira ntchito kuti ikhale mosaganizira ena ine mtumiki."

After that, there was nothing, nothing but the silent darkness that surrounded Diamond. As the Old King assessed the situation, he sat up and repositioned himself. He then scooped up some dirt off the ground and clenched it in his hand.

"By your command, my master." Diamond said to himself "I…I live to serve you."

As Diamond released his grip, he held a small stone in his hand. He then looked to the stone and began to speak to it.

"Vestibulum, est mecum."

Those Who Came Before Chapter 10: The Empire
Bonjour, et bienvenue dans la dixième chapitre de Tous les joueurs fait de nombreuses fautes: Ceux qui qui ont comparu devant.

[I did it, it took 4 months, I had a stressful school year, hit by a truck, lost :iconalotplz: of data, and I buried both of my children, but I did it. Thanks for waiting so long and I will try to finish up in the following weeks.]

Comme vous l'avez peuvent remarquerez du présent chapitre est située dans d'un projet de Collaborez avec un artiste et rédactrice pieusement: :icondeitydeviantwarrior:

A également, comme nous le ferions avec vous, Ce serait agréable d'avoir des quelques critiques constructives.

Tiberium appartient aux: :iconacenos:

Howlite appartient aux: :iconhikumirin:

Chapitre précédent:  Those Who Came Before Chapter 9: The House
Original Idea by: Scraps
Collaboration work with: DeityDeviantWarrior
Characters Created by: Rebecca Sugar
Chapter 9: House of Traitors
Tribunal Temple: one month later.
Topaz sat on the edge of the temple's rooftop as they watched the sun rise over the valley before them. It had been eons since a Gemian set foot in the old temple of the Tribunal, the one the Gemians used as their main home before Topaz and Diamond began to industrialize them. As Topaz looked down towards the ground below them, they saw a glimpse of themselves and Diamond fighting, with the Old King hitting the Taskmaster in the face with a rock, the same rock that was used to make the rings on their fingers. As Topaz looked at their ring, they took it off and examined it.
"Kings of three that were we…but who is the one that will be…" Topaz said mockingly as they stood up and clenched the ring in their hand. "… the one who will betray us, one who is willing to kill their kin without mercy or r

Chapitre suivant:  Those Who Came Before Chapter 11: The Pearl
Original Idea by: Scraps
Collaboration work with: DeityDeviantWarrior
Characters Created by: Rebecca Sugar
Chapter 11: A Pearl Among Us
Earth, Unknown several years later,
Rose stood before the open valley and sighed, it has been years since she declared herself and the Gems that followed her as rebels to the Diamond Authority, who planned on harvesting planets to build Gem colonies and geo-weapons. To Rose's shock, many of the Gems that fought beside her and against her had forgotten who she once was and now saw her as a Gem like them and not a God of compassion, much like they had forgotten about Topaz and Diamond. What was even more surprising was that she preferred her new identity and enjoyed being seen as an equal, but as she did, her mind fell back to her brother Diamond, and her sibling Topaz. With the Old King dead and the Taskmaster gone to Gemia knows where, she was the last of the Gemians in the Gem empire, or at least, among the Gems.
As she sighed again, she heard
After I finish "Those Who Came Before", and "Age of Iron". I'm gonna work on a small Splatoon fanfic while I work on the concept for "The Last Remnant".

It's called "The Game of War."

Are you ready to splat into the world of PTSD?

Guess who's back by ScrapstheFoolExpect much in the future, both in words...and in panels....
SO guess who had a system crash on their laptop and lost a shit ton of irreplaceable data accumulated for a decade?

Illusive by ScrapstheFool
...I love my life, it just gives me plenty of opportunities to prove it...
Ead by ScrapstheFool
From the game Splatoon, who is the cutest of the squid sisters?
3 deviants said Marie ( The grey one)
3 deviants said I can't decide! They're both too fucking cute!
2 deviants said Callie (The black one)
2 deviants said Who?
2 deviants said You sicko!
No deviants said I have no strong feelings one way or the other
No deviants said I don't care, finish EMM!
1449548485633 by ScrapstheFool
2 near death experiences, the loss of my cars, and stress from at school can really take it out on someone. 

I have the next chapter of emm half done, I should have it finished soon.

LLAP Comrades.
So, I was hit by a truck on thursday and totaled my car, and now I have recovered just in time for school.

Ead by ScrapstheFool
What a week....but at least I worked on EMM...slightly.
That feel when things match up to a T.

1441001334154 by ScrapstheFoolAlso Peridot and YD were awesome.
Huh, so that's how they met?

Huh, so that's what BD looks like?

Huh, so this is what fan pain feels like?
This is fine...
Things to know when playing Undertale:

1. Never betray the goat mom.

2. "The Happening" was right.

3. Violence never solves anything.

4. Save and reload after giving Undyne water.

5. Skeletons are cool guys.

6. :iconalotplz: of the story elements seem awfully familiar.

7. Puns are always cool

8. Soriel for life.


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Uncle Scraps
Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
Q= What do you do in your spare time?

A= Go on walks, play video games, write fanfiction.

Q= Favorite Color?

A= Yellow

Q= Favorite drink/food?

A= Cola/Bacon

Q= Who do you live with?

A= My Parents and my brother. Along with two dogs.

Q= What do you look like?

A= Caucasian, blond/short-cut, blue eyes with purple bags under them.

Q= What would you like to do when you grow up?

A= I am already an adult, if meaning a occupation, it would be in human services.

Q= What is your personality?

A= I am a easy going fellow, I see life as a flowing river, with me on a raft trying to move to the current.

Q=Are you in a sport?

A= No

Q= Are you in a relationship?

A= I am in a committed relationship with writing. Although he have our falling out days.

Q= What is you most valuable fashion accessory?

A= Shoes.

Current Residence: Hoffman Estates, Illinois

Favorite genre of music: Electronic, dance, dub-step, remix, classic songs from 1930+

Favorite style of art: Classical

MP3 player of choice: Ipod Nano

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Personal Quote: Jeeze'n Crow!

Do a clever thing for Cleverun

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So my good friend and creator of the EMM webcomic :iconcleverun: has started college and needs money to get the necessities to do so. If you are a good samaritan and have some spare cash just lying around, how about you send it her way and in return, she'll be happy to provide a comission for you.

More details are in the link below:…

Please do your part and help :iconcleverun: and remember, every little bit helps.

Also, please inform anyone who would be nice enough to help out.

Happy Belated Birthday EMM

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It has come to my attention that EMM is now a year old (as of last Febuary).


Because of this, I will be celebrating the belated birthday of EMM answering ANY question regarding EMM and it's details.

Also, because I am a egotistical prick who has a addiction to curiosity, if anyone would like, I would enjoy to hear the tale as to what drew you to this fanfic and what compelled you to follow it up until now.

But first, a story:

(I told this story before, but here is a version with picture.)

Once upon a time, there were two brothers, the older one was a fan of a new TV show on Cartoon Network known as Steven Universe. In addition, this brother was a frequent lurker of the notorious site known as 4CHAN, specifically the board known as /CO/- Comics and Cartoons. As such, there were specific threads on this board known as /SUG/- Steven Universe Generals, which discussed the show and drew fanart for it.

Now this brother enjoyed the various drawings the anons of /SUG/ made for others, and his younger brother wondered how far they would go. So, a bet was made between these brothers, with 50 bucks on the line, the bet was to make the most disturbing request and see how long before the user was banned. But if the request was made beforehand, then the older brother had won.

Now there was the simple question was what to make as a request?

Well after a few days of lurking, an Anon posted a simple picture:
The Catalyst by ScrapstheFool
(Fun fact: This image is forbidden to post on /SUG/ because of...obvious reasons)

But it was not this picture that created inspiration, but rather, the reply of another Anon that started everything:
Subject Zero by ScrapstheFool

At this moment, the older brother had a idea, he would make a request involving a crazed Pearl killing Steven, and after browsing Gelbooru for inspiration, he found the inspiration and created his request:
 tumblr myvrpb2RNr1t5eiggo1 1280 by ScrapstheFool
(Note: This is not the original post, but the ones that came after.)

So the post was made and it was dropped like a soda can in the trash. So in response, the brother had a new idea: He would make the same post in EVERY THREAD until the request was made.

So the request was halfway created, but not finished:

Mature Content

Cue the Lavender Town's Theme (WIP) by ScrapstheFool

However the brother did not give up, and continued to prevail, eventually he donned a name given to him by a deviant named :iconflajingman:, and that name was...


From then on, this continued for three solid months. Resulting in a variety of responses from outright hatred:
Wanted by ScrapstheFool

To downright mockery:

StevenQuest by ScrapstheFool

tumblr n2guefRmFN1s71maqo4 r1 1280 by ScrapstheFool

tumblr n2guefRmFN1s71maqo5 r1 1280 by ScrapstheFool

tumblr n2guefRmFN1s71maqo10 r1 400 by ScrapstheFool

tumblr n2guefRmFN1s71maqo3 r1 1280 by ScrapstheFool

1424408673464 by ScrapstheFool

tumblr n2guefRmFN1s71maqo2 r1 1280 by ScrapstheFool

But after a long period of annoyance, the pic was finally conceived:

Mature Content

Cue the Lavender Town's Theme by ScrapstheFool

(Fun fact: I was banned three days after this pic was made.)

Now it seemed like it was over and it was done. But then a anon told me that I should make a fanfic to accompany this work, and it was decided to create the fanfiction know as Everyone Makes Mistakes.

Mature Content

As I made the fan fic as originally a simple one-shot it however, I eventually began to break it down into chapters for ease. Then I began to tinker with the structure and scenes to improve on the shock value.

After a day of tinkering, I was working at my local Target with pushing carts. It was a cold winter evening and I was thinking about Everyone Makes Mistakes and another SU fanfic I would work on known as Those Who Came Before. I was considering adding in several shoutouts from EMM into TWCB, but then, after slipping on black ice and slamming my head of the asphalt, I had a epiphany:

 To combine both stories into a huge fanfic series.

So after I finished with the final chapter of EMM and began to work on the next part, A Girl and Her Lion, I was approached by the marvelous and talented :iconcleverun: who wanted to convert my story into a comic.

If you want to know if I said yes, this should clarify that:

Everyone Makes Mistakes: The Comic 00 by ScrapstheFool

As we planned on the comic, :iconcleverun: introduced me to :iconcrazyspaced: and then I met another deviant named :iconhikumirin: whose character Howlite was inspired by my fanfic. Then I met the talented :icondeitydeviantwarrior: :icontrollface-mastah:, :iconacenos: and :iconpunkpanda15: and soon after, the seven of us evolved into the EMM braintrust, and the :iconemm-headquarters:.

As of today, the fanfic and comic are still in progress, and none of this would be possible for those who helped make it into what it is today.

I would again like to personally thank the following for their service for EMM, and the Steven Universe Fandom and for allowing me to inspire them as much as they have for me.:

Rebecca Sugar (Yes, even she helped! ;-D)

...And all the fans and small collaborators. Stay strong and devoted my comrades!

Now, if you excuse me...
1441001334154 by ScrapstheFool
...I have a fanfic to write.

Interview with The Fool

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1.How long have you been on DeviantArt?

A: Including my banned accounts...about 10 years

2.What does your username mean?

A: A few years back, a Deviant named :iconflajingman: gave me the name. I added "the fool" because of a movie I watched as a child called "The Fool and the Flying Ship".

3.Describe yourself in three words.

A: Eccentric, determined, compassionate
4.Are you left or right handed?
A: Right.

5.What was your first deviation?

Mature Content

6.What is your favorite type of art to create?

A: Fan-fiction is fun.

7.If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

A: To draw...good...

8.What was your first favorite?
A: Kiss Trixie... by NeoSlashott

9.What type of art do you tend to favorite the most?

A:Steven Universe

10.Who is your all-time favorite deviant artist?

A: While I love everyone in my brain trust equally, the one I have to notify is :iconcleverun:

11.If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

A: :iconcleverun:, :iconcrazyspaced:, :iconhikumirin:, :iconpunkpanda15:,  :icontrollface-mastah: and :icondeitydeviantwarrior:.

12.How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

A: :iconcleverun: inspired the majority of EMM and help found :iconemm-headquarters::iconcrazyspaced:, :iconhikumirin:, :iconpunkpanda15:,  :icontrollface-mastah: and :icondeitydeviantwarrior: have helped shape it into the series it is now.

13.What are your preferred tools to create art?

A: Microsoft Word

14.What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

A:My room

15.What is your favorite DeviantArt memory?

A: I had just finished chapter 12 of EMM part 1, and after a while, a deviant named :iconcleverun: asked me a question that changed my life and the lives of several other Deviants forever: 

"Can I... can I turn this into a comic? This is an amazing story!"

The rest is history. ;-p

July's Steven Bomb (Whew boy!)

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Finallly....freedom! True freedom!

Now let's look at the promo for the new Steven Bomb and....

Ead by ScrapstheFool

I know I promised a new chapter after my classes were over, but right now I have to wait until the Steven Bomb is over, for obvious reasons.
Apologyquilt by ScrapstheFool
But let me inform you of a few reasons for this delay and the reason why EMM takes so long to publish:

My goal, or rather, my mission, for EMM is to create a story that is 100% consistent with SU. To do this, I have to study and calculate all the information, details, and data from the show to create a balanced story. If there is one inconsistency in EMM with SU, I have to fix it, no matter how deep it goes. This is the reason why I take so long during episodes is because when a piece of data about a character, setting, or fact is present. I have to compare it with EMM's data. This can be stressful with information that is hardwired into the base of EMM. However, I have made precautions for situations like this and I can easily work around said situation.  Nevertheless, it still is a difficult process, given the other information I have to work with.

To help with clarity, please observe the following graphs:

tumblr mq89z6pNKE1rke8ufo1 1280 by ScrapstheFool
As this demonstraits, many ariters have a system that helps balance their story and provides the meat and potatos. With me, it's like this:

1. Process the base of the chapter and what will occur.

2. Study the old episodes of SU needed for chapter.

3. Study new episodes of SU to obtain information and check for inconsistencies.

4. Check for inconsistencies in SU/EMM.

5. Revise inconsistencies to allow flow.

6. Write chapter base and then expand it.

7. Have my glorious collaborators (To whom I'm dreadfully sorry for being a ghost.)

8. Proofread the chapter for grammar/spelling.

9. Publish chapter.

10. Revise if needed.

11. Prepare for next chapter and take pills.

12. ???

32mHpLSRqIeaVetL89RG1U by ScrapstheFool
Fun fact: To find inspiration for EMM. I occasionally deprive myself of sleep so I hallucinate. I also take amphetamines to add a little juice to the fire.
Tumblr Inline N1pjytyziq1qd5iw1 by ScrapstheFool
While there are no deadlines for EMM, I do feel guilty for the long periods of silence in regard of the fanfic.

So I hope this helps you understand that I'm not dead, just stressed out over the new Steven Bomb. Here's hoping for a decent backstory.

But don't worry about me. I'll be writing the next chapter of EMM very soon. Until then Deviants:

Friendly advice from Uncle Scraps by ScrapstheFool

Those Who Came Before

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Welp guys, the second and a half part of the "Everyone Makes Mistakes Saga is Complete. I want to thank everyone who helped make this possible. Especially :iconcleverun: :iconcrazyspaced: :iconhikumirin: and :icondeitydeviantwarrior:, who's collaboration and assistance made all of this this possible.

Now we close this chapter of the story and move on to the next one:

Those Who Came Before Act 1/Act 2: The Crystal Gems have protected the universe for many years. However, what happened to the other gems? Who created them? In addition, what caused their near extinction? Truths will be revealed about past lives and the History of the Crystal Tribunal will be revealed.

Innocence  will be lost, war will be cast, a sacrifice no one would expect. All this and more coming soon.



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